Riding Downhill Tricycles Offroad – Jeseniky, Czech Republic

Hey everybody I am so excited to be coming at you from greater Czech Republic the Jeseniky Mountains to be more exact a small mountain range that is not too far from Brno That’s the second largest city in the Czech Republic next to Prague. So I’m working in partnership with Czech tourism they set up this blogger fam trip that I am going on and Yeah, our first night is in the Koprivna resort It’s an adventure resort that’s nestled here in the mountains has a whole bunch of activities It’s a ski resort in the winter and an adventure park in the summer. And so excited to be here. It’s beautiful The stay is awesome. And of course, we’re about to go on some adventures today. I think we’re all pretty excited I’ll just take you along for the ride, show you what they’ve got to offer Let’s do the thing Okay, so what I’m doing first is taking these what I call lowrider tricycles, I think the Czech name is buginy or something I’m not even sure what to expect from these things. But I am so excited. I’m gonna go grab a helmet Let’s go up the mountain yellow or green, yellow or green That looks more extreme I think Anna is ready there are no pedals on these things. So these are like proper downhill tricycles Okay, there’s no one here to teach me how to use it so I guess I’m gonna figure it out by myself Why do it any other way? And I’m already tripping over it Oooh, And my chair busted my chair busted a little bit. got to do some repairs Let’s go Look no hands Well, that was awesome. let’s do it again! That was so much fun. I started with pressing the brakes the whole time But then I saw Dave flying next to me I was like maybe I can let loose a little bit and he also didn’t have a chair. I went without a chair part of the time so I almost was dragging my butt along the ground, but hey You only live once, right? You only have one butt. So protect it. That is very good advice This guy, though. bring it on down let’s do it. go again All right, now I’m gonna take a turn on the mountain bike we’ll see how awesome these trails are or dangerous Either way, it’ll be fun Are you excited to go biking? Oh, man what gear is this in? oh my gosh Can’t even pedal. So here is the trail That is going down, it’s called the fun trail Oh boy, it’s wet Almost a wipeout there Roots, Oh boy Shortcut how awesome was that everybody? Wow, I enjoyed that bike ride so much I can’t stop smiling I think that was the easiest trail here, but it’s really not for beginners even though I’m sort of a beginner biker I just had the sense of danger the whole time. I almost fell off a couple times But oh my gosh, it was so awesome. I would do it again if I had time but now it’s time for lunch at the resort the restaurant at Koprivna makes pretty good food Wow what an awesome day we have had at Koprivna Resort doing these awesome adventures and something totally new for me that downhill tricycle I would say the biking is a little more fun because is slightly more dangerous I love trying new things anyway, and the bugina were really awesome. So glad I got to try those Thank you Czech tourism for helping to set this up. Thank you to Koprivna resort for hosting us I really had no idea There was such awesome adventures in the Czech Republic, but the great thing is there’s more to come I’ve got a lot more to show you So be sure you’re subscribed for those. if you like this video give it a thumbs up Leave me a comment telling me what you liked. Would you try the bugina? Yeah, let me know. All right. Take care

  1. So awesome,looks like so much fun. Love watching your videos, never know where your filming in the world and I love it. Take care my young friend.

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