Right-wing populists' denial of climate change | DW News

The world's top climate-change denier may
be US President Donald Trump. But around the world populists, including
the president of Brazil, are attacking what they call the myth of global warming and forcing
environmentalists to defend accepted scientific wisdom. Germany is no exception. Here the far-right populist AfD party argues
that humans don't cause climate change. The most important thing is education and
people's common sense. Despite relatively constant CO2 levels in
the past 10 years, there have been huge variations in climate. There is no cause and effect between CO2 and
temperatures. The AfD wants to reverse Germany's ambitious
Renewable Energy Sources Act, cancel the country's planned phase-out of coal power and take it
out of the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate. That makes the co-leader of Germany's Green
Party see red. The AfD is not only a far-right and sometimes
extremist party that isn't always committed to our constitution — it also doesn't stand
for freedom of research. It doesn't acknowledge that on the environment
and in particular climate change we have evidence accepted by scientists all over the world. Instead it questions science itself." The Greens say Germany's mainstream parties
should continue discussing climate protection and not get stuck in quarrels with the AfD. But that may be easier said than done. The AfD and the Greens are vying to become
Germany's second most powerful political party, and the climate is an issue where the populists
can take a clear stand against the mainstream. Man-made climate change IS a problem for the
vast majority of Bundestag delegates. But battles to set the environmental agenda
are raging on the national level in many places around the world — including ecologically
progressive Germany.

  1. Climate Change Alarmists are like religious extremists. They just blindly believe and anyone who thinks maybe it’s overblown are lumped into the anti-science deniers camp for the mentally challenged.

  2. What did noble peace prize winner and serial nation bomber barack " I need a teleprompter to say anything" Obama do to mitigate carbon emissions in 8 years. The minute he left office he jetted off to a billionaires private island doesn't seem very concerned about climate change .

  3. Denying global warming requires that one must first deny the physical science of the greenhouse effect:
    Electromagnetic radiation includes heat waves known as Infrared Radiation (IR) and visible light. Both are absorbed by the surface of the Earth and converted to kinetic energy (heat). This heat is re-emitted back outward as thermal radiation aka IR. A significant amount of this IR is reabsorbed by the denser atmospheric gases such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, etcetera (not nitrogen and oxygen). This excites their molecular structure and the resulting kinetic energy re-emits IR. Life on Earth is made possible by the capturing of enough IR to keep the biosphere warm enough to sustain life. As the heavier molecules in the atmosphere increase, the amount of IR also increases.
    Note: Without the greenhouse effect, the Earth would be a giant frozen snowball. [Google: Earth frozen snowball.]

    How quantum mechanics explains global warming – Lieven Scheire
    (5 minutes):

    Simple Overall Explanation of CO2 and the Greenhouse Effect (4 min.):

    Greenhouse Gas Demo (4 minute):

  4. Accepted scientific wisdom? 😂 that is only Newtonian physics. Even dark matter is still just an unproven theory. Climate change is at the lowest rank “unproven hypothesis” please use correct terminology instead of politically driven emotive adjectives to push a political agenda. The world has already had of Germanic “right think” in the 1930’s.
    👉🏻 Considering that the RSS & UAH satellite data shows no statically temperature change. And, historical data back the 1930’s disagrees with the claims and the CSRIO can show no empirical evidence for climate change we are definitely still in unproven hypothesis territory not empirical fact.

  5. When has renewable been the standard by which you buy anything? I have a renewable cell phone to sell you, it's a can and a string, do you want it?

  6. Apologists rather than deniers.The building of cities and removal of vegetation also increases global temperature as the earth's atmosphere is heated from the earth outwards.

  7. `You guys equate weather with climate change, you are a bunch of kooks with Al Gore as proof.
    I bought a canoe to paddle down the streets of New York last year but there must have been a drought so I sold the canoe.
    I think I will buy a parka, seems more likely a Mini-Ice Age coming.

  8. Every model and every prediction made by alarmist for the last 30 years, has been wrong Every legitimate chart and graph of every legitimate study of the Earth's past climate shows nothing that would point to CO2 having any effect on the climate, it lags behind climate change in fact. What are we talkin about something that represents .00 4% of the atmosphere? Water creates more of a greenhouse effect and represents more of the atmosphere. Seems to me alarmist don't really have a clue how miniscule and inconsequential we are to this planet

  9. If climate change was real Gore Clinton and Obama would be more militant and trying to stop coal trucks with their own bodies

  10. It is not just climate change, Germany could become energy independent. This is good, right? Is freedom for the Germans. Not depending on foreign oil is a mater of national security.

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