1. That is classic one-way media trolling. The so-called "squad" makes not a hen's sh*t of difference in the world. They just love sticking it in our faces because it's annoying.

  2. They're all a bunch of fools and i think it's time that we put mr. Carl rogue on the sidelines he's terrible

  3. Bless the four Dummycrats for pushing their party to the brink of destruction. Because we will huff and puff and bring the House down.

  4. It’s not really tainting the dems. That is just how the democrats want things to be. The democrats look up to the squad. But as Christians we are not to worry about these things. For they must come to pass before the end!

  5. Ah, didn't AOC say if *they** don't stop TRUMP he'll have us in World War 2 ??? As Creepy Joe would respond to her, Come on Man !!!

  6. Karl Rove is right. These 4 moron Congresswomen are actually helping Trump get elected by their words and actions. Not even democrats want to see their party turn into this, so they will convert to the right.

  7. But Carl, doesn't the RNC provide the dresses and other shoes and other cloths for them, I've noticed that for one AO-C has had a different outfit on every day. She's on camera almost every day and no two days, well once, she's a new fashion setter, certainly one of the high fashion stores supplies her something, just to get noticed. When she came to D.C. her lodgings and wardrobe was out of style, man, now her a her cellmates are dressed to the teeth. I'll wager the 30x$500×4 is not on their income list or gift list, but they will be using the clothes as a way of setting up some poor schmuck for a house investigation. Where did the wares come from? It must be the RNC, you can't fool the American clothes hogs, the RNC did it, admit it, you racist hired tailors to make special outfits so they would blend into our communities. So far maybe $60,000 in outfits, check the tapes, it would be probable cause. The FBI could get a "FISA" warrant, gather 40 or 50 armed agents to check out their closets, pack up the clothes and sent them back home (with out} having to pack. Political Satire is so much fun when four people do the bidding of a few handlers, even when the handlers are make 10 grand a day ~ legally. Should be a law. Can't wait for tonight's class.

  8. Squad has not tainted the D party, they ARE the beating heart of the D party. Look at their slate of presidential candidates–even Joe Biden had move hard far left to still fit in and and be recognizable as a Democrat.

  9. Omar is merely the mouth of CAIR in our Congress. She's a taqiyya talker. I don't understand why somebody in D.C. doesn't call her and Tlaib on their close relationship with CAIR. But keep talking girls. And the braying AOC should keep pumping her gums too. They are great for the 2020 election. I hope they hae made plans for their futures…

  10. Black Conservative Patriot (BCP) is the Best News Broadcaster Ever! Way better then anyone on FOX! The FRAUD SQUAD is destroying the Democrat Party with their RACISM and HATE and especially ABDULLAH SAID ACHMED aka (Ilhan Omar) with all her lies and fake name, fake taxes, fake marriage, fake citizenship and fake representative. The FRAD SQUAD must be destroyed and taken out!

  11. The BEST way to show these “mad squad” TRUMP haters that the American ppl were/are displeased by what they said & did is RE-ELECT DONALD J TRUMP. That will send the BEST & CLEAR MESSAGE.

  12. Absurd, they are 4 individual freshmen members of congress with no power in the real world, but they serve as a good whipping-boy for Trump, who needs an object of abuse.

  13. Well said, Rove and Hannity. This Canadian finds US Politics much more interesting than our Socialist/Leftist/Dicktator Politics here, North of the 49'th. And we even have a Federal Election coming up in a few Months. Canadian Politics is boring, as it is so predictable..

  14. The c__t squad is the best thing that has happened to Trump!!
    Poor Nancy has lost control of the classroom!!

  15. They are stealing away from their own presidential candidates. The thought that their whole party is so scared of them and refuse to condemn anything they say tells you they are tearing their party apart. I would say JFK is rolling in his grave but he isn't. He would be a conservative today.

  16. They call the country Garbage, and no one say anything., she hate us and the country, what is she doing here.

  17. They keep screaming that President Trump is Prejudiced, IMA the SQUAD are the real Prejudiced. Why cant they stop fighting the President and start working with him on keeping America Safe. Are they gonna keep this up for the next 5 yrs, when President Trump WINS Again this is Unreal…

  18. “The Squad” have made women in politics look horrible. What a disgrace to congress and our country. I expect this from the Dems. I’m already in line to vote Trump 2020 and that line is just going to keep growing.

  19. Everyone sees through this widely-cast on-air CONSTANT campaign to paint the Democratic party with the "Squad". It won't stick.
    People realize the Republican party is not just Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert, Jim Jordan, & Matt Gaetz. LOL.
    See how ridiculously stupid you think the general public is?
    Well, we're not.

  20. The Fraud Squad is a band of ignorant hate-mongers. The democrats are too scared of them to reel them in, and that will be to their own peril. WE THE PEOPLE will flood the polls in November 2020 and vote Republican for the sake of our country!! VOTE THEM OUT!!

  21. At this stage, perhaps Trump should thank to the faked-news media. They're working supper hard to advertise his campaign without hurting its budget.

  22. Hey Sean! Can't you find anybody else other than Carl Rove, a Bushie. He wasn't even a Republican when Bush chose him. Don't trust him.

  23. Karl Turdblossom Rove….George W. Bush's sidekick, and anti-Trumper who thought that anti-Trumper David French should be GOP candidate.

  24. AOC was elected to Congress and on 2-3-2018 she contacted the British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the UK. Why would a bartender be interested in world leaders unless the squad are up to something we don't know? AOC is a very dangerous person of color and just wants to gain power and control of the American Patriots cause she will always use racist etc..

  25. This is all theatre these bitches are kissing hugging each other and whatever else. It's sick and disgusting.

  26. The gruesome 4 are working for the globalist they are puppets and the Demon-rats are not allowed to interfere otherwise they will not receive funding. The Demon-rat party has been sabotaged by these gruesome 4.

  27. The whole 'squad' terminology is utterly disgraceful. These women are elected officials. Regardless of your political leanings, name calling and race baiting is beneath the foundation of American democracy. We need to find a more civil path for honest disagreements.

  28. Wrong Carl Rove, Donald Trump called America garbage long before any of the Women you are talking about…They are Americans and standing up for America…Real Americans do not lock children in cages…Christians do not lock children in cages…Locking children in cages is a Republican trait at this point and time…

  29. Hey Guys – Green New Deal not Destroyed by Economics
    Don’t be such COWARDS – come right out an LEARN the
    scientific truth – DENY that CO2 is any sort of trouble – CO2
    increases when it gets hotter – CO2 does NOT cause HEAT
    The Climate Alarmist Cult got the science upside down

  30. They joined a dying party. Yes, it is true. America is removing the squad from the country. Legally.

  31. Words spoken usually come back to haunt you. I can only assume that in the case of the Squad" demonstrable mental health issues exempt them from that? No excuses please. But then again, they are Bedlamites and I suppose they are deserving of our compassion and understanding. Right?

  32. CORTEZ is a COMMUNIST and her mandate under the Justice Democrats is to take over the DNC and replace it with the Justice Democrat platform – Communism! In 2020 defeat communism by voting out CORTEZ, TLAIB, OMAR, and Pressley!

  33. I laugh at these so call patriots they are just colonial invaders on stolen land  they are not even from this hemisphere they are the enemy all in fear because there spartan republic is slowly dying the squad is just the beginning of the end its just a matter of time numbers don't lie

  34. Dems will never forgive Trump for what he does. We will never forget his demagoguery, the “Send her back” and Charlottesville madness. This awful man, whose mother would certainly be ashamed of him now, mistakenly thinks he’s fooling the majority of Americans with his big shot talk and his pitiful empty brain and racism disguised as “speaking up for the little guy.” Believe me the majority of Americans are not.fooled. Evangelicals have lost any claim to be good witnesses for Christ. I am certain Trump is not purposely trying to protect you or help you in any way. It is all about his ego, , his fame and his power. Why evangelicals don’t recognize him as an antichrist is beyond me. This will all be over in 2020 when true patriots vote against him.

  35. The 4 are the best thing to happen for President Trump's reelection. And the best part is Botox Nancy has to defend their actions. I LOVE IT!

  36. Thanks to these Ladies I hope the squad continues to fight for the American People and never give up we have your back 🇺🇸

  37. I was reading today about the Iraq war and was reminded about the republican Bush administration clown show. Rove was a part of that joke

  38. The Twat Squad better get as much done as they can before next year. Its crystal clear that at least two of them are not coming back and the head bimbo (AOC) is one of them!

  39. you know there's another out, this to what those four and closely not being able to get them under control and alternative for pelosi is to start cooperating and working with the Republicans and working with Trump in order to shut those poor down

  40. If your white, not allowed to call any minority individual a racist. Somehow our culture has twisted racism to be a minority exclusive term to use on any white who disagrees with their ideas.

  41. Millions of Americans would like to thank the squad , for soundly securing a political victory for Trump 2020.

  42. I don’t necessarily agree with them, but I think they have a right to their opinions, I mean they are democratically elected Congress women representing their constituents. It is what makes this such a great country! I don’t think they hate America. If they did they wouldn’t spend their lives working within the system to change things. I sort of admire them.

  43. The Four Stooges world we have now is certainly not as much fun as the Three Stooges world I remember…🤷‍♂️

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