Rep. Denny Heck Gives First Interview After Announcing Retirement From Congress | All In | MSNBC

  1. "It's tine to step up" says the guy who's leaving. I hope that means he'll be outspoken about this after he leaves office… otherwise his finger-wagging is pretty meaningless.

  2. Yes, Trump is a punishing, venal, vindictive S.O.B. But what no one is saying is that, ultimately, it's not Trump who removes elected representatives from office; it's the voters. When we have an apathetic or poorly educated, gullible, small-minded and self-centered electorate that readily embraces the obvious and outrageous lies of a megalomaniac and chooses to put him into power and dismiss his obviously toxic and illegal behavior, then of course we will continue to lose the good and competent congressional representatives of conscience who actually wanted to do the people's work. Trump's bad enough; but the people who enabled–and continue to enable–him are the real problem. Denny Heck is not my representative, but I mourn his departure from Congress. We are all diminished by it.

  3. We never lived in a "pluralistic society" ..until TRUMP. HE created that division. As he committed crime after crime….from before he got elected to the present…his defence became….oh the democrats don't like that I won the election. THEY are just sore losers. THEY THEY THEY….trump has to always have an enemy, an adversary. The Democrats, the immigrants, the press….for Hitler it was the Jews. In reality the problem isn't any of "THEM", that deflection is just a ruse. He whips up the ignorant base the same way white supremacists terror groups do….WHO DO WE HATE??? (fill in the blank, any group that isn't you) OK! Let's all unite in our hate of these "others" The boogeyman whom we can blame for everything we don't like! (better to have the cultists hating THEM than realizing the reality, who's really to blame, trump). Poor people need to realize that our enemies are the multi billionaires who are so greedy that they don't care about their fellow man. This is not all rich people, btw (we love you Bill Gates!) But the ones like trump who only care about getting rich & who use the little guy, US, as marks to get richer. (or in trump's current scenario, to get votes…as he enriches himself by being president). Trumps ACTIONS show he is definitely the king of these corrupt 1%ers. Judge by actions, not words (tweets). The sad thing is watching senators fall for this nonsense that the Democrats are their enemies. They are not. Trump is every Americans enemy. Get rid of him & his narcissistic family & we can all get along again. Pence is still a Republican,but I'm sure the Dems will rejoice to work with him.

  4. To all the Republican congressmen/senators who are unwilling to stand for the truth, justice and the constitution for fear of a trump tweet. Consider all the soldiers whom have fought and died to protect the same values.

  5. He gets the lifetime healthcare and fat retirement….your as bad as the Republicans you don't want to stay in the fight…bye Felicia

  6. Imagine how small a man is to be afraid of a tweet from a peon like trump. We will never let the republicans outlive this. It will chase them to the grave. Sorry a good man is leaving now. Mr Heck is a good man who will be missed.

  7. The Republicans who have left the party because they can't standing serving treasonous Trump, and who do not speak up, are just as guilty as the Administration members who continue to follow Trump in supporting Russia.

    Voting BLUE across the board in 2020.

  8. What a bunch of abject cowards. "Afraid of being attacked by Trump?" They're representing the US people and they've been paid well to do it. When the going gets tough they bail? They need to take a lesson from Alexandra Ocasio Cortez; and from Nancy Pelosi.

  9. Don't run..   stop, turn and charge the bull…… It's time to step up and actually earn that paycheck.  No more gravy train…  Take one for the team we call America.

  10. Republicans are such babies. Instead of growing a pair and defend their party they are just leaving like cowards.

  11. This is very disheartening to have this very good, very kind, diplomatic man leave. We need him and more like him, but it is understandable for him to be just fed up. But it is scary and disgusting how our country has changed under Trump. Trump is not a President, he is a divider.

  12. America right now is fighting for its heart and soul and democracy🇺🇸.
    Every time somebody walks away that makes such a difference it just makes Trump stronger it's like a vampire.

  13. How many people will become sick from trying to protect America Our senator who said we are better than this. Is no longer with us he gave 1000%. Battling the monster that is Trump. How many more will die battling this Beast.

  14. "trump will be mean to me" waaaaaaaahhhh "I'll be primaried" aaaaaaaah. Nobody likes losing their job, but millions of us do from time to time and have to just keep on going.
    :edit: Rep. Heck makes a great point about having to step up to make change, and I do wish more lawmakers would come to peace w/that. It's frustrating AF to see from the outside.

  15. WHY???? Why sell one's soul for fear of the "vicious vindict" of one man? What do they have to fear, in fact? That remains a mystery not only for some Americans, but for the entire world! All countries have their problems but, USA, show you are "better than this"!

  16. The congressman who say nothing calls no cost for the evil actions. If these Congressman were to stand up for the Constitution and then Trump had to expend capital and time to see they were defeated, there would be a cost. Every time one of these Republicans who stood up was driven from the party a large number of Voters would go with them. As it is the Republican party is hemorrhaging voters all across the nation. Many of them are becoming independent and will continue to vote for Republican candidates but they're not willing to wear the label Republican anymore. The label Republican is Tainted by the Russians. The Republican party that used to protect our nation and support the Constitution for 40 years opposing the Russians flipped on a dime in 2016 and began acting as Russian servants.

  17. I would prefer him to stay, voice his opinion loud and clear both in Congress and Senate, and vote for Trump's impeachment. But I guess this public declaration about the reason why he quits, so damning to his Republican colleagues, is the next best thing he could do.

  18. From across the border I hope it is only weariness brought to the surface by our weather. Go under the lamps for a few days of UV light

  19. And That The Republicans Are Not Stepping Up To Scare Of What Corrupt Trump Would Call Them On His Twitter Page !And That's A Shame Trump Is Knew To This Game And Trump Is Playing The Republicans Right Down The Drain !

  20. —-> Rep. Denny Heck seemed to be one of the stronger voices protecting the Constitution. Giving up a seat of power in order to "relax" in a sea of corruption doesn't make much sense to me. It almost seems like he doesn't really want to have to hold Trump or members of the GOP accountable because they are his "friends".

    —-> It's not just Trump, the Republican platform itself is corrupt. And GOP lawmakers are willing to feed their constituents lies for their own personal benefit. I doubt it's fear of losing their seats because they are abandoning them… whimpering as if they are victims all the way out with their bag of money and doing nothing.

    CorkerKickback?: Sen. Supports Tax Bill After Last-Minute Provision Would Personally Enrich Him /watch?v=K9O5DuKvWwA
    Mitch McConnell, and His Wife Got Caught Funneling Massive Amounts of Money to Offshore   /watch?v=gVuWhep0Cl8
    Google: Paul Ryan Collected $500,000 In Koch Contributions Days After House Passed Tax Law (huffingtonpost)

  21. Thank you Mr Heck for all you've done.
    Please rest and find a new avenue to serve your fellow Americans.
    The cou try needs people like you.

  22. I don't blame him one bit because I can't handle listening to some of those GOP members in Congress either without wanting to take to them with a baseball bat!

  23. People are Sick & Tired of Battling Evil from the Maniac, DONALD J TRUMP.
    No doubt, they believe their Mental Health is more important than trying to deal with A RUTHLESS, EVIL, OLD FOOL.
    😫Who in their right mind wouldn't look out for their Mental health!?😫!?!

  24. I honestly seen tears in Denny Heck's eyes and its a travesty that one man has brought the mighty United States of america to this point in time.

  25. I don't get it. Am I really supposed to feel sorry for another lawmaker resigning over corruption instead of fighting it? Or am I just supposed to be sad he's giving up better healthcare than most of us will see in our lifetimes?

  26. Trump is America's Caligua. Caligula changed Rome for the worst, and following Caligula, Rome fell. America is going to fall, it doesn't matter if Trump is in office or out. America had reached it's peak, now it's in its decline. The Great Republic is coming to an end.

  27. Coward, who would rather leave without fighting the plague from the inside and instead leaves the Republican party a little more room for extremists.

  28. What I don't understand is what do these people "fear"? "abject fear"? These are highly accomplished, educated people who can get another fabulous 6 figure job if they get pushed out by Trump? Is it that their ego is at risk? I would be in there fighting to the end. Denny Heck is quoting "time to step up" and he does that by quitting?????? We're doomed when Democrats can't even stay in.

  29. It won't change if all those that are sensitive to the abuses leave office. The replacements, will by default, not be sensitive and therefore not a vehicle for change of the abusive environment. I understand Mr Heck's sentiments, as I am wearied too by this administrations constant erosion of the norms, but as a citizen I cannot retire to get relief. As a citizen, I am forced to confront and resist the conduct second by second and the only relief will be its end.

  30. These congress people are like little boys and girls…afraid of Trump's childish name calling and intimidation. Through all of this, there were very few adults who stood up to Trump and who defended the United States and who honored their oath of office. They are Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Eric Swalwell, Joe BIden, Justin Amash, Director Brennan, and others. The only adults in Washington who have enough integrity, ethics, and morals to do what is right.

  31. For Evil to win it's because good men stand by, walk away or do nothing! Stand up for the American People! Democracy, the American People and our constitution needs you to stand up for us. Just wrong to walk away. If its time to step up why are you running away. Another win for Putin, Trump, MBS, Netanyahu and all the cruel disgusting monsters of the world that includes big corporations, and Facebook. For Evil to win all that has to happen is for good men to do nothing!

  32. Elijah Cummings would never have walked away,Nathan Hale didn’t walk away, and all of us remember JFK saying ask not what your country can do for you,ask what you can do for your country.

  33. The irony is that Rs who are weary and walking away have the collective power with Ds to stop the clown. They could at least stay and do that for us and our country.

  34. Representative Heck said something that just about devastated me. He said he was saddened. So am I. It is a festive time in my religion (Anglican) and this year I feel as if there is nothing to celebrate. That is just wrong, for any Christian, when the celebration is one of hope and love. Going to go away and pray. God bless, all of us.

  35. So wtf is he gonna do now that he’s not a lawmaker anymore? How is he going to fight for us now? Please don’t say run for president!

  36. Aren’t you in senate and congress should not resign only because you are to uphold the democracy which hangs in balance because if gop members even if they were you think were your buddies now they show true colours of not wanting to protect our Democracy as you are the last defence and only if you are strong and know and excersise your powers as congressmen we can uphold it our democracy. So donot be a chicken .

  37. Why? Because he's the worst sort of quisling coward. The response to evil is not to run away but to stand and confront it.

    What ever gig he thinks he's getting in Jan. 2021 I hope has the good sense to not hire this waste of space.

  38. I'd lose my mind if I had to sit through all that madness. I marvel at those that can sit silently while being subjected to the drivel that flows in those rooms these days. What can be done? Civility seems to be a dying presence in our hallowed halls. We shall see. Hope reigns supreme.

  39. We absolutely need Representative Heck, but I don't blame him one bit. I have to admit, I've got way too much time on my hands, but after watching this whole debacle transpire, it has most likely worn his soul thin. He's a pretty intelligent guy, but he has come to the realization, like many Americans, that we are all better off finding the hardest, most load bearing wall in our homes and bashing our heads against it rather than trying to make people realize the pernicious society that's being created from the top down.

  40. Why does it take retirement for Republicans who truly love their country and it’s Constitution to speak the truth of what they think of this corrupt and demoralizing President and of his administration?!?

  41. The truth is: America is trump, nasty, greedy, hateful, racist, bitter, vindictive liars, this is why trump is the president. This country has a long history of dealing in bad faith so you really shouldn't be alarmed you're only reaping the rewards of the evil tree you planted. Hiding behind the cross, dealing in dirt and stealing in the name of the Lord. trump is America's mirror, you're very ugly, hideous and foul, fat, bloated poorly educated bullies who think you have the right to do what ever you please. Take, take take,so take trump and shut up, you earned him!

  42. What decent republican would want to destroy his reputaion [even further] by continuing to support Trump? My hope is that some of them will vote to convict Trump during the impeachment trial, so that at least a majority of senators (even if not the required two thirds) will vote Trump guilty.

  43. It is sad that people walk away knowing this is when their country needs them most. The truth of the matter is the whole country is suffering and people like Rep. Heck are in a unique position to actually do something about it.

  44. Regardless of any outcome Republican and Democrats lose …..Putin must be happy to have a puppet at the oval office, is so disgusting see American fighting among themselves …..I was proud to be a Republican .

  45. The GOP is in Putin's pocket. The rats are jumping ship. Heck knows his party is dirty, they've sold their souls to the russians.

  46. This truly saddens me. Watch Rep Denny Heck speak to Marie Yovanovitch on November 15:

    We are losing a Real American . . . we need more people like him!

  47. Please STAY to defend the US constitution!!! Don't give the repuglicans more control to sabotage our constitution!!!!!

  48. This is what the administration wants. Frustrated people to break them down and leave. Trump just keeps breaking good people down it's called control. This is so sad. They emotionally can't take it. This is what a dictator does.

  49. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”― Edmund Burke
    Denny Heck should not be resigning at this critical time in American history. Our democracy is at risk.

  50. So many people have resigned during this presidency. A reflection of T's leadership non-skills. Even his own side are weary of his antics!

  51. MSNBC the Spokes Hole for the Democrat Party spouting more bias , misinformation and Progressive thought that will lose in 2020. Please keep up the good work!

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