Religion Used as Decoy in Political Situation(1), Bangla Vision[Sub] – May, 2013

Another audience questioned whether it was possible for Hefazat activists to start the fire. The facts are: There was a a fire. A lot
of books were burnt. There were many book-stalls there. In our country, there’s Islamic books in those book stores,
they are sold and people do buy them. There is no doubt that some Qurans were burnt. Awwami League is attempting to do some cheap politics about this. The reason is, if there is a fire in
the city, mosques will burn as well. This is like the saying in West Bengals that when the
city is on fire, the prayer room doesn’t stay protected. Everything will burn – whether its holy or unholy, and so they did burn. As for the question from the audience – any
reader, regardless of religion, respects books. And as for the religious person, he would try to protect his scripture
with his life! An Islamic scholar would protect Quran like that. There was a fire, and Quran was burnt. Now, Awwami League is trying to establish its
power over politics by using Islam, claiming to be more religious than Hefazat activists. No democratic political party would use religion in this way.

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