Russian Revolutions: Deep State Communism Hidden Origins [Eps 4]

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  2. The Ukranian churches were plundered during the famine, when the Ukranian people were unable to protest, the gold went through Aschbergs bank in Sweden…

  3. Is there a source for "America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold, its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas. America will collapse from within." – Joseph Stalin?

  4. Problem is you are totally wrong about D. Trump fighting some cabal. He is just a puppet of another group which will be much worse than you can imagine. But hey .. Q says to trust him 🙂 Anybody who believes Q is real I would say go for antiretard pills.

  5. Idk if I can keep watching this channel anymore… I’ve loved all the videos I’ve watched from you guys, but this series is such a blatant whitewashing of history and I’m not here for biased info 🙄

  6. I know this older video.but i have few queations? Do you both loose alot asleep ive noticed on other videos and this 1 ? Nobody is threatening you like illumidonkey? You both are in my prayers.ty so much for your head work getting the truth out to us! Ty again God bless!

  7. Waiting for the part where you mention the country Lenin hid out in waiting to go back and agitate the Revolution?

  8. You guys definitely butchered a piece of information that deserves to be corrected: WWI was declared on Serbia, not Russia. The archduke was killed in Sarajevo, which is in Bosnia, not Serbia. Gavrilo Princip was a young ethnic Serb (Serbian people in Bosnia who did not convert to Islam during the Ottoman Empire). Why was WWI declared on Serbia if the Duke was killed in Bosnia you ask? Well, you have to explore why the Duke was killed in the first place. 64 years after the emancipation from the Ottoman Empire the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (yes) was becoming very enlightening and was heading toward a super power status. Serbian people quickly rose up after 500 years of spiritual and physical slavery and began to rebuild their nation and their people. Austrio-Hungarian Empire could not have this as they sought to control the Balkans and force Serbian people into their empire. This was absolutely not going to happen, especially after 500+ years of foreign rule. A very brave young man, who truly is a hero for Serbian people ended the life of a very dark and satanic figure, Archduke Ferdinand, which successfully stopped AH Empire from devouring the kingdom of Yugoslavia. Since his interest in the Balkans had specifically to do with dissolving the Serbian identity, it did not matter where the Duke was killed. The war was declared on a country they were interested in destroying in the first place. If you want to know the POWERFUL story of the Serbian people in WWI, you can watch a documentary called Where The Yellow Lemon Blooms. This will save you time in research. As a Serbian person it deeply offends me that you guys, along with most of other people in the world, devalue and blur the importance of WWI and the stakes my people had (on our end and on the end of the dark forces who were and are against us) in this part of the history. While the war blew up across Europe and was used to spread this “communist revolution”, its roots are far more secretive and involve the origin of Serbian people (and our Very specific DNA) and the subsequent and constant destruction of our people. It is no coincidence that Serbian people are systematically being attacked and erased, since the 13-14th century, without a break. You also failed to research (beyond the surface) what happened to Serbian people in the holocaust and the Clinton/Vatican-yet again- manufactured war on Serbian people.
    The right thing to do would be to make this correction for this video. Following the Serbian bloodline (it would take dedication because the Vatican made sure our past is locked up in their vaults) would reveal far more than you are bargaining for (including Why So many atrocities took place in Russia and what Serbian bloodline has to do with the birth of Russian civilization). Some stories are even deeper than where you are now. The Vatican is absolutely ALLERGIC to Serbian people and to Orthodox people in general. Knowing that the Vatican is a satanic cult, what thoughts does this spark? What do Orthodox People Know? What do True Hebrews Know? Cheers.

  9. Well, it was Bergoglio himself who said that he had no problem with being called "a communist"…
    Saludos desde Chile.

  10. Guys, you made several errors in this presentation….one, for example: the Pope didn't present anyone with Jesus on a hammer & sickle in Cuba. He was in fact presented with it by the Bolivian President…. that's just one of quite a few errors that I found.

  11. Ukrainians also welcomed Nazis because they knew the Soviet regime was largely supported by the 'chosen' people

  12. You may wish to include a brief summary of the first Thanksgiving… The first couple of years they tried to run the colony as a communist colony… Separation of Church and State was a phrase that twisted the original thought. The original thought outlined in the 1100 Charter of Liberties was a proclamation that the King (crown) would no longer be evil and oppressive, and it guaranteed 14 things the crown (state) would never do. Among them was that the state would not interfere with the churches. It was not meant to mean that religious people could not bring their beliefs with them to government. Another one was an end to inheritance tax… because it was evil and oppressive to make one pay for their inheritance. You do a good job, but there is so much info that could help your presentations.

  13. Were do central bankers fit into all this ? Ben Bernanke leaves fed and joins a private hedge fund in Chicago called Citdel !!

    Where did all the bail out money go ? German banks ? Goldman Sachs??

    Follow the money

  14. Many Skull & Bones members including William Averall. Harriman and Prescott Sheldon Bush (W's grandpa) funded Hitler and supplied the Soviets equipment, capital, and operational management to Soviet oil fields and Manganese mines. They had their assets froze. A few members of Skull & Bones were also part of J.P. Morgan's bank, Morgan Guaranty Trust, who was in on it as the video mentions. The Morgan family actually inherited George Peabody's fortune, Interestingly, when J.P. Morgan died it was discovered through his will he only actually owned 19% of the bank.

    Dean Acheeson of Scroll & Key (Senior Society at Yale, like Skull & Bones) according to McCarthy, sent him a list of Communists within the government, which Acheson denied.

    Tax cuts and capitalism are great, but don't let Trump or Q fool you. He's just the right-wing of the Hegelian dialectic being created by the Deep State. His policy will be made to look bad when the Berneke bubble bursts, opening the door for the Green New Deal. He wants to roll out 5g,which these guys already made a video of. He has made multiple pedophilic and later incestual comments about his daughter Ivanka. Thing about the left wing reports of whats going on at the border. And why build a wall to keep us safe instead of protecting our gun rights, especially when employers struggle to find labor.Why is America seeing strings of mass shootings? Does Trump really seem benevolent. He's connected to Rothschilds, Bushe even though they pretend to hate him. He is openly friends with Henry Kissinger, and his Secretary of Treasury is Steve Mnunchin of Skull & Bones.He has not cut federal spending either.

  15. Most of what we know of Rasputin has been passed down to us by his enemies he's got a lot of bad PR. I really don't think he was as bad as they try to make us believe. I do believe he was helping the boy and that he did have some holy power. I'm totally not going to beat the sex thing cuz that's like pretty much everybody agrees on that one.

    He wanted to save Russia, and in order to do that he was trying to protect the Royal family. He saw these communist horrors, and warned that Russia and her royal famkly would fall if he died.

    And the bullets he was shot with came from a gun issued to an MI 6 agent stationed in Russia at the time.

  16. WHO was behind the Bolshevik revolution and WHO specifically were they targeting and why? The answer will explain what’s happening today.

  17. President Trump definitely believes in God, lives with God, many still do, and God/belief and liberty, will continue to be the Kryptonite for the communist deep state scum!

  18. How could you make this video and ignore the Jewish origins of the Bolshevik revolution??? They basically organised the whole thing!

  19. This is a great series, I've recommended it to some friends. What us conservative Americans need is a playbook on how to combat these tactics. I homeschooled my kids so they didn't get indoctrinated with washed out history. I learned a lot about how our school history books wash out the truth. Who knows what the crusades was really about? How about the Barbara wars?

  20. Wait… You still believe the entire world went to war over some unknown prince? Really? The ENTIRE world felt so strong to kill millions of people over an assassination? Right…that's what happened. Look a little more into history, such as Europe's convergence from steam power (coal) to oil, transcontinental railroad, Mesopotamia, Turkey, etc.

  21. You forgot to mention the jewish connection to the communist government. I stand corrected you did bring it up.

  22. At 8:50
    You see the same as they preach today
    – liberate humanity
    – abolish social classes

  23. Nice history lesson that many probably never got. “Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it” (George Santayana). Love the use of the Delorean as the trip back through time. 🤓

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