Raabta – A Republic Day Film

Pihu, that class on the first floor…
Isn’t that your class? No, that was last year…
Now it’s the one above that. Oh…I thought… Oh…and what happened to your friend? The one with the two missing teeth?
The one who wore two ponies? She’s nowhere to be seen? Her parents have shifted her to a boarding school… When do you return? Return…? In a month! That’s what you said last year! Can you promise me one thing? You won’t trouble mom too much, will you? Your absence troubles mom more than my mischief! Brother, wait! Happy republic day! A salute to all the sacrifices, some in blood, and some in tears… Happy republic day.

  1. in the end when he puts on his goggles to hide his tears…and his efforts of talking to his little sister is so emotional

  2. Amazing tribute to men and women and their families who sacrifice so much in service to the nation. Salute to the brave hearts and kudos to the makers of this short film.

  3. It is gokuldham high school indeed!! my old school! dts y while watchin d video it brought bck so mny memories…the idol is der…the uniform has changed i guess! ☺ very nice video by the way! Salam to all soldiers! Happy republic day!

  4. Beautiful !! But there is no school on republic day !! Why does she have her books with her on republic day?

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