1. Max, Holder, Hillary, Obama, Cnn all preach hate. Of course, the news blames Trump for violence. Mobs, Antifa must all be GOP. Dems, stop the lying and denying. CNN must think all people are brainwashed.

  2. Let's take this same quote, but instead of "anyone from that cabinent" let's place it with the term Negroes. Now, some of you may actually see how horrible and evil this is. Get in their face, get a crowd, tell them they're not welcome here… Absolutely shameful, and a violation of a person's civl rights.

  3. Does she own or speak for the owners of all restaurants, department stores, and gasoline stations? Do all of these business owners grovel and cater to this woman by agreeing with her that "they are not welcomed"? I have a message for her, Schummer, Pelosi, Booker, et al: Lacrimosa dies illa qua resurget ex favilla judicandus vos reus.

  4. If a Rebuplican had said this, she would be the loudest voice calling for criminal charges and immediate resignation.

  5. So like the Nazis to the Jews and homosexuals? People can dump on Trump all they want but you they can not attack his supporters.

  6. She cant even protect the people in her district she represents. She doesn't even live in the district she represents. She lives in a $4 million dollar home it a predominately rich white neighborhood. This lady is a joke!!


  8. if i get hurt bye democrats if im in a public place i would sue the democrats for me getting injured dont tell some one to run over trump supporter not right for you to tell people to injure people what in the hell is wrong with you maxine

  9. Closed minded uneducated racist need more anyone Martin Luther king Jr would be ashamed of her her mouth and her complete idiocy

  10. Did someone said Nazism ???? Only what they say and only what they want is acceptable ??? This is the new Democrat party , don't vote for those socialist nitwits.

  11. Don't arrest her yet, and don't arrest AOC yet please!!! They are perfect, perfect for the re-election of Trump. It's hilarious how evil these people are. Where is this going to go? Well just like in history the intelligent people will prevail… it will be a very very short civil war when these rich white kids realize that life isn't a hollywood movie.

  12. They gunna do this and dat. Learn the kings english woman. Oh and it’s not called the bafroom either. It’s pronounced bathroom. Now who has the low IQ?

  13. Maxine Waters lacks any sense of self-awareness. Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters – the same Maxine Waters who openly called for public violence and harassment against Trump administration employees, mind you – now says that President Trump “should take responsibility” for the escalating rhetoric and threats of violence against political and public officials, including this latest rash of threats.

  14. In the 1960's, political activists in the south were hounded on the streets and in restaurants, whether they were engaged in political discourse or simply spending time with their friends and families – that was not OK, they were the bad old days.
    In 2019, Maxine Waters thinks it's just fine to hound political activists on the streets and in restaurants, whether they are engaged in political discourse or simply spending time with their friends and families.

  15. This is now considered hate speech and violent content by YouTube's policies. Will this be enforced or will it slide because of leftist hypocrisy?

  16. this exactly what Obama did before he lied his way to the white house while America still sleep wondering…WHAT THE HELL IS A "COMMUNITY ORGANIZER"? A Muslim Socialist way of getting people together with one repeated message…the FAKE NEWS MEDIA NETWORKS are doing it now Occupied Wallstreet was a testing ground today Antifa/Black Lives Matter continuing their SOCIALISMS AGENDAS

  17. She is crazy — needs to be voted out of office. Term Limits will prevent idiots like this from overstaying in Congress

  18. She called for terrorism. Terrorist is one that uses violence or intimidation for political goals. That's exactly what she did.

  19. This is the first time I’ve liked the Washington post piece. You show the crazy Maxine Waters compared to the common sense Trump! Maxine Waters needs to clean up her own district. It’s a freaking mess!!! Her constituents should be harassing her for not doing anything for them!!!

  20. Modern day Prophet M. Waters presumes she speaks for God re her misinformed accusations and urge to physical violence. God, then, made her innocent like the ostrich?

  21. If you see Maxine in a restaurant or department store ( I don’t know if she can still hobble around on her own ) make sure you hand her a broom ( no , not to fly away on ) to sweep up the needles and the human feces piling up in her district . Also Cory Booker , If you see him in a Men’s room , block him cause he might let loose his overflowing testosterone in the toilet stall .

  22. Max Max Max smh

    Stop acting like Hitler by telling your followers to harass harmless people who is just minding their own business

  23. "Protect the children".. use of children as pawns in her hateful ingrate dialogue. I am old enough to remember seeing "Colored" signs around town. Point? Give em an inch and they take a mile. My how quickly they forget.

  24. How is this not hate speech.
    She is inciting a hostile environment for someone with a different political views.
    Is there a good lawyer here. I feel threatened and want to sue her

  25. if you seen Maxine Waters anywheres you call her out you shout her down you tell her that she's victimizing lots of white people she's trying to commit civil War on white people by black people that isn't necessary we all need to get along except Maxine Waters can't get along with anybody that's white unless they bow down to her but that's not going to happen anymore Maxine we're waking up liberal sent out calling you trash how's that make you feel and you less likes in this country than Hillary Clinton had to get that what was hard

  26. So damn crazy how oppression is claimed in one breath and dolled on the other. Isn't harassment fall under a crime. This is your party epic libtards at its best.

  27. Nancy pelosi Gavin newsom Gerald Brown and the John Paul Getty family are all related….

    Maxine is just a tentacle

  28. Bloody hell!! The democrats have really really messed up your country…to a point of people becoming mental with each other….

  29. Maxine Waters is promoting the people attacking trump supporters & now you know why the Democrats refused to list antifa as a terrorist group !

  30. Maxine Waters you need to leave your doors unlocked at your house at all times that way people can come over and harass you see how you like it

  31. Chris Cuomo claim that he spoke out against Maxine waters saying these things but there is zero evidence of Fredo ever calling Maxine out on such horrible things but he then rips on Trump for tweeting something about Nancy Pelosi is teeth look like they're falling out. Which by the way they do look like they're falling not all the time I don't know why she doesn't use them more Polident.

    Bottom line is that so many liberals and democrats have best, harassed and degraded president trump and the moment the president defends himself or responds with the same type of rhetoric then all of a sudden trump is the most evil bastard that ever walked the face of the Earth. Talk about hypocrisy

  32. And she accuses President Trump of being divisive. She is the one that is divisive, only attacks President Trump, because he stands on the way, between her corruption and the people Trump will protect against her corruption.
    Those who still believe the lies of the Democrats are still asleep to the truth. Just look at the districts Democrats run. Why is there an exodus of so many people living California?
    “It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”― Mark Twain

  33. Why would any sane person, ESPECIALLY a congresswoman in the United States of America, call for American citizens to violate other American citizens.
    This woman needs a massive shutdown with a Class Action Lawsuit against her made on behalf of republican voters.

  34. Whats happened to this country is that a whole generation has turned into nothing but a bunch of Social Media Sheep who follow the views & thoughts of others, instead of getting the facts for themselves in the proper places. AND NOT IN THE NEWS!
    These sick idiotic morons, like this mentally disturbed joke, have ignored the citizens of their own states and have caused economic ruin in their states, ever since Trump was elected.
    This generation is making political decisions based on the social media views and opinions of Newscasters or a panel of women on morning TV, and not on real facts or someones ability to do a good job.
    I've said it dozens of times ……
    I'm 60 yrs old and had vote democrat since the 1980's …….UNTIL 2016 when I had enough.

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