Rep. Michael Waltz: Trump has been transparent since Day 1


  2. Waltz must be living in that alternative universe Trump and the Republicans live in. Trump has been lying since day 1 of his campaign. Trump claims he is transparent but that is also a lie.

  3. I don't care who likes it! The President is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! I do not blame him in the LEAST for DEFENDING HIMSELF! To those who CRITICISE his TWEETS, O-WELL! Get over It! When you don't ALLOW a person to defend themselves, what do you expect? GFY Democrats.

  4. Trump promised has taxes if he won. So no, he hasn't been transparent since day one. He's been obstructing justice and credibility of free press since day one.

  5. Trump supporters are hilarious. The evidence of Trump's guilt is OVERWHELMING and they just keep pulling out excuses. EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland (who Trump picked for that job) testified under oath "Yes Trump absolutely demanded a Quid Pro Quo from Ukraine for his personal benefit and everyone in his administration knew about it". That's NOT HEARSAY because Gordon Sondland was talking directly to Trump on the phone call when Trump made those demands. Hearsay is when you hear what a person said through someone else. For example, if Gordon Sondland heard what Trump said through another person who isn't Trump then that would be Hearsay because he didn't hear it from Trump himself. That's NOT what happened because Gordon Sondland personally heard it from Trump himself on the phone call so it's NOT HEARSAY. Most of the other witnesses were listening in on Trump's phone call to Ukraine so they also heard Trump say it himself. That's not Hearsay because they heard it from Trump himself (Hearsay is when you hear indirectly through another person who was there).

    It's so amazing how brainwashed Conservatives are. The reason you keep saying "This is all Hearsay" is that Fox News and Mark Levin keep telling you "This is all Hearsay". They say it and you believe it. Can't you think for yourselves?? Or research facts for yourself?? You are like mindless parrots just repeating what they tell you to say.

    Trump's Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney was asked, "Did Trump say the money won't flow unless you investigate the Bidens for me" and he replied with "Yes we do that all the time". War Veteran Alexander Vindman, who took an injury from a bomb blast for his country, said under oath "Trump demanded a Quid Pro Quo and it would have had devastating national security implications for us". David Holmes who heard the call said under oath, "Trump couldn't care less about Ukraine and he only wanted to benefit himself". And that's not even all of them.

    It's not illegal for a country to demand a Quid Pro Quo from another country (like demanding trade or military support in exchange for money) but it is illegal for a President to do it for his own personal benefit because that's putting yourself ahead of the country. The money was also already authorized for release by Congress, voted in favor of by Republicans and Democrats, and we give money to corrupt countries all the time (see Saudi Arabia with one of the worst human rights abuse records in the world).

    But all Trump supporters can say is, despite all of this massively overwhelming evidence of his guilt and dozens of witnesses, "yeah but he's like totally innocent". LMFAO!!!

    July 6, 2019 = Money to Ukraine gets frozen
    July 25, 2019 = Call between Trump and Zelensky occurs
    August 29, 2019 = Ukraine starts to panic over the missing money
    September 9, 2019 = Investigations into Trump begin over the frozen money
    September 9, 2019 = AFTER INVESTIGATIONS BEGIN, Trump calls Sondland again to call off the Quid Pro Quo saying "I want no Quid Pro Quo" (attempting to cover his tracks)
    September 11, 2019 = Scandal explodes into national attention, Trump releases the money because he's now in very hot water over it and Inspector General starts to investigate
    September 25, 2019 = Impeachment Begins

  6. Saw this headline in passing and thought, "oh!, must be a political farcical comedy to be sure",….it wasnt, it was a JOKE!, LOL, Trump transparent from day one?,…. dear God help up all.

  7. Transparency means not ignoring subpoenas and claiming priviledge. If you did nothing wrong, hand over the documents and let people testify.

  8. Trump and the GOP, in de facto partnership with Fox News, are creating an alternate reality for followers in which facts are what the President needs them to be. This is a hallmark of authoritarianism.

    Impeachment hearing testimony by the US Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland, and others has implicated the President in directing what appears to amount to extortion of Ukraine to investigate his political opponents. The GOP has fallen into step defending Trump, however, seeming to espouse the principle that the President can do just about anything without consequence.

    In such a climate, the very idea that "rule of law should prevail," as former Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, said in her opening statement, becomes partisan and negatively associated in some Trump supporters' minds

  9. He has been transparent since day one. Since day one, we could all see that he was an incoherent, incompetent moron with a tendency to brag about himself and tweet more bile than a meanage girl.

  10. Dumpster Trump is a disgrace to all,lies,spins, klanklown cult base should be ashamed to even think this klanklown is a good so-called president, what a disgrace

  11. Keep impeachment process moving forward, stop dumpster Trump from making anymore deals on everything,shut down the klanklown cult of the gop

  12. The democrats do not give a 💩about the American people and if Americans vote Democrat then I feel sorry for your country.. democatics not interested in making things better for the people they liked it better you had no jobs poor pay etc.. they will have your country going backwards if you vote for them.. socialist globilists lefty's of the world over are evil…🇦🇺

  13. Every member of Schiff's staff (that worked for him during the whistleblower time frame) needs to be subpoenaed as well as Schiff so Schiff can't skate.

  14. The only thing impeachment does is force the independent vote to pick a side now so both political parties can encroach on that last dwindling and nearly depleted demographic of free thinking Patriots who wants to be able to own a gun but also doesn't see any qualms with having to pay the government a tax to exercise what is turning out to be a vastly unpopular and controversial right in many of our fellow American's eyes.

  15. Our elections work because fortunately the group of people who end up picking the president because they are smart enough to be persuaded and compelled by good ideas on either side, make up just enough percentage of the overall population of voters that we get to pick the most creative independent masquerading as a party loyalist, when it's pretty obvious we haven't elected a republican or a Democrat in the last 50 years (unless you count bush sr. I don't. He was a fluke who rode in to the office on Reagan's coat tails)

    And the last true Democrat we voted in was LBJ and before him it wasn't JFK but FDR.

    Every other president has been moderate. Why? Because you people are just dumb enough to get tricked into caring about politics like it's the real world just in a totally different kind of house, so Trump can help his buddies at CNN and Fox stay alive long enough to figure out how to update their business model in the post "Hey Facebook/YouTube! Stop hogging all the eyeballs!" world…

    And even after all this drama lover's nirvana, you guys still vote for your own halved off section of the version of hell you are sent to when your so dumb the higher authorities decide for you " hell on Earth, that way when you die we can delete you and nobody can claim we lied to everyone when we said everybody who doesn't get into heaven goes to hell. When it's really just a misunderstanding of duration and when the fun can actually begin!

  16. Hey Waltz, stop sucking. Donald would not have you take out the trash. Now, the entire world.knows you are a sucker. Suck good to keep your job.

  17. All this impeachment did was show how corrupt the Dumocrats truly are and how they will lie, cheat and steal to get what they want. They do not care and the American people or the good of the Country.

  18. Why oh why would Trump want to dig up political dirt on incoherent self-destructive uncle Joe?? Corruption concerns however are another matter Trump is mandated to pursue.

  19. The Fl. Rep. spoke about back home. "They want laws to lower Rx costs, trade bills passed, immigration, etc. The phone transcript is enough to clear Pres. Trump."

  20. The number 1, absolute best thing that the Trump presidency has done here is put everyone in U.S. politics REAL, LEGITIMATE, agendas on full display. Whichever side of the issues you would sit on.

  21. WE the people demand a TRIAL ..👍💖 we want Schiff and Pelosi on the stand 💥…💥…💥 Schifft is an impostor changed president miimicked and changed words on president documents .what a disgrace Schifft the well known Liar corrupt abused his power ,He should be moved off as a chairman ,should be in jail!! ..

  22. Everyone here should watch MSNBC a little. Everyone who watches MSNBC should watch Fox a little. Anyone who won't or can't should wonder why? trump won't last forever and we should be prepared to work together on climate and the prosecution of Putin.

  23. Since
    I know every politics is always based on a few very simple questions
    – representative of one country, let's say Trump, asks
    representative of another country, let's say Zelensky – „what do
    you want?” In latin language it sounds “Qui pro quo” Let's say,
    Ukraine needs Javelins, and Zelensky asks Trump for that. The next
    question of Trump would be and should be „What can you give (us)
    for that? Because we are afraid of corruption, which is so common on
    Ukraine” Zelensky probably promised to fight with bribery, or made
    some other promises like that. He could say – I can give (to US)
    only money for Javelins. Trump accepted his answer. Because of that
    Trump said to Sondland – I want nothing from Ukraine, nothing – and
    he wanted to say that US wanted only money for Javelins, nothing
    more. The next question is hypothetical in situation, in which Trump
    wanted to fulfill Zelensky's expectations, co the next question
    wasn't given in this specific situation, because it was useless –
    this is the question „What are you going to do, if we (US) do not
    fulfill your expectations?” Ukraine could do nothing to USA, so for
    Trump it was nonsense even to ask such a question. He had only to
    think it over – this is big responsibility to give Ukraine, which
    is highly corrupted country, so modern weapon as Javelins, weapon
    which could be easy sold to Russia in many individual bribery
    transactions, made by lower level of officials, and used against USA!
    Because of this the delay had to be expected, and this delay is very
    easy to explain, because it was necessary to make such a delay, to
    think the transaction over. Trump had to think the deal over, it was
    part of his job! So, as we see, the core of every politics is always
    „qui pro quo”, and Gordon Sondland said exactly what I explained,
    but when Shiff asked him if there was qui pro quo, Shiff thought
    about bribery – when Sondland thought about politics – and he
    answered “yes”, because Sondland is honest person, and he had to
    say this, according to politics. He only wasn't clever enough to make
    immediate statement – to explain Shiff what he meant saying “yes”.
    He should immediately explain differentiation between "qui pro
    quo" procedure as a part of every politician agreement, which
    was obvious for him, and "qui pro quo" as a part of every
    bribery transaction, which was Shiff intention. Shiff simply used
    this similarity and show Sondland's answer “yes” to public in
    specific meaning, exactly as he wanted, as dems expected, in my
    opinion completely against Sondland primary intention. There was "qui
    pro quo" – said Sondland, but he forget to say, that only in
    that political meaning, not as a proof of Trump's bribery. Trump as
    representative of USA could and should test Ukrainian leader, what
    Ukraine can make or give to USA as the reward for higly efficient
    Javelins, so it is really simple question – what for Javelins, in
    other words – qui pro quo? This questions are simply obvious in
    politics, but Shiff presented Sondland's answer in purpose, in a bed,
    very different meaning, as if Sondland wanted to proof, that Trump
    made or planned to make bribery. This is shame for Shiff, this is
    ridiculous! Shiff knew, what he did, and this is big shame for him,
    for dems, and for media like MSNBC, which repeat Shiff's
    presumptions, and constantly accuse Trump – for his really great

  24. Everybody in the Obama regime needs to be arrested tried and if found guilty of treason or sedition should be executed publicly

  25. what of this bull don`t you get? he wants to know what interference was going on in the 2016 election. he wants to know if crazy joe is as corrupt as hellary and obummer. you don`t think another elected prez would have done the same thing against TRUMP? figure that one out. I`ll spell it out, TRUMP wants to know that he won honestly. he has pride in what he accomplished and wants to know it was gotten the right way.

  26. Of course he wants a trial in Trump land…. 57 vs 43 of course. I love how he deflects onto others what he is accused of. Next week we will know if Don McGann has to testify in Congress. And now Nunes involved on the Biden investigations, this is way way way better than any soap opera. I am telling you.

  27. San Francisco Poop Patrol radioing in.. "Hey! We found this huge pile of Schiff, we're going to need some serious earth movers to get this monstrosity out of the public eye and clean this up!"

  28. Rep Waltz is the perfect example of how Democrat and Republican politicians caused the same results over the past decades.
    If Pres Trump left Republicans, he’d take most of us with him.

  29. Trump should take up marijuana legalization. Marijuana is not a democrat issue, all my republican friends support legalization. Trump should do it bc the people will love him and he will get credit for it. It has nearly 80% support from the people.

  30. The ONLY REASON Donald trump is Transparent is because, he was a Billionaire before he became President abd will be after he leaves the office. UNLIKE many of these politicians for whatever reason, MONEY or POWER,without their Governmental positions, would FADE into Obscurity. Just look back into the Past Three years.Incessant ACCUSATIONS of NOT investigating into the ALLEGED election interference in the 2016 Election.Yet when the president attempts an investigation, all we hear is WE HAVE A DEMOCRAT involved, SO YOU CAN'T INVESTIGATE THAT. Please TELL ME that we still have NORMAL Americans, that realize a company like Berisma wouldn't hire an EX JUNKIE and psy them 50 THOUSAND DOLLARS a month, without any QUID-PRO-QUO.

  31. Trump is the one hiding his tax returns.
    All you need to remember is trump said “I want you to do us a favor though.”

  32. Im wondering who of the impeachment witnesses do you think are the leaky moles in the white house? and book writers??? lol

  33. Seriously, trump has been transparent from day one…let’s see🤔 why has he not made his taxes public, or fully divested from his company, or provided the original telephone call transcript with no changes?!


  35. 7 or 8 Quid Pro Quo? He's so FOS. Sounds to me that there are true Americans not wanting a con man running for president and now we know it true

  36. Trump is denying and blocking progress. The world is on course for a 3.7-4.8°C temperature increase by 2100, which would cause catastrophic and irreparable damage – wiping away coastlines and turning our forests into savannahs. Even commitments made under the 2015 Paris Agreement fall far short of the cuts required to limit warming to a relatively safer 1.5°C. Meanwhile, 800 million people globally are already suffering the impacts of climate change, which will endure for the next century or more due to the cumulative impact of emissions already in the atmosphere.

  37. Here's what my son, active-duty Army, said after Trump betrayed our Kurdish

    allies…"Trump is an f**king idiot". Trump supporters, please don't go

    up to my son and say 'thank you for your service". He doesn't want thanks

    from Russian-loving Trump supporters!

    Trump is the worst president we've ever had. He has turned our country upside down
    and now we all see the maggot-infested, stinking underbelly. What once was a
    country that others looked up to is now no better than Russia. Thanks Trump

    supporters for turning us corrupt! Trump = Putin's puppet.

  38. I was just reading an analysis report on the polling of the 2016 election, they determined why most missed the mark. The 2020 cycle is here, finally, and the polling is still being analysed. According to my analysis folks with more money in their pocket, after taxes, before dividends will mostly vote for the one person responsible for letting it stay their, folks earning more money at the end of the month before taxes will split the vote, democrat government employees will vote democrat way mostly, Vet will vote way mostly GOP, minority groups will most likely have little to say, independent voters will for the most part, if not part of another group vote for the President. The over 65 group that are retired on Social Security will vote for the President. With the exception of California and New York City and maybe Washington State most voters live their day to day lives with little concern about America, because the President is doing the heavy lifting everyday, and lets us know who you can trust. The Media Centers and Microsoft are more creative, California and New York City have vast populations that depend on government change, for their pocket change. Washington DC is the most "change dependent" place in the world, new people moving in and out is big business, every couple of years major changes to their economy changes, so voting for something other then change is stupid, to their way of thinking. The folks doing their report are numbers people, the folk voting are dollars and cents people, the media does the talking, the house does the screwing, and The President does one hell of a good job. He talks too much, he tweets too much, but he sleeps maybe 4 hours a day, out works his staff, is two books ahead of most, he knows no answer is an answer, he knows how to close a deal, he knows when to walk away. Most importantly, he knows he loves America, ask him, he gets the biggest group of Americans he can a yells at them. He never says MAKE AMERICA ONLY, just be an American first. Before too long, California and NYC will find that the people who run the place have no respect for voters, just votes. Polls are done to influence voters, analyse that problem before you let folks know you worked out the bugs. The bug is in 2016 most wanted the DNC to overcome, the problem now is the new GOP has a leader, and the RNC is trying to catch-up, and the DNC will be running out of media money long before November 2020. Polls will be the cheapest way to buy votes with tricks, 65 million voted on the come, polls show that voters tend to double down on winners. The only change possible is the House Leadership, the DNC has assumed most Americans hate the president, it's just most DNC leaders, all 10 or so. With a little help the polls will get it right.

  39. Nothing says transparent like hiding taxes, suppressing witnesses and secretly selling American assets to competitors.

  40. The lying sack of $hit Trump is bullshitting as always. He prevents his staff from testifying because he has NO defense for the accusations. Every time his staff does say anything under oath, they just prove more guilt! I't quite hilarious actually.

  41. I want to see trump and his piece of sh!t cronies testify. Who gives a sh!t about Schiff or the whistleblower, they are irrelevant. trump has NEVER been transparent, he just opens his mouth and shoots himself in the foot. The guy is an insecure wanna be dicktater.

  42. 1. The investigation into Biden happened BEFORE Biden announced his run for president
    2. The President's JOB is the executive branch, ie. enforce the law

    If we are going to set president and say that a president can't investigate criminally, people who start running for president AFTER they've already started investigating you, that would mean most high level criminals and politicians could, as soon as they were being investigated for crimes, announce presidency runs…

    This is absolutely f*cking idiotic.

  43. Never heard of him(Waltz) supporting Trump or attacking Trump, wonder if this guy is a real leader, or just sticking his finger in the air, and finanlly coming out to support America.

  44. Transparent? Yes… but not in the way Waltz means it. Trump is transparently corrupt, dishonest, ignorant and incompetent.

  45. Of course the crook wants a trial. He just met with the jurors who have all publicly stated that they won’t even hear the evidence. They can do that at the moment because they are in majority but in doing so they gaurantee a loss of the majority in 2020. Trump is already out in 2020. He doesn’t have the votes. He barely made it the 1st time. But the senate is in a no win scenario. If they go against the criminal they will get primaried. If the vote for corruption they get killed in the general. If they get primaried either one loses in the general. What the hell do ya do with that losing hand? That’s why so many got out. The smart ones. Trump killed the republican party. Rip crooks.

  46. Yup, Trump is the most transparent President. It so easy to see ALL his crimes and personal dealings using Presidency to benefit himself. Obama NEVER got caught. Trump is an idiot.

  47. If you are not a free thinker you get all of your news from CNN, MSNBC, CBS and the like , rather than research for yourself to find the truth the media is opinion only. I look for the facts. TRUMP 2020

  48. Keep an open mind at all times. Could this be distraction? I mean, Trump said he wanted 5G sooner than later and even wanted 6G. These are weapons. And what about the chemtrails? Definitely the people sitting in Senate all belong behind bars.

  49. Mr. Waltz, quit dancing with us. I don't believe that statement to be true about any past president, nor any Senator or Representative in Washington DC. "Completely transparent" is overkill. And regardless of political party or person, if somebody told me that a certain politician has been completely transparent, I would know to run like hell before they pulled out snake oil.

  50. Rep. Waltz, we both having been military men, let's level with each other. My Marines would come to me to write their evals. I was told that I could make an average Marine appear as though he walked on water. Any eval I composed was always met with meritorious oorahs and promotion. In the Marine Corps, rank isn't so easily obtained. But, my pen worked magic. Calling out a fellow spade card here, I see what you are up to.

  51. Since when does our press support corruption. Because they are corrupt too. They need to be shut down ! They're poisoning the minds of the American people. Not good for the country.

  52. I can't talk to my own family anymore because they hate Trump for doing what he hasn't done. This is F___ Up and it's ruining my life. I think we should have a civil war.

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