Saudi Arabia's Political Purge: The Daily Show

there has been a lot of news this week out of Saudi Arabia which is basically America's cooky rich uncle who occasionally beheads people will have one but over the weekend the kingdom went through some serious turmoil breaking news breaking news out of Saudi Arabia palace intrigue to the enth degree we're seeing a truly historic upheaval unfold right now a royal purge in Saudi Arabia adding up several high-profile people major arrests the Saudi Arabia meanwhile a Saudi prince and several colleagues were killed in a helicopter crash on Sunday Saudis also intercepted a ballistic missile that missile fired from Yemen what in the world is going on in Saudi Arabia and the biggest story by far is the heir to the throne Prince Mohammed bin Salman right who has been arresting most of the other Prince's a Sheikh ton of them and Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia has more princes than a Minneapolis Halloween party it's so hard to keep track of these people and that's and that's what makes this story peculiar right Saudi Arabia is ruled by one big family the House of Saud so right now we don't really know if we need to send in the UN or Andy Cohen and the kingdom is calling this a crackdown on corrupt princes but I don't know if I buy it because there's Saudi princes what do you mean corruption like they already have all the money just look at this Prince's private airplane look at that that's his normal ride how do you bribe that guy as it turns out as it turns out there might be more going on here than just corruption what's being presented as a crackdown on corruption in my opinion that's a total smokescreen for what this is is on abrupt consolidation of power by the Crown Prince and the elimination of rivals wait a minute consolidating power and getting rid of his political rivals I wonder how President Trump feels about this whole thing President Trump is responding to the rapidly moving developments in Saudi Arabian to tweets yesterday Trump endorsed Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman s new corruption crackdown tweeting quote I have great confidence King Salman and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia they know exactly what they are doing of course Trump loves this locking up political rivals is Trump's wet dream he probably foamed the Prince and he was like is it true is it true that you're lacking up all the enemies it's like that's right Donald all of them even Hillary no this is a different country I'm not saying that Trump endorsed these arrests but I'm not saying that he didn't the crown prince now has ties to Jared Kushner Trump's son-in-law and senior advisor who actually took an unannounced trip to Saudi Arabia just days before this mass purged what was reportedly up until 4:00 a.m. hanging out with the crown prince oh god damn Jake cush on the Prince up till 4:00 a.m. yeah what could they possibly have been doing oh yeah probably like let's take over the world revenge of all of our rivals sing Jared now now to be fair to be fair the situation in Saudi Arabia is a lot more complicated than that right the crown prince isn't just trying to grab power he's also trying to modernize Saudi Arabia aside lining the old guard couldn't let him diversify the economy and expand women's rights so the kingdom might become more autocratic but it also might become more free which is a paradox you know it's like how not being monogamous can actually strengthen a relationship you know I mean I'm not saying that would be a good idea and I'm just saying experts have found this to be true which a couple could test if certain people weren't so rigid but I'm just pointing that out but no matter what the reasons long story short long story short these princes are being detained and Saudi Arabia being Saudi Arabia they're being held in Riyadh's harshest accommodations eleven princes and nearly forty current or former officials detained reportedly being held at the lavish ritz-carlton in Saudi Arabia and Riyadh arrested at the ritz-carlton Wow that's how you know your country's rich the world's best hotel is your prison it definitely makes it hard to complain about being oppressed I am being caged like an animal my rights are being curtailed Alexa plays a mood music and the water is probably like hey quiet down or you go to the Marriott

  1. I like being free to say that Putin is a criminal piece of garbage. And that religion is a poison fed to babies.

  2. 2:31??TRUMP said? i know its not funE why am i ROFL?? a tear even! arato cruel world lmao

  3. On a similar note that is why there is a push for renewable and solar energy. The goal is the replace the oil industry and create a class of renewable energy sheiks with comparable wealth.

    It's not about the environment.

  4. Ain't that some shit. You criticize the US holding children of criminals in a "lavish" prison yet you can openly mock the same thing happening to another part of the world. Jesus such a 2 face

  5. Trevor i love ur funny stand ups nd ur shows but this vedio just hit me bro im jr big fan but the information u got about saudi is really wrong first u said about behead it is a law which makes us nd specially women safe just check our crime rate u cant find burglary rape or murder soo often (far better than American) us has one of the highest rape rate nd murder rate coz people know that thay aint gonna suffer more but when it comes to Saudi they will think twise also as isalm teaches u cant differentiate people by cast colour or rich nor poor so even if its our high authority or the white we r gonns punish them also the amount of charity will show that the poverty rate r really low nd there is no need of stealing until ur groody enough. Or women r really safe coz raping is aa last thing u ll think of in saudi

  6. as a half saudi i gotta say this is actually right there is so much corruption but most who came in power gave a blind eye and all the arrests are for people not even close to power like one was the fucking minister of health in the second smallest state how could he take power

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