RPGs and Social Issues  | Bioware and CD Projekt Red

so to finish up the videos I've been making RPGs I wanted to address the topic of social issues in RPGs because somebody had left a comment on one of those videos expressing his surprise that sjw's were not more heavily invested in the games such as Witcher 3 now I don't have any issues with games dealing with social issues but the way one goes about it and the degree of believability that's injected so these are these are things that are very important if one is to do that and the other games such as which are 3 which does indeed talk about and address tons of so-called social issues and it does in a way that does not in the slightest resemble the SJW approach now I don't think there's an axiomatic way of dealing with social issues I don't I don't think one way is quote-unquote right and the other way is wrong I'm not gonna claim that but clearly the SJW approach is not the approach that many people enjoy at least in camps outside of the SJW camp so you get a game like Dragon Age Inquisition where you hear about the suffering and what-have-you of people but you don't really see it on display that's the very first thing that comes to mind when we talk about social issues whereas in which are three you have a game where it is claimed and it's told us that this is a war-torn land a land and that has just been saturated in conflict and you see it everywhere you see corpses you see battlefields one of the first things you encounter in Belem is this immense battlefield just filled with corpses and you have to help somebody find his brother as presumed dead and this is just something that you don't see in any of the Bioware games so given an environment this percent of you that visually conveys something that's very obvious whether this is a war-torn land this is a terrible situation of being if you're living here and that's just the visual the environmental and in addition to that you see real persecution you see the persecution of mages and to a somewhat lesser degree nonhumans led by the madman King radevich and this is all very visible it's talked about as well but you can see it and the other thing I think that distinguishes the witcher 3 years say the CD Projekt RED approach to dealing with social issues compared to Bioware which would like to clay lay claim to that particular genre you know video games that deal with social issues is that in which are three there is a degree of fatalism I would argue that infuses how the game approaches the topic of social issues which is to say yes there are many social issues that people need to deal with but there's no real sign that it's going to improve or that these issues or problems rather could even be solved it's a war-torn land with lots of problems then people are forced for better or worse to deal with them and I think ultimately that approach probably is much more reflective and reminiscent of the reality we live in despite the pile of moat modernity has been cast upon us and tends to cover up such truths many things are not within our grasp to solve them and so which are three portrays and delineate that very well where is there's no well I mean by our games by way of contrast their solution is inclusions to have a cast of characters that fit some some SJW stereotype Quadra sexuals Quadra sexual short-haired women that like every creature in existence for a romance its people a certain skin color gender or sexual orientation I mean this this is a terrible way of going about your addressing social issues there's something I mentioned before in my channel one scene that's pretty minor this is why tortured before you get to villain where you're trying to track down a track down this Griffin and you encounter a hunter who upon it doesn't happen immediately you have to talk to him chat with him you get this scene where he says well I'm cursed you know I was cast out of the service to my lord yadda yadda yadda and Whitin witcher girls thinking well oh okay are you do you suffer from like Anthropy maybe i can help you maybe and he goes on this tale that basically he was but fucking the I think the Baron or the Lord's sons it's basically gay and Gerald's taken back a bit oh okay he's a bit non-plus but it's not saying okay that's cursed I mean this is obviously biased towards homosexuality or against it rather but but it's it's done in a way that sort of makes sense in the context that that made sense to you you start at doesn't happen immediately you start a conversation with the hunter he tells you about it and I mean that's the way you might want to deal with an issue like that if you want to even bring up the issue and that's just one example the persecution of nonhumans that's another one it's on display and the thing that I like about it is the realism the the fatalism if you will the fact that you're probably not to solve these issues I mean even after you complete the game there's no real happy ending yeah that's yes maybe you settle down with your chosen wench perhaps but and it's applied that's a peony but along the way you lose a lot of people potentially you certainly lose vesemir regardless and even in a place like Tucson or Boclair yeah it's all sunny vineyards it looks very very pretty I think the landscaping in many ways as an improvement over the main game but obviously beneath the surface there are many issues people still have problems Bioware games by way of contrast are estranged there there are no real social issues addressed not always the case I mean the genophage issue which was finally resolved I guess in Mass Effect 3 if you want to say that and that would be perceives a sort of social issue Transpo's from the human to to the alien but if I were just there their way of going about that is the SJW which is just inclusion the reason why is JW's don't enjoy a game like witcher 3 is because witcher 3 doesn't artificially try to be inclusive instead it presents a world that is gritty and real given the context there's real suffering no one's having a good time men are not having a good time being named as soldiers women aren't having a good time being raped or what-have-you no one's having a good time the nonhumans aren't having a good time the mages need to flee for reasons of persecution it's it's it's a grim and gritty world and yeah there are many social issues be interests and of course as witcher geralt you can oppose some of these ideas which which are garel doesn't support the persecution of mages are nonhumans in fact you can stand up for them sometimes but in doing so neither Geralt nor the player who was playing garel is under the delusion that that one time he's stepping in to support a nonhuman some of them are even ungrateful for it I remember one scene in novigrad where an elf woman is very ungrateful for you stepping and helping her out there's no no illusion or delusion that that's going to change anything in the long run and I think people appreciate that degree of realism and fatalism I mean the closest you can come to a happy ending that I can think of is in the hearts of stone DLC if you choose to save Agron but it's not exactly that clear meanwhile Bioware all it does is just throw in random characters that they think will fit some set of criteria that they've dreamt up in their heads about diversity or inclusion and once again I'm not axiomatically saying that Witcher 3 does it right Bioware does it wrong but for someone of my inclinations and tastes and for many others who prefer which are 3 to Bioware games which the CD Projekt RED approach in general I prefer that fatalism realism its kind of is it just resonates I think with a lot of us who pay attention a reality knowing that many problems are unsolvable many things cannot be solved but perhaps almost paradox it doesn't mean you shouldn't try so when Witcher when Geralt steps in and helps somebody out a nonhuman or the mages long term probably not a solution but he's doing it because it feels right or he thinks he's right in the moment and I think that's an important thing it's like when you help a blind person across the street because you know they're disadvantaged you don't do it I certainly don't do is you expect a reward or anything like that you know it's just and you're not gonna share a blindness that way or even change that person's life immensely you just do it's it's a small context in which to do something good and there are many such moments in The Witcher 3 now I have no doubt that the forthcoming title cyberpunk 2077 being worked on and produced by CD Projekt RED even as I speak probably it's gonna be obviously not the same fantasy context it is cyberpunk where it is future probably dark future just so being something like that I'm somewhat familiar with a pen and paper game but they were if CD Projekt RED decides to tackle social issues which i think is a virtual inevitability given the context of the game think about it you have a game where cybernetic enhancements widespread there's probably by a season volved and who knows the details but that's all going to be there they will do it in a way that is reminiscent I think of Witcher 3 and not the social justice way about I would be shocked and disappointed if they did so as I move towards the conclusion of this video there are good reasons why social justice warriors are not interested in say Witcher 3 or CD Projekt RED games because to them addressing issues just means inserting a bunch of characters or heroes or companions with random attributes that basically fulfill a checklist that they've created we got the Quadra sexual alien we got the short-haired lesbian looking on a heterosexual woman okay we got the minority with dreadlocks okay that's just an asinine way in my opinion of going about things and they don't want they don't really want and here's another thing and it's my own personal opinion the reason why I CW's aren't into a game like The Witcher 3 is because there is a hefty degree of realism there people suffer as I said it's very clear lana's war-torn people are not having a good time they want to live in a fantasy world the SJW view of reality is a fantasy at a so why would they want something that is much more reminiscent and reflective of reality they spend most of their time avoiding reality deflecting reality of course eventually it does hit them but it's there are so many reasons why a show w's don't like that kind of nitty gritty realism despite the fact that address of social issues in my humble opinion in a much better way and much more competently than anything the SJW team can do such as you bought the Bioware team I'm sure Mass Effect Andromeda laughs fantastic combat no I'm not sure of that I hope it has good combat but you know that's not the way I don't expect to see social issues being brought up instead we have a crew that sort of fits the criteria ones demanding of you know which minority should be in which female character should be in etc we have a protagonist that looks very plain Jane at best yeah that's what they want that's not my preference so all four to dressing social issues here but not the way the sjw's demanded or want it to be the case so yeah anyway I think I'll close up here with the sort of mini series on RPGs more to come unrelated to RPGs I think but thanks for tuning in and enjoy the rest of your weekend and take care bye bye if you like this video please like share and subscribe and if you enjoy my content please consider making a donation or becoming a patron thanks for watching

  1. witcher 3 isn't even political, it just is, the very fact that it's a game that displays european peoples & draws inspiration from european culture is controversial says it all.

  2. I think it's fine to want to show diversity (race, gender, sexuality, etc.) in a game, but that diversity either is the centerpiece of the story or the story "decides" which diversity is integral. With both paths, the story is foremost. Even with years of experience, Bioware has confused a diversity agenda with story.

  3. To be fair to Bioware. There new Mass effect game also has a homosexual on the team who you find out is actually gay via a semi subtle way on the nexus (not via the team mate himself but VIA another NPC on the docking area).

  4. Long story short, it really stands out and breaks immersion when a character essentially runs up to you and the first words out of their mouth is "I'm gay!", and it basically defines that character first and foremost. It's clumsy and obvious. Good vid, btw.

  5. Witcher 3 , being made by the polish, who are not that far removed the realities of war, would naturally have a much greater understanding of the results of conflict and the silliness of diversity uber alles. Great video by the way.

  6. For most women though, problems are solved for them. There's always tax-payer dollars, entitlement scholarships, individual men, parents (with no social stigma) prepared to bail them out of any jam. I think, from their perspective, if a narrative-driven game doesn't revolve around them then it's probably rather unbelievable. It's just not their reality.

  7. I've played all 3 Witchers, OK I didn't finish the 1st one cuz the loading time was so bad, but still.

    Like Thinking ape point out: SJW really don't how the games CD projekt red made, they don't make the worlds in their games like some fantasy la la land, ironically since most of their games are fantasy games, they try their best to make the world believable, just straight up no BS trues, even its hard and cold.

    A good fantasy game should make their world believable but different from our own, it's not simple as adding dragons or space ship, its the way people act or think. I must point out: CD projekt red wasn't always that good at this, their writing and storytelling skill is noticeable improve over the 3 witcher games, on the other hand, Bioware's skill isn't improving at all, its just slowly dropping to a hellhole called SJW, their games since ME1 are just: get together with a team, saving the world, la la la, there is nothing else in it, yes some team members may have a more colorful character, but that's it.

  8. if most people like you prefer realism in games, then why do we have so much SJW in movies? and why don't people shit on that? If it's in movies, it's fine. But if it's in a game… well. And the only SJW aspect people keep ranting about in ME:A are ugly character faces (female mostly). So it seems to me, that as long as people have attractive characters in games and movies, they don't give a shit about SJW.

    why do I get called a racist by almost everybody out there, when I say that it's unrealistic to have black and asian characters in games with medieval settings and I'd prefer not to have them in those games? When you say something like that, suddenly everybody who supposedly hates SJW turns into a SJW themselves. Pathetic…

  9. i love both witcher series and dragon age series, i liked the mass effect series but im not into sci-fi that much. i just wish the up coming cyberpunk 2077 will blow witcher 3 out of the water interms of gameplay and story telling.

  10. I am a huuuuuge Mass Effect and Witcher series fan since 2007 (except Mass Effect 3) and i loved Bioware way also. I think an RPG should give any option even if is not realistic. Sadly, i think Andromeda would be just a shooter.

  11. Trying to please (pander to) SJW's is THE MOST asinine, pathetic, and ultimately fruitless endeavor a content creator can take. These people wear their insecurities on their sleeves: Pander to them, and they get depressed that the real world doesn't reflect the fantasy they have just emerged themselves in (kinda like how many people got depressed after seeing James Cameron's Avatar). Don't pander to them (and actually present a genuine world that is reminiscent of the one we already live in), and they get depressed because you didn't provide them with a refuge from their insecurities.

    They don't want to actually solve societal problems because they don't know how to: all they know is how to bitch, whine, and nag until they get their way ("It is not about creating an intellectual space, it's about creating a home here!"). That is because they are cringey, mollycoddled, petulant, [adult] children who are insufferable to the highest magnitude,


  12. Dragon age inquisition was better then the past in the sense that for example more romance options are blocked eleven females have the most human females behind them everyone else is tied

  13. SJWs aren't cancer solely for video games. They're a holistic fantasy genre problem. Look at what they've done to Game of Thrones. You now have the absurdly unrealistic situation in the TV series where nearly every region is ruled by a woman. You can't tell me this is not because feminists have relentlessly assaulted the writing/production. Shit, go back half a century or more and SJW predecessors, the PC Left and 2nd Wave feminists, were similarly trying to ruin Tolkien's career and success.

    Besides the fact that the genre has a mostly male audience–and when men like something it must be stopped, of course–the biggest problem SJWs have with fantasy is that, in order for it to be successful and well-done, it, paradoxically, has to contain many realistic elements, especially where protagonists and other characters are concerned. You can't have pansexual non-binary minority midgets effortlessly kicking the asses of more traditional-looking warriors every five seconds, and expect people to take your creation seriously.

  14. Personally, all this PC gender politics relationship crap ruined Dragon Age 3 for me. For me, that transgender woman and that horned Quin guy (a.k.a. Muslim) was the straw that broke the camel's back.

  15. A bit of an offtopic, but Witcher had a terrible movie adaptation some time ago in Poland. It happened long before the first game even came out. The movie was a total fail xD. Couldn't watch even 15 minutes of it.

  16. I find a certain irony in these so-called 'fantasy' games. Placed in a fictitious environment full of wizards, dragons, magic, and loads of things to kill, yet everyone's still living in a social shithole. Same in cyberpunk or games further in the future. Even in the face of a single overwhelming threat where the opportunity for some unity is present, internal bickering is inevitable.

    Of course, the more moving parts there are in a system, the greater the chance any one of those parts will fail at a time. Increasing difference in the compatibility between components further increases the chances of failure. Machine or human, this tends to hold true. Only way to resolve this issue is to have one or no moving parts, and to reduce the differences between components to zero. Can also space everyone out, separate the parts into their own individual systems, but you'd have to give people LARGE amounts of space or strong barriers to prevent intense interactions. Highly complex machines or societies need a means to filter out unnecessary or incompatible information to work properly, much like how electronics have to be insulated from one another to work properly. Wet machines let current disperse everywhere and fail to function. The Internet, in its current state, is like water in the electronics of a machine.

  17. You are incorrect Tumbler SJWS liked Witcher 3, because like you stated they like anything that has nothing to do with reality. Bioware is just more prominent. Geralt was constantly doing nonsense tasks for women with very little protest. CD Project Red will go the same route as Bioware as well Bethesda and people will by their garbage until they get the blowback Activision got for COD going further into sci-fi rather than reality.

  18. I wonder if female hypergamy has anything to do with the QUALITY of relationships in video games nowadays. In Baldur's Gate 2, all relationships had consequences (even the friend ones). And it was possible you could be a great hero and defeat Irenicus but lose some friends or a "love" in the process. In Bioware games it seems they've emphasized being able to fuck the minotaur up the butt one minute, and then the alien girl the next, without any consequences. Trading partners and sampling them all like candy. Seems more feminine than masculine to me. Men care about the quality and depth of a relationship. So if you're going to do one in a book or a movie or a game it better be done right. I LOVED the Witcher 3 for this. Consequences. Reality. It feels like reading a book (duh) rather than some fantasy land. What makes books good, being rooted in reality, why don't devs understand video games are the same way. Even fantastical games are only fun because of HOW they go about exaggerating/changing the reality. (ie. magic done right is amazing, done wrong it feels like lazy cheat powers or conversely underpowered bullshit)

  19. Bioware thinks building dating sims into their RPG's is a good idea. If they had state of the art cut scenes it might be OK, but the cut scenes used for the romantic elements are so dated that any kind of hanky-panky looks embarrassing. I might as well go watch the strippers from the original Duke Nukem. About as titillating.

  20. Here's something I have recently noticed myself doing. I hear Thinking-Ape, and other MGTOW preachers, speak about how women are, what they do, and such stuff. I hear it, and I think, "well, isn't that reasonable? I mean… makes sense! Isn't that what people do? Ultimately that's how it should be!"It gives me a confidence that I know enough, that I already have a sufficient understanding of the big picture. Even though, I suspect, at least half of MGTOW knowledge, I would never have produced on my own. Now, I think those counter-thought to avoid being naive and mindless. However, ironically, those 'counter-points' are a symbol of my naivete. I realized that I was missing the biggest point with knowledge on female nature: The presupposition that they're e'rething nice and blah blah is radically false. I was distracting myself from fully internalizing the knowledge, and understanding its true implication – which is women are as bland and non-magical as any other creature in reality. I was naively distracting myself, feeling like I was being wisely critical. This is very important: Someone like me could fool themselves into relapse. All of this may be obvious to some people. Maybe this isn't as salient a reflection as I think it to be. Nevertheless, if you share my proclivity – to obfuscate your own cognition with twisted rationality – I hope this helps you recognize it, so that you don't confuse yourself so much as to feel it best to go rest upon a women's breast.

    For my own sanity, I reiterate what I learned as a result of my reflection, "Women are not magic. They are many things, but not what I thought they were"
    In expressing all the ways women are that disappoint, there'll be someone, perhaps oneself, saying, "yeah well, you're just salty." In the "yeah well," that one acknowledges and concedes the facts and arguments. But then, they leap (not unlike a leap of faith) to the excuse as to why the facts and arguments arose. This is missing the big implication, like: "Dude you said women are magic, but like they're not, you know they're not, so why am I the salty one?"

    Have a good day,
    a MGTOW plebe

  21. In the DLC blood wine for the Witcher 3, when you're doing the fight club thing. You'll run into this masked opponent that just grunts. When you beat them, it is revealed that they are a woman, and then Gerald says something like "it is the current year, women can do anything men can, and the only men who would say otherwise are scared of them." Doesn't even give you a dialogue choice.
    I agree with you that cd projekt red is one of the best video game developers around, but they aren't impervious to letting some politics leak into some of their side quests.

  22. The checklisting you're referring to reminds me of anime.

    It's all about the outer shell persona, not the character.

    – Scrappy young protagonist who wants to be the best, has some degree of talent, but has to overcome their betters (rival character(s)) to succeed.
    – Talented friend of protagonist who is more grounded, but perhaps suffers socially. However their talent is eclipsed by another, and so they also face a struggle. Their possible social ineptitude is helped by the main character and by…
    – Bubbly comic relief side character with big heart. They are skilled in their own strange way, but they suffer in other areas.
    – Smart friend who lacks in other areas, and exists to support the others in the group.

    This is what they want from their games and media. They just want to see the outer shell of archetypes and support that. They want to see the signals of inclusion and be comfortable with that, never mind the actual depth.

  23. 6:34"maybe you settle down with your chosen wrench perhaps but…..and it's implied that's the happy ending "…… the mgtow in you just can't help it xD

  24. I enjoyed listening to this episode and it touches on why I have personally lost interest in Bioware games since KoTOR / Mass Effect 1. I was genuinely looking forward to Dragon Age Inquisition at the start of the gen but the SJW-pandering character designs and quest narratives were a bit too much for me to look beyond. It all just feels false and artificial and I really hope that ME Andromeda hasn't fallen into the same trap.

    Conversely, I loved the gritty way that The Witcher 3 presented its world and characters. CDPR deserve all of the accolades and success they received for that game. What an amazing experience.

  25. Bioware's method is also obviously forced. CD Projekt Red is able to cover the exact same topics and still have it seem organic and a natural part of the world. IMO that is the key way in which CD Projekt Red has the objectively better method of doing things.

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