S. Korea agreeds to pay substantially more for U.S. Forces Korea defense cost: Trump

u.s. president rumba dropped a bombshell
of a tweet late Wednesday Korea time in it he said South Korea has agreed to pay
a lot more for the cost of stationing US troops on the Korean Peninsula and talks
are already underway scrambling for a response given the time Seoul was quick
to point out that official negotiations have yet to start for more on this story
we turn to our Connie Hong Luo president Trump says South Korea has agreed to
sharply increase its contribution for the shared cost of keeping the roughly
28 thousand American troops stationed on the Korean Peninsula South Korea and I
have made a deal where they’re paying a lot more money or they’re going to pay a
lot more money and the relationship is a very good one but I felt all along I
felt for years it was a very unfair one so they’ve agreed to pay a lot more and
they will agree to pay a lot more than that and we’re with them we’re with them
Trump tweeted earlier in the day that talks to increase his homes contribution
had begun the u.s. leader also said South Korea is a very wealthy nation
that now feels obligated to contribute to the defense it receives from the US
military however surely after Trump’s tweet was
posted Seoul’s foreign ministry said negotiations on the special measures
agreement a bilateral deal between South Korea and the u.s. to share the cost of
American forces in Korea have not started the ministry said that during US
National Security Advisor John Bolton’s visit to Seoul last month South Korea
and the u.s. agreed to proceed with the issue in a rational and fair direction
adding the two sides plan to discuss the finer details in the negotiations the
ministry also said it’s working on selecting its next chief negotiator and
forming a task force cáñamo arirang news

  1. My God, you have been saying that Japan, South Korea n the EU are going to pay you more for defense since the day you step into the White house. And now yr 4years terms are finishing soon n are you saying you have not been able to make anyone pay you more.? Hahahaha. What a joke. Self proclaimed to be the best in making deal.

  2. Of course you are going to do what you are told just as you have never stood up to any powerful nation.
    China tells half of you exactly what to do. Time to time Russia tells you what to do. The US tells you what to do.
    Hell even Mongolia told you what to do! Well actually they just told your men to die and your granny to do something else…

  3. President Moon is crazy boy who did not know that How tax is important to survive to Korea as well as spy from the north Korea. Because of he did not act for the South Korean people who had been dedicated for their country and also aggressively act for kim jung-un, dictator of North Korea.

  4. If the US doesn’t feel like SK is that important and that SK needs them more they could always leave. Which they won’t because they need access to the Korean Peninsula to fight against China. America is not going to pick up and leave even if Korea pays nothing.

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