Republic Parking Northwest reduces management time with Office 365 solution

(gentle music) – Republic Parking NW was founded in 1987. We have about 350 employees spread over four states in the northwest. Technology plays a very important role in our day-to-day operations. We have a call center that
takes about 10,000 calls a month from the different locations. – Republic Parking, how can I help you? – The hub is a replacement
for having attendants on-site. We have 25 different locations
that are feeding in there through audio and video. – Customers call into the hub. They have questions like,
I don’t know how to pay or a gate arm is broken. – What we were missing was that next step where we could ensure that
those operations managers for those locations were
actually following up on the original problem
in the first place. And that’s where Provoke came in. – Provoke Solutions is a design-led software development business. – Provoke really enabled
us to take that next step and created a solution that takes the data that we’re producing and
puts it into a system that then sends it out to the
managers per their location. – The end solution that
we delivered using Sharepoint online provided them a one-stop place to visit, see these daily tasks. It was customized for the
person viewing that content with set deadlines for
all the location managers. – It shows the timeline of
this one was three days ago, this one was two. Being able to see just mine
was a lot more efficient. – We created an all-encompassing dashboard for the general manager and
directors to be able to go in and see a snapshot of the business. – I can see whether a manager has resolved the problem or
not, and if they haven’t, the system’s automatically pinging them rather than me having to do it. – I spend two hours a week
versus two hours a day sorting through information. – We can show potential clients
that not only do we know how to handle these kinds of problems at their automated locations,
but we know that our managers are following up on each
issue the following day. And they’re ensuring
that the same problems aren’t happening again and again. – I’m definitely a people person. So using 365 and the new system makes it a lot easier solving problems (laughs). Making the customer’s experience great.

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