Republicans Gearing Up To Defend President Donald Trump | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. I am disheartened by the lack of concern our electorate displays with respect to the gravity of the threat this administration posses for the freedoms and values our Republic was formed to uphold and guarantee.

  2. Speak of the real injustice & the crimes , the facts will make our final decision. No tricks needed like no need for persuasion, WE ARE NOT DUMB. Our protests on a national level is our united voice. Impeach & removal at once.

  3. They need to make a stand, get a backbone! If trump is impeached, he will going to jail because he is a bad mama jamma and he needs to go down. Republicans will be out from under his reign of terror. They will be free from the weight of the lies and criminal behavior. Now is the time! Go big or go home republicans with your tail between your leg! If you don’t think trump won’t turn on you and everyone else, he will. WAKE UP! Don’t throw America away for greed and power.

  4. If Republicans were smart they would dump Trump and get to work finding new candidates for the election.
    If not, the party will collapse supporting his lies.

  5. Or rather as T-shirt, a caricature of Sundland and Mulvaney in the roles of Walter and Jesse, cooking meth in the back of a camper, with Trump at the wheel.

  6. All these talking heads and pundits talking how "interesting" a talking point or comment is, goes to the heart of the level of disfunction into which politics has descended. It's as interesting as watching cancer metastasize and overwhelm a loved one. It's not interesting!! It's grotesque! It is the desire to debase the human spirit. It's about the desire to wallow gleefully in an emotional pigstye. It is about rejoicing in the triumph of evil over good. It is about the destruction of the concept of democracy,"The Great Experiment", with willful malice and forethought. This is not about Democrats versus Republicans. This is about embracing corruption or denouncing it. There are no grey areas here. It is a choice: White or Black. Political parties should not get to decide that. "We, the people" should be the judges. The line in the sand has been drawn. Pick your side. I know what side I am on…
    DO YOU?

  7. Keep DREAMING. You will get NOWHERE.

    Why on earth are people making this laughable, futile "impeachment hearing" some big deal? In the same way the democrats made absolute fools of themselves during their Brett Kavenaugh hearings and got NOWHERE, so it will be again as they make absolute public fools of themselves AGAIN.

    They are so good at doing that aren't they?

    Their laughable clown show will spew their lies and liars that they told what to say just like they told Christie Blakely Ford the liberal leftist activist what to say and to lie at the Brett Kavenaugh hearings.

    "Why do the nations rage and the people plot what is VAIN?"

    ALL of their lying plots and schemes will ALWAYS come boomeranging back against THEM.


    The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are protecting President Trump and he will gave 2 Full Terms by God's Hand ALONE.

  8. Just before 19 of them are going to help the Democrats take down the President, so Beloved by his group of Cultists that they dumped Ronald Reagan( nominated by them to go up on Mt.Rushmore).They knew about Russia every step of the way, wanted Trump to shut down Gvt. for 35 day, stole Military money to add 2’ to a Virtual Fence

  9. They saw the dead bodies of children and said “that will teach them”.The Senate that already voted 194 to 2 for this hearing( a Democrat show that will backfire worse than Muellers Infamous-It is all in the Report!! I hear a voice who read many of the same articles stating there is actually nothing in the Constitution to stop McConnel from saying No Trial

  10. Term limits, real world retirement benefits, non union health insurance, campaign finance reform…then we have true public servants…right now we have a bunch of grifters

  11. No Trial in my Majority Party, ansolute Monarch( Trump is a toy comparec to McConnel( master Political strategist who loves to screw Democrats-Listen to him-All the Senate Democrats ask for Muehler to come to the Senate Mitch “To me this case is over”-It was completely over. Here is a big Problem, once he makes a statement

  12. It is then to late.Thousands could storm him and his Self-Righteous Voice will kick in. Take him to Court- Why thank you that is how I ran the Clock out on Merrick Garland( this crazy Democrat-Obama thought He picked him that was all it took( I the Senate Majority Emperor said absolutely not-unheard of 11/2 years later Trump won amd got his guy in

  13. Why is that bigger than Blocking a Senate Trial for the 1st time in history( when Many in his own party say, lets have the trial ,19 of us +Mancin the Democrat will vote with us and all the past Republicans come out and say No dont do that).So we lose Trump.When he blocked the Judge (that is a lifetime Appt.-Insanity, but..The court tilted

  14. Funny no one cares about Biden’s part in all of this 🤦‍♂️ he’s the real crook and he’s running for president.

  15. Knowing the Republicans are always wrong in some way, even if it is just down to their platform, and only a few Democrats are wrong and they stand out.But the Liars will dominate the truth tellers out of sheer aggressiveness. They have to win, we are majority rule. They are we cant lose NMW!Russia is our friend. Military money can

  16. Republicans gearing up to defend Trump. Not the constitution, not the rule of law, nor the citizens who elected them.. Just is they can stay in office. SAD

  17. The Ads will be sending people to the wrong polling places, flyers saying something just slightly off in a news letter, bribery, All of the cheats they pull( the are the only party that cheats amd they do it on massive levels( it costs lots of $. They caught about 3 Dems in the past 30 years, we have snagged them with millions, counting

  18. Many older people as dead, and we dont always get to stop these cheats. It costs a lot to do that.Also, we catch all these( i will bet at least 30 democrats have gotten away with it but how many big scams are they getting away with Distraction, I dont hear anyone reminding people of this stuff, and against us shows are on Sunday at 12:3

  19. You had better not think I am against Impeachment (I was in the first group with 94,000 people right after he won. But I kept seeing the flaws and then I saw people go fanatic and Added my mouth).The humiliation alone I woulld love but

  20. So let me understand this correctly:

    If I am to modify technology within this country I can be charged as a hacker or pirate…

    Even if those modifications are to create new technologies and or technological advances.

    Yet furthermore, with the demand for energy crisis solutions, if I create resolutions in which jeopardizes capitalism I am considered the criminal.

    So Doc modifies the Delorean and the box office makes a profit.
    Guy invited water car and disappeared.

    But sci-fi influences the future according to your dumb scientists.

    Radio shack closes because the promoting of electronic modification products.

    If there's a threat to Microsoft, Sony, Apple, etc. It's considered a problem to protect their special interests.

    If there's a design in which the bankrupt big three companies are not holding, the future of industry innovations gets punished as being someone not employed by such a company with future design.

    But their arrogance was hiring.

    Protecting special interests of these companies is the fail of tomorrow. Saying you need and depend on tomorrow's industry is a lie. You prevent tomorrow for the protection of today's failed commerce.

    Genius economic strategy.
    Think about it.
    Hold the thought.

  21. We couldn’t talk about Hillary Clinton cause she’ll never be the President. It’s strange how you never have anything good to say about our president. The goal is to brainwash the people. It’s really bizarre

  22. He’ll tweet!

    Interpretation. Key word. Your interpretation.

    The facts are on his side. I hope Bill Barr shuts everyone f**k up

  23. Hilliray Did A lot, and so did Bill got lots of get out of jail free cards, from MSM..! "RUSSIAN URANIUM ONE DEAL"..Then you had your Guy's, Killed in the So Called Safe House…in the middle East…Then you had the W.H, been run like A different kinda house, because Bill Clinton Wandered quite a bit with the ladies..! Then you had Bill Clinton's cocaine addiction habbit…They Entered the W.H, and then left billionaires, Holliday's foundation Millions funnelled in from foreign political contacts..MSM….Shssss don't tell the public it's not good for the "CORRUPTION PARTY" …..Shssss, Don't tell them about JB, and his Son Corruption even though it's on tape! We will tell the People's Lies and they will buy it, even if we show them the tales no one will believe it because MSM will do what they do best, Lie to the People's…!!!🤧. "Slavery By Consent" Pt 1 – 10… Watch it….🤧

  24. Trump is so out of line.. that if the US does not remove him…, the US deserves whatever happens.., a nation is responsible for its own laws and future….

  25. ….Umm – I don’t think the public needs to be convinced to remove this gangster President……they were convinced long ago !

  26. why are the all Republicans look so guilty? look at bret's eyes movements, he can't even make a direct eye contact. they're all liars.

  27. Nobody get your hopes up the Chosen one will not be removed/locked up there will be help from by the Devil/GOP will be there to help not one GOP members vote against him The Democrats are going to end up with egg on there faces when it all goes upside down and Trump will then be there n 2020

  28. I would like some very indepth hearings that make it obvious to the simplest of people that Trump is a crook. After that I want to see the Senate close the trial down. I would hope that the everyday people would see this and vote Trump out of office in 2020.

  29. I hope trump get elected again, that helps China for another 4 years unstoppable development believe it or not 🤣, no matter what he did to China in the past, he was literally helping China haha, go trump go!

  30. Man our country could be great in two years if we didn't have no more lying news Democrats are definitely the devil any Christian knows that by now

  31. Let's see who's going to be behind Trump when the hammer falls and Trump starts throwing his zombie followers under the prison bus!!!

  32. Trump 2020! Check out this new hoodie you might want to help get the message out that Trump is in for another 4 years:

  33. I loved what he said new tee shirts…(they now wear release the transcript)….he suggests "read the transcript" as a shirt

  34. Hey Brett Stephens, we HAVE supported such actions in every President of the past. This is so typical of the actions they take, either known or unknown to the public. There is no besmirching of Zelensky. You, and you cronies are stating that, but there has been no evidence shown. This President is unlike any other we have had, and you guys dont know how to handle him. He treats this like a business process. He wanted the Ukraine to convince HIM that they were on our side, that they would be worth us borrowing a billion dollars to give to them. He hires people to work with him, and as many business owners, he picks people he THINKS are good, or that will work with him, etc. And when they turn, or chicken out or quit, he moves on. I get him. I see the results. I DO NOT see any proof that he has done a impeachable offense. Stop wasting time and money. Start making politicians do their job and stop whining. Trump AGAIN in 2020




  38. The facts are out already, how can people not care what these idiots are saying and doing. Stand up for freedom because this president will steal your freedom. Believe that!

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