Republican Lawmaker Admits Trump Is “Killing The Party” In Secret Recording

In the state of Texas. The uh, speaker of the house of representatives,
a Republican by the name of Dennis Bonnen has been in a lot of trouble recently for
a lot of the things the president has been accused of doing, which is essentially uh
having a quid pro quo with an outside group to take out certain Republicans in his state
and he told them on tape, by the way, if you get rid of these Republicans, I will make
sure that your people are installed in the next session. now that’s a big story. It’s been all over the news down there in
Texas, but there’s a bigger thing that came out from these undercover recordings that
happened with the Republican speaker of the Texas house of representatives and it was
that this speaker Bonnen admitted something that we have only heard rumors about in recent
months. And here’s what he had to say. I just think we’ve got to get through 2020
guarantee if we try and hold this majority, which with all due respect to Trump, who I
love, by the way, he’s killing us in the urban suburban districts. If we can make this work, I’ll put your guys
on the floor next session. He’s killing us in the urban suburban districts. I love the guy, but he’s killing us. Now, the reason this is the part of the story
I want to focus on is because again, for months and months and months, we have seen reports. We have seen stories anonymous Republican’s
saying behind closed doors. Off the record, man, Trump’s really bad for
us. This isn’t good. Oh, if impeachment were held today, 30 of
us would vote against him, but Oh, and we never really could believe those stories. Right? You know, that sounds like the kind of thing
somebody could easily make up to make the president look bad. This is on tape. This is an actual audio recording of the Republican
speaker of the Texas house of representatives saying this, admitting that Donald Trump is
killing the party. but unfortunately for Bonnen here, he doesn’t
get it. I love the guy, but he’s killing us. Trump’s not killing the Republican party folks. Trump is actually helping expose the Republican
party and that’s what’s killing you. That’s why voters are turning against you
guys. There’s always going to be a Republican base
in this country, just like there’s always going to be a democratic base in this country,
but everybody else, the kind of floats around, maybe I’m Republican, maybe I’m Democrat,
I don’t even know. Believe it or not, there are people like that,
which I still find odd. But nonetheless, there are people like that
and they’re being turned away from the Republican party, not just by Donald Trump, but by the
overall corruption of the Republican party. And I’m not saying every Republicans out there
committing crimes, but you’re damn sure are all out there defending the guy that is, and
that’s not okay. You’re also though, and this is probably even
the bigger issue, you’re enacting policies that haven’t benefited anyone below the upper
class since 1980 that that’s also going to take a toll on it, and that’s what the Republicans
don’t get. It’s not just Donald Trump. Hell, it’s not even mostly Donald Trump. It’s the fact that your party has done nothing
to benefit an average American citizen since before the 1980s you fix that problem. Then maybe maybe your party won’t die off
into obscurity, but if you continue to think that your problem is one guy sitting in the
white house, then good luck rebuilding when he’s gone.

  1. This is what Republicans wanted a corruption crook as president. Now pay the price Republicans. This is what they deserve a liar a fraud as president, sorry the stupid Republicans no mind just loving a corruption crook. Which is not worth it at all .

  2. Bullshit, the GOP has been on this racist trajectory for decades, and they wonder why he has over 80% Republican support.

  3. Every citizen needs to vote in 2020. If you can't get to the poles, ask someone to give you a ride. Every one should lend a hand to get every American to vote. Even if is snowing, raining, or what ever. Just get out and vote.

  4. The Republicans say they have done so much for the “people”, healthcare, prescription, etc, but I see nothing having been done in 4 long years. We turn on our televisions and it’s one more story added to an almost unending slew of stories already out there. They allowed Trump power. If he has destroyed his party, they that voted for him allowed it to happen. This has been no Presidency. But more so a look at what can and will happen when we Americans lose site of our needs and the country’s needs. Many now are having to eat “crow”. Especially when most of them are rich enough to have steak and lobster for breakfast. My concern is, how long, if ever, will it take our allies to once again trust us as a nation? And even if they do, this administration and it’s sad handling of international strategies, I’m sure have put a big question mark over our heads for years to come.

  5. Killing the party??? He tapped into something everyone can relates too, being victimized by the brown race. Trump 2020, because brown people suck!

  6. All parties have created Trump. Now all have to destroy him before election time. He wants to be a dictator , not just for another four years but for the rest of his life. His ego craves this. The idiots who stand behind him in the rallies could never get it until it finally hits them in the worst of ways. Their kids, like everyone’s will be having to live with their voting mistakes for many years to come. The kids won’t even know what a free country really is.

  7. Hey someone should tell that guy too late were just deciding were we are going to send you all after the election because we don't want you here anymore. But you guys are to sharp for us. Way to go flash were you been for the last three years. And it's not all trump we seen your dog and pony show and it's time for the whole circus to get out of town

  8. Nice one. As usual a great video. Man I bet you guys are going to be relived when this tw*t is finally out of office. Hope you guys get a Decent, Honest, Sane, Selfless, person as president next… all pigs, fuel up and proceed to runway 1 west.

  9. Who is holding trump accountable? pelosi is supporting trump by not holding those who are subpoenaed accountable. don't show, send out the Sargent of arms and throw them in a common regular jail.

  10. Dumb orange traitor is killing the party ? With the gop it's all about the party nothing to do with the Country anyways . And why not tell that to his orange face???

  11. We are not going to make it to 2020.Trump's malignant NPD disorder is going continue to gaslight us to a point where this entire country will be set on fire. This will not be Trumps fault. Our own inability to hold truth to power is what has created this entire situation.

  12. The sad thing is they caught between a rock and a hard place. The Republican base is now loyal to Trump, and Fox news have preached loyalty to him. But Trump is going against the very core of what they say they believe.

  13. It's obvious to anyone who is honest with themselves that they are ruiing the party. Its all this tea party nonsense and the Mercers and their ilk. The original ideas of the republican party which were just to limit federal powers in favour of state, has been dying since the early 80's and trump is the death knell. I hate it because I've always felt the US would be better with a more multi-party system, like maybe 5 parties, not 2. And certainly not only 1.

  14. The last Republican to win by popular majority was Bush The First back in the eighties. That was the last time the majority of Americans wanted a Republican President.. the freaking 80's!! How are they still here?

  15. I can't get over how many people that still support him. Wtf has this country gone completely stupid. They know he lies everyday but they just don't care. Wtf

  16. The USA has an entrenched, corrupt two party system. Neither party will go into obscurity or disappear. Third parties are basically insignificant, irrelevant, and in some states, nearly impossible for third party candidates to get on the ballot. Both parties are corrupt, but there is NO VIABLE ALTERNATIVE. Both parties will remain until the USA continues to decline into crisis, and the entire ruling elite is discredited, which after Trump, I doubt I will live to see, since democrats like Schumer and Pelosi will do their best to save a truly broken and corrupt system. The rhetoric will change, not the political parties.

  17. Impeach that treasonous Putin's puppet immediately! Just sickening! Enough of this disgusting debacle and foolish lawlessness! Impeach that traitor! You never, ever abandon an ally! Period! Impeach!

  18. Killing the party ???……I became a serious alcoholic since Trump got elected , I hope Trump leaves office soon before my liver goes out. 🤣😃😄😅🤣😃😄😅

  19. In the 70s all my middle class friends had a house ,cars , motorcycles, boats and a great life. The government took care of that. Guess we were having too much fun, because the economy was booming. Every body’s wife was a real estate agent. Lol

  20. Isn't about time to toss Ghouliani under the bus BEFORE he tells a huge one that can't be good, 🤯
    A lot of Sinister things happened to cause the murders of 343 FDNY on 9/11 that Rudy got alerted to, YET, Rudy Never Alerted those souls of FDNY.
    Rudy then Lies about the fact that he had been told the TOWERS were going to be coming down. A young lady LAUGHED IN HER FACE by Ghouliani Lies to her , BUT Gets FACT CHECKED ….. ….. All Caught on ….
    [ Video ] 》》》

  21. Sorry, but the Republicans have had almost 3 years to do something about this. To stand up for the people they represent. To uphold traditional Republican values of fiscal conservancy and being tough on crime. To separate themselves from his policies, his beliefs, his racism. To keep his racism from infecting the nation. To prevent him from waging stochiastic terror on minorities here in the US. To prevent him from trashing our closest allies and trading partners. To keep him from trashing international goodwill by withdrawing willy-nilly from any treaty that angered him. To remake the party into a foil on an insane despot of a president. To hold him accountable when he ran off the rails. To laugh to his face when he tweeted some illogical falsehood, and to take him to the woodshed when his implied or overt racism emerged. Instead, they were weak, cowardly, greedy, afraid he might tweet something mean at them.

    I have zero sympathy for Republicans and how they will be losing big in elections for more than a generation to come. They own this mess.

  22. Funny. Not. The republican party imploded in the first years of the Gee Dubya Bush administration. Remember, the far right wingers thought republitards were too soft to the middle and tea party was born out of it. Too complicated to go into here and complicated means there are many facets for the implosion. Bush screwed us all especially his party.

  23. Presidents are selected not elected. The ONLY way Trump is going away is if the powers that be decide to select someone else to do their bidding and the only way that will happen is if Trump somehow starts to go against their interests which is, of course, money and control. One thing is for sure, ALL of what we’ve been shown is not what’s going on. It never is. It never has been and it never will be.

  24. The Republican Party is no longer the party of the rule of law.
    The Republican Party is the party of White-supremacy racist-xenophobs hate-mongers war-mongers, corporations abd the mega rich.
    … …
    Good bye and good riddance to the Republican Party.

  25. Attn: GOP Senators….. You don't have to worry about being "Primaried" from the Right.
    You are already the biggest right-wing prick they could find in your district.

  26. That was a very precise , insightful Analysis of the Republican Party .
    If the General population of these U.S. fail to comprehend this reality ; then we are as gullible, naïve and as brain 🧠 dead 💀 as a cucumber 🥒.


  27. True, but face it, Republicans. You deserve killing. Since Nixon the GOP has been grotesque monstrosities devoted to the destruction of America.

  28. Vaporized on Scum Lada RoLa, in 18-seconds!
    On My MacBook Air, I have an Offering for(( Font smoothing))!
    *Wut da HeLL is Font Smoothing????

  29. No you are wrong. It's the people. The people are a representation. It's the people. That's a bigger problem than blaming a party. Think on it.

  30. Lindsay Graham knew this and still followed and obfuscated for Trump. He and his party have no loyalty to anything but themselves. Vote them all out.

  31. They are all guilty of being an enabler. Trump is a narcissist. And he has to feed that every day to feel good about himself and his ego.

  32. The Republican party is going down the drain if they don't do something to get trump out…at least put up another republican candidate..trumps making them look like incompetent idiots

  33. No shit Donald Trump doesn't give a fuck about Republican party or any party. He is only concerned about fulfilling his greed two struts for more power and wealth. He will take down the Republican party and United States from the inside out completely. Watch and learn.

  34. Trump isn't killing the Republican Party. It's been dead and rotting from the inside for decades. Trump is simply the latest pile of manure to be dumped on the heap.

  35. Killing the party? Not at all. Rethuglicans are such rubes if you told them a gallon of urine was lemonade they'd be setting up franchises.

  36. There is no more Republican party no more democratic party just a bunch of children playing at being adults useless lazy people

  37. 🤔Lol Republicans are only exposed by Trumpinnoccio..🤫💥
    ☻🤥Nah.. 🎩👌🍿😉👌Republicons has hurt their own grand ole circus acts partyings..🎡🎪🎢

  38. Trump received more votes in 2016 than any other Republican in history. The NeverTrumpers & the Rino's can fuck off with their liberal beliefs.

  39. Oh come on, trumP wont kill the party. He's a Russian asset (The pee-pee tape must be awesome) Moscow Mitch is a criminal enabler.. population of USA will be speaking Russian by 2022. 😉

  40. For God's sake; don't encourage that Sodomite Pete Butt-gouger to run for president. We don't need an open fudge-packer pervert like Obama as president. It would be more of a national disgrace than Trump . Pete Butt-gouger has a whole new meaning for "I got your back"…….Yeah I bet, he would want to ass-rape america into the fire and brimstone type of God's judgement that happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. Anyone who would vote for a open proud sodomite "married" to a homosexual is not fit to serve in government politics.

  41. Trump is exposing the Republican party for what it is, a group of people who have done nothing since 1980 except enrich themselves. They have been enabling presidents like Reagan, GWB, and Trump to start wars for greed and commit many crimes. EXACTLY.

  42. I’m not a republican but I remember the movie sweet home Alabama. Why did it seem like the democrats were the bad guys? And yes I do k it was just a movie. And funny thing is in real life Reese Witherspoon ended up being like Candice Bergen’s character instead of her own in the movie when she was drunk that one night. That is just so sad I don’t think I can ever let that go but that doesn’t mean I will ever stop watching her movies either.

  43. The problem is with the idiots who keep voting for Republicans, they already know that the GOP won't do anything for them, yet they still vore R because they think that voting for the party of "family values" makes them better than others.

  44. Trump planned this before he even ran. Hes been a Democrat for years and said if he ran, he'd run as a Republican because he said they were the dumbest people on the planet. That he could say anything and that they were so stupid they'd believe him. It's the Democrats that are trying to get him out. And Republicans are doing what to them? Come on now. You're just now seeing his con? He tried to make fools out of all of you.

  45. If you all thought the Midterms were a Fluke it will Pale in Comparison to the 2019 Federal Election. Trump AND his looney tunes administration have beaten a fire Ants and Wasp nest with a very very big stick, Anti Trump voters will vote at least 5xs as much as in 2016…Then without Trump their House and Senate Numbers will be reduced to a handful folks. I'm no psychic but have had a very strong record predicting Elections
    For example I was 1 of very few who thought Trump d win last x even though about 4 million more voted for Hillary. I don't like her much either, To me she never had the "IT factor, Had enough ppl have seconded her in the coes she'd have flogged Trump. The country should have a referendum to remove it and it'd be at least 70pc to abolish it folks.I don't expect u to believe I've got a 6th sense Especially when it comes to predicing Election outcomes, In Australia staying with my brother a few yrs ago I picked 2 state Elections telling my brother and this yrs Federal election All af odds of 8/1 in 2 "Horse races,"Including the Federal Electriion, Scott Morrison won it at huge odds and now 90 pc of Australians r cursing themselves for being so F…N stupid. Morrison has been up Trumps Ass too…Yet… he said about 1 yr back he Hated Trump with a vengeance… and far worse. Anyway we'll see but If my past predictions r anything to go by Trump will be defeated Big x.

  46. I don't mind, and am actually glad that Trump is killing the party, but the problem is he's trying to take the rest of the country down with him, while trying to enrich himself.
    Also, when he does go, I hope he takes his family with him.

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