Rep. Mike Conaway Attacks Schiff Over Whistleblower Anonymity | NBC News

  1. He didn't attack Schiff … he was simply highlighting the truth of the matter. Pelosi said "the whistle-blower must testify" … then when they realized there would be conflicts, they now say "the whistle-blower can NOT testify"

  2. What is so difficult about understanding that the whistleblower's testimony is irrelevant to this inquiry. Republicans are endorsing a manhunt. The whistleblower's identity is protected by law.

  3. So stupid. Complaining about the whistle-blower is like complaining about the web when the spider is chewing your head off.

  4. 🚨Republican representative Elise Stefanik from New York makes the Democrats witch-hunt and lying Adam Schiff impeachment Inquiry look like the clown show it is. Adam Schiff was a President Trump Hater from the day he was elected. He is covering for Joe Biden who is the only person that committed a “quid pro quo” getting his son an $83,000 a month job with the Ukrainian oil company after getting the prosecutor investigating his son in Ukraine fired by withholding $billions$ of US aid money unless the prosecutor investigating his son was fired. Are the Democrats so dumb they can’t see where the real corruption is? Or are they just blinded by their hatred of a duly elected president who is doing a great job fixing the mess the Democrats and Obama made.

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