Republicans Try To Boost Bernie Because They Think Trump Will Beat Him

Republicans have decided that it will be a
good idea for their party if they boost Bernie Sanders and try to make him the nominee for
the Democrats because they believe it’s going to be super easy for Donald Trump to beat
Bernie Sanders in the general election. This is not speculation. This is what several prominent Republicans
have said. You have Hugh Hewitt out there, conservative
talk show host, who is actively telling his followers that he in Virginia, which has an
open primary, is going to go out and vote for Bernie Sanders because he wants Sanders
to be the Democratic nominee because he thinks Trump will beat Sanders. He wants his viewers to do the same. In South Carolina, Republicans have come up
with a plan to vote in that States open primaries to elevate Bernie Sanders, give him the South
Carolina victory, which would be huge and hopefully it just snowballs from there and
Bernie Sanders wins. But one conservative pundit is issuing a warning
to Republicans and he’s telling them, be careful what you wish for because you just might get
it. That conservative columnist is Matt Lewis
from the Daily Beast who says that every time they have tried this in modern history, it’s
backfired. It backfired on the Democrats when they tried
to boost Ronald Reagan in the 1980 election because they thought for sure nobody’s going
to vote for this former actor. Right? That’s ridiculous. Who’s going to do that? Turns out everybody. They did it in 2016 trying to boost Donald
Trump in the Republican primary because they thought it would be a cakewalk taking on that
dude in the general election, and we’re living with the consequences of that stupidity. But Republicans never one to learn from anybody’s
stupidity, including their own, have decided, let’s do the same thing that’s failed every
other time a different party has tried to do it. The fact right now, and this is what’s so
confusing to me right now, Bernie Sanders beats Trump in the national polling. He’s only losing to Trump by two points in
the state of Texas, as of right now. He beats him in Florida by a larger margin
than any other Democratic candidate. He beats him in Wisconsin. He beats him in Ohio, beats him in Pennsylvania
and Iowa. Bernie Sanders beats Trump, and by the largest
margins of any other Democratic candidate. Bernie Sanders is not sitting on a wealth
of damaging material about his career either, like a Michael Bloomberg, with all these hidden
audio recordings coming out. Bernie Sanders is in the best position to
beat Donald Trump, and yet Republicans somehow think that he’s the weakest. His policies are the most liked out of any
Democratic candidate, and that includes among Republicans, and they think that boosting
him is somehow going to help Donald Trump. They are falling into the same trap that Democrats
fell into for almost 40 years, and hopefully it has the same effect. I have no problem with Republicans boosting
Bernie Sanders to become the nominee. If that’s what it takes to get him to be the
nominee, then heck yeah, let’s do it. You know what? Let’s just do it. But it’s not going to end for them the way
that they think it will.

  1. Republicans M/O in campaigning is to trigger their base… whisper "gun control," or "political correctness," and the conservatives storm out to the polls in a frothing rampage. It's the only way they understand politics.
    So, if Trump can bark "socialist," it's the best they got at this point.

  2. Some confuse Bernie with communists, even muslim. What's worse they insist he'll do away with gun rights, even up to straight traditional marriage. I just dunno how much dumber can such people be I swear.

  3. I think it’s completely the opposite. At least from Drudge perspective. Matt knows the danger of Bernie… so does Trump.

  4. Oooooo! Are they going to use Clinton's "Pied Piper Strategy" they used with Trump!? Hahaha, ok😊 🐦🔥 #Bernie2020

  5. Meanwhile……as I sit here in Nevada, waiting to caucus for Bernie next Saturday……this democratic PAC is bombarding the airwaves with their own anti-Sanders ads. Notice how they've also disabled the comments on their YouTube channel.

  6. The only reason they think that is because of some of the WH Democrats talking against Bernie. They have no idea that Bernie will blow Trump out tha WH which will happen.

  7. Imagine President Obama at a rally in early 2016 saying “Some of you, I hear, might go vote for Jeb Bush in the republican primary. None of you would do that right?!” Then Jeb went on to win the nomination. Trump supporters would have marched on the White House.

  8. Notice people attack Bernie supporters. I'm pretty sure Hillary and Trump are posing as Bernie supporters to have something negative to say about him

  9. It will bite them in the ass so hard, lol. Dems (Specifically Hillary) boosted trump because he was easy to beat… Look how that turned out. Bernie will eat trump alive.

  10. Is it any surprise? These are the same people that hold up signs at protest events that say "get your government hands off my medicare" hopefully their stupidity will be a valuable asset in our quest to get Bernie into the White House

  11. All the GOP will need to do to beat Sanders is to run attack ads about his 1988 honeymoon in the Soviet Union. Nominating him would be a tragic mistake that would give Trump a second term.

  12. Republicans think saying "Socialism" will get them the win. It's easy to see this being a thing. Just look at how Fox "News" talks about Bernie.

  13. They're lying all the way around.. the states that they're talking about Bernie was gonna win anyway.. they're doing this to try and take credit for his wins and think that by doing this they will siphon his momentum and the simple voter will get scared and think that Bernie can't win so they in turn go and vote for someone else.. they're pretending not to be afraid of Bernie in hopes of pulling a Jedi Mind Trick on the people.. I really hope no one will fall for this ploy

  14. In my opinion, the GOP is banking on the Dems screwing bernie over in the primary and then the bernie supporters not voting in the general

  15. Hey man you love Bernie Sanders you don’t boost up. No other Democrat I don’t care who wins as long as not trump or Bloomberg

  16. Trump wins anyway, the elections will be rigged just like everything else in the US's democracy of late. Trump even admits that the polls are rigged, granted he says it is the democrats rigging them, but that's mostly just so if he gets caught he can say "we both rig elections, nothing wrong with leveling the playing field" and then the congress will do the same as before "This is why we let it slide, he's learned his lesson, let's just move past this"

  17. this is a great competition, Bernie is the best Democratic candidate. who is the dumber of the 2 parties? the republicans that are rooting for him or the democrats/corporations that are trying to take him down?????

  18. Trump: "I'm not worried about Mike Bloomberg, if he wins."
    "I'm not worried about Joe Biden if he wins."
    "I think Bernie Sanders could be trouble if he wins."
    Republicans: Let's do this.

  19. Our intellectual and philosophical worlds are such polar opposites. When we try to stack the deck against conservatives, the conservative we pushed really had no qualifications for the job and became racist puppet presidencies. When conservatives try stacking a deck, they choose the candidate that's actually worthy of the presidency and representing our nation's highest values. Their idea of unelectable is someone who has a foundation of competence and favors the common good; we think an unelectable candidate is divisive, ignorant, and oligarchical.

    Losing to this will send a disastrous message to all democracies… that appeals to the worst sides of ourselves work over the most morally founded ones. It will be the prelude to the darkest days of the world. For fuck's sake, don't lose. People are going to consequentially die if you do.

  20. They are in for a rude awakening. But at least their kids will have healthcare and the epa will be effective. With the green new deal firmly in place our kids might have a chance for a future

  21. Only an idiot would believe the old Bernie has even a small chance in the most conservative states … For the electoral college It's 2016 all over again

  22. I think they secretly want Bernie to become President because they know he will still fight for them as well. But they don't want to seem like traitors.

  23. I think there could be some strategies to their madness. Yes if the process was respected and follow it’s pretty bad. But with Bernie elected they could create a narrative like “ a communist taking over” and declare an emergency or something, trying to rebute they elections and legitimate him to stay. Conning and illegality had been the corner stone of his presidency. They know it’s now just the right this time but a lot of elite and many on central left don’t want Bernie in that position.

  24. Republicans know bigot baby is done,,,,,JUMP SHIP,,,they will start
    DENOUNCING BIGOT BABY, out of fear of losing their seats, the tide is growing who will washout

  25. The "victory" in the Cold War the "West" had had an affect. Soviet or "communist" or "socialist" propaganda fell. "Western" or "capitalist" propaganda DID NOT. People still believe that bullshit. This is gonna bite them in the ass.

  26. Trump gonna CRUSH dems in November….dems ain't got squat ….dems are notorious for stepping on rakes and its hilarious

  27. I guess it makes sense that Republitards would think that way; It would certainly explainwhy trump himself has been suspiciously reserved when it comes to bullying Bernie in any media platform.
    Ill be frank, i did NOT believe it when they say that the reason why trump leaves Bernie alone is because trump is "afraid" of him; I dont buy that in the least.

  28. Same for the Dems. If they try to push Bernie aside then it won’t end well for them either. Maybe the parties should just let the candidates run on their own merits and stop trying to manipulate the outcomes.

  29. Trump been telling everyone to vote for the weakest Democrat in the primary if you can. Everyone knows that's Burnie Sanders!

  30. More of the two parties manuvering. If they would just shut up and leave Bernie alone, let him run he would win. Politics is the opiate of the people.

  31. As a Dem, I want Joe Biden over Bernie. Yes, I like Bloomberg. I am voting for the Dem nominee, not Trump. Not sitting out. Pete, no. Guess why. Not a good look, I'm sorry. Bernie supporters I've come across have a traitor streak. They would rather vote for Trump or sit out if it's not Bernie. That's weak, considering who's in the White House. I don't switch sides. I stay Dem. Better be a sledgehammer blow of blue to Trump's head come November, no matter the nominee.

  32. The 2016 stupidity was believing that Hillary Clinton, one of the few people more disliked, distrusted, and even hated, more than Trump, could win.

  33. Republicans don't really believe Trump would win against Bernie, they want to give that impression through reverse psychology.

  34. The media makes Bernie seem crazy, but he is extremely sharp, quick-witted and will crush trump in a debate. He doesn’t pull any punches. Trumpets will be in for a nasty shock.

  35. Conservatives have dined on the feces sandwich that is McCarthyism for many years. What lil brains they have are washed

  36. Its funny, because they seem to forget that Trump had every opportunity to debate Bernie and he chickened out every time because he's terrified of Bernie.

  37. I cannot believe the Republicans are too stupid to do this. It makes me think they have something sinister up their sleeve.

  38. I only worry about one thing – the word 'socialist' – it seems like most Americans are allergic to that word, even if it would benefit them. And to be honest, living in Denmark – Bernie is not a socialist, he is a social democrat, which these days are squarely placed a little left to the center in Danish Policy. Saying that – think of Denmark has all what most Americans wants today (free healthcare, free tution, pensions, high minimum wages etc..) – we have only reach that because of the social democrat party in Denmark (with a little help from the left)

  39. I lied! I see 130,000 Bernie ads to 1 of donny's!!! 😱 I have seen about 10 of Bernie's and none of Dear Leader. Thank you, Mr. Sanders. Now that my second grandfather just passed, you will have to be mine. 😘🇺🇸🇺🇸


  40. The republicans are thinking this: get Bernie to be first, have the dnc rob him with superdelegates. This will disenchant many democrats, so they will not vote in the general election. They stay home. Trump wins.

  41. debate this, trump vs Bernie if it ever happens slaughter house the only way trump wins is to babble like the idiot he is to prevent Bernie from saying anything

  42. Please sombody tell the people about as Mayor of NYC, his campain against soft drinks he tried is best to ban people of NYC from being able to buy soft drinks larger than 16 ounces He manilpulated the Election rules and City Counsel to run for a third term as NYC. mayor the the NYC mayor had a 2 term limt I lived in NYC while Bloomberg was Mayor and DAMM WELL DON'T WANT HIM AS MY PRESIDENT !!!

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