Ronan Farrow – “War on Peace” and the Decline of American Diplomacy | The Daily Show

My guest tonight is a Pulitzer Prize-winning
investigative journalist who writes for The New Yorker and is the author
of the new book War on Peace:
The End of Diplomacy and the Decline
of American Influence. Please welcome Ronan Farrow. (cheering and applause) -Hello. A pleasure to be here.
-Welcome to the show. You are an overachiever
in the journalistic world. So many people talk
about all the stories that you’re breaking. I mean, the #MeToo movement was broken by your story. Like, I mean,
it’s what sparked a movement. Well, there were very brave
women who were sources. -There were great activists
who preceded that. -Right. But I’m honored
to have been a conduit for some of those stories.
They were tough to tell. They were tough to tell
for the women involved. They were also tough
for you to tell as a journalist. Like, we read all these stories
about Harvey Weinstein and these people
that he was hiring, and w-were you ever afraid? Is that a point
where you go like, “Maybe I shouldn’t
break stories. “I’m just gonna tweet
ten most likely things that people want to click on”? I mean, I’ll do that, too. -Cat listicles
are the future, guys. -Right. But, uh, but it is true. You know, look,
there was intimidation. There was a system designed
to shut down these stories, and that affected not just me, but a whole range
of brave journalists going up against this thing. And sure, like, the moment
when you find yourself deciding, “Do I go home tonight
’cause I’m getting staked out?” And, like, if I do go home,
I go in with my keys, and I’m, like,
looking under the bed -and pulling back
the shower curtain. -Right. It’s like,
“Okay, either I’m crazy or actually the story
is stranger than fiction.” And, as it turns out,
what we were able to break is he was hiring, you know,
former Mossad agents, -combat-ready operatives
-Right. that were, in fact,
following people around using false identities. The news that you just
broke today, for instance, or that just broke today, is a story of how
the Trump administration was secretly hiring
an Israeli team of spies to dig up dirt on people
who worked on the Iran deal. -Is that correct?
-In fact, the same Israeli spies from a firm called Black Cube. The same
as the Harvey Weinstein? That Harvey Weinstein hired. Uh, and in some cases using the same false identities
and front companies that I heard from when I was getting stalked
by-by these guys. Wait, so, explain to me just
a little bit of the details. So, they were hiring
these people not to undermine
the deal itself, but to undermine the people
who put the deal together. Why? So, that’s the surprising part
of this. These are policy wonks,
you know? These are Obama advisors. And, you know, we don’t have
all the answers yet. But sources close to this
and documents that we obtained at The New Yorker
show very clearly there was a seemingly political
in focus, uh, operation designed
to smear them, seemingly all connected to their
work on the 2015 Iran deal. It’s interesting, because
this sounds less like a story you would hear
in a first world country or a country
that claims to be pro-democracy than you would in a country
that’s totalitarian. You talk about this in the book,
War on Peace: The End of Diplomacy and the
Decline of American Influence, it really speaks to, in a way, what’s happening
with the Iran deal. It seems like Trump
and his people do not care about the diplomacy that
America conducts in the world. It’s now just become war or
no war, talking or no talking. Why do you think
that’s happened? Yeah, these stories all connect. Look, these are individuals
fighting desperately to save a deal
because they believe if we unilaterally, as a nation,
back out of the Iran deal– for all its imperfections,
it’s worked in its narrow goal -of containing them for a time–
-Right. and if we back out, their fear
is it drives a wedge between us and our allies and
it potentially sends a message to North Korea
and other rogue states that we don’t want
to be sending, that they shouldn’t come
to the table. And, as you suggest,
this is all connected. -They are getting smeared
and intimidated. -Right. It’s in a context,
as I outline in War on Peace, where their profession
is in danger, where people who make our deals
and negotiate and hopefully secure,
uh, options for addressing conflicts
around the world that don’t involve
going in guns blazing, uh, they are under attack. They are getting fired en masse. People don’t understand
what they do anymore. -Right. -And more and more,
that work is being outsourced to the military, to our spies,
to the intelligence community. That’s interesting,
because you-you spoke to every living secretary
of state and you spoke
about how America’s diplomacy has been on the decline. This isn’t something
that started with Trump, but it may be accelerating now. Is this a sustainable way to conduct one’s self
i-in the world, where it is military first,
diplomacy second? Well, what I chronicle
in War on Peace is, in place after place,
when we sabotage opportunities for political settlements
and peaceful ways out and we go in shooting first, it-it really comes back
to haunt us, Trevor. Uh, again and again,
we see situations where we end up lying down
with warlords and strongmen and unsavory characters,
and then we have no leverage over them, because we have fired
all of the diplomats -who could negotiate and play
hardball in that way. -Right. And if you… if you look
at the current situation, there are countries where
America doesn’t have a diplomat right now, there are countries
where there is no one handling that high-level negotiation. What happens in that…
in that case? Yeah. So you’re exactly right. This is happening
to a new extreme right now. Uh, Donald Trump
has unceremoniously fired, basically, you know,
ambassadors across the world, uh, assistant secretaries
that run some -of the most sensitive regions
in the world. -Right. So we have an-an understaffed,
unmanned diplomatic operation. There is precedent for this
before. We’ve seen
other administrations, Democratic and Republican,
sort of sideline diplomats -and see how disaster it is…
disastrous it is. -Right. But this is new, in terms
of what an extreme it i-is. And when you look
at the consequences, we see, uh, situations where
there are active opportunities to make peace
and we just give them up. We see situations
where you could bring people to the table, potentially,
and spare brave servicemen and women going into the line
of fire and we give those up. It’s a real problem. And-and I’d also point out, for people
who kind of don’t want to think about those high-level talks, these are also the people
that screen dangerous interlopers from
coming into the United States, -that stamp your passports,
-Right, right, right. that, uh, save you
if you’re kidnapped abroad. This is unglamorous work,
but it’s lifesaving. It’s lifesaving, it’s integral,
and it’s currently crumbling. It’s a fascinating book.
You’re a fascinating man. -Thank you so much for being
on the show. -Thank you, Trevor. -Pleasure to be here.
-I really appreciate it. War on Peace is available now. Ronan Farrow, everybody.

  1. These are Mossad agents working for Israel. Israel is going to drag our USA into another Vietnam in the Middle East.

  2. This man is like a human bobble head. Smart guy and all, but the camera angle makes his head look strangely large. And his hands so small

  3. trevor is such a good interviewer?! he knows so much and he asks the perfect questions and lets the person guide the conversation but still makes sure they go forward and speak to everything.

  4. Trevor's coming of age pretty well. I used to think he couldn't walk in the shoes of his predecessor, but he's more serious than humorous and has his own relevance to that very tough tightrope of balancing the two. He does a very good job consistently. I take my hat off to him.

  5. wow… a young successful reporter, usually these guys are dinosaurs, nice to see some youth for once, he's kinda cute too

  6. Consider this: Trump pulls out of Iran deal just days ago after conferring with Netanyahu. Next day Israel bombs areas of Syria who held Iranian strongholds. It was in direct response to the US withdrawing peaceful resolution with Iran. Israel had an 'in' knowing they could do this without US retaliation. Whether right or wrong; with purpose or none…that military strategy took weeks to coordinate. It was not a spontaneous act. This means Israel top officials knew at least weeks ago that Trump was going to back out of the Iran deal long before US citizens and Congress knew. For me it tells me Trump is a dangerous, treasonous man who thumbs his nose at the US and just cuts deals with whomever. You don't do this. Not on this. Not on things that may drag us into another war. You don't cut deals with other countries on such pressing matters and then play it off weeks later like he was actually thinking things over. The US citizens and Congress should have known weeks ago that Trump was in talks with Israel to end the Iran contract.

  7. Why would anyone need to enrich uranium other than to build a nuke. Why let them continue to do that? That's like looking over the fence and watching your neighbors kids put together a disassembled gun. It's not your kids, not your property, but still.

  8. now, why does everyone else accuse or convicted lose their jobs or go to jail, except for D.J.Trump, Billy Bush all he did was laugh at D.J.Trump's sick joke and alluding to sexual abuse. Did he not commit the crimes? Trump did, why did Billy Bush lose his job? How is it there was a pending court case against D.J.Trump for the Sexual abuse of a child under the age of 14. How is it he was allowed to run? I did not know people with a Felony charge against them be allowed to run? I did not know you could hold any office if you are in on~going litigation. I know abuse victims that have been having panic attacks because a child predator is holding the highest office in the land. it seems everyone takes a big fall for even hints of sexual scandal with adult women let alone a drugged out child sex slaves owned by his best friend Convicted Trafficker of minor girls to be sex slaves. Yet, D.J.Trump gets to be President? I am a high school drop out I know more about the Constitution and constitutional law than this man. the man has not even read the blasted thing let alone understand it. this has been the biggest garbage dump upon the American People in 100 years. how dare they treat the American People that give them everything like trash. We pay for their homes, their children's education, we give them move vacations in a year than the average American gets in a lifetime. We pay them better we give them the highest level of Health Care. We take very good care of our Public Servants. To bad, they do not give us the same courtesy. Sexual Predators have no business in the Oval Office. IMHO.

  9. not a second they talk about north Korea and three detainees being released and bringing peace to the korean peninsula except for the fact negative thoughts,biased storiesand liberals are suffering trump syndrome

  10. This young man is a genius. I am getting his book but honestly, I'm afraid to read it. This administration is scary and this book might terrify me more. People, we need to vote. We have to get these thugs out of the White House.

  11. Umm, 3 American hostages were just freed from N. Korea and it didn’t involve pallets of cash or giving up any of our prisoners!And this is AFTER Trump ditched the Iran “deal”. You see, Obama was too lazy to do the work to make an actual TREATY.Yes, the Mossad helped kill the Iran deal because Israel is Iran’s first target and if they nuke Israel, all Trevor is going to do is say “oh well”.Trump 2020 MAGA!!!

  12. Oh America, what has happened to you? You were the good one, in compression to many other countries around the world. You represented freedom and democracy. But what your previous leaders have built slowly with diplomacy and intelligence , one mad man is dismantling it like an animal. You are no longer trustworthy. While the rest of the world comes to peace, you America will be forgotten from our memories, and only read in our history books.

  13. Trevor shouldn't credit Ronan Farrow with bringing down Weinstein. Two New York Times jounalists, Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey broke the story on October 5, 2017. On October 9, Weinstein was fired by The Weinstein Company. And Farrow's article was published on October 10.

  14. To think I wanted to become an American diplomat. All of my work would have been for naught with our current presidency.

  15. What a great interview! Not only is Ronan smart but also compassionate and funny. He cares a lot about the state of the world and it shows.

  16. trump isn't a diplomat, has no idea of things he does . he only shouts at his base and blames others for the way the world is, but has no ideas on how to unite our world. If trump only had a portion of Ronan's IQ .

  17. Hey Ronan, your sister is a brainwashed crisis actor. Your mom was run out of Hollywood for lying to producers and feigning illnesses to avoid working. Her agency fired her before Woody was even in the picture. She was raped and battered by Frank but she made allegations against Woody. His daughter was the only sane one in the family. That had to be attractive.

  18. Welcome to Multi-Polar World…says Karma of Sole Superpower!!!

    The so called Era of American Hegemony – the moment of the "Sole Superpower" which the colonialism mentality Pundits knowingly or unknowingly preaching by pointing at some Evil Power and conveniently covering its own History i.e. Starting from The Doctrine of Discovery 1493 which led to birth of this Genocide Addicted Superpower Nation…which Has not stopped committing genocides Since its Official Birth in 1776, coming from barbaric history of Brutal Slavery to current status of Modern slaves working in Private Prisons i.e. Targeted Black Oppression historic to current…Or openly admitting War tactics of killing the families of combatants since they hold…Hate towards "Sole Superpower"…or continue illegal wars to become self proclaimed Superpower….has reached its end…!!!

    A Sole Superpower which it has been fighting by brainwashing its citizens using Corrupted four pillars of Democracy to think they are firstly a Superpower (Which is Hilarious) Secondly citizens of such superpower should live in constant FEAR since other nations which are jealous of its capacity of committing crimes against humanity & building a safe-heaven of Genocidal Criminals which is a clearly a biggest joke itself. Also Brainwashing citizens with narrative of Replacement of Superpower's in order to maintain PEACE is Hilarious as if World will not function without Superpowers Bwhahahahaha…who also likes to point out Superpower's wealth which has been Looted starting from the indigenous people to Every nation it invaded/currently invading…Fear of Superpower's Military which again is a big joke since fear or no fear history shows it has been at war since its birth…Superpower's Values which is the biggest joke since it's a clear Cover to hide the Crimes of The Superpower Regime or else Genocidal War Criminals won't be Roaming freely or/& still governing such Superpower nations…

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    Speaking of History one has to wonder the Direction Of Such Superpower Nation…is Direction of such self proclaimed superpower still dictated by The Doctrine Of Discovery 1493 which gave birth to it by the hands of its Genocidal Barbaric Monsters???…Media of such nation's declaring itself as "Sole Superpower Essential Country" by forgetting/ignoring its past actions raises This Important question about what direction does such superpower is heading???

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    The current War Boner of Sole Superpower clearly reflecting from its actions to invade a nation who has strong backing of other "Self Proclaimed Superpower Nations" in the globalized world by making up reasons is No-longer Going To Work…This Realization that World is no longer Uni-Polar by "Sole Superpowers Brainwashing Instrument i.e. Media…is due to Karma…

    Karma which is clearly at work and I predict more secrets are going to pour out about this "Sole Superpower" which will Speed up its Fall…this decline i.e. losing control over the Global Narrative to brainwash Citizens is indeed reached & signals The End…since People or Population had enough, Which is The Real King and chooses its rulers/leaders/representatives in any Governing System even in Sole Superpower's System…i.e. Pretending To Be Democratic, The Snake Oil & War Selling, Greed Blinded, Disaster Profiteer, Parasitic, Pro-Genocide Colosseum System…!!!

  19. Terrifying. Open your eyes, people. I don't care how many billions of dollars we pump into our military. We can't go to war with EVERYONE and win.

  20. That was interesting, I kind of wish he (Ronan Farrow) gave more concrete examples of some of the things he talked about, but well the time he had to speak seemed quite limited.

  21. Like the approach of how pedophilia is addressed and the systems that are in place that have been facilitating it's implementation in all areas of media?

  22. So he's Mia Farrow's son. I didn't know that. I thought he was 16. I was like, dang dude, you're a journalist at your age. Then I read that he is actually 30 and graduated high school at 16. Smart, intelligent and handsome young man. Looks like Mia did a great job raising that boy into a man.

  23. END THE EU FASCISTS Control… Company rule .. Obama and Trump over steps into net media and spying goes back to Bush administration…

  24. Our problem with Iran started with the US installing the "Shah" in power. He was a brutal military dictator. Who killed large numbers of his own people.

  25. I don't like Ronan Farrow. He strikes me as the poster child for the broken establishment media. Plus he's a wealthy privileged guy who is lauded for breaking big stories, but the access that he has is because of his wealth and privilege. Maybe it's also because everyone in the mainstream media is sucking up to him lately and I hate sycophancy.

  26. I don't get it, this "comedy show" talks of some serious stuff the MSM doesn't even mention.
    And I quote "comedy show" because Trevor does more real serious reporter job than many news outlets. WTF?

  27. it seems clear that to produce energy you do not need nuclear power, a lot of research has been done to validate this…

  28. Wait, the Trump Administration actually hired the very same rent-a-thugs as Harvey Weinstein to smear the people involved with the Iran deal? Are there no depths those people won't sink to? How much more must they behave like low-rent Mobsters before it finally warrants impeachment?

  29. Ronan deserved at least 15 minutes. He has so much to talk about, and though Trevor did a good job getting into important points quickly, there was a lot more that could've been said. Too bad they weren't allowed more time.

  30. Ronan has done a great job for a boy of only fourteen. I foresee big things ahead. You go, ya little rascal!

  31. Harvey using Mossad operatives, Trump using Mossad operatives, Embassy move to Jerusalem, Iran Deal broken. Does it not seem like Israel is an Evil entity dragging America into the abyss. Jared and Ivanka are in Jerusalem now, Israel 1st 2nd and 3rd. Where is America?

  32. They are well spoken and elaborate very well on the points they talk about. I am very pleased with this.

  33. Trevor should really have the black woman who actually started the Me Too movement on his show, if he hasn't already because so many people think hollywood started it when it had been going on for years previ. Hollywood is hollywood and they made it more visible, they did not start it.

  34. For me as an European it sometimes hurts to see what goes on in the U.S. Not because politicians over here do much better in solving earth-saving problems, but because the rhetoric level makes me believe they know, what they say. And even though I might not agree and find loads of reasons why I think it is false – still they do adultly talk to each other. Thank you, Mr Noah, for bringing in a respectful and humoristic way of discussion in (strange word:) MassMedia. It helps…

  35. Say what you will about Ronan But I have massive respect for his man. Nice to see a millennial who’s more interested in preserving diplomacy and world politics than taking selfies.

  36. Until I watched this video I was just waiting for 2020 so trump would leave the whitehouse (hopefully). But now it feels like worse will come to worse before that. I hope this will all end in peace n not a lot of lives lost again for "power". War breaks up family too. 😞

  37. Please, can we not have just ONE interview of Ronan's were people do not comment on who his bloody father is, and look at the real material of the interview, or is that too much for America now in the Trump era?

  38. Funny thing is, time has being showing the truth – every single day – about trump's bullshit. You want to open your eyes North Americans now, while you still can? Or you prefer regretting that later? Because, if North-America goes to war, Mexico and Europe will not accept you as refugees… and that will be a huge problem for you. You never had to fight, all those wars you love, in your own land. You don't know what that means and you won't have anywhere to go to.

  39. Diplomats don't just talk and negotiate; a big part of their job is listening. They and rank-and-file foreign service personnel learn the local cultures and economies, meet local people including leaders, come to understand the issues that matter to them. We're losing that knowledge base.

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