Republican Leader Says Pelosi Withholding Impeachment Articles To Hurt Bernie Sanders

You know, I like to attack Republican lawmakers
all the time saying that they’re not very bright. Well, it turns out I’m wrong about that. Republican lawmakers are actually pretty smart,
some of them, not all of them, not even most of them, but some of them are actually pretty
smart and they know exactly what they’re doing. Take for example, House minority leader Kevin
McCarthy. Now, yesterday Kevin McCarthy came out, did
a little press conference where he actually accused Nancy Pelosi of withholding the articles
of impeachment from the Senate in order to hurt Bernie Sanders and possibly even Elizabeth
Warren. But McCarthy really singled out Sanders in
his little press conference here. Here’s a couple of quotes that McCarthy had
to say during this. If there’s anyone who gained from this, it
would be anybody who’s running for president that’s not in the US Senate. Sanders actually has a chance to win the Democratic
presidential nomination. But now, not now that Nancy Pelosi has held
these documents. And the reason I say this is a smart move
by McCarthy, it’s an evil move, it’s a disgusting move, and it’s a move that I hate, but it’s
smart because what he’s trying to do right now, much like what Tulsi Gabbard did, is
try to sew more division within the Democratic party. Try to once again, convince the public that
somehow the DNC, the Democratic party, the leadership, the, the establishment, whoever
it is, whoever the boogeyman is now is somehow once again conspiring against Bernie Sanders. Look, we have seen things unfold in this primary
that, yeah, the media is unfair to Bernie. The Democrats have been unfair to Bernie. He’s the victim of these vicious lies and
smears, but as far as the process goes, they haven’t been going after him and McCarthy
sees that. He knows how pissed off the hardcore Bernieites
got in 2016 because yeah, things were rigged against him and he wants to recreate that
division in 2020. He believes that that division is going to
lead to a Trump reelection. Even though that division in 2016 is not what
led to Hillary Clinton’s defeat, but he’s trying to play it that way. He’s trying to paint this as something that
it’s not. Now I disagree with Nancy Pelosi’s decision
to withhold these articles of impeachment. It did not serve any purpose whatsoever. She is not going to get the concessions that
she wants from Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell is not going to budge because
he doesn’t have to. It’s political theater at this point and McCarthy
is now trying to take advantage of that and say that Pelosi is somehow conspiring to harm
Bernie Sanders. If this were true, and maybe it is, I don’t
know Pelosi’s manner of thinking here, it’s very hard to follow with this issue. But if this is true, Nancy Pelosi would have
to be basically agreeing that she’s going to torpedo our chances in 2020 and I don’t
think Nancy Pelosi is anywhere close to being that stupid. Not at all. But McCarthy on the other hand, wants us to
think that this is what is happening, so that once again, all us Bernie supporters are going
to get mad at the DNC and not show up at the polls in 2020. Don’t fall for it. Don’t listen to it. This is bait. Don’t take it.

  1. Kevin McCarthy's peddled fables are not in the least paid attention to.
    Bernie will wipe the floor with his ugly mug after he is elected!

  2. Of course Pelosi withholds them to hurt Bernie. Those are, I guess, the orders of her donors. They never want a socialist to win. Can't happen. Because, eh, Stalin and Venezuela? No logic there, but the paranoia and lack of knowledge about what Bernies socialism really is and the HUGE differences between Bernie and Stalin (bigger than between Stalin and Trump!). These people don't want the best to win, they want their interests to win. And any politician playing to win over fair play is NOT working in the interest of the people.

  3. McCarthy is a joke! How does he even get elected given his proclivity for lying? He’s a damn embarrassment to his Irish heritage!!

  4. Four more years of Trump! 🤔😳😢
    Warren; could never be elected without Burnie voters! We will never, vote for Warren just because she is a woman!
    The only chance she had to get into the White House, was as Burnie’s Vice President!
    The only woman that a Burnie supporter will vote for President is Cortez!!! She is a female that is not complicit with the Kleptocracy! The rest, and this includes Warren, have already cashed their checks from the corporate coup! 😢
    Warren should take one for the team, and drop out of the presidential race, along with the the rest of the non socialist Democrat’s. Warren has much less to offer we the people than Burnie, and is right of center! Warren is not a Socialist Democrat, and is just another millionaire, that supports the fascist corporate coup of our country! Another pretender to the crown!
    Remember when the supper delegates illegally took Burnie out of the presidential race in favor of the fascist Clinton! Clinton, the candidate, along with her husband Bill deregulated the banks. They through away up to 15% of the vote! This gave Trump the White House!
    We the people that support Burnie will refuse to vote for another lesser of two evils candidate even if Burnie tells us too!
    We are the ones that will make, or break the next election!!!!
    Maybe it will take four more years of Trump to end this Kleptocracy, that supports the courant intrenched fascist corporate coup of our country! This has to end to save the planet we live on! 🤔😢

    Trump removal from office!
    I don’t think the republicans, and probably a few democrats will vote to impeach Trump in the Congress, and remove him from office! The Incumbent Democrats, and Republicans walk hand, and hand to the corporate trough, to save their Kleptocracy! 🤔😢
    The biggest mistake from the Democrats are!
    1. They should have impeached Barr first, than move on to the rest of the criminal’s like Ruddy, heads of the IRS, Vice President, etc! Trump should have been last. The Incumbent Democrats will not do this, because it will show their complicity in these crimes! 😢
    2. The Democrats should have included all Trump’s crimes. We the people get the book thrown at us. We the people do not receive a get out of jail free card for our crimes! This is what will happen in the Congress with Trump’s crime’s! 😢
    Crimes; Lying to Congress, and the House, conspiracy to defraud the United States, failure to register as a foreign agent (Russian and/or Israeli operative), wire fraud, bank fraud, tax fraud, elections fraud, campaign finance fraud, witnesses tampering, witnesses intimidation, money laundering for foreign governments, money laundering for criminals, bribery, sexually abusing woman, and the list could, and should go on, and on!
    These crimes have also been committed by Trump’s family members, business associates, attorney’s, top members of the Republican Party, and members of Congress, Senate, and the House Of Representative’s! 🤔😢
    The Incumbent Democrats are Kleptocrat’s just like the Republicans! They really will not do anything that will get there snoots out of the corporate trough! 😳
    If we could get Burnie in office we might see a change in the Kleptocracy that supports the intrenched fascist corporate coup! I think that is a little more of a chance, than convicting Trump!😢
    “Fight the powers, Fight the powers that be! “ ❤️🤗🖖

  5. Ring of Fire, what this airhead fool did is not going to change anyone's mind about Sanders or in fact any other democratic presidential candidate. This was not smart but a stupid republican move and just another insane attack on the democrats. The democrats are just as united as they were in November 2018 election. Criminal treasonous and dangerous Trump must go! A smart move would be voting blue in November 2020. We can kiss our future goodbye if mentally ill, criminal Trump get reelected.

  6. Bernie needs to make some Blue hats that have the MAGA and under that the initials FTWP. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, FOR THE WORKING PEOPLE. Not just the Corporations. AND THE RICH.

  7. I called this when Pelosi held the articles.. but Bernie already has plans on taking a private jet back and forth to the senate and the campaign road..

  8. Bernie Sanders is the best chance for Americans to get their country back into their hands.
    if you want fascism vote for Trump. If you corporate blood oil companies to be your master, vote Republican or corporate Democrat.

  9. It's time to build Trump's wall…

    around epstein's island where him and his other traitorous cowardly administration can live in their new prison.

    Where all pedophiles can go from now on as well.

  10. Do I put it past the establishment Democrats and their media pals to do something to harm Bernie's chances… heck no. In fact, I think… count on it.

  11. McCarthy is another GOP creep that reinforces the motto “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.” Kick him to the curb ASAP.

  12. This season's House of Tards will be the best yet 👍👍Will the Trump crime family get locked up? Is the Russian underwear model the whistle blower? Stay tuned!

  13. I feel that Bernie is the only Democrat candidate that can actually get people out to vote for them, most voters will either vote for or against Trump. For them the name in the Democrat column is irrelevant.

  14. The whole impeachment deal is possibly a strategy to secure the nomination for Biden, the media wants him, Democrats must comply.

  15. There is no white house press budget, our allotted taxes for the press budget now goes directly to fox news. Stephanie grisham is not a white house representative shes a 24-7 fox news pundit. Washington post quoted Kevin McCarthy saying "there's two people i think Putin pays, rohrabacher and trump….[laughter]"

  16. I didn't see McCarthy Press Conference I knew it was Bait to attack Bernie Sanders & Media doing Same thing it's Shameful Behavior from them Because he's Represents Hard working Average Joe, My word is Leave Bernie Be Let him do his job Make America & the world a better place

  17. I know you hate Jimmy Dore, Farron (although it is interesting how much more you sound like us former "crazies" each day), but heed his words: "The Democrats would rather lose to a Republican than win with a progressive."

  18. What the total phuck???? Farron, it backfired so don't worry… 😆 #PresidentSanders 275k asked for refunds from Warren!!

  19. Whether they are red or blue they don't give a damn about you. They serve the god of money. Unless Bernie wins nuthin is gonna change – behind the warring facade the Dems & Repubs are both gorging from the same trough.

  20. We know Trump will get acquitted when they put it through to a trial. They'd rather lose to Trump than win with Bernie.

  21. Farron you might want to go to Sam Seder's channel and review their analysis of the new evidence from Parnas ( assassination plot against AMBASSADOR MARIE YOVANOVITCH ) and why the Articles were withheld…the dems wanted to include these new documents but they couldn't until after the legal case was settled and they had time to review them…if they has sent over the articles the republicans would have not allowed them in the senate trial…

  22. …so it leaves me conflicted into whether to call McCarthy a dumbass or a scumbag. Either way, I'll nod at his tenacity.

  23. Lol I love you Farron but stop coming for Tulsi when the Democratic party IS indeed trying to undermine Bernie. I wanted Warren as VP until this week. Tulsi has had his back since 2016

  24. Why did Pelosi hold the articles? Just to release him now when nothing has changed? There’s more to the story …I don’t trust Pelosi!

  25. It is true on Pelosi's part, but Farron has the right point. We can't let this lead to anger. I knew Pelosi would do this to hurt progressive presidential candidates. Sam Seder said so. Cenk Uygur said so. What McCarthy said is true, but anyone who has followed progressive media closely will not actually be surprised or angry at McCarthy for saying the truth. We just need to keep trucking. Bernie is going to win #PresidentSanders

  26. Sadly, I find myself in the unfortunate position of having to agree with McCarthy. We've seen firsthand that there is no low that Pelosi and the rest of the establishment won't stoop to in the name of sabotaging Bernie. All the more reason to get out there and fight for America's Dad.

  27. Whatever, most right-minded people know that the moves Pelosi makes are calculated. She's not just two steps ahead, she's 2 hundred steps ahead

  28. He's my Rep. He's a coward. He hid from cancer patients that were begging him to vote against repealing the ACA. Can't wait to vote against him.

  29. If Bernie wins the nomination and the election the do nothing republicans the democrats and the fake media should say sorry to Bernie for attacking him and saying such lies and non-sense about him

  30. What? how is this a good move. After Lev Parnes reveal holy hell those who even for an ounce believe the reps now aint gonna change and the rest is most likely made up its mind.

  31. They should get the FBI into the WH and I know for sure there's so much corruption in there .the FBI should do a cleaning job in the WH they will find so much corruption there by trump and his administration. They will need trucks to clean out the trump corruption administration.

  32. I hate to admit it, but I had the EXACT same thought right when Pelosi took the next step with the impeachment. I mean, you gotta think about it like an opportunistic career politician. We know the evidence waiting to come out will sink Trump, but its extremely likely that it'll sink Pence too. And who is third in line for the presidency? As long as Bernie doesn't win the election and Trump does, we'll soon be referring to her as President Pelosi. And we can all kiss the progressive agenda goodbye. She thinks she's a master at her current job. Cocky enough to think she can take over the presidency too once a re-elected Trump is removed from office. She cannot be trusted.😬

  33. I think nancy would screw Bernie over without a second thought. Be real, if he wins, her ride on the gravy train is over. She & her husband and their personal business have benefited from trumps huge tax breaks, she's gets big campaign donations from the pharmaceutical industry and medical insurance companies. She loses all of that if Bernie becomes president. Don't forget, he's the one who wants to get big money out of politics. He wants to stop corporations from buying our politicians. He wants to make the elites finally pay their fair share of taxes and stop evading through loop holes and off shore accounts. It's the same reason she drug her heels on impeachment to begin with. She should have started investigations, then hearings with Michael Cohen's testimony. Those investigations weren't nearly good enough or even as thorough as they should have been. Say what you will, IMO she'd much rather have a trump presidency than a Sanders administration in charge. And if trump is out, any of the corporate democrats are better in her eyes than Bernie. She been dismissive and insulting to progressives from day one. Her excuses right now for holding the articles of impeachment are weak. She claims it's over wanting to make sure the senate calls certain witnesses. Then my question would be why the hell weren't those witnesses called when she was in charge while congress was investigating and holding it's own hearings. Not only that, but they could have reopened their investigation at anytime since or even added to it since. But no. She chose not to. It all looks sketchy as hell and I don't trust her. She's proven time and again she can't be trusted. Look at her voting record. Look at her own timing of when she does bring legislation to the floor for voting, look at what else is taking place in the background when those votes finally come up. She's trash, hope she loses her reelection bid. Her poor choices have cost her any respect I ever had for her, not that it matters to her or anyone else. But it does make me pay closer attention to canidates who are affecting my own way of life in my district.

  34. Farron, I generally agree with you. But Nancy made a good decision with holding the articles because more focus was placed on the Senate.

  35. Don't be blinded by your support for Bernie…take a step back and look around. This delay was successful in bringing attention to the senate trial. The only person attacking Bernie is Warren who is a fellow progressive. By the way, I support Bernie but so far everyone who becomes the front runner gets attacked by the media because they are front and centre. There's nothing special about this attack, Bernie won't loose support because of it.

    In my opinion, whoever wins the primary will get the support of the entire democratic party. All this in- fighting is ridiculous when there is a madman with the nuclear codes. You should definitely not be adopting McCarthy talking point, it's ridiculous.

  36. I read a short story where an audience member is given a chance to go up on stage and play a game by pressing a button controlling a wheel of fortune . He can't bring himself to press it. So long as he holds on to the button he has power and control. Eventually the police have to haul him away. I wonder if the Articles of Impeachment are Pelosi's button. So long as she holds on to them she is powerful and in control.

  37. I reject outright the assertion that Pelosi knows what she's doing.

    She followed someone else's advice for once, and it has worked out well.

    Being able to take someone else's advice is an attribute of leadership that is necessary, but not sufficient, especially when it's so rarely done.

    My rebuttal is simply: McGhan Subpoena.

  38. So many idiots here just dismiss ANYTHING a Republican says because they're trained to fall in line with what the corporate Democrats say. It's just like Republicans dismissing EVERYTHING on the MSM news because the Orange Man says so. The DNC is rigging the vote against Bernie EVERY way they can. OF COURSE, PELOSI IS DELAYING THE IMPEACHMENT TO SLOW THE PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT. And, you think that Pelosi and the DNC aren't doing what they can to rig it again? Farron, you're a fool.

  39. Why else is Pelosi slowing it down, then? Because she's tired? If they wait, it puts all the Congressional and Senatorial Dem candidates in Congress to be at the hearings, leaving Joe Blow Biden all alone on the campaign trail. An idiot like McCarthy can figure that out, but not you, Farron?

  40. The news that during a private conversation that he said a woman couldn’t win the White House without context the day after polls showed he was ahead. Bernie still has a lot of grassroots support. We don’t believe the republicans because they have for years they will lie, re-district in order to cheat and extort foreign governments to win.

  41. How naive do you have to be to think the astablishment wouldnt pull this kind of a fucking stunt… she held them exactly long enough to force the senators off the campaign trail so Biden can win without contest.

  42. The Senate won't let the house managers in until the Senate passed the usmca trade deal.
    Doing the country business before the impeachment sham

  43. Bernie and Pocahontas now have to sit in the Senate for a couple of weeks or months and Biden can go out and campaign on his own.

    The DNC wants Biden to be the nominee, seems like a accurate statement by McCarthy.

  44. The time of it is not a coincidence, sorry bernie bros but you just berned your money away. have fun berning down cities like Kyle Jurek says when bernie loses.

  45. Bernie Sanders will lose to BIden and Mayor pete because he will be taken off the campaign trail right before to first few states.

  46. How does that even make sense?

    Never mind, it's the mind of a Trump supporter so it's not meant to make sense, it's just meant to make progressives angry and distracted.

  47. This dude is reaching. She held on to those articles so the additional info could come to light and the public is now aware of all the mess Drumpf and his administration are involved in.Pelosi played the hand she was dealt and acted when it made sense. No one is divided on who needs to be thrown out of office. A Democrat needs to win no matter what. People are seeing through this tactic.

  48. I do not think Pelosi's plan was to hurt Bernie, or Warren, or anyone else running. However, Farron, I DO believe the DNC is quaking in their boots over Bernie winning the nomination! I do not see them ever going out of their way to get him elected. That's why we, the people, have to do it ourselves!! Corporate Democrats have more in common w/the GOP than they do Progressive Democrats.

  49. I predicted that she would withhold the papers until 2 weeks prior to Iowa as soon as she said she was not sending them over, for exactly this reason, to hurt Sanders. There were plenty of other things to impeach Trump on, but they chose this, the thing they knew would go nowhere with Republicans.That you can't see it is actually kind of scary. They would rather lose to Trump than win with Sanders. It's not bait. You underestimate how dangerous Sanders is to the establishments' way of life and how much the elite want to stop him.

    Republicans don't need to call it out for Sanders supporters to see the machine working to stop Sanders.

  50. hey Farron !
    following your show from across the pond (France) and loving your sharp analyis…
    please reshoot your 'thanks for watching' end credits … it's so weird to see you at the end without the beard… lol

  51. Never trust a Republican/Trumpublican, especially when they give free advice to help you — it’s called concern trolling.

  52. If Mitch refuses to have witnesses and evidence to protect his GOP and trump, Bolton and Parnas along with a federal judge should go on national TV. Invite reporters from all networks. Then start the interview by being sworn in by the federal judge so that they’ll be under oath. Then the two make history by telling the world what they know.
    This would put enormous pressure on Mitch and the GOP in their senate impeachment hearing. Making it almost impossible to conduct a cover up hearing sham.
    Barr will do everything to cover all this up and refuse to investigate this because he’s a part of it.
    Mr. Bolton this could be your moment to be the relevant historical figure you’ve always wanted to be.
    Mr. Parnas and his family needs be secured government witness protection for themselves.
    Mr. Bolton are you listening?
    Have the same courage Mr. Parnas has shown

  53. Gosh, he seems real sincere. Maybe we should stop going after the corrupt, racist, traitor in the white house so someone can run for president to replace him.

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