Real Time with Bill Maher: John Cleese on Political Incorrectness (HBO)

let's uh let's talk about stupidity because I know you're against it I've heard you speak out against it many times I am against it yeah at the same time I don't think the world would work without it well you know everything would have to change yes right because it's quite clear to me now at my grand old age is 75 oh no yep don't you love the thank you you're alive you're alive here I'm great what could you raise yes where were we oh you were up you were remembering at your old age at my old age something that I forgot well you know what the great I was gonna say to you about age the great thing about it as I said this to Jerry Seinfeld who is on our show a few months ago and he just turned 60 and I said when you passed like 60 you have a license to be cranky about it you know yeah you just don't buddy holds it against you anymore I find that oh but comedy is about things not being right right now things are running beautifully and everyone's behaving appropriate intelligently is nothing funny that's no good it's all about people being stupid and it's all about the things going wrong and screwing up so you you either point that out with sort of anger like Lenny Bruce would have done right or else you pointed out cuz it kind of gets funny and what I realized at 75 now is that almost nobody has any idea what they're talking about right look we do agree yeah absolutely but what do you treat fans I mean you're you're loudly badly I mean it you're allowed to be an asshole right if they want a picture with you warning creatures mmm Oh wonderful I am and how can I be a wonderful as you off that's what I be yeah okay now in this country we call that being politically incorrect oh really yes which is the name of my first job yeah yeah I used to watch and uh you know political incorrect is could we just bitch about that fro awful isn't it it starts out as a half way of halfway decent idea right and then it goes completely wrong right akin to an absurd I used to go out and do these racial jokes I'd say French you know why do the French have so many civil wars so they can win one now and again why are why are Australians so well balanced cuz they have a chip on each shoulder you know I used to do these jokes and then I say and that there were these two Mexicans and the whole place would go home right I want to say what what you make jokes about Swedes and Germans and French and English and Canadians and Americans I can't be make jokes about Mexicans is it because they're so feeble that they can't look after the sushi it's very very condescending there you know well why is it what are the people can't make jokes about Muslims Muslim yeah try that Kevin let's see what your Twitter feed says yes yeah but that's not saying that you can't know oh they'll tell you right my what yes oh yes I said that theoretically you know I've made jokes like you know it's a religion of peace there's a PC over there there's a PC over there and see they're there pretending to laugh now but you can tell their first instinct was oh no you didn't you know oh dear that's terribly important but the problem is if you make jokes about people are going to kill you there is a sort of a tendency to hold back a little isn't there yeah just a little but I mean I I think any kind of fundamentalism is terribly funny because all you know the thing about fundamentalism is it's taking whatever the book is the Koran or the Bible for absolutely literal right now I've met some pretty pretty smart people in my life you know not a single one of them was literal-minded right right that's absolutely so do we write it so do we say well Jesus said these things but of course Jesus was very very literal-minded so he would want these things to be interpreted absolutely literally no no he was smarter than that and this is a basic understand mission well if you're going to take anybody literally I would take him literally because he was a promoter of peace yes yes oh he could be cranky too when he threw the money lenders out of the temple right and he said things like if you don't come to God through me you will burn which is cranky but that's but in general he's nicer Holy's nice Oh

  1. J Cleese is a funny man but giving advice about politics etc having to pay all that alimoney shows he aint that clever God bless Trump expose the corruption no one else has the guts

  2. who wants to bet bill mahar doesn't remember saying after 60 you're allowed to be cranky and an asshole and people need to accept it

  3. Talk about not being allowed to criticize certain ethic groups, it is now against the law in 26 states to criticize the ethno-state of Israel. You can criticize your very own country of the USA or indeed any country in the world… except Israel. Is that supposed to be funny? Or is that a paranoiac sickness? Or is that AIPAC buying and bullying and blackmailing lawmakers? I really fail to see the humor.. Could someone please explain.

  4. Why does Cleese not know he's referring to dems? and he called americans not living in LA or NY thick.
    Cleese is living proof that any dumbass sounds smart with an english accent

  5. Big joke What are the people we can‘t make jokes about…….semi whole list

    No prizes

    so who is It, begorrah?

    Up your effin‘Maieed Mak gin Arse!

    Brüssel sprout lots of Euro Akers ….like the rest of US there‘s more of US because it wouldn‘t float if we were home so we learned to hate and then leave home, and we‘d learn to kill, but not at home, and we‘d all learn to blame, anyone else but never one of our own….
    A hunger strike was a slimmin‘ course we couldn‘t afford. So we thought we ‘ d starve and blame it in them …cos we’d rather be hypocritical than blame the booze,…so where are we in the dark, there’s never a dark without a kiss unless there is no spark…. and now even shops seek the spark
    Try looking for in a haystack a needle

  6. Bro, us Mexicans make fun of ourselves already anyway. Bill Burr once said in a joke that Mexican dodger fans would stab Santa Claus and I was like, “ lol that’s true”. To say you can’t make jokes about us because we can’t take it is fucked up

  7. John Cleeses reaction to the religion of piece joke show how little the brits are allowed to joke about Islam these days…

  8. the religion thing has me leaving i cant believe someone as smart as cleese is religious….oh well

  9. One also can't make jokes about a specific group of (((people))) because one must #neverforget the #6gazillion deaths. Oy vey!

  10. Well if you vote for Democrats you vote for all that shit all that political correctness that's the Democrats shit

  11. I’m with John regarding everything he said here on ‘pc’ gone awry. But while he can happily (and correctly) point out the intolerant attitudes of many Muslims in the West, he couldn’t muster the slightest bit of courage and honesty to also say that criticizing or ridiculing Jews isn’t exactly a very safe thing to do in America and Europe. Of course, I don’t expect a Bill Maher, of all people, to have the balls to diss Jews publicly on his show. But Muslims? fair game, and a round of applause from the clapping seals in the audience. 🙄

  12. A sense of humor is one of the most precious gifts that all humans have and has incredible benefits. Unfortunately, not all are capable of using it, don't know how to use it or want to prevent others from using it.

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