Schiff: Trump put his own personal, political interests above the nation’s

  1. LOL!! Nice Schiff!! Another "parody"! I like the first parody you did with the first transcript at the beginning better. Your terminology is not as exciting this time around. I lost interest after the first few minutes <click>

  2. Trumps approval is DECREASING as the impeachment continues but yet y'all claim this will get him re-elected?? Yeah tell that to Michigan who has a -15 percent approval rating….

  3. Even in the face of his objective and obvious failure, Schiff is sticking to his story, knowing full well that his totally brainwashed partisans will back any lie he constructs.

  4. Reading yet another parody, hoping his witnesses will go with it. His hypnotic powers is effective though, but only to those too dumb to believe that because they have already been believing it even before this weasel had thought of writing it!

  5. Aren’t you running out of torches and pitchforks. You are totally full of shift. This coup will end sadly for all of you soon. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸T2020

  6. Schiff you are trash you treasonous bastard. I hope you are put on trial and pay the ultimate price by the us government for betraying your nation.pencil neck leftist bastard


  8. Democrats have stopped working for the American people in order to connect these dots. They are having trouble, meanwhile, issues voters care about are being neglected.

  9. How can his own party members sit and listen to the total lies he says surely they all feel sickened by it all.
    I am sure there must be some in there that knows its all wrong and thinking about turning there vote there must be.
    And what about the public that put them in there?
    They must tell them what they want not what the schiff wants them to do

  10. Schiff-ty is exactly doing what he accuses Trump of doing . This feckless corrupt reprobate is running a 2nd catholic Inquisition for Pelosi ! There will be no impeachment , i believe it all is going blow up in their faces !

  11. Biden is not a political rival , he is a silly old man , wake me up when he is , at that point this impeachment investigation will mean something real .

  12. Hearsay Hearsay Hearsay Hearsay Hearsay Hearsay
    Hearsay Hearsay
    Subpoena the Ukraine president Zelensky.
    Subpoena President Trump. Or take the transcript…And shut the Hell up. It nothing but Hearing….

  13. You unelected people that schiff works for do not set what the interests of the nation are arrest those people they are showing what a corrupt system there is

  14. Schiff the fair ranking member of the intelligence committee was already giving the crime before the investigation! He even "parodied" Trumps words as though they were his words!!! He later realized he was shown to be a liar, by President Trump releasing the transcript! Schiff is a Deep State ex-CIA operative and is a main player in the treasonous coup that was conceived prior to Trump taking office, before he made his first executive decision! Schiff should be indicted for treason and ceremoniously imprisoned or worse!

    Witness Drops The Bomb

    I heard it from someone who told me they know some guy that said his friend knows the person that overheard the entire conversation.

  16. Adam Schiff is evil. This man is the one undermining our country. He and the Democrats are trying hard to impeach Trump in order to cover up their crimes. Pedophilia, corruption, abuse of power, theft of our tax dollars and lying to the American people are just the tip of the iceberg of their malfeasance. How utterly disgusting this liar is!

  17. My biggest question is, why would he need to dig dirt on political enemies when he was projected a 98% win with a 100+ electoral vote landslide based on economy and his current acceptance ratings.. its obvious he had decent intentions in that call.

  18. can it be proven that Trump wanted Biden investigated ONLY because he's Trump's political opponent??? NO!!!! But that's the argument Shitty Schiff wants us to believe!!!! When the truth Trump wanted corruption investigated and it just so happens that Biden was a part of that corruption – is he above the law? Also I'm confused as to how investigating corruption jeopardizes our national security? If Biden is investigated and nothing happens – then Trump is proven wrong… but they don't want Biden investigated…. hmmmmm

  19. From what I have read, the Bidens are crooks. If true, Schiff is the one who is putting "political interests above the nation's."

  20. “..RUSSIA!!..RUSSIA!!..RUSSIA!!..” for just about THREE STRAIGHT YEARS…
    “..Ukraine??..” (crickets) UNTIL the Muëller Inquisition went down in flames, when suddenly “..UKRAINE!!..UKRAINE!!..”
    All this from Gollum Schiff, who lusted after “pictures of naked Trump” from a prank phone call that he thought was real.
    He didn’t say “report it to the FBI,” he tried to arrange for HIMSELF to get the fictitious photos…

  21. Trumptards would put kid rock up on that chair instead of Schiff if they could. But we will never let these dumbass cult following society take over the United states.

  22. Schiff is so full of it! The transcripts never mentioned Biden! Schiff ties Biden to this! And Mueller verified that Ukraine was involved in the 2016 election! READ the transcript! What Schiff is saying is a LIE! And these ”witness” had no first-hand knowledge! Plus, Vidman is the leak to the whistleblower! Schiff blocking that line of questioning proves it!

  23. The only interest Trump has put anywhere is his desire to uncover the despicable, dishonest PAID POLITICIANS like you Schiff and gang. He's certainly not sitting around playing slander games and getting paid for nothing like you either.

  24. Adam Schiff never met a lie he didnt like !! SCHIFF has immunity for anything he says in front of congress So he can get away with anything he dreams up No consequences for him It seems all congressional democrats have had their spines removed making it easy to bend over There are no honest democrats !

  25. Opinion. Thrut,,,,mr.TRUMPE!! Is the ( dry. Bone.👃. ) all the demoniocrats. Wylld. Dogs ,,,is on compatation. With each Other. Tsuing. And biting. The Drybone. Until every dog have no more teeth,,,,and then. They become abselite. Dumedogs,,,,whit. No conscience , no shameful. ,,,just a rotten. RELIGIAN!!!shame!!!!!

  26. this guy does nothing but lie.none of this is in evidence.just like his other smears,he is a disgrace to our Congress.along with nancy,nadler and the other rats

  27. I am always wondering what happens beyond the cameras? what do these morons loved ones say to them when they go home at night? the wives, sons daughters , mothers fathers???? neighbors? what do they say to them ?

  28. what must schiffs wife think about his days work when he comes home at the end of a day???? wouldnt it be great to be a bug on that wall.

  29. This schiff is big liar, I thought this guy is smart but he is so stupid, don’t understand why Biden is investigated
    Why DONT you talk about the corruption of biden

  30. So you Fox “State Media” News die hards had no problem with Laura “Ingrate” smearing a decorated purple heart vet? He’s a white immigrant after all.

  31. I've said it a hundred times, every time the left accuses the right of something, it's because the left is guilty of that very thing.
    Projection is what the head doctors call it.

  32. How do you trumpsters stay loyal….He lies,cheats& steals from his own supporters and non supporters….his loyalty to anything is like that of a parasite, we are the hosts

  33. CONNECTING THE DOTS. Whatever PRESIDENT TRUMP thinking ( good luck on that one), Ambassador VOLKER, a witness of almost everything since 2016, insisted on NATIONAL INTERESTS at a time PRESIDENT TRUMP just been introduced to his tenure. It is of prime importance that the issue of BIDEN, the vice president, in his relations with the Ukraine government before Ze, be clarified. VOLKER, with uncertain terms, defined the BIDEN mandate has fighting against the legendary corruption of Ukraine. If so, HOW IN THE HELL could he pretended not knowing that his son was to the neck in BURISMA ?! VOLKER makes it two (2) different issues, REALLY ?! Who does he wants to convince other than himself ?! IN THE REALIZATION BY PRESIDENT TRUMP that there was many things to clarify in the dossier, gave GULIANY some leaways to look for the truth. OF COURSE THAT AMBASSADORS were unease to the matter, what a lawyer could understand in the matter ? I would argue that if so, as VOLKER testified, all the truth is not necessary if the goal is for higher purposes, like to force PRESIDENT TRUMP to release the money for Ukraine, wich he did with concerns. PRESIDENT ZELENSKY, when he learns about all those tractations by american ambassadors, does not seem to have been impress, as he push to meet PRESIDENT TRUMP on his turf, to clarify the meli melo and, his firm intention to clean his own SWAMP, the same way that PRESIDENT TRUMP is doing fo rthe malversations of the DEMS under CLINTON and OBAMA. PRESIDENT TRUMP had no choice but to use his own power to clarify those deeds, witnesses at the INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE, still convinced that he should have use the normal channels of the INTELLIGENCE that were not appropriate to that urgent intervention. I FOR ONE, saluted the clearvoyance of PRESIDENT TRUMP to have seen the appropriate short cut in the ingerances of Ambassadors in his proper mandate to establish THE POLICIES OF THE UNITED STATES. The ambassadors are quit to better perceptions of their mandates, particularly in presence of a PRESIDENT that don't sleep on his laurels and, that they are at his disposal ( wich they don't like). Gerry

  34. Shut up already Schiff for brains! You are a known liar and a Trump hater so no one believes you. Then you have secret practice hearings in the basement and now you have to tell your story full of lies just so people have some clue of why this is happening. The only laws I've seen broken were the Dems the DNC Obama,HRC,Bidens! Schiff is a pedophile and is doing this so he doesn't goto prison for being a sick evil little boy!!!

  35. It is in the Nation's best interest to disclose the corruption of the Obama-Biden-Clinton administration. We the People will be satisfied either in the legal process or the ballot box.

  36. If you listen very closely, SwallowsWell fart was followed by the sound of Schiff's wedding ring falling on the floor.

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