1. Oh, dear lord. I dislike Tr*mp more than most folks because I've actually spoken with the (insert noun here). But I'm an old fart, and most folks in Congress have 20 years or more on me. He's retiring because he's old and tired, and this administration is even more tiring. He's "accepted donations" and now that his nest is well feathered and this next chapter won't be as much fun as sitting back and just ignoring voters while accepting bribes, he's out. Rejoice! He leaves an empty seat! He's NOT going to be on that jury. look through the windshield and not through the rear view mirror!

  2. Nancy pelosi has to go and Maxine waters needs to go but they won't because they are keeping the truth from the American people why did Maxine waters get the American taxpayers money to bail out her husband's bank

  3. Republican congressman. Peter King should retire he doesn't care about the country at all . come back to reality or retire and get the hell out. Rep Peter King no good for you no good for America

  4. Another useless fat old white man who couldn't care less about the American people. Now, can the rest of them go and spend more time with their family too? Take the easy way out… cowards…

  5. Is CNN smoking or drinking the same bullshit tonic that the GOP is drinking?
    Fucking Donald Trump didn't have any experience. Yet 3 years later, all u networks are making millions off of this pig.
    Then an intelligent mayor of a small town has a 100% better chance.
    I wonder if DT and his minions are true calling ur network "Fake".

  6. Quitting is better than being fired in Disgrace,.. POS republiKlans are running from criminal activity connected to trump and his cultist. Yeah its better to be jobless and free than lose your job because your ass is locked up.. [email protected] the republiKlan criminals,..

  7. Liberal to conservatives: Should Clinton have been impeached in a partisan way for lying about receiving oral sex from a staffer?
    Conservative: Yes. He shouldn't have lied about it.
    Liberal to conservatives: Should DJT be impeached for trying to tie military aid to help advance his reelection campaign?
    Conservatives: No. He was just doing what every president does. Plus, who cares.
    Liberal: He admitted to it, it's against the law to do that and at least 10 of his own party members have testified against him about it; including his CoS on live TV.
    Conservatives: Yeah but all those people are lying and are a part of the deep state.
    Liberal: The Republican deep state? They are all Republican!
    Conservative: What? No…
    Liberal: Yup and he hand picked most of them to serve for him in those positions. Some even gave his campaign a $1million donation.
    Conservative: Silence

  8. Now the corrupt King can spend full time on corrupt Long Island with all the other corrupt Republicans on Long Island….

  9. Arguing with ill informed Trump supporters is useless, the best thing you can do is direct them to a political Fact checking site like
    politifact or a not for profit reviewed . org fact checking site. The ones that have even the slightest integrity will get a shock when finding
    there Master Trump is at best very dishonest. It can be depressing and turn people away from fact, truth and reality, but those with integrity
    that find the truth should be praised as peers we can all look up to as truth seekers.

  10. King is voting to aquit before he even hears the evidence? What does that tell you about King? He's a corrupt POS and always has been! Good riddens to corrupt rubbish!

  11. Man it is so clear. The republicans have some dark secrets and orange von clown von tiny hands got his hands on it via the russians.

  12. This awful, bloated piece of COWARD shit would rather quit than fight the TRAITOR FAKE “president”, who HI-JACKED their IMPOTENT party.
    Republicans on Capitol Hill are dead dicks, to flaccid to stand up for their once-coveted Republic, which represented Democracy.
    Eat shit, you filthy Scum.

  13. good riddance-14 terms-28 years-WAY too long for even a crook. use that same old loser excuse-spend more time with your family.

  14. Easier to quit then it is to stand up to the con man in the white house. I say investigate every one that runs. Trump has to have something big on them. He must have committed a crime somewhere somehow and he is petrified!

  15. Fianally, an unbiased news source, nothing but pure journalism.These people are great!! No propaganda here, project Veritas proved that

  16. Every republican should stop robbing the taxpayers and retire. They are not doing anything for the money they are taking from us.

  17. Buttigieg has no chance of becoming president of USA unless it's either him or Trump. In that scenario, people will take the lesser of two evils. Pete will not win enough states to take him over the top, ordinarily, because of his sexual orientation. Imagine, if Pete wins and he and his mate, a man, gets out of the car to walk arm in arm down Pennsylvania Avenue!

  18. Yep that's what Rats do when the ship is sinking. Any truth to the rumor that all of the retiring Republicans are immigrating to Argentina?

  19. Yep let's used the fact that you just realized that you spend 4 days of week in DC, sad puppets going home cuz he doesn't have a spine or balls to stand up to #45

  20. Pete King is a spineless coward. Liar with a a horrible reputation. If you say was he was a good guy with integrity then you're a douche bag because this guy's a total douchebag

  21. another dude jumping ship…when the RED ship is on fire, the rats jump….They did nothing to suppress this idiot, so instead of admitting fault and wrongdoing, they simply jump ship. I dont want them on my ship…I wouldn't even through out a life-saver or raft. Go down with your captain….your choice..your criminal.

  22. PETER KING is old and about time to retired. What’s wrong with that!?
    You people and your conspiracy theory! What a team of unbiased “reporters” speaking . King of over 70 years old ! You DA’s!

  23. One thing about Muslim Wich is not bad, they say; tell the truth, even if a sabre is over your neck. The GOP would not tell the truth
    for money or political position

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