1. This crap is bordering on being .tyrannical.and the left called Trump a dictator…..go figure! Either way we need to vote all these idiots out of office in 2020

  2. America needs to be strong and prepared to fight at any cost to protect THE CONSTITUTION. Trump 2020 KAG

    Merry Christmas 🎄 America !

  3. Im not stop laughping when collin said this is the kangaro show hahahhahahah. Kangaro is hit again again again and again

  4. These.. "people", Shiff, Nadler, Pelosi, Shumer, etc.(THE RAT PACK)) are TERRIFIED of the REAL TRUTH being exposed, Shiffs pedophilia, Pelosi's family involvement in the Ukraine, money being laundered through her husband's bank, Nadler's kickbacks.. The list goes on 🙄👎 lot's of "strawmen".there is so much being exposed because of TRUE INDEPENDENT JOURNALIST 💯 PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP 🤯 WHAT THESE PEOPLE MEANT FOR HARM…. GOD FULLY INTENDED FOR THE GOOD. 👍 Genesis 50:20


  6. All the tax payer money we’ve been giving to Ukraine, ended up in a piggy bank that the democrats have been raiding for decades. 7 billion dollars. This is what they are hiding. It is all coming out and they will go down.

  7. Nadler is a disgrace. How does this man still earn a paycheck? Goes to show how much we love to reward appalling behavior and punish good behavior.

  8. Lol they're in too deep! They have to go through with it now. Nance goes home crying on her pillow every night. Speaker of the House no more after 2020.

  9. Dems are mad because they tried to tank this country through Obama>Hillary but their plans were put on hold. They see the people are starting to rise up, they are starting to make money again(more local influence), and starting to wake up. The Dems don't like that because they wanted to completely outsource this country to all foreign bidders and it was put on hold. Now the only way we derail their plans is to keep going on this. Don't let up and don't let them back in. If we give them an inch, they will take the whole field.

  10. If Watergate had gone down like the Russia Collusion Hoax, Nixon's FBI would have arrested George McGovern for the DNC headquarters break in … by Nixon's men!

  11. You politicians need to remember the guillotine is a simple device a few heads in a basket can get attention. We the people are tired of your lies you democrats blame republicans and republicans blame democrats. Then we get F***ed burn it down you guys play games and working people pay the bill we need a change.

  12. In the midst of this unprecedented storm we are witnessing, here comes
    REP. DOUG COLLINS delivering hope to the greatest nation on earth which is currently suffering at the hands of the mass traitors, the domestic enemies of our country.
    Hey Georgians, you must rid of that Kemp guy, one of many fake conservatives who's shown his true face by not choosing
    Rep. Collins as a Senator.
    Remember that on the election day, you guys are too good to have incompetent traitor like him.
    God bless you, Ga.

  13. There better not be so much as a single Republican who votes to impeach. If there are they might as well start looking for a new job right now. For once we have a President who has done everything he he based his campaign on (then THEN some), and the country is in far better shape than Obama's EIGHT YEARS in office. More interestingly, President Trump managed to accomplish all this despite democrats working directly against him. Just imagine what could be accomplished if they chose to work WITH him? Democrats are cancer to the Republic.

  14. If low-level actors of the FBI/DOJ had committed these acts of conscious omissions and malfeasance in the FISA process, then wrong doings are not therefore limited to the higher echelons of the agencies. And why has Dir. Christopher Wray not done something about those in his agency who committed these conscious omissions and malfeasance? Why are they still in service and not fired long ago? It appears that these conscious omissions and malfeasance are endemic in the DOJ/FBI culture of committing these unprofessional and corrupt conduct depending on their "Secret Society's" political objectives. AG Bill Barr should now REVAMP THE ENTIRE DOJ AND FBI and dislodge this "Secret Society" that has become a platform for mafia like blackmailing and corrupt activities, and bring everyone guilty of malfeasance and misfeasance in the DOJ/FBI to justice. Only then can the American people have faith and confidence back in these agencies. As the Democrats kept on saying, "no one is above the law."

  15. Dems are very worried about the durham report when actual people will be getting supeonas put under oath a grand jury and jail time. We already know for sure the fbi lawyer who altered the document is going to jail

  16. Impeachment depends on the crime rather than the number of democrats that want it.

    No obstruction as there was no crime they could identify, just accusations

    Impeachment must never be used to undo an election.

    Nadler ran on in Nov 2018: I will be the best one to impeach the president.

    Elijah Cummings: If we don't impeach him, Trump will win 2020

    Pelosi: We have been working on impeachment for 2 1/2 years already

    Talib: Just after she was elected, now we will impeach the Mother F

    CNN: Impeachment was promoted within days of Trump Election

  17. I have believed that the impeachment of President Trump was and is nothing more than a red herring. The Democrats are trying desperately to avert attention from themselves, the deep state, the Russia Hoax, Spygate, Ukraine and the Bidens. Their crimes are so deep and pervasive, historians and politicians will still be investigating them for the next hundred years. The Democrats have been behaving so badly that it boggles the mind. Why? I believe they have a alternative motive which is their continued existence. If they can lie, cheat, steal, misdirect, and cover up their past and present antics then maybe they will have a future. Maybe. For now they are indelibly tainted with corruption. It is a stench that is hard to remove.

  18. Why do we still have democrats, they stood with the confederates during civil war, should've got rid of them after that.. I hope black people know that so many of you are democrats because they have been trying to control you since you were free, but republicans gave you freedom then just left you alone, they bait you to their side for votes while hemorrhaging tax money to do it, that's all they do. Look up the history, its all there. They were hiding behind the fact that the internet didn't exist for a long time.

  19. This interviewer seems to have a problem. Talks way way too fast to make sure she can say everything she wants to and doesn’t give the guest much time to talk. Why have a guest?

  20. Term Limits are a must so we never get imbeciles like Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff and so may others….permanently lodged in Congress ever again. TERM LIMITS!!!

  21. It is totally obvious to educated people watching this is simply a ruse created to down play many democrats who are guilty of egregious behaviors.

  22. Doughorn Leghorn, I didn't see anyone else yelling, jumping and waving his hands. I say, boy, I say…words thrown out in anger and haste often come home to roost.

  23. Democrats have no Concsious, soul, morals, or truth to stand on. Coup de tat has been in effect long before the 2016 election. Proof with pain for democrats is coming . If it acts like dem, lies like a dem, and corupt like a dem; must be a democrat treasonous traitor.

  24. by not concluding that the FBI's mistakes were the result of political bias, IG Michael Horowitz—a holdover from the Obama Administration—has already given the MSM the perfect excuse to dismiss the future findings of William Barr and John Durham! in fact, the MSM have already started their campaign to paint AG Barr as nothing more than a purely partisan actor (the same of which they'll soon do to Durham). ⬅ALL THAT IS WHY HOROWITZ NEVER INTENDED TO BLAME IT ON POLITICAL BIAS (unless he had no choice)! he's just providing cover for the FBI, DOJ, and the Obama Administration.

  25. How does the US Constitution protect the President from Abuse by Congress? There should be another election of Representatives to remove these shirkers of duty.

  26. Woah, WOAH woaH, comment section. You guys are way to hard on the libbies. If you were raised by a single mother who worked some embarrassing profession (like a bar maid), born a semi-functional sub 80 IQ trog, and are perpetually operating in the bottom tiers of the economic system – you would be mad too. So, have some compassion.

  27. The impeachment is not about politics it is about hiding corruption. Bad boys and girls, whata going to do when he comes for you??

  28. And the scary part is the left knows it's a sham but are smiling anyway. They are taking it as some sort of Easter egg and a victory. I spoke to a coworker about it who is liberal minded and his comment was "Trump withheld aid, he deserves to be impeached!" So I one by one shot down every point he made and in the end all he could say was "Well he's getting impeached anyway!". There was no Quid Pro Quo. There was no extortion. There was no bribery. There was no abuse of power. And they want to cling to obstruction of congress? Seriously? The man has the most important job on the planet and you want him to stop that so he can participate in the Democrat's circus to remove him? Yet Hillary destroys 30,000 national security emails that were under federal subpoena, acid washes her hard drives and takes hammers to all her devices and that's NOT obstruction?????? The left does nothing about it. Nothing to see here please move along! What a joke! The Senate will dismiss and Trump rolls right into his 2nd term and the left loses BADLY in 2020 and they 100% deserve to!

  29. Research Toddler Property Rules. All ten rules are appropriate for house dems. Most of the rules regard toddlers "all mine" mentality.


  31. Beware Liberal Zombies We The People know who the Traitors of this Republic and you will be exposed and judged with no Mercy

  32. I think Americans need to see what’s going on around the world, TRUMP made MAGA even better than expected. USA is the only country doing better than expected because of Mr DT. Trump2020!

  33. I’m scared of the states that don’t need ID to vote…. you have to be literally living on mars not to see Trump will win in a landslide and the treason Dems are pushing. I wasn’t sure Of Trump when I pulled the lever in 2016, however, I knew it couldn’t be Hillary. His foreign policy is the best I have ever seen in our history, he’s exposing the deep corruption of unelected bureaucrats, and the media bias owned by the leftist elites. Thank God he was elected. I am confident what lever to pull this time around. Hope it’s Ivanka or Trump JR for 2024!

  34. This is a crap shot!! The dems and fake news to repent!!! What they have done to the Americans and the best PRESIDENT ever !! Nov 2020 Trump in landslide!! Any one who votes for these dem o RATS is nuts!! Why would any one turn on tv to watch fake news!! They are just as sick as the dems for feeding this crap to us!! FAKE NEWS AND DEMS = DARK side of man kind

  35. Petulant Children? Who were the Republican Kindergarten Babies who invaded a Closed Session Impeachment hearing? Held the process up for five hours, ordered fried chicken and then left? Claimed they were not being represented at the hearing when there were more than 40 Republicans present. Who is doing the screaming, Gaetz, Kennedy, You, Gomert etc.

  36. Fri. 13 Dec. Congress was scheduled to be out of session for Christmas Vacation – giving legal entities the authority to arrest members of Congress charged with major crimes. Though, Pelosi just pushed recess ahead to Fri. 20 Dec. Were her and others making plans to leave the country on their private jets?

  37. Best economy in decades. Americans are better off under Trump. What has he done to warrant impeachment? C'mon Libs please provide factual awnsers.

  38. Collins stormed out of the hearing like a child just like trump when he throws his tantrums no wonder the world laughs at them especially trump.

  39. What Nadler said as he sent he collegiates home was very demeaning. It was like a parent telling his children to go to their room and think about their actions. I found it disgusting.

  40. House democrats seek TRUTH the same way a bank robber seeks Law enforcement, they don't.
    If a democrat had a good idea, it would die of loneliness.
    If a democrat had a clue, they'd be lost.
    Democrats aren't critical thinkers, they're masturbators.

  41. I really like this fox reporter,she sticks to the facts, allows her guests to answer, just an all around great reporter,I hope fox realises it.

  42. This is the woman who would be one asking questions of potential Democrats running to be the nominee to go against Trump. She did a great job in 2016, but the DNC has forbidden FNC from hosting any debates. What in the world are they afraid of? If you watch Fox or Fox Business news, they don't care about you. They hate you. Don't ever vote for someone who hates you to your core. Especially if you are a good person who does the right thing. That is who voted for Trump! I don't know any of these white power idiots. I'm just a person who studies hard and loves God and my neighbor, and it's so sad that they hate me and people like me. I'm so glad Warren left my state, and as a woman whose blood is one quarter red? She makes it all boil.

  43. Nadler is a insufferable pr**k. EVERYTHING about him is repulsive. Nancy is just a booze addled idiot. This whole thing is just disgusting.

  44. Republicans don't even want to differ from the democrats in any way, they just take everything democrats say and do and make a Chinese knock off of it. It's so weird.

  45. This garbage the dems are doing to our country and president has turned a hardcore democrat like my father leave his party and join our normal American, free thinking republicans side. Lol what they are trying to do is turning the people against our president but it’s backfiring on them the people are seeing the real truth.

  46. Impeachment? Let's all of us in USA celebrate the Awesome Trump Health Plan. Covers everything, cost nothing. AND, the awesome Border Wall. Sea to Shining Sea. 50 feet high, concrete and steel, with Trump Branded "NO CLIMB" (Trump actually thought of that!) WALLS!!! THAT IS MAGA!!!!!!

  47. Petulant children are immature; the Democrats are lying, self-serving corrupt officials wasting the taxpayers’ money. One needs parenting; the other needs jail time

  48. Here`s food for thought they have been caught. Our government acts like these criminals will implode if pressured. They are putting all the barriers up while retreating. Suicides will be coming!

  49. One congressional member, a Dem, was caught watching The President's Cup (golf tournament) on his laptop during the impeachment proceedings. What a joke.

  50. Patriots, wake up! We are at the same page of human history, as our brave GIs who fought against the Nazis, Soviets and Chinese Communists. Defend the Constitution and our fundamental rights, or lose them forever.

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