S. Korea unveils ideas on individual civilian trips to N. Korea

in line with the president strong push
for resumption of cross-border cooperation the government is looking
for ways to reintroduce individual tours to North Korea a number of possible
scenarios were unveiled Oh jung-hee has our top story the past week has seen
question marks over how South Korea might go ahead with allowing individual
civilian trips to North Korea and on Monday the government finally opened up
about some ideas Saurus Unification Ministry said the
so-called individual trips would be for civilians who receive a legitimate
invitation from North Korea via a nonprofit organization or travel agency
in a third country an invitation from the north could be confirmed through a
visa it said if the regime decides to issue visas for South Koreans and
tourists safety will also have to be guaranteed through an official document
there are three specific types of individual trips that the government
deems possible one family separated by the Korean War visiting North Korea’s
Kaesong in Mount Kumgang two South Koreans visiting Pyongyang and other
resort areas like ones on Karma in sangeun and three letting foreign
tourists visit the north as well when they come to South Korea the South
Korean government has not officially shared its ideas with the north yet and
says it’s reviewing how it should bring up the matter the Unification Ministry
stresses that there’s no reason private trip should be impossible noting that
the North is already visited by many tourists from China Europe and the u.s.
the ministry explains that tours do not violate the international sanctions or
the u.s. sanctions and are not subject to u.s. secondary boycotts either solar
is hopeful that if private trips do become a reality than they’ll make room
for inter-korean relations to leave the denuclearization talks forward but for
this to happen security issues will have to be clearly resolved South Korean
tourists through North mount kumgang were suspended in 2008 after a South
Korean tourist was shot dead by North Korean soldier who dong Yi
Arirang news

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