Sarah Sanders on 2020 election: The stakes have never been higher

  1. Sarah, you were wonderfully abusive to the white house press – lying for your boss and making press conferences totally unwatchable.

  2. Legal immigration is destroying America. LEGAL immigrants vote more than 2 to 1 Democrat. We already know this is the problem and that the goal is total destruction of Western Civilization.

  3. True, republicans have to be very careful…..

    Sarah SANDERS?
    BERNIE Sanders?

    How is Huckabee?
    Hows the going?

    House, house?

    Lets go to the white house…..

    Good to see you still in the saddle, Sarah…… you owe me any money?

    Dont you?

    Dream or reality?

    Real or true?

    You look great……..

    Whats your goal?

    Am i a goalkeeper or a goalgetter?

    Prefer to join iraqi forces. Ya all know why……

    You look gorgeous, honestly. Honeypot is safe but…..
    ………….gypsis & thieves, Leatherwolf!

    FOX News?

    To be careful……

    ………the winner takes it all, but its NOT CNN!

    Sanders took a pill, from the pot where honey is in.

    How could he do that? Could you do that? I wouldnt do that……..

    Can he? No, he c u / a n t!

    Can i be president of the united states of america?

    Bet i am king of the land where my glory……!

    "Why do you think i am broke?" sung by Dave Mustaune in: " peace sells……
    ……but whos buying?"

    Have everybody a good, decent start in the week, yours on january the 23th, at 1: 35 european time, named above on the topline of this VERY mysterious report.

  4. Who would of ever thought America could be a socialist country Republicans bet vote in nov 2020 nothing is guaranteed God bless trump

  5. The stakes have never been higher: does the USA want to continue with a sociopath liar who is amoral and dividing the nation, or does the USA want to uphold the rule of law and order?

  6. Too many snarky, snippy, snakey comments about Ms. Huckabee's looks and few intelligent, thoughtful comments in opposition to her political argument. Perhaps the snakes have no philosophical response to an intelligent, competent, assertive woman that understands important issues and solutions. Thank you Ms. Huckabee for your help.

  7. Like bread and butter…
    Like Rock and Roll !
    Like a double edge sword
    That shines ever brighter !
    A starlit team that shines,..- like the sun !
    If one can move 1000
    2 can move 20,000…
    The Sherrifs are in TOWN !

    KAGF 2020 !

  9. Why reelect Donald Trump? He’s so boring. The Bern is gonna burn on and on and on and on…President Sanders sounds so much better.

  10. Uhm, Sarah! Nothing is higher than that one eyebrow of yours…so distracting. (X-File's theme plays for a few seconds).

  11. Sarah you are one of the Trump's power force drive bringing your great honest comments to the news for the Americans patriots. Please stick around to help us to clean the swamp. Thanks a lot Sarah. God bless America.

  12. Hello? He was on his way to the nomination last time remember? The ONLY difference now is Hillary isn't here to steal it from him.

  13. Saharah sands looks like a bad transvestite who was dropped on his head as a child so now his… huh… her… his… uuuh… Well anyway, it's head looks like a bean.

  14. She is right, the stakes are high. Your democracy, rule of law and political system and stability of the West if this corrupt, lying monstrosity wins a second term.

  15. Only an idiot would vote for a low life communist pig like Bernie Sanders! Go Trump 2020!! Keep up the great work MR. PRESIDENT!!

  16. You know im not a religious man by any means but am i the only one who honestly feels like its good versus evil between the republicans and democrats , and hint, hillary is palpatine.!

  17. Listen to Sarah Sanders " Our very freedom is at stake". Yeah, this coming from someone who defends Donald Trump, who ignores security briefings from his own intelligence agencies and sided with Putin in Helsinki, and who claims the free press, not Russia, is the biggest enemy of the American people.

  18. Bernie is this best thing that could ever happen to the US people………….. bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahah joking

  19. I’m a Republican. But just to be clear. The Trump administration for 2020 Election is creating threats of “socialism” if say a candidate like Bernie Sanders wins.

    We do know that the House and Senate would remain split. So nothing Bernie would want will pass.

    In addition, if Russia is interfering and trying to support Trump. We are allowing a former Soviet power to dictate America’s future? Have we forgotten our history?

  20. I'm not a fan of cracking on how people look but Huckahound was downright abusive with the white house press corps so all cards are off the table.

  21. America is already been destroyed, put your bongs , crack pipes down then clear the smoke ,open the windows…….. see it already been ruined. Now you can close the windows and go back to smoking your bongs n pipes. Communist been here 60 years.

  22. Didn't Bernie have a heart attack not long ago? If Bernie selects Hellary as his running mate, gets elected then croaks, that would leave us in the hands of the wicked witch of the East.

  23. Socialism? Are people out of their minds? If you think that the rich are going to pay for all this "free" stuff you are truly stupid.

  24. Whose way of life is at stake if Bernie wins the presidency, Sarah?
    What's the difference between Bernie promising universal healthcare and Trump promising the same thing?
    What's the difference between Bernie promising jobs and Trump promising jobs?
    The only difference I see is that you call Bernie a crazy socialist, and everyone else thinks Trump is a crazy fascist.
    Your decades-old labels are lame and mean nothing anymore.
    We want student debt cancellation and free public universities, just like other capitalist countries have.
    We want quality healthcare without taking out a chunk of our paychecks, just like in other capitalist countries.
    We need affordable child care for our kids so we can actually go out and work, just like in other capitalist countries.
    If the only thing you have on Bernie is that he's a "crazy socialist", I think people are going to have to take a serious look at Bernie to find out what's so "crazy" about what he says.. but I think people might start to like what they see.

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