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but we start
with our newsmaker segment and take a deep dive into the
results of Tuesday’s primary election where two of the
eleven candidates for mayor made the cut and will now face
off in a June general election joining me to talk about that
and more is professor Beth
Vonnahme head of the political
science department at UMKC Dr welcome back to ruckus
thanks for joining us thank you for having you know when most
folks look at the results of Tuesday’s election I think
they’ll look at who won who lost and then probably move on
but political scientist will look a lot more won’t you we
tend to try to figure out why certain candidates certain
candidates lost so we focus on strategies and tactics of the
candidates the issues they addressed and to see what
sort of what was the winning strategy and issue combination
you look at turn out we do look at turn out wasn’t very big
was it well you know it was bigger than it’s been
in the last two Mayoral elections but it’s pretty small
compared to any sort of federal
election I think it was nineteen or
twenty percent and and the two candidates were Jolie Justus
and Quinton Lucas Justus got twelve thousand six
hundred thirty votes and Lucas got ten thousand two hundred
eighty seven not much separation or not big turnout
no not very much at all probably the size of UMKC what issues do you think will
be front and center as we head into the battle for the general
election in June I think the two big issues that sort of
really are going to solidify over the next couple weeks
are issues of economic development particularly
inequity in economic development that would work for Lucas
certainly and then I think the housing issue will continue to
come up particularly given that Lucas is heading that committee
and I think we’re going to hear more about affordable
housing or the lack of affordable housing in Kansas
city what do you think will be front and center for Jolie
Justus you know I think she has sort of this economic
development perspective as well but it’s more sort of
continuing the sort of increase in economic development under
the James administration she’s
very supportive of what mayor James
has done right very strongly
connected obviously yeah he’s endored her
and has backed her campaign and
she says we’re on a roll let’s no and I
think he is that’s the sort of you know we don’t have parties
in Mayoral elections but that is you know she’s the party of
Sly James for sure Let me ask you about that because these
are non partisan elections as most big city elections are but
you have a small turnout you have eleven candidates for
mayor and my guess is that at least nine maybe ten are
Democrats right maybe even liberal democrats Probably 11
wouldn’t it be a more fascinating energetic campaign
if you had to run as either a Democrat or Republican it might
be more interesting sort of as political observers but I’m not
sure it’s better for the city there’s always been this maxim
that there’s there’s no Republican or democratic waited
take out the garbage and I think that’s probably true so I
thought going to say there’s no Republican or democratic way to
do street repair Fix potholes In Kansas City Missouri there’s
no way
no no no Ward Parkway is looking great
as an educator what’s your reaction to the massive loss of
the pre-K sales tax question you know I I think it’s I I
think it’s not a question really of the idea of universal
pre K. I think most people are
supportive of that idea given the research it’s really the
paying for it and the sort of organization behind it whether
it’s really set up in a way that will effectively
administer universal pre K. and I think that’s where voters
sort of balked let me turn your attention for a moment or two
to national politics Democratic Party seems to have a lot of
folks in it now who say they are democratic socialist right
right and the president saying they’ll never be socialism in
the United States but we’ve toyed with socialism a number
times during our history have we not we have I mean not in the
extent to which you would see in sort of some of the
European countries but sort of the socialist
experiment generally has has not really played out around
the world but the idea of democratic socialism is nothing
unusual in western Europe it’s seen a sort of think of it as
just a socialism very very light final quick question
there is a move by some to try and eliminate the electoral
college right the some are Democrats who are unhappy
because even though their
candidate won the popular vote lost the
electoral vote do you think that’s any kind of a
possibility in the near future NO I mean it’s too to
do away with the electoral college requires a
constitutional amendment and I just can’t see that happening
any time soon and is part of the constitution as devised by the
framers it is and it I mean it’s a little different than
they intended how it plays out today but it’s just too
difficult to amend the constitution it’s endured a long
time it has as has the country
thank you so much for joining us
always a pleasure to talk with
you appreciate your time that is
UMKC political science professor Beth Vonnahme now let’s meet
the panel and start of ruckus

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