Roger Stone’s bizarre guide to political strategy | With Chris Cillizza

– I’ve only got one life
motto, run when chased. Don’t order fish at a steakhouse. Undertakers and chauffeurs
are the only people who should be allowed by
law to wear black suits. White shirt plus tan
face equals confidence. Those are just a few of the rules Roger Stone lives his life by. Hell, he’s written a
book about those rules titled, quote, Stone’s Rules, How to Win at Politics,
Business, and Style. Now, at the moment,
Stone is less well-known for his thoughts on double-breasted suits, his thoughts are, quote, never wear a double breasted suit and a
button-down collar end quote, then he is for his arrest
and his indictment on charges that he lied to Congress
and tampered with witnesses regarding what he knew when
about emails stolen by Russia during the 2016 campaign and subsequently posted on the WikiLeaks website. Whew, alright, let me start
from the beginning-ish. Roger Stone’s first brush with politics came in 1960 when we was in first grade. He supported John F. Kennedy in that race because, in Stone’s words, he
had better hair than Nixon. Fact check, that is true. Stone told his classmates, remember we’re talking about
first grade here people, that if Nixon won, he’d make them all go to school on Saturdays. Ah! In the class’s mock
election, Kennedy won easily, a victory that Stone took credit for. Kennedy swept the election, he once said, because of disinformation
I spread about Nixon. It was a kind of first experience. A decade later, though,
Stone was actually working with Nixon’s 1972 reelection
campaign as a junior scheduler, and because he is Roger Stone, he was doing a lot more
than just scheduling. Stone adopted a pseudonym,
does that sound like anyone else you know, and made a donation in the name of the Young
Socialists Alliance to Pete McCloskey, the
California congressman primarying Nixon an antiwar message. Then Stone sent proof of his donation to a New Hampshire newspaper as evidence that McCloskey was in
league with the socialists. It was at the end of that decade that the paths of Stone
and Donald Trump crossed. Stone was running a trio
of northeastern states for Ronald Reagan’s 1980
presidential bid when he scored a meeting with longtime Trump
mentor, Roy Cohn in 1979. Cohn told Stone he had to meet Trump. They met, and Trump promised support for Reagan, sending Stone to his father. Fred Trump promised Stone
$200,000 in donations, and soon checks for $1,000 each, the maximum donation under
the law at that point, began pouring into Reagan’s headquarters. Stone spent the 80’s on
Reagan’s campaign team, and then in 1988 served as a senior consultant
to then Pice president George H.W. Bush’s presidential campaign. During that time, he also
started a political consulting and lobbying business with
the Republican campaign Lee Atwater and, wait
for it, Paul Manafort. By 1996, Stone was back
on the campaign trail as a senior advisor to Bob
Dole’s presidential bid. Now that gig ended when
the National Enquirer, everything old is new again,
published a story head line Top Dole Aide Caught in Group Sex Ring. The piece alleged that Stone had ads in a magazine called Local Swing Fever. Stone called the whole thing a set up but resigned from the
Dole campaign anyway. That campaign largely
ended Stone’s relevance as a mainstream Republican campaign guru. Which dovetailed nicely with Stone’s increasing role in Trumps orbit. In 1999, Stone tried to gin up excitement for the idea of Trump running
as the Reform party nominee for president but trump decided against it and seemingly against Stone. Roger is a stone cold loser. Trump told the New Yorker. He always tries taking credit
for things he never did. Hmm, and yet, Trump couldn’t quit Stone, allowing the self-proclaimed
dirty trickster to remain in his orbit as the billionaire business
man got more and more serious about running for office. A quick look at Stone’s rules shows why. The two men shared a similar
view on how to succeed in life and in politics. Considered these Stone’s Rules. Attack, attack, attack never defend. Nothing is on the level. Lay low, play dumb, keep moving. And finally and most
importantly quoting Nixon, the only thing worse in politics than being wrong is being boring. Now given that sort of mind
meld, it’s not surprising that when Trump formally
entered the presidential race, Stone was installed as the
campaigns top strategist. It was also not at all surprising that less than two months
later, Stone was out. Trump said that he had fired Stone. Stone said that he quit because of course that’s
what they both said. Stone still didn’t leave
Trump’s orbit though and in the summer of
2016, he allegedly was tasked by a senior
Trump campaign official, we still don’t know who
that is, with reaching out to Wikileaks and seeing
if he could learn anything about the groups plans
to post those hack emails from the democratic national committee and Hilary Clinton campaign
chairman, John Podesta. Sidebar, we now know
those emails were stolen by the Russians as part of their effort to sway the election for Donald Trump. Now according to the indictment
from special counsel, Robert Mueller’s office, Stone
repeatedly lied to congress about his ties to Wikileaks and tried to get other
witnesses to do the same. Stone has pleaded not
guilty to the charges and the White House has said quote this has nothing to do with
the President, end quote. Maybe but Stones history suggests
there’s reason to believe the Mueller indictment is a lot more fact than it is fiction. How will Stone and Trump
handle whatever comes next from Mueller? Stone’s Rules, again, come to the rescue. Admit nothing, deny everything,
launch counterattack. And that is the point. We make new Point episodes every week. Check back every Tuesday
and every Thursday for the latest and greatest
in political videos.

  1. Hi Chris here — Stone is the 37th person or entity to be charged in the Mueller probe. Will he ever testify against Trump?

  2. When all this mess is concluded (oh for that day to come soon🙏🏾) Chris should do one big Point about this. I expect lots of sidebars, but it'll more informative than any touchy feely docu-drama.

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    Also why Wikipedia has a page dedicated to CNN bias and fake news stories
    Also why the twitter audit showed that CNN had 17 million fake twitter accounts
    Sad, truly sad
    You can’t even break a million viewers on a good night and you wonder why your news channel ratings are in the toilet.

  4. Seth Rich hacked the DNC from the inside and leaked the emails to Wikileaks. It sucks he had to pay his life for it.

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  8. I think many are missing the point… if True that Russia stole info from Hillary. Although very very wrong of them, dont we owe them some thanks for showing us who she really was? If you dont think so, maybe you didnt see what wikileaks put out. And the bigger picture here… she primarily handed over that info by not securing her classified emails. Comey says was perfectly fine if she does it but if it was anyone else they would be sitting in Guantanamo Bay. Wikileaks told us who Hillary was and she confirmed by deleting 33k subpoenaed emails.

  9. Actually its 'Admit nothing. Deny everything. Make counter-accusations' and is the mantra of CIA and the intelligence community at large.

  10. The Democrats are paid by the drug cartels to oppose the wall, as are ranchers who own the border lands. The idea that most drugs come through the main points of entry is bogus.The cartels sometimes send drugs through the main points of entry to purposely be caught in order to throw the DEA off their trail.

  11. Brought to you by Mueller's Ministry Of Information. Mueller tipped off CNN about the extreme overkill early morning FBI raid. Stay dirty, crooked and corrupt you bottom-feeding Apparatchiks you.

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  14. All of these jokers will FLIP on Trump: Roger Stone, Rep. Devin Nunes, Sen. Rand Paul, David Pecker, Michael Flynn, Jerome Corsi, Sam Nunberg, Michael Caputo, Carter Page and Paul Manafort! Stone is accused of false statements, obstruction, and witness tampering, and needs to be fitted with a orange jumpsuit for selling America to Russia through Trump! 2019: MAGA = Mueller Ain't Going Away

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  26. Mueller is close to wrapping up his probe, and after all this time…
    He has found no evidence of Russian collusion.

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    mandate. That I get… There is no mystery about that…

  30. Stone has a picture of Nixon on his back and I feel sorry for his future cellmate. I mean, try to keep a hard-on looking at that. lol

  31. Stone is deluded. I've read his book for shits and giggles, and for the life of me, I can't figure out what kind of moron disconnected from reality would take some of the more outlandish "rules" he proposed and implement it for success in life or business. Well, maybe except Trump.

  32. This kind of political stunt (FBI's Military Use of Force) should enrage all Republicans and motivate them to vote SOLID RED! The FBI has become the liberal arm of the federal government. Until I see evidence that they're willing to go after "any" Democrat I won't think otherwise. By the way, how was it that CNN was at Roger Stone's house immediately prior to the arrival of the FBI? How is it that we sent more FBI agents to attack Roger Stone's house than the size of the military team it took to kill Osama bin Laden? CNN still SUCKS!

  33. I knew before this CNN guy opened his mouth that it would be a lie. There is absolutely no proof that the Russians stole emails and gave them to Wikileaks. Just because you and the rest of MSM keep saying it does not make it true and I challenge anyone to show the proof. The evidence actually points more to the possibility that someone in the DNC (probably Seth Rich) actually loaded the data on a flashdrive and handed it to a Wiki associate. Assange said he never got info from a "state" agent. Despite what anyone may think he has a 100% record of publishing legitimate information. That's why CNN and the rest that hate Trump fear him above all things, they fear that the actual proof will be out. So where is your evidence that the Russians hacked it beyond the MSM saying it over and over?

  34. I wouldn't take style tips from someone who dresses like a '50s pimp. I do agree about double-breasted with button-down shirt though. In fact, I'd never wear the former at all and the latter only when casual and without tie.
    As to his future – I think he's the only one caught in the easiest legal dragnet in recent history who won't roll. Not because of loyalty to Trump particularly, because he loves the combat and attention and thinks he can beat this. And if he's expecting a pardon he's mad. Per Cohn, Trump "pisses ice water"…

  35. If your show is supposed to be based on fact checking, how can you claim that it was Russians who stole emails? I'm not saying they didn't but we have yet to see concrete proof that they did.

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