Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev On The Forced 'Hindutva’ Ideologies

what is your take on this assertiveness of what they call him what is this assertiveness see I'm not here to comment on political ideologies as such but you must also understand if you try to look at today without the prism of history then you will make it you will be making a grave mistake there are still people living here a generation of people who faced the partition and the violence of it both sides I'm not saying any one side so those who are on that side for them the pain of being Muslim those who are in this side the pain of being Hindu is not totally gone you can't just wipe it out like that unless you have poor memory or your suffering Alzheimers people remember the parents what they went through they put it into their children the pain that they'd gone through you can't just take it away it was not a small event and in 70 years time except a few politically engineered events largely we've managed peacefully though living in the same neighborhoods and this and that here and there flare-ups have happened I am NOT saying no but you must give it to the people in spite of such terrible memories in their mind such terrible things happen to their parents and their parents still people have managed peaceful existence please support that left healings happen let's move towards a better nation rather than going on picking on the wound that is there there is a wound don't forget there is a wound if there is a wound the best thing is even if your dog has a wound you put a collar so that he doesn't scratch isn't it you journalists have the collar or you have claws to scratch it's up to you I would say put the collar allow things to settle down let people focus on improving their lives improving the nation nation there's not one thing to be done in this country there are hundred things to be done in this country just travel anywhere else in the world and see they're too much to be done in this country we just still don't know how to drive how to eat how to spit how to we don't know a thing in the making of a nation all this is important instead of focusing on those things we are continuously trying to scratch the old wound please don't scratch the wound because it's a very deep wound don't touch it for some time let people forget that maybe another 25 years when the generation is totally gone maybe we will respond to these things much better right now it's still very strongly there

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