Republican Witness Jonathan Turley: ‘This Is Not How You Impeach An American President’ | NBC News

  1. does anyone remember the Nearly 800 former federal prosecutors who signed a petition saying they would've charged Trump with obstruction based on the Mueller report? trump is doing the exact same thing during the impeachment inquiry. and obstruction is an impeachable offense. why doesn't anyone bring this up?
    the GOP are SO proud to be to be defending the biggest criminal to ever steal the white house. and collins and gaetz were absolutely deplorable during today's hearing. the GOP has lost ALL impartiality, integrity and honor. its become one of the most corrupt, criminal and unAmerican organizations in the country!

  2. When you consider how much WHINING coming from the GOP about the 'time and expense' of these investigations, what POSSIBLE relevance has this 'argument?'

  3. Actually, this is PRECISELY how you 'impeach a President,' and PARTICULARLY so, when the Trump administration has REFUSED to allow ANY of their personnel from answering SUBPOENAS. I guess he kinda 'forgot' about all of THAT OBSTRUCTION.

  4. This man is a
    Total TURD, I hate to be this moron student, this case is exactly why the moron in the White House should be impeached, what does he have to do, give the keys to Russia to just walk in to America without any defence, turley is a total disgrace….

  5. The dumbest part of this is that Trumpers will believe anything he says, so why did he risk getting caught trying to dig up dirt on Joe Biden in the first place?

  6. yes well Mr turley, the principal witnesses that would have the evidence you speak of, you know : pompeo, mulvaney, ghouliani were not kind enough to obey a summons to testify to congress so this is what we have.

  7. Finally an honest man that stands behind his words of warning. A true professor , unlike the other two frauds full of hate.

  8. These Democrat Professors are like dressing a Gorilla and slapping makeup, wig  and lipstick in hopes to change the appearance of that Gorilla into a super model.   Not happening….All this is, is more Drama Queens trying to change a man's innocents into a guilty man… Luckily most Americans and the World knows better.  Thus the Clown Circus  Shows continues.

  9. He is a Republican and has the same beliefs as them, heis just doing it different, but all is stand to protect Trump, it will not work

  10. Jonathan Turley thru the years has lost credibility, don’t know why he”s still teaching, his performance today was embarrassing

  11. This guy was a good witness. I believed him but realized he made a mistake. Congress has the power to subpoena testimony and evidence. They don’t need to use the judicial branch the way he said when he claimed congress was abusing power. So if congress has the right to subpoena witnesses, and the president orders them In a blanket order not to testify Or cooperate with investigation, he is obstructing a legal investigation and obstructing justice. That in and of itself is an impeachable offense and goes to show all of us the president knows he made a mistake and doesn’t want the evidence to get to the public. We should all be concerned.

  12. Mad, is a emotion dude, Trump did wrong and he is not above the law, Trump deserves everything he gets, he did the most crimes than Nixon, most of all he is a racist and he has hurt people, no sir, this is not a movie..your comparisons has nothing to do with impeaching Trump

  13. Nadler and we the Voters wont play the rope – a -dope game….going to Court….this investigation is on a fast track Because there is a THIEF in the WH and he needs to to be Taken out ASAP

  14. Of course his opinion would hold more water if he hadn't just contradicted everything he said about the Clinton impeachment

  15. This entire Democratic—Impeachment—Circus is totally + completely NOT about Passion / Emotions , NOT at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Therefore , it 's Not about Any politician being Mad / Upset / Anger………. it 's ALL about the Motives of the DemocRAT—-Political—-Criminal—-Enterprise with Their Own Actual Hidden—-Agenda LURKING Underneath the Disguise of the Presidential—-Impeachment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. What a horrible argument by a professor – instead of legal argument, the dude is saying process should be slower, some witnesses are missing.

  17. jonny the turd Turley, oh boy, what crime pit did they pull him out of? No doubt he's on the take. Taking a bribe while claiming that bribing is not a crime, this is the face of the GOP.

  18. Hey NBCnews… this is a Democrat witness. He voted against Trump. Don't spin the news ok. You bunch of fake news outlet

  19. You listen to this man, who states facts clearly, and then you listen to the other three. What a huge difference in integrity, honesty, and decency. The hatred just shone through the other three, and they gave no facts, nothing that can be taken as intelligent reasoning. And even if you are much against Trump, to use a minor in their ugly and insane push to get rid of him, would you not be shaken by Carlan's remark?

  20. I turned the channel when he started talking about the devil and laws,digging up crap that was to match the process argument of the chrumpateers.

  21. —–> Turley's opinion and reporting that focuses on attacks on witnesses is not in keeping with the purpose of a free press to defend freedom. The OLC opinion that a sitting president can't be indicted is unconstitutional. President Donald Trump can be indicted — and here's the constitutional proof:
    The U.S. president must be subject to the same laws as every other American citizen.

    —-> This ruling, made public on October 7, 2019, was ignored by the impeachment hearing and is largely ignored by MSM commentaries. Mueller claimed that indicting a president was unconstitutional. In that regard, Mueller let the country down. Stating his opinion in his report did not make it a "living document", it made it a death knell for the Constitution and equal justice under the law.
    Federal judge knocks DOJ stance that sitting president can't be indicted

    —-> Seemingly, two judges on the national law review don't agree with the Unitary Executive theory … but they ignore the legal precedence by the SCOTUS in United States v Nixon 418 U.S. 683 (1974) Page 418 U. S. 715. The SCOTUS has already settled the question of whether a president can be subpoenaed, indicted and brought to justice, 9 to 0.
    "[i]n no case of this kind would a court be required to proceed against the president as against an ordinary individual."
    25 F.Cas. at 192. Marshall's statement cannot be read to mean in any sense that a President is above the law, but relates to the singularly unique role under Art. II of a President's communications and activities, related to the performance of duties under that Article."

      'The Court is Not Persuaded': 2 Judges Question OLC's Policy Against Indicting a Sitting President

  22. Turley couldn't be more wrong. The courts are not required to impeach anyone as the "sole power of impeachment" is in the House.


  24. “My personal views of President Trump are as irrelevant to my impeachment testimony as they should be to your impeachment vote”

  25. Turley voted for Hillary. What a gullible silly man. The woman shredded the Constitution. The Constitution this silly weak man supposedly loves.

  26. To those understanding his candid remarks! He is not fully against the process and refutes the evidence. He is advising the process is being rushed and needs additional evidence in his opinion. He does not feel we should impeach without additional evidence, but does not say we should not proceed. He clearly makes a case that additional time is needed and more documentation and testimony is required. Unfortunately, the legal standards being argued are the same compelling reasons why the president has been able to obstruct and the hinder the process legally. Pretty convenient for our republican party to argue on this basis. Hypocrisy is the name of the game these days in our party! Shame….

  27. Why should the Impeachment continue when no Constitutional criteria is met. The Schiff Show and Nadler Circus continues.

  28. Professor Turley disgraced himself and his employer, Georgetown University, getting taken to the mat repeatedly and completely outclassed by three experts from other universities.  While clearly knowledgeable about Constitutional law and history, Professor Turley failed to present any rational academic argument against impeachment, choosing instead to turn a blind eye to high crimes, unprecedented total obstruction of Congress oversight and impeachment powers, this President's penchant for perversions and abuses of power, and dire national security concerns…while making false allegations, engaging in false equivalencies, projecting undue bias and playing coy.  Although much value and greatly appreciate opposing perspectives, Professor Turley's performance was an act of bad faith and intellectual dishonesty, demonstrating a critical lack of integrity, of which Georgetown University, its students, and its alumni should all be ashamed, as it reflects very poorly on them and their fine institution.  This was a fool willingly made a Republican cult tool, and the motivation appears more self-interst than altruistic–at a time when all sane, loyal hands are crucially required on deck.

  29. Aiding and Abetting a Crime (Penal Code section 31)
    In California, you can be charged with the crime that was committed if you aided or abetted in its commission, but did not actually commit the crime yourself. Penal Code section 31 describes the phrase “aiding and abetting” as meaning that you assisted another person to commit a crime. Prosecutors can charge you as an aider and abettor whenever you:

    Know the perpetrator’s illegal plan,
    Intentionally encourage and/or facilitate that plan, and
    Aid, promote, or instigate in the crime’s commission.
    You don’t have to be actually present at the scene of the crime to be charged under what is known as “accomplice liability.” If you willfully participated in the planning of a crime prior to its commission, you can be held criminally liable as an “accessory before the fact.”

    If you take a passive role during a crime in progress, such as acting as a lookout or disabling a security device, you can be prosecuted as a perpetrator in the second degree (an accomplice).

    one aspect of trump's behavior is that Turley doesn't address the fact that trump is "midstream of carrying out a crime….seeking foreign influence in the election in order to remain in office the surrounding events are all related to this one fact to further his personal election.

    I am not an attorney but trump's finger is "pulling" the trigger and we all see it… and if trump is allowed to pull the trigger he has a good chance of affecting the election to his favor. I think the law use several "phrases of reason" which are applicable.

    Preponderance of evidence
    Pattern of behavior

  30. Is he not a Democrat? Your headline is deceptive. You should have clarified that he is a democrat chosen by republicans.

  31. Then how we do it!?????????
    Preparing a lengthy speech with offering absolutely no solution. Is Moran written on our forehead!???

  32. This should be the last speech from this clown show. This man is honorable and is the type of people we want in government and institutions. He may not like President Trump but he will not allow Democrats to wipe their butts with our Constitution. If you don't like President Trump that's totally fine. But if you are willing to ignore the document that binds this country together it's you who are in the wrong and you know it. Time to grow up liberals and Democrats

  33. I think everyone is kind of comparing apples to oranges when they tie Trump’s impeachment proceedings with Johnsons’, Nixon’s and Clinton’s. Trump’s is the only President facing impeachment that is also facing reelection. All the others were impeached during their second term, hence they could not participate in the next election. I find it strange that someone as smart as Mr. Turley not to notice this distinction when he tries to discredit the process based on its speediness. Specially, when the charges being investigated are directly related to meddling with an election. I also wonder why no one is asking him what other remedy does the country has when confronted with evidence that a President is meddling with an upcoming election where he is a candidate. Are we supposed to see if he gets reelected and then impeach him? Then how do you undo any actions he/she might have taken after becoming President illegally?

  34. This Dems clown doesn't seem to realize they are only destroying their own party and American with this circus. Truly one of the most seft destructive stunts in the history of American politics.

  35. This moron is a piece of crap with no principles..he knows the law and the facts… he is just lying to hear himself speak…so full of himself with that rotten smug arrogance

  36. This guy is a partisan republican. He was part of the witch hunt against Clinton. Nice speech but ideas held together by a rope of sand

  37. Someone sent Turley a video of Lisa Page wearing a turtleneck and eating puppies, puking up the puppy bile and re-eating the puppy barf.

  38. I'm a wee bit confused Trump has admitted donating to Hillary Senate run. Does that make him a never Trumper or a Trump hater.

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