RUSSIANS Want 2020 Election: Robert Mueller Says Russians Trying To Intercept Election

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  1. Looks like mueller is trying his hand at feeble old man, hmmmm but mostly only when questioned by the republicans. Not buying all the bs.

  2. The hearing confirms what was known: Mueller would not respond honestly to Republicans and the Democrats prepared and rehearsed all their questions to which Mueller responded. Zero credibility. Trump’s base just got STRONGER‼️

  3. I can’t believe we pay these clowns and this is what we get. How long until we drain the swamp ourselves.

  4. Did anybody miss the fact that Mueller and his team are under Investigation by AG Barr and Attorney Durham, Jordan just indicated that, Joseph Misfud lies to the FBI and Muellers team.
    Democrats just threw Mueller and his team under the Bus.

  5. Castro went on vacation to Puerto Rico during the shut down, his brother is running for president while they pander to illegals. Collusion is from democrats helping foreign citizens enter the country illegally and helping them avoid ICE, tax citizens to support illegals while citizens do without. Collusion is democrats working with citizens of foreign countries to overthrow our elections and they are doing so very publicly

  6. Russia trying to hack our elections … Google said hold our beer we already did… Google already got caught last week interfering with 2016 election …. they gave Hilda the popular vote….

  7. Russian Hacked the server Hell Hillary gave them the keys what B.S. Vote Republican in 2020 while we still have a Country.

  8. I know the 50's were supposedly a wonderful time. But why bring back the "Red Scare"? That is truly SO last century.

  9. Russia did not meddle with our election. The supposed DNC hack was actually a LEAK from a DNC insider.

  10. Why has not one Republican so far asked Herr Mueller why he never had the DNC servers forensically investigated and why he accepted the analysis of Crowdstrike, an outside firm attached to the Clinton's and DNC ?

  11. Does anybody not see that Mueller is having a health issue. Confusion, not able to give long answers, or say can't touch that. He even sounds like he has a speech problem. There's more, butI think all of these shenanigans with the 2 parties, the government as a whole has peaked his stress tolerance levels. He's old, not as clear headed as an FBI agent or Marine. An honorable man torn down by corrupt politics, and torn between loyalty to country or just too survive.

  12. Even IF russians did involve in the elections for Trump to win, It's good lol
    Who tf wants democrats running america
    We from europe keep repeating that Russians are good, the media that always makes them look bad is to blame

  13. "Ehhh uhhh they are doing it as we sit here" what making memes? Russian hackers are hacking our democracy with memes everybody.. be sure to vote for socialism and Spanish because if you vote trump your mind is being hacked by memes, we idiots in America must be told how to vote lest our thoughts and beliefs dont actually come from us but from a Russian influence.

  14. Both Russian agents named in the report are not even Russian. They are western Intel assets and thats why that were not arrested. The entire thing was a setup.

  15. Dems are not worried about election meddling otherwise they would be all for voter ID laws, its that simple

  16. DISGUSTING DEMOCRATS… The house & senate hearings have ended. NOTHING NEW WAS DISCOVERED! It simply was a democrat opportunity to hash over segments of the published report. A Total Waste Of Important Government Resources. 2020 – Vote Disgusting Democrats Out Of ALL Political Offices

  17. Now, let’s use our brains here…why in the hell would the Russians want Trump to win in 2016, let alone 2020? Hillary and her peeps sold millions of dollars of U.S. uranium, 20% of what remained, to Russia. Her husband received 1/2 million dollars to speak in Moscow shortly thereafter. Hillary and the DNC paid for and used, as a set up, the so-called Russian dossier where Russians helped to smear Trump. So, you’re telling me that Russia wanted Trump to win? With the massive sanctions Trump has placed on the Russian nation during his first year in office, why would they (Russians) want Trump as President. It’s time for people to relearn, or learn for the first time in their lives, how to critically think. That means, use your brain. Stop listening to the propagandists that pushed this hoax for three long years.

  18. Mueller personally delivered yellow cake uranium to Russia for Obama and Hillary Clinton who colluded with who

  19. Google and all Big Tech are trying to interfere in the election to keep Trump from winning again time for Rico

  20. Get rid of all the corrupt demon rats and we wouldn't have this the only people that tryed to change the election was democrats and Hilary Clinton's minions Schiff Mueller Brennan comedy strung page (Lisa) and you know who they are

  21. Listen to this old man he probably don't know where he is he didn't investigate nothing his boys did it and they were all trump haters

  22. Wrong the Democrats are trying to steal the election using the power of big tech censorship. Damn the Democrats to Hell

  23. Wrong we are not worried about Russia interference, we are worried about Democrat interference in every aspect


  25. Only America would spend 40 million to find Russian collusion. YES, their was collusion. It's called the Democrat Party. They are so socialist, so fascist, so left they make Putin look like a conservative!

  26. YOU DUMBASSED DEMOCRAPS NEED TO LET IT GO!! The ONLY collusion with Russia WAS WITH HILLARY CLINTON!! You continue to make yourselves look RIDICULOUS!

  27. What a disaster the RATS are. I can't figure out what's going on with Nadler and Schiff because they are low life. They are determined to make sure that Russia was mingling with Trump and not Clinton which was the case. Schiff also forgets that Trump has never taken a presidential paycheck. In 2018, The President has donated seven checks, $78,333 after taxes each, to different government agencies. Trump to donate Q1 salary to USDA | 2019-05-16

  28. Mueller played that stall game…Can you repeat that…Can you cute the location…all delay tactics…but Mueller is but a shell of himself. Slow, mumbling…deep breaths…he seemed like he was a 100 years old. Today was a really bad day for Democrats. No matter how much they tried , Mueller would just not say what they wanted.. "Congress needs to Impeach"… Schiffty tried so hard at the very end to get Mueller to side with him…..Muellers response" "That's all pure speculation"….have a nice day…

  29. That's because Nazi Bernie loves Visiting The Soviet Union Russians drinking Booze Hard Vodka and Danceing in his Nude with them all ..And yet they Blame President'Trump for everything ..And yet the Demons Democrats cheat on Votes in California and Chicago and in AMERICA all over our City's and States ..And they get there Illegals Voting for them ..Then Soro and Obama and PM in Canada Rigged the Voting Machines for Hillary .
    They were caught in it and still lied about it all these Demons Democrats..There Traitors on AMERICA and AMERICAN CITIZENS ..They use there Radical Racist Mouth Race Card and Children too get away with there Greedy Pockets And Crimes they do ..God Bless President Trump and AMERICA and AMERICAN CITIZENS from these Demons Leftist

  30. WTF Did MUELLER write the Report?? can't even comprehend the question they are throwing at him.[Flat OUT Lying] smdh. A..G BARR get them!! 👀

  31. Big long question like what Hurd asked would have gotten amnesia, alzheimer's, and hearing loss from a Republican.

  32. The people we should be investigating is Google. They are the ones who try to hack the 2016 election in Hillary's favor. That's why she won the popular vote. Ted Cruz just proved that Google and Facebook gave her millions of more votes . By controlling and blocking conservative opinions and story's. YouTube doesn't like conservative Opinions either.

  33. All of a sudden you have amnesia you corrupt piece of garbage now your cornered and it's blah blah blah your a disgrace to this country along with the rest of you slime Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤❤❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸♥️♥️♥️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸♥️♥️♥️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  34. Comey's spy on the Trump team tried to set up a server in Trump Tower to try and set up Trump but failed to do so lol

  35. Well I have one way to stop this check all democrat staffers I bet half are Chinese spy's and the other half works for other countries

  36. How HOW! is it possible for these liberals to maintain the LIE over and over and over again. Omg. And WHERE are the FBI CIA DOJ honest rank and file whistleblowers? Dang. Come forward and help bring honesty.

  37. Mueller is a criminal covering for his profits from the treasonous Uranium one deal perpetrated by crooked Hillary and her ilk!

  38. when mueller started on the russians and the 2020 election – THAT is the moment he had fought all day – when he went COMPLETELY batshit crazy.

  39. I find it very odd that the left wants sooooo bad to prove Trump was only elected because the Russians told us to vote for him yet we have UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE against clinton and obama being the ones to interfere but no one seems to be looking into that.

  40. This is so pathetic to watch Mueller is incompetent cant answer any questions and has no facts. His report was a lie and what we all saw here today is what everyone else said it was rehearsed ..

  41. Mueller when you go after a sitting president you might want to be awake your in the qanons patriot zone beware

  42. LOL Russians want the 2020 election sounds like to me. Kratz know Trump's going to win again and they're gearing up for another bunch of herrings and investigations after he wins in 2020

  43. So glad a woman didn't win president seat. Right? At least Donald doesn't hide being helped by Russia. Forget about democracy let's corrupt the USA some more and ruin our country together. TRUMP2020 4ME!

  44. Democrats have created the biggest lie of attack by Russia this is the biggest big disinformation by big tech media who plan a big attack on voter information by Facebook YouTube twitter google who will infiltrate and change votes in up coming 2020 election to favor Democrats that is why government counting must have security guards witnessing counts to keep integrity in votes

  45. "The Russians" didn't even change 10 votes. Dems use of dead people, people who don't vote, voting multiple times over state lines & ballot box stuffing accounted for millions of votes. Democrat leaders do not believe in democracy. Any means to power & $$$.

  46. I believe every body see who is Russia ,Russia is FBI with inteligents .We see Russia on JFK,On 9/11,on Emails ,on uranium,on false investigation for years,on false arrests and lots a lie or if they hire British spy.

  47. the biggest smoke and mirror show in  history  of the USA. This whole farce  was created because Clinton who was the highest classifier  in her role as secretary of state, carelessly had classified information on a open server, because she didn't understand the "C" at the top of the page meant classified…LOL.. The Russians have been trying to influence usa elections since the kennedy/ Nikita Krushchev days,  just the same as the USA has tried to influence elections in many countries around the world  for years…

  48. It's bad for Russians to interfere in our elections yet the millions of illegals already in the US interfering in our elections is just fine……figures

  49. Russian BIGS had it waxed with Hillary, Uranium one, speaking fees et. A piece of cake, why would they want Trump in office. Truth!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. If Mueller is the best thing in the Democrat arsenal, I feel sorry for them.
    A few screws loose? To say the least. Dumb as they come.

  51. Marmaduke Mueller didn't testify. 'Could you repeat the questiin'; I cannot comment on that either. What a looser – couldn't remember anything about his own report. Joke.

  52. Fox 10 is Marxism at it's finest and certainly is doing it's part to spread Big Brother Propaganda and FEAR!!! …'s News Staff SUCKS and are as Liberal as those on M$MNBC and Criminal News Network CNN!!!

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