Russian Propaganda Seen Fusing With Republican Ukraine Narrative | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. It is also in Russias interest to weaken Ukraine relationship with the US so that Russia can colonize Ukraine and become an empire. Ukraine is valuable in this sense. Ukraine remaining a democracy is bad for Russia and good for Europe. America with the biggest armed forces in the world is the only allie to scare off Russia. Trump corruption almost helped Russia take over Ukraine and the Impeachment Inquiry has shown the world how the plan to do this unfolded.

  2. NO, you NEED to let Parnas testify about Nunes’ secret travels to “find” dirt about Biden. He is part of the crime of bribery

  3. I’m going to do my part in removing Russia(trump) from our White House.

    🇺🇸🌊🌊🌊🌊VOTING all DEMOCRAT in 2020🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🇺🇸

    Because republicans(🙉🙈🙉🙈🙉🙈) are to stupid to realize what’s really going on.

  4. This narratives exposes the Confederates amongst us. Too bad it's true, when you take in account all the evidence. Those that put party first are really ultra-capitolist, Globalist, money grubbing, traitors with no patriotism or morrality.

  5. Patriots below are some very true and interesting sites, with a lot of mind blowing facts, some might be aware, some might not. But we are ALL in this together and what they have done to us with lies and propaganda, is sinful {and that's being polite} it's enough to make the Angels cry. This is just a small way I can try and help my fellow patriots. You might want to watch before they are removed. New policies are taking place Dec. 10th. God Bless everyone, we sure will need it. PEACE to all.
    1. {Putin Bans Rothschild}
    2. {Retired Gen. Clark-planned wars}
    3. {Aaron Russo NWO}
    4.{Rockefeller Thanks The Media For Their Silence}
    5. {Former FBI-Tells All}
    6. {The Plan}
    7. {The Late Myron Fagan-NWO}

  6. It's ALWAYS been clear Trump was compromised. That he was a Russian asset, was long evident.Russia runs America/WH via Trump and Republicans. Trump said he trusts Putin above his security agencies (FBI/CIA/etc.). So what does that tell anyone? America is in BIG TROUBLE with Trump in office as President.

  7. Three pregnant women walk into a bar. The Bartender sees them and tells them he can't serve them because they are pregnant. The women told him not to worry because they were just going to have a drink before their abortions at the Planned Parenthood clinic across the street.

  8. Rachel Madvow is a disgusting piece of journalist crap. Which is no surprise since all Liberals are.
    People who believe the lies of Liberal Democrats are in for a ride awakening when they start seeing the truth revealed about the real crimes their party have committed. Of course there will be many who continue to believe what they know is a lie. That is what makes a Liberal a perverted piece of Crap.

  9. trump constantly keeps doing work for the Russians and absolutely nothing for our country except trying to hurt our country this man is clearly a Russian asset.

  10. It looks like almost every single thing the Republicans say advances Russia's interests. For example, demonising Democrats and the Left so that America is preoccupied with it's own internal divisions while Putin pursues his global agenda unmolested. Trump's ludicrous conspiracy theories having their origin in Russia makes me wonder how he came across them in the first place. Has he been primed directly during those long, secretive meetings with Putin? Or indirectly through a proxy? Replace his "some people say" preambles with "Russia says" and it all makes sense. Whatever Putin has on Trump it must be catastrophic.

  11. VOTE blue and work towards:

    1. The whole population should be allowed to vote
    2. Go back to paper voting
    3. Get rid of your electoral college
    4. You should have more parties to choose from
    5. There should be a limit to how long you can serve on any government positions
    6. Make money in politic transparent
    7. Set a limit to how much special interests can donate
    8. Free education and healthcare for all

    Get involved in local politics.

  12. Did Mueller follow the money? Russian money laundered into America was widely distributed and promised. Follow the green bill and you will find out why the Reps are refusing to condemn Trump who has so openly broken the rules because of his love for Russian money. FOLLOW THE MONEY. UNTIL A STRAIGHT FINANCIAL LINE IS DRAWN YOU WILL CONTINUE TO GUESS. WHAT'S IN IT FOR THESE FIE HARD TRUMPIANS….

  13. As long as the American right AND left refuse to admit that they were played by Russian Intel in 2016, and continue being played to this very day, the Russian objectives of sowing discord, chaos, and diminished confidence in government and government institutions, will continue bearing poisonous fruit.

  14. Naturally, Dr. Hill was slimed by the braying Fox Trumpets as another "deep state" conspiracist and Democratic partisan, a sorry tune quickly memorized and hummed at maximum decibels by the Trump hive.

  15. If Putin cared about Russia he would hold free and fair elections . If Trump cared about america he would hold free and fair elections .

  16. I wish Maddow would just go away. Her sales of the anti-Trump stance has actually discredited valid argument against that monster.
    Rachel is viewed by the right, how those of us on the left view Sean Hannity and that is because it is a fair comparison of two partisan hacks who's careers are built by trying to mold facts to their bias narrative.

  17. Give it a rest Rachel… your tired, debunked "Russia, Russia, Russia" story has now moved to "Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine." Seriously bizarre! Of course you and your friends think it's perfectly acceptable that the former VPs son, and Nanci Pelosi's son too, pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars from Ukraine. Incredible.

  18. Man she is my hero what poise and professionalism ..she comes across as a very solid, strong and secure woman in her position!! I would love to meet her

  19. Republicans are cowards. Trump has them shaking in their boots. They will not attempt to stop Trump from his authoritarian, narcissistic destruction of our country.
    They will will not vote for impeachment in the senate.
    November 2020 – Vote or learn to speak Russian.

  20. Masterclass? For fuckwits. Rachel, long story short: Yes, the dems are done. No evidence of any impeachable offence. From the mouths of EVERY witness last week. End of. Done. So stick your deluded masterclass up in the bin and save everyone from wasting any more time on this charade.

  21. It is certainly very odd that the idea of having an acting POTUS work to expand the Russia's interest in the former circle of nation who separated from the former USSR circle of power since 1989, like Ukraine did. The notio that a POTUS is doing dirty work for the present Russia is not something easy to understand.
    Is Trump working for Putin?

  22. Americans are widely viewed as idiots by a large segment of the global population. There is a reason so many “IRS Scams” and “Tech Support Scams” are aimed at Americans…it’s because many believe Americans have more money than sense. This story supports this theory.

  23. Dr Fiona Hill’s testimony was awesome and she just said and it is widely been verified, Russia meddled in the 201election. Nunes response to keep engaging in continuing these debunked conspiracy theories. Rachel said the other night it’s strange that nunes didn’t listen. Not strange now that nunes part in this dating back a year ago and meeting with the indicted guys to get dirt on biden has now been exposed. There promoting it because they are involved in this up to their eyeballs. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

  24. That dishonesty comes from this network. You are an absolute disgrace. How can you call yourself a liberal network. You deliberately ignored Andrew Yang in that debate and hid his polling numbers in your graphics. Why are you purposefully ignoring a democratic candidate who is trying to solve the problem that got Donal Trump elected. He is appealing to trump voters. Talking about key economic policies that affect his base. Is this network not capable of having serious economic discussion ? It seems more like an entertainment network masquerading as a news station. You should be ashamed. The way you behave will put Trump back in office in 2020.

  25. How about psychological evaluation when running for government offices. Answered my own questions, they would pen there own notes and cookie cutter evaluations!😳

  26. First, this morn. I came across by surfing on tv an MSNBC program called morning joy. Then I happened onto this vid. on youtube. How can the American public listen to the crap this network is trying to serve to them? This morning joy program (I think that was the name, I have never heard of it before) had a group of morons spouting off about Putin and Russia saying Russia was a communist country and Putin is a KGB spy. The people on that program and this Maddow woman can't believe what they themselves are saying. It must all be being done for money.

  27. I hope the hearing committee takes more time and doesn't rush into sending this to the senate. It appears a charge of treason could be added to the list of trump's impeachable offenses! Trump's been Putin's puppet all along and, although it's unlikely to be provable, it would be so sweet justice to get the wacko for treason, too.

  28. For All US citizens, the focus should not be in fighting with Dems and GOP. The question is when in over 60 years has Russia ever been a defender or protector of Democracy and US policy ? Never. The Russian government goal is to weaken our US government.
    The Congress together should be defending the US Constitution,our rights and freedoms. The executive branch is not a CEO position or monarchy.

  29. We seem to focus so much on Trumpt, and his long list of misdeeds. But just keep in mind, it is the GOP over the past 2 1/2 years that enabled him to get away with crimes, make policies that are inhumane, destroy our fragile environment, give billions of tax dollars to billionaires, and denigrate our institutions, the Constitution, and the office of Presidency. Vote!!

  30. I’d love to see who contributed to the Republican campaign super pac… I’ll bet it’s full of Russian money and the Republicans are all bought and paid for. 🤬

  31. It seems to be a conflicting conspiracy theory. On one hand, the Repubs are saying that Ukraine hacked or stole the DNC server. The DNC e-mails were leaked to benefit Trump. On the other hand, they are saying that the Ukraine gov't or specific Ukraine gov't officials supported Hillary and were out to get Trump. Am I missing something?

  32. Main stream monopolized Media

    does not want you to know the truth

    Bernie Sanders is leading in the polls do not let them tell us what we want

    All the reliable data shows Bernie way ahead of one Warren has twice as many Facebook likes three times as many Twitter followers twice as many unique Donors, and raised five times as much as Warren
    According to ABC CNN IPB/TIPP Survey USA FOX news Quinnipiac poll And Emerson polls ; Bernie. Sanders beats Donald Trump in the general election

    Bernie Sanders beats Donald Trump in:
    North Carolina
    New Hampshire

  33. How did this happen? Seriously!! And yet some people are still protecting Trump as he continues to destroy America. Its sic !!!. I feel sick to my stomach, to my bones. What's wrong with these people. Please wake up.
    This is your country, your home. You have your children here. You have your families here. It cant be greed. This is some kind of loss of cognitive stability. This is sic. Our country is being chewed from the White House and we (Republican Party) dont want to help.

  34. Vote blue is not a means to an end it is a means to a continuation of a failed system that got us Trump in the first place It is giving in to a systemThat works against youAnd enabling it to continue

    When we say vote blue no matter who will give information to the Democratic Party to be corrupt uninspiring Mediocre and unrepresentative of our Wishes and we should never give that permission under any circumstances

  35. The Repugnant political party will be destroyed by allowing these operations, including failed president Dump's involvement in this and Nunes and Fool-iani and Pompeo. They should be disbanded.

  36. They work for us, if they are no longer held accountable to the wills of the people/the rule of law etc then we lost this country a long time ago

  37. Stefanik exposes Hill with facts. If you watch it a few times You’ll see what Hill is doing. She tries to insert herself even if facts does not support her. This is all about her feelings.

  38. In the "catchy-jingle" words of Stephen Colbert: 🎼There's just one thing that you need to know…Trump said, "Do us a favor though."🎼

  39. Why is it that in the last few days I've seen Foreign Officials stand up and speak more like Americans than the Actual Americans in office.

  40. Putin wants to reassemble the USSR to the extent possible. The last thing he wants is the former republics becoming members of NATO.


  42. They are making out like Trump and the GOP are unwittingly pushing the Russian barrow……..They know exactly what they are doing……I don't believe for a second that they are Russian assets…….more than that…..They are full blood RUSSIANS!
    No true patriotic American would do what the GOP are doing, sure they don't want Trump to be innocent but once you know what he is and what he did…..and even more important…..what he will do next…..and you can't jump over the evidence in front of you…….the decision is easy……either you are an American first……or you are a Russian first…..there is no in between…..and they made their choice, they went with Russia!!…..Now are enough American voters going to "GO WITH RUSSIA" and elect any of them in 2020??

  43. Rachel Maddow is the best. I sleep much easier, after hearing her explication of the facts of the investigations.

  44. whats up with the redaction at 3:22? it skips several seconds of both video and audio that has been covered fully by other networks… that's not a technical glitch.

  45. I've already told Donald that ve didn't have anyzing to do with the 2016 DNC serrver hacking, it was Rrussian Ukrainians all along…

  46. Who is setting up the Indictment process? Who can and who will? Do we not have him solid on 10 points for Obstruction( without Muehlers opinion of an illegal policy-When did anyone get blanket immunity in the USA? Do we imagine The early leaders of thinking ”Washington, had a fit, chopped down a cherry True and half of his congress

  47. Take this issue up immediately( after Russia is demolished and even ”Fake” wall comes down- We can put up some Wall with Trump's name on it and then tear it down). I hear a Democrat President ”Well, Just hold on a minute, let's say the Issue is flipped and it is a bad party coming after a good President then this policy would come in handy, I think we should keep it

  48. Impeachment will never be possible, what does a Republican Senator have to gain from flipping on Trump for any reason.Absolutely nothing, Honor, C’mon, they do not even know the definition.How can you flip on your whole party. Flip yourself for a minute-85% of your group wants the guy the voted for to vote against- not cheating

  49. To them, it is 100% liberal lie, each group has something, Muehler exhonorated Trump already,Deep State, Fake news.If you have been in RW church you would know that they can not be apart from each other for to long of a time Church all day Sunday, Monday night after meeting Wed. a small church gathering, Even friday many will get tog.Nothing else gets in

  50. This is rollercoaster, when does it stop? It is believed it is not just America who seek for such moves…. Aren't new. Part of political skeleton mass.

  51. How about the fact that the president of United States campaigned on abolishing corruption in these country? Sorry about your luck, but just because a suspect of corruption happens to be running for president does not exhibit him of the investigation.

  52. Rachel you have no credibility t to anyone! What happened to your double agent Russian spy conspiracy. You twist the truth and ally just as much is Adam Schiff! I’m so sick and tired of hearing all these so-called journalist spreading their hypotheticals and what is ifs!

  53. OMG!!! Russian bots on Facebook…fake news on Instagram…false likes on YouTube!!! How dangerous! The Russians must be stopped! OMG!!!

  54. Fumptruck probably thinks the assistance in the Russian expansion plan will get him re-elected through Russian hacking in 2020, and maybe even permission to build his personal empire into Russia, once he is out of the White House. I can just hear the P-T call now:

    P: We've decided to help you out into 2020, but there are stipulations that must be considered.

    T: Yes?

    P: You will be standing alone in 2020 if that Ukrainian aid package goes through; MY Quid Pro Quo demands it!

    T: Aren't you worried about a backlash from the citizenry?

    P: NO! I Don't Do backlash!

    There's no one like Rachel Maddow when it comes to getting the story straight….

  55. Rachael announced that private lawyers submitted Freedom of Information Requests for the missing State Department documents. Does anybody have the site?

  56. Rachel Maddow gets paid $28,000 a day to say “Russia, russia, russia,” and “Bernie bad” ad nauseum…. Good job MSDNC!

  57. Maddow, you are weirdo neolib who are totally removed from American women who are struggling to raise their families every day, facts and reality in not your nature. MSNBC is FAKE NEWS.

  58. Maddow, while you are smiling and look laughing at the mentioning if Trump 24/7, the majority of homeless in LA are women over 65. Fvck your MSNBC FAKE feminism.


  60. what crime has trump committed. at the end of her testemony she is asked about the crime.even hill said trump commited no crime

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