Quincy Votes: November 2019 Election Results

good evening welcome to Quincy votes
2019 the municipal election I’m mark Crosby and I’m joined by Joe Catalano
Joe welcome mark great to see you again here we go one more time or the final
election here in the city of Quincy and it’s gonna be a busy one I think tonight
we should mention that we will have obviously we will have results at the
bottom of your screen we will also be talking about those results as they come
in there will be unofficial results and Joe why is that because they’re not
certified yet by the states and those numbers though pretty close to being
accurate will be finalized tomorrow but this evening is also a chance for folks
to listen to the candidates that are on the ballot and maybe those some of those
that aren’t on the ballot this time but would like to come in and chat naturally
we welcome all elected officials to join us we did we extend it an invitation to
all the candidates both incumbent and challengers to stop on by a lot of them
accepted our invitation we’ll be hearing from them throughout the evening and I
hope to bring that to you of course as folks come into our Studios here and
then go off to their various celebration parties I’m sure that’ll be happening
all across the city and we can’t stress enough the amount of support that we get
from our members our volunteers at Quincy access television they are at
every poll throughout the city so they are getting those numbers as soon as the
polls close they in turn and get those numbers to our director who gives those
numbers to us and that would leave our job to of course give those numbers for
you we’re just here to look pretty all the works happening behind the scenes
but it really it’s true it really could not happen without the dedicated team of
volunteers that step up every single time we put the call out on election
nights to fan out across the city all 31 precincts and phone those numbers and to
us and get them to you it really is a the quickest most
effective way possible to cover a city election and again we extend our
gratitude to them for helping us out on this night
and what a task indeed indeed it is you know it should be an interesting night
the weather was kind of iffy today out at the polls it was a little rain it was
a little Sun little wind it’s a little bit of everything I spoke to a city
clerk Nicky Crispo about quarter past seven or so she said there was about a
20% turnout citywide at that time however she did say that they looked to
be about a thousand voters in Swanton which is not surprising it’s a very
politically after active part of the city for sure certainly and Joe and I
were at the polls earlier today so we will have that piece for you we did
speak to some voters and that we did of course speak to the city clerk
absolutely and of course another very active part of the city is Ward one and
we have the incumbent councillor Dave McCarthy joining us here in studio this
evening Dave great to see you good to be here guys Joe welcome back yeah we you
here for the preliminary and you did have a challenger we don’t have any
numbers to report just yet but how do you feel the campaign went
Dave good very good work Todd I have a I’ve always had even during my school
committee is a good crew that gets involved and that’s a big thing you know
either it’s citywide or even in the ward you want to go out 110 percent so I
thought we did pretty well they’re a good group of friends longtime friends
some people do all the way back to elementary school with me that jump in
and we worked odd right through the the primary right up to the general election
you and I sat down just well about a few weeks ago actually and talked about some
issues that you are dealing with in Ward one probably one of the the biggest is
the preparation for storms and sea walls yeah we had a meeting I believe was
October 30th last week a really really good meeting with probably 60 neighbors
70 neighbors up at City Hall which was kind of the introduction of MIG
Corporation which will be the general contractor running the show tie and bond
the engineering company has been involved along with
I’ll grazioso Paul Costello and some of the city folk just to start to talk
about execution the timeline we went over everything how long it took us to
get the permits which is along you know several months but to give them an idea
of what’s gonna happen in their particular neighborhood from chicca
tobot on to the Willows so thing is replacing those sea walls right David
making them higher making them higher and a big thing to I mean the height is
you know very important but the drainage down there the drainage as I said before
in the last storm the big storm in March we couldn’t get the water back out and
these sea walls along with new outfall pipes working with the Army Corps in
regards to another project that kind of ties into this drainage wise it comes at
the right time so all positive stuff and moving forward with it if you update
folks to about the Maritime Center well the Maritime Center we’re still
waiting on a particular green light from the DCI to go ahead and take it down and
we’ve been waiting for a while I know that the mayor and Paul Hines director
of public buildings have been working it I’m waiting to get the green light so we
can take it down and try to get the new ramp in before the spring right
I was worried a little bit about whether you know and again if it’s really in
climate weather of course you’re not gonna be out working in it but as long
as the weather holds up they’ll be able to do that work in the winter you know
so they’ll be able to put them unless we get buried
hopefully not ski or anybody they’ll be able to get that ramp going and get it
ready for the spring and that’ll pretty much give us both ramps operational the
the original ramp won’t go away and then then we’ll lean in a little bit more on
the design and the layout of the parking lot and things like that we’ll bring
that all back in and that that’s a very important
that’ll really really brighten up the the end of the neck and give that
parking lot will give the ah club some relief also when they have events
because they have a brand new hall down there so all good very good project yeah
and in less than a minute you can just address C Street and Quincy Shore Drive
so Quincy Shore Drive we are getting there we’re hopefully gonna have that
third lane coming out of Ward one operational they’ll slow down to a
snail’s crawl in the winter yeah of course and come back when the weather is
better to finish it off but we will be having in I believe early December I
think I quoted December 5th when we were here the last time but don’t hold me to
that but I think we’re having our second major Department of Transportation
community meeting about phase 2 which will go from Quincy Shore Drive back
towards palmistry and we’ll get into everything on possibilities of new
traffic signals median strips etc so people are excited that use that road
every day I’m sure yeah it’s our self included how good it would keep me busy
yeah you know it will keep me real busy yeah yeah great to see you Dave thanks
for thank you thanks thanks thank you thanks Joe pleasure always very good
mccarthy award one councillor and does have a challenger this year a second
time for Joe Murphy uh seeking the would one seat as well again no numbers to
bring to you just yet but they will be coming in very very shortly the polls
have now closed they closed at 8:00 p.m. and as I said earlier Nikki Crispo the
city clerk hadn’t hoped for about a 3035 percent turnout about 7:15 was about 20%
or so marks so we’ll see how that pans out I think the weather early in the day
when we did touch base with Nicole was more favorable at that exactly that’s
true but you know nevertheless candidates are coming in to stop by and
say hello to us and chat about their campaigns and I went out on the the
streets of the city and the next one is a Joe and Sullivan Cantor Joanna was
running for the one of the at-large council seats and she joins us this
evening how’d you an hi how are you nice to see you great to see you how was it
out on the campaign trail oh it was really exciting the early part
of the day and then the short rainfall which turned into like two and a half
hours but it was it was good because you’re going around different precincts
and you know getting help from friends with signs and dropping off picking up
and it’s a whole learning curve it’s a lot of work your first run right yes I
wish all my kids were home to sign for me but they left the nest and you know
it’s a lot of work to run a campaign it is yeah it’s a one-man show so like
writing it and rewriting it and you know printing and learning about all that or
the turnaround time and deadlines with just the newspaper and the and the
debates and stuff it’s just you know I mean you say oh I have some time nope
you know yeah yeah one of the things I read about you and your interests was in
an elder care hospital in Quincy Center yes I it seems like there’s a couple of
different areas that I support and that they don’t need to be all in one place
okay so so being I was the president of the Catholic Women’s Club of North
Quincy and they’re ladies and my club or a lot older and you get feedback and
sharing concerns and just throughout the community because I’m pretty active in
different circles and the same things seem to come up and about like
affordable housing for the elderly and medical you know care and services and
with Quincy Medical Center the changes over the years and and the elderly
population growing which is great you know you don’t want to have to go so far
so I’m hoping for like in the square which was mentioned for an elderly
medical facility and then I would like to see you know if everyone else agrees
st. Mary Maternity Hospital very long debt no no no hospital hell oh
okay yeah and so for women children and babies and then one for substance issues
of all ages you know cuz it’s each one it’s different specialty so you need it
all in one area not like well disconnect it and I know we have a lot of growing
medical services here but if you kind of you know isolate it and you know makes
sense and then it’ll fit the neighborhood that it’s in and you know
the transportation elderly usually has transportation so you’re not having like
so many single cars you know with the younger demographics it’s you know you
picked them up you know that type of thing
yeah a lot of folks can say you know I was born in Quincy City Hospital and I
was born there you go but ever since that stopped there’s kind of lost that
connection to the community you know I think so that remains to be seen but you
ran for at-large counselor so did you learn anything about the city that you
didn’t know before you ran well I knew a lot about the city what’s going on
because I followed Q a TV and I follow the issues yeah compelled me to you know
runs to get involved and see if I could help out with resolving some of the
issues and I did I mean I went to Dorchester and Bill Harris was behind me
and we spoke against a Long Island Bridge and then I became more part of
frac and I went you know I wrote and went to the rallies and I just seems
like since my son went to college I got compelled to get more involved okay
because it was like that was my whole life it’s you know taking care of the
family which I love but now it’s like involved you always said if you had time
for this time for that and kind of pulled me in that direction but it’s an
overwhelming process so it’s one that you won’t forget right but you know
you’ve learned a lot from it that people kind of tell you and you’ve heard it but
until you’re in it you really can’t grasp how an immense project it is well
good for you for trying good for you for trying it thank you for
debating here @q a TV and chatting with the community we really appreciate it
great to see you tonight Julian thank you bye Joe in Sullivan a candidate for
at-large councillor and the guests are lining up outside we didn’t come in and
chat with folks so I need to go on some memory and as we as we do that as well
and we’ll bring them to you of course just as as soon as they become available
we should mention and again this is we should mention it more than once during
the evenings broadcast is the reliance we have on our members our volunteers
that are working in all facets of production no question yeah and Joey I
mentioned some of the candidates forms and candidates nights and a lot of our
members and volunteers and staff went and videotaped a lot of those different
meetings to bring them to our viewers throughout the campaign also via our
website as well they’ve been posted there along with all the candidates
messages too so we thank all the volunteers for going out and late nights
so weekends sometimes giving up their own personal time to do that
to bring the information to the community it’s just great we should
mention that joining us right now is the current Ward 3 city councilor that would
be Ian Kane Ian welcome good evening I’m okay I caught a bug last night so I’ve
been suffering all today but I feel pretty good cuz I love the service that
you provide election nights thank you thank you for having appreciate that
you’re seeking your is where this would be your third to your term is that right
this will be my third to your term yep second about for reelection okay okay
how was the campaign this time different than say when you first ran in yes so
the first time we ran there was an open seat you know there were three of us
that came out that was you know one of the most engaging periods in my life and
not that any election isn’t but this was different we had I did have an opponent
didn’t know much about him so I you know I can’t really speak to
what he was up doing but you know I kind of and we had talked on influency I kept
business as usual you know it’s nice to go out and see folks and check back in
along the campaign trail but you know we’ve we’ve started some initiatives
that have really allowed me to connect with folks in a more efficient manner
yeah through our you know quarterly townhome
I’m getting out a quarterly newsletter and I’ve got people calling me and
emailing me all the time so I you know feel very connected to my constituents
if you could just address a recent press conference and municipal broadband yeah
absolutely this is a super exciting initiative for me I’ve been working with
the mayor in his administration on this so I think in February 2018 a little
before then I’d started reading about cities and towns who were coming up with
their own solutions to alleviate the problem of being choked by monopolies
and internet service deliverability so I said why don’t we take a look into
building a municipally owned fiber network for the city that you know we
can then allow different internet service providers to compete on which
would then you know hopefully bring the cost down you know we’ve got people
paying hundreds of dollars right now for basic internet I know I pay $110 a month
just for internet for probably like 250 bits you know but this would hopefully
not answering a question I go back so the conference we had was announcing
this initiative going forward so the mayor has been very supportive in this
initiative and so now is the first bit of the public process so this is a
project that won’t go anywhere without the support of the people and these are
things that I’ve heard for the past four years that you know people feel like
they want choices they want their internet costs to go down and it’s a you
know an it’s an it’s an essential thing now I think people take for granted that
internet it’s something that you use in your daily lives yeah and it is now like
electricity it is now like water and it’s someone using it right now correct
yeah exactly so you know we had that we had the
conference and the press conference and now we’re asking folks to go to WWE
fiber comm to share their interest in our pursuing this initiative any kind of
cost estimate or how funding would be applied for that in so no cost estimate
yet but basically how its financed is on the commitment of subscribers it’s
basically like constructing a gas line to your home so it becomes part of your
property okay yeah so it might be some sort of overhead cost of $20 a month
which would be paid off over you know let’s say 20 years or so and then
hopefully we have a number of Internet service providers that come in and so
you have access to not to cheap internet so what this is really doing is
separating the inner servus deliverability model right so
right now you’ve got the incumbents which are the large Comcast’s and the
Verizon’s of the world who own the infrastructure and so they do not allow
for competition to get on that line so we’re just trying to you know create
some opportunities to to give better options for our residents it’s already
taken interest from folks in Weymouth as I understand it Weymouth and Milton in
Milton – yeah okay and Milton so we might try to figure out I know the mayor
had some initial conversations with the mayor of Weymouth yes and you know
Milton is also interested so we’ll have to see how something like that would
work out but you know it’s an exciting initiative this is forward-thinking this
is putting Quincy in a place to to compete you know we look at all the real
estate developments kind of taking place but now this is let’s let’s think of
Quincy as a more innovative place a place that you’d want to have a business
because you have good access to cheap and fast internet you know that can help
you participate in this digital economy I want to thank you for joining us today
even though you’re slightly under okay thank you thank you for having me a
pleasure lots of liquids and funniest I know I’ve got Pedialyte in the class you
know how to take care of in came the incumbent Ward three counts learned as
he mentioned there was a challenger also in Roberto Soto and we don’t know if
he’ll be stopping by out but if he does we’re gonna be happy to chat with them
certainly and that’s what makes this program such a success because we have
so many guests join us for election night coverage which of course again we
welcome greatly one thing that will be happening this evening is that there
will be a new Ward five city councilor because the incumbent Kirsten Hughes has
decided to step down she’s first elected I think back in 2012
so there are our two candidates in the running and one of them might be a
little familiar to folks in Ward 5 because he held that seat for gosh 10 12
years or so Chuck Phelan who’s stopping by now to
chat with us hey Chuck hey get your city of Quincy tie on and then this is
actually my dad’s tie oh it is so I he was my first real campaign manager and
uh any passed away a couple years ago so I wanted to remember him because he was
very into the he was a Quincy policeman for 35 years and he was very
into the political life in the city true so I kind of wear it in his memory nice
man it’s kind of nice when Joe introduced you he introduced you as the
former the award five councillor what made you decide to get back in the race
I think there’s an incredible thing of service with my family going all the way
back to my great grandfather who was a who was a sergeant on the Quincy Police
my grandfather was a lieutenant on the Quincy Fire my father was a long time
policeman and they the family’s been in the city almost five generations and I
had I worked for the city for a while I hadn’t been away when my son was born I
decided to step off the City Council to take care of my family and I’m retired
now and I see some issues going on around what five that I think I could
really be there and help and bring some resolution to and and I think I’d be
able to really help the situation and I I’m very I’ve always wanted to serve the
city I enjoyed when I was a city council before and this seems there’s some
issues with development there’s some issues with Wallace and center that
needs some redevelopment and needs some some TLC and I think I’ve done it for a
number of years and I my own a business with my wife and Wollaston and I think
there’s a lot of issues around in the neighborhood and they need some
representation and I I feel very strongly I can deliver that farm we’ll
talk about Wollaston Center there is a brand new MBTA Wollaston station so talk
about what you feel is needed what folks have been telling you is the areas like
the woloson theater which is an area ripe for development there’s been a
proposal over with you all with koi is right now where the old Berry’s deli was
and there between there and nuclear arms and I want to see something that goes in
that’s good for the neighborhood not a detriment to the neighborhood there’s
gonna be some development I want to see something go in that’s good in and it’s
the same way with Quincy Quincy Hospital of Quincy no hospital that’s another
issue which will be Thursday night at the planning board that’s when your ward
yeah and I will be going weather or turns out good or not tonight I believe
that’s been postponed actually has it I’m pretty sure okay
but I think I think those are issues where I think some experience as a city
council really can lend itself and to try to work with the neighborhood to
come to some resolves on that because I think the development up include
especially up in the hospital is too big I don’t think it fits with the
neighborhood and I think a counselor can be a little proactive get involved with
these people meet with them beforehand and try to get the project so it’s more
compatible with the neighborhood so you think housing though is a
possibility if there just does oh yeah I think that I think something’s gonna be
built up there and I and the one thing is the neighborhood up there all feels
that way – okay and I you know and then I take it and then we go to the other
side of the city down woloson Center and I think we’re working at the same thing
I like what the city’s done they we did a nice planning meeting well almost a
hundred people showed up from the neighborhood to talk about what you want
to see it Wollaston the planning department put out surveys that they’re
going through right now and I think it’s important that we make the area keep it
a retail area they can be housing above but I think there has to be things that
make it make it a something really works for the neighborhood not something that
works against the neighborhood and with that thought traffic and working with T
pal the traffic alarm lighting division in the city I think that’s a big thing
that’s gonna be a lot and I think when somebody comes in to do development if
they’re gonna be affecting it they should be helping with the solution
whether it’s fixing signals not a year after the development goes in but before
the development takes place before the impacts are felt so I think some of
those things should be brought into play before we even build build the thing and
put it in we should mention the parking is also part of that department yes
packing you know that’s something if you’re gonna be going into Wallace and
Center and you’re gonna be doing a development parking is an issue it’s
been an issue for a long time in Wallace and Sena I remember going to a Charette
back in the early 80s run by then late Steve McGrath was award five councillor
friend of mine who was saying one of the biggest issues in Wallace its parking
and you can go there today and it’s the same and I think I think there was some
creative solutions I think you have to work with the developers work with the
neighborhood and come up with a solution on it and I think they these Quincy is
more traffic because if you look at the census a population’s gone up 25% and
we’re gonna find that out next next year with the federal center and there are
more and I definitely and having helped get the information because you do it
two years in advance and before I left they helped to get all that information
to the federal census yeah and you of course the IT director I think there is
that but I think we need to work on better controls throughout the city I
think there’s a lot of things we can work on encourage transportation you
know new developments going in the hospital and they hadn’t even thought to
put a shuttle bus in where other developments on quarry Street and down
down Marina Bay had put shuttle buses in take people right to the tee and I think
if you don’t give people opportunities to make it easy for them they won’t use
them all right on that note okay send you along I think I could go on for
hopefully I’ll be able to go on regardless thank you okay thank you we
do have a few numbers that are coming in to our studio now it that we can bring
to you first in the in the mayor’s race and right now the incumbent Mayor Thomas
coke with 4288 votes and challenger Brenda Ryan at 1742 votes and we’ll
switch now to the races for at-large councilor and incumbent Noble DiBona
right now at four thousand five hundred and forty votes Nina laying another
incumbent at three thousand eight hundred and thirty votes and the third
incumbent up for re-election tonight and Mahoney 4041 votes there are two
challengers also Frank Rubino 1197 votes and Jo Ann Sullivan Kanter at nine
hundred and fifty eight votes we should mention that we do have another
candidate joining us a candidate for the ward 6 council seat William
Eisenberg it’s nice pleasure again how are you how
are you I’m very well thanks tired but you know I’m relieved too we
had a great campaign I’m really proud of the work that we did and all of our
volunteers did you know put so much effort in so I’m you know no matter what
happens tonight I’m I’m happy and what got you into the campaign what got you
interested in running so you know there was the the storm in 2018 the March 2018
nor’easter where so many of our neighbors suffered such significant
damage my neighbor lost her car things like that in the wake of it I was
concerned that there wasn’t leadership on the City Council coming from Ward 6
both dealing with flood mitigation and also prevention you know future
prevention so that was the impetus for me to run and a lot of people seem to
share that view as I as I went out in the community and talked to folks so
that that was you know sort of the rallying cry that we we built the
campaign around and I guess we’ll see and one of the things I noticed that you
were interested in is having all the stakeholders represented and every level
of planning yes so right now I think there’s a power imbalance in the city I
I don’t think many people would disagree with that quite frankly I think right
now when it comes to development the the large construction firms and the
developers have a lot of say and basically get to do what they want I
think we need a more holistic development policy and I think we need
one frankly that centers both on Quincy residents you know folks who are seeing
more and more traffic you know the seeing the deposit bridge backed up more
and more every day folks who are worried that they’re not gonna be able to stay
in their neighborhoods you know people have lived here their entire lives who
feel like they’re getting priced out and also labor and tradespeople
you know right now I don’t think that the people who are actually building
these buildings really have much of a seat at the table you know I think we
should be doing things like talking about project labor agreements to make
sure that the people who are actually doing this work are getting a fair day’s
pay for an honest day’s work so that was another
a major priority of mine and one that I hope to be able to enact regardless of
what happens this evening do you feel that you maybe have brought an issue to
the fore that perhaps wasn’t in the past I hope so I hope so and you know I had
there’s some moments that I’m really proud of you know when I was out talking
to people two people told me that they had both recently become citizens and
their first vote that they were gonna cast the trailer cast for me and I I
can’t imagine a greater honor that’s a pause yeah so I you know I
whatever happens yeah I you know I I we my opponent I had a series of debates in
the community we created a clear contrast between the two of us and I
think we gave people a choice and that’s what democracy is all about and that’s
that’s what I wanted to do and where do you stand on the long island bridge so
so thank you for asking so I I’m a public defender people with substance
use disorders my service population you know I’ve spent a lot of time trying to
help folks find beds and things like that the idea of taking a bunch of
people and ostracizing them on an island was old-fashioned in the 1980s I’m
deeply opposed you know not only to the execution but the concept Boston has
some really excellent treatment programs I’ve worked with many of them for a
fraction of the cost of what Boston wants to do with regards to the bridge
into the Long Island they could fund beds you know enough beds to deal with
everyone who’s suffering from substance use disorder not in five or ten years
but today so I’ve always been opposed to the construction of the bridge I
continue to be composed to construction over age and what I told people was you
know it’s not a political fight because mayor Walsh has his ducks in the row and
and he doesn’t care what we want in Quincy he doesn’t care what the
councilman wants and frankly he doesn’t care what Mayor Koch wants this is a
legal fight this is happening in a courtroom and you know the the city of
Quincy has a lawsuit against Boston that lawsuit has been allowed to proceed it’s
going to be tied up in litigation for a number of years and you know what I told
people was the value I had as a lawyers that I can actually talk strategy with
the other with the legal team and with the law department and you know I think
that’s where this fight is going to be so that’s the that’s the skill that I
can provide we want to thank you for our participating in
in our efforts here at Quincy access television to get your information out
to the to the community and it helps it helps us with the local programming as
well when the community like yourself gets involved well thank you so much
it’s been a pleasure thank you thanks for stopping by we should mention that
we still do have numbers that we will be telling you about as they run at the
bottom of your screen I believe we stopped last with the
counselor at large post possibly we could go over some award numbers that
are in sure absolutely we can do that as a matter of fact speaking of Ward 6 we
will let you know that with 18 precincts in the incumbent William Harris has 1537
votes and challenger William Eisenberg now at 671 votes in Ward 5 we just had
truck Valen in I’ll tell you that Stephen Cristo is in the lead right now
171 votes compared to a truck Valen at 115 votes these are again with 19
precincts reporting and right now Ward 4 of course Brian pallucci is unopposed
this evening he along with War two councillor Brad Crowell are also
unopposed but in Ward 3 the incumbent Ian cane at 1358 and eriberto Soto
at 407 votes again these are with 19 precincts reporting in so far there are
also four candidates for three school committee seats this evening and another
thing that will be happening tonight will be having at least one new school
committee member because that James D maecius is not seeking re-election but
we do have to tell you Paul Berg Oly incumbent with 5107 votes incumbent
Catherine hubely 5459 votes and then challengers a Courtney perdidos at 3,800
85 and then Frank Santoro at 3930 and that’s again with the 19 precincts
reporting in so far joining us again another guest has joined us at the I was
going to say Roundtable this is more of a rectangular correct it’s not a
rectangle no joining us right now actually is a candidate for re-election
that councilor at large that would be Nina Liang Nina welcome thank you thanks
for having me I didn’t make anything coming in tonight no and
you probably know things better than me this is a triangle is not round but a
for effort it’s been a long day for all of us I think so talk about the campaign
I talked about today I suppose being the last day of the campaign yeah I can’t
believe it’s already over so you know believe it or not it’s I think
definitely a tough one for a lot of folks not just the candidates but also
every single one of the volunteers who have been part of the process I’m you
know throughout the entire campaign for anything all the candidates and
especially tonight you know going around talking to even just the poll workers
you know who we’re up and at the polls at 6:00 6:15 this morning and who closed
the polls tonight you know I mean this is an effort of everybody here in the
city and it certainly feels long I think throughout the afternoon but you get
that burst of energy you get people coming out to vote and I think we’re all
out for the right reasons and so seeing everyone out like that either holding a
sign making phone calls running and working the polls you know that I think
is what really keeps you going you’re seeking your third two-year term right
can you believe that yeah yeah I like to ask incumbents this question you know
how first of all how have you changed as a as an elected official and how have
you seen the city change since you first took office yeah I can’t believe it’s
already been the end of two terms it’s really strange to think about but I
think one of the things that hasn’t changed is that I keep being told that I
need to slow down when I talk but you know that’s something I’m working on I
get really excited sometimes about certain issues across our city and so
that is something I need to continue to work on I’m certainly you know I think
the demographics of the city always continue to change and what I’m seeing
more is that regardless of again what neighborhood people come from how long
they lived in the city what language they speak they are getting more active
and more vocal about the issues that they’re facing in this city so it could
be something like hey you know the development over in this other
neighborhood is impacting traffic in my neighborhood or you know the streets are
getting done over that’s great but what about over here where the sidewalk isn’t
done yet you know and you know they’re getting more active and planning board
meetings they’re getting more active and Zoning Board meetings and so while it’s
a great opportunity to be one of the counselors that can you know really
stand up and speak for residents who maybe can’t make it out to meetings or
for whatever reason can’t come and speak for themselves I’m seeing a lot more
engagement from residents themselves which is a really incredible thing and
during the campaign this campaign what was the one topic or maybe a couple
topics that kept on repeating as you went from house to house I mean there’s
certainly a few that I think has been consistent over the last four years you
know development is definitely one of them but it’s not just saying
development right you’re you’re talking exactly you’re talking a lot about the
particulars of development right where is that happening
how high are these buildings going up and what neighborhoods are they going up
are we developing in the right areas right people want to see the sort of
hustle and bustle of more retail definitely come online offsetting you
know our residential tax base with more commercial certainly something we all
want to see happen it’s more of a concern of where is that happening you
know making sure that our neighborhoods are being protected and that
developments happening in the right areas and promoting like you said smart
development for those reasons right making sure that the traffic impact is
really studied fully and vetted fully before developments come online how are
people getting from point A to point B a lot of these developments say you don’t
need a car you don’t need a parking spot all right well there’s a bird
and the MBTA is not the most reliable and so it’s again not just development
period it’s what about development is the issue
because we do need to get into the nitty-gritty and make sure that we’re
addressing those specific issues and of course there’s a counselor at large you
get to deal with all that all across the city and it’s it’s really very much a
city of different neighborhoods you know I don’t know it’s a city of a hundred
thousand people it’s a major metropolitan area it still comes down to
neighborhoods and then small you know streets and and districts and and
concerns to those people in general you get to see all that in different parts
of the city I mean regardless of what neighborhood you go to regardless of
what part of the city you go to you guys know this that different neighborhood
associations the different group of residents that come out and get active
and holds little events and you know invite people out to really get to know
their neighbors and that is the strength of the city are those different
neighborhoods but everyone’s taking notice right they’re not fighting just
to protect their neighborhood they’re fighting to protect what happens across
the city because it impacts their neighborhood you know and I love being
able to go and reach every corner of the city and have those conversations with
those folks talk to them one too about their concerns and continue to
fight for them on the council and so I know the unofficial results are in I’m
waiting for the official ones you never know until it’s over I’m taking you for
granted you can’t you really can’t you know and
it’s a long process but I’m really excited and hopefully I’ll be able to
continue to serve well thanks for taking part in our coverage here Nina and
thanks for participating at q8 TV throughout the year it’s great of course
you guys are awesome thank you so much for doing this I really look forward to
it every night so I appreciate it no don’t drop anything in the way out I need a lane counselor at large and we
can run down the a large council numbers for you again if you if you’d like to
see those 25 precincts reporting in now and in the race for at-large councillor
Knoll DiBona at 7000 936 right now Nina laying at 6,000 834 and Mahoney at 7071
and then the two challengers Frank Rubino at 2200 92 and a Joanne Sullivan
can tour at 1757 again don’t forget these are on official numbers that we’re
bringing to you right now and the race for mayor incumbent 2
Thomas coke 7500 72 challenger Brenda riot at 3182
and again that’s 25 of 31 precincts reporting and so far thanks to all of
our great volunteers that are phoning these Inman and to our folks answering
the phones downstairs getting them up to us it takes so many people to put a show
like this together and certainly you at home see the two of us but there are so
many people behind the scenes absolutely there’s no question and our next guests
we want to welcome candidate for Ward 1 city council seats for the second time
around Joe Murphy isn’t stopped on by and Joe
great to see you again great to see you guys how are you doing well how about
you I’m doing great how you feeling after the day today oh I’m exhausted you
look a little tired yeah it was great we had a great time out with the volunteers
today it was just a lot of fun I have such a fun crew and we were out
there and we set up tents and we had lights and music and snacks
yeah and talk about what got you into the race again what what was the driving
issue or issues that made you want to compete disappointment I I think what I
kept hearing from my neighbors and kin and fellow award winners is just
disappointment with how it was going they felt that there was no urgency to
some of the infrastructure problems we were seeing they felt they weren’t
getting represented they felt there was a lack of communication they felt very
strongly that what was happening was our counselor was kind of representing the
mayor’s interests in Ward 1 rather than Ward one’s interest at City Hall hmm
based off the results there are a lot of people who don’t agree but that’s what
got me in yeah talk about your environmental policy and the green
zoning task force yeah well building practices are one of the major
contributors to greenhouse gases and I like to look at different ways to
approach the environmental problem that are a little more palatable to people so
with the green zoning task force we can modernize in green some of ours are
zoning and building practices to the point where we’re being good citizens of
the earth meaning we’re doing things that help the environment lower GHGs
we’re doing things that are good for the builders because the task force will be
half trades people builders who you know can work with the environmental people
to find practices that not just work for the environmental people but work for
the builders and with the combination of savings in efficiency and the builders
having a good say on how we can do things that work for them we can save
people money when they in their monthly utility bills and in their housing the
cost of doing them work so so if you can do all those things and be a good
citizen of the world environmentally it just makes sense
do you agree with the kind of the you know quick short-term approach right now
though of increasing the height of the sea walls and improving the drainage
just for a kind of a short-term fix the planning problem
yeah unfortunately we can’t do this without short-term fixes because we
could have another bad storm next week right so we we need to expedite those
projects and we need to get those sea walls built but if we’re thinking that
that’ll be it and that we don’t have to think about what’s next you know then
we’re handing kicking the problem down to with the next generation which is
what the previous generations did to us and also the MBTA trains but
specifically buses from Ward one yeah well I I would love to take the buses
home myself the reason I can’t is because they run so infrequently and
like on the weekend if I wanted to take a bus to my house like from like a day
in Boston or something I would have to go through Germantown first before I get
the housing what we need to do is just run more frequently and run run directly
and if we do that you’re going to increase ridership which will make it
revenue it’ll the revenue will work for the MBTA as well and you know I’m all
for public transportation we need it the congestion in Quincy and everywhere in
this country right now is is getting to the point where gridlock is everywhere
people’s lives we’ve become so used to it that we don’t even realize how
miserable it is you know I mean right now there are days I’m sitting at my
desk at work that I almost don’t want to leave because I don’t want to get on the
tea you know and so it’s like some master conspiracy to keep me at work you
know would you run again Joe of course I’m definitely gonna run again at some
point I don’t know if I’d run forward one okay again I think I’ve given Ward
one the option and choice this time around I’m so I’m proud of that and I
put out a lot of ideas and you know and I think I let people send a message to
Council and McCarthy that you know they they want a little more and so I’m happy
about that so I don’t know what’s going to
neck’s but I’ll definitely be running again okay yeah please
thank you first first of all for utilizing QA TV to get your message out
and please consider in an open invitation in the future always great
yes continue to utilize Quincy access television I will please and tell all
your friends and neighbors thank you so much
we do have a 29 of thirty-one precincts in it now for unofficial election
results to bring to you and well we’ll start with Ward 1 seeing as we just
chatted with one of the candidates incumbent Dave McCarthy right now at
1955 votes and Joe Murphy at 1005 votes again 29 of 31 precincts in war two of
course for at Kroll is unopposed he is earning 1489 votes right now in the race
for Ward 3 incumbent Ian Kane 1514 challenger eriberto Soto at 486 Ward 4
counts of brian pelo G is also unopposed to this evening he has fourteen hundred
and fifty votes right now and the race for the open seat in Ward 5 a Stephen
Cristo is right now 1086 votes and Charles Phelan just disappeared off my
screen at 1372 so right now Charles Phelan in the lead that’s a close one
we’ll have to watch that in Ward 5 this is a 29 of 31 precincts coming in right
now and Ward 6 the incumbent bill Harris at
1766 and Challenger a William Eisenberg at 833 he’s touchy computer school well
we have another guest joining us in studio she is a candidate for
re-election for councilor at large we’re joined by and Mahoney and welcome
welcome back excited to be back yeah it was a long strange day cold Oh
weather-wise yeah yeah campaign wise campaign it was it was you know as
always it’s it’s no matter what no matter how hard you work when the
election day is here you just hope you did enough to make sure that that you
can pull off that and they just you know one two or three didn’t matter I was I
was you know wolf everybody wants people won but I said you know I was the
opposite saying listen you know if you’re third you’re still a counselor at
law so there’s three seats and I just wanted
one of them I’m very proud to say that we did a great job and and I’m very
happy I don’t even know what the final results are so I just know that I’m one
of them so talk about as you are out and about this campaign season what what
were the issues that you just heard time and time again yeah so people are just
very concerned about the fact that there’s so much over development in the
city of Quincy and they really do feel like their neighborhoods are not being
heard they can go to planning many board meetings they can go to anything and
they’re being talked to not asked they’re being you know they’re being
told and they’re not being heard and that’s a big problem in the city of
Quincy and it’s really it’s appearing that the developers have control of our
city and people are just not happy with that and the other thing that comes hand
in hand with that is the traffic that goes along with the city and you know we
can only say so many times to people that it’s cut through traffic when
you’re seeing the developers over time being told yes and their peer reviews
being passed on city departments basically approving them to suspect
traffic plans that are coming into the city and then excusing it by saying that
it’s cut through traffic that’s causing our problems we actually have to start
owning our problems in the city of Quincy or else we’re not gonna be able
to really manage the things that we want talked about the public meeting
requirement mm-hmm the public what do you mean by the televi no what I guess
in regards to developers survivors have so there’s a so it’s up to the ward
councillors to actually have the public meetings when a developer comes into the
ward it works worth the development but it developer would work with the ward
the ward person and then actually they would have a public meeting if they need
a variance or if they need if they need anything to let people know but there’s
been in some situations like in Ward 5 where there wasn’t the public meetings
that were happening and things were happening and being approved or even
with traffic where you know they were sidestepping the public hearings to
allow traffic changes that were potentially being changed and those
things can’t happen so we have a lot of really great ward councillors and in
this particular case you know that there’s a new board councillor that’s
going to come in for Ward 5 and and I think that Ward’s looking for
representation I think that’s a that’s really the theme throughout the whole
city as people are looking for their representatives to do their jobs and
they’re looking for the people who work for the city that get paid by our tax
dollars to also do their jobs and there’s a it’s a real it’s it’s a
they’re looking for that leadership to actually if the departments aren’t doing
it to make sure that they get to do it and that’s across the board
from you know from trees to streets to everything it’s not saying that people
are not doing a good job it’s just making sure that communication is
happening and not being told you know to use an example for streets not being
told your street could be done this summer that’s not really a timeline we
really want to know like when is it going to happen in our area and how is
it going to happen and when it comes to development what’s going to happen and
what are our what’s what’s what what can we do as residents to lessen that impact
and if you’re working to try to lessen that impact and you’ve organized you
should be whore you should be heard and a perfect example of that is hospital
Hill do you think there may be need to be interesting you say this because this
is not just a Quincy issue this is it’s happening everywhere yeah that’s what I
said it’s not something that’s not isolated but some fundamental zoning
changes to protect neighborhoods no I think absolutely and I was very happy
and very proud to support when Brad Crowell brought before the City Council
the review of the zoning laws and it’s it’s well overdue but at the same time
we actually had we have an opportunity to be able to do that missed it equally
and we have to demand that our Planning Board and our zoning board and our
Commission’s that are giving out the variances are holding true to what we
need here in Quincy and not just panning away areas because we’re so excited
about the upper I think we got it’s like kids in the candy screen you get excited
and you you know you get you get asked like what do you think you want box
number one box number two a box number three you think you’re gonna get
something well we need to actually control with the boxes on those boards
are volunteer mostly do you think they should be elective boards no I think I
think if they’re appointed they should be appointed and they should they’re
appointed by the mayor but I think week but but but when and if something’s not
happening we need to make sure there’s a checks and balance I know that with the
Planning Board they weren’t holding horns and I asked actually had to it
that we have more than more than one alternative alternate to be on there so
that we can make sure that we don’t have that mishap happing people do get sick
and people can’t come to meetings but it doesn’t mean meeting shouldn’t happen
and it shouldn’t be bypassing developers because of state law that’s the loophole
the state law says that they can but just because they can doesn’t mean that
the way we want to work here in Quincy we really have to protect the residents
rights here in the city Quincy by the way you’re number two not over three I’m
happy to be I’m just having here in the council how about that I’m very proud
and I really want to thank everybody on my committee my committees I always say
we’re strong but we’re power because what we lack in numbers we make
up and steam you know we are we work very very hard and I want to thank the
union support that supported me but most importantly my parents my husband my
kids Veronica Bertrand and I and a lot of
great supporters that are out there I have had several great supporters there
out there that are there to support me from from they’re very sick but they’re
supporting me from the sidelines voting for me and you know mr. Magee on
Robertson Street I’m thinking about him and Janice Devore I mean these are
people who put their heart and souls into it even though they they couldn’t
be out there doing things but we’re really helping me along to get there so
I thank everybody universally throughout the city of Quincy I’m so proud to be
elected and I’m so proud to be able to serve again and to ask the questions
that I know need to be asked of the council
well we hope you continue to come back on AM Quincy absolutely a conversation
with you know I love to whenever you want and if you don’t I’ll call you
thank you very much you’re welcome thanks for coming by
Mahoney counselor at large and as I mentioned placing number two now in the
race for the three at-large council seats we’ll run down those numbers for
you this is 31 of 31 precincts in right now these are unofficial results we’ll
start with an oval DiBona at 9,000 675 Mena laying at 8,000 377
and Mahoney who we just chatted with 8686 and then a challengers Frank Rubino
at 2880 and a Joanne Sullivan can tour 2235 there was a race for mayor this
evening he may be aware and we have the numbers for you right now with incumbent
mayor Thomas coke 9300 77 votes challenger Brenda Ryan at 3902 looks
like the mayor will win another four-year term and become the
longest-serving mayor in the city’s history on to the race for the Ward 1
City Council seat now and incumbent Dave McCarthy and 1955 and challenger Joe
Murphy at 1005 again unofficial results coming in for you this evening
we’ll move on to the race for Ward 3 now in the incumbent Ian Kane 1514 and a
challenger eriberto Soto at 486 looks like Ian will be
re-elected this evening the race for the open Ward 5 City Council seat now
Stephen Cristo at 1086 and Charles Palin at 1372 and in the race for Ward 6
incumbent Ville harris 1766 challenger William Eisenberg at 833 moving on to
the at-large council seats not rather the school committee seats part me and
incumbent Paul Berg Olli 8,000 votes incumbent Katherine hubely
at 8500 and eights challenger Courtney Purdy us at 5990 and challenger Frank
Santoro 6459 so it looks like Frank Santoro will fill the seat left vacant
by James domitius of course Frank former Quincy High Principal school committee
member a longtime teacher and North North Quincy native yes yes and I think
we noticed this evening as we were bringing our guests in that a lot of the
same issues well that it really what’s the word I’m looking for every candidate
seemed to have about the same issues that the topics the development the
traffic yes as I mentioned donar speaking with an SAR an interview with
the Secretary of State Bill Galvin just last night and he has talked to city
clerks and election officials all over Massachusetts and that has been an
overriding theme throughout the state is development is zoning as traffic is
growth and an economic disparity so it’s not just here in Quincy and a lot of
different communities are grappling with out and deal with this also whether or
not that’s a comfort to folks who have concerns about that I don’t know but it
is it is not just in Quincy we should mention that for a while the downtown
Quincy Center was really stagnant and there wasn’t anything going on there now
that’s totally changed yeah and folks that we talked to at the polls kind of
approved of having the density in the downtown area and one woman said to us I
like what’s going on downtown you know that’s where it should stay and and I
think that’s kind of the feeling of a lot of folks they don’t want to lose the
character neighborhoods to overdevelopment
speaking of at the polls we have a piece that we had previewed earlier in the
evening Joe and I were at the polls Oh what
about 11 o’clock this morning yes and we did speak to some voters we did speak to
City Clerk Nicole Crispo and we will have all of that for you in just a
moment and then we will be back here to close this evenings coverage of Quincy
boats with the city clerk and Nicole Crispo
here at the Adams Academy Award five precinct three to get an update on how
voting’s are going in today’s citywide election Nicole how’s things going so
far hi Joe thank you for having me things are going
well the people are out voting five percent have come out so far we’re
up about 25 percent from the preliminary said about what you anticipated it is so
I think there’ll be probably another rush at the lunch hour and then after
dinner of course I know that earlier you’d anticipated a total about
3035 percent citywide he is still going to stick to that I’m hoping so
absolutely yes we we’ve seen a lot of big numbers in Ward five six five and in
one as well of course there’s an open seat for this time around in that Ward
so yeah there’s a pretty even race I guess between the two candidates for
that right now yeah yeah for folks who are maybe voting for the first time
Nicki what are some of the considerations you know if they find
they go to the polls and they don’t have their name on the voting list or there’s
another issue like that what are some of the things that they should be concerned
about certainly we send out an acknowledgement
notice for everybody that’s all registered voter in our city you know if
you still have that bring it with you call our office six one seven three
seven six one one four four somebody will answer the phones always there to
help you can go on to our city website at Quincy MA gov and go to city clerk’s
page in elections and lead you to the Secretary of State’s website where you
can go on to see where you’re registered to vote there wasn’t a little bit of
confusion about early voting some folks thought that it might be taking place in
this particular lecture but that’s not the case right no no early voting for
this election there will be at least five days of early voting for much
presidential primary and that’s going to be a busy one of course yes not only
here volunteer wise at the polls poll workers how are you staff this year
we’re doing very well we actually got 23 new poll workers from
the preliminary we shout out on QA TV and we got some very
interested people we put them right to work there’s been some training we’re
gonna do some more training for March we encourage people to get involved to come
out we do pay we’re gonna need all that we can get in and right now there are a
lot of people in training and that’s a positive thing coming for much Mary
talked to us a little bit about why you’re going to vote today because I
feel is too much over development here in Quincy especially in neighborhoods
not bad if it’s downtown or it’s in the train stations but I feel over
development in neighborhoods along you’ve seen a lot of changes seeing
changes right so you’re voting against the mayor today do you hope for the
future of the city you know what would you like to see the future ago I feel
what they’re doing downtown is fine and I you know you hope you know for more
maybe stores and things like that not just
here still ons and things like that if you could please tell us your name
so last week alone I live on Sturdevant Road in Ward 5 and tell us a little bit
about why you voted today oh it’s a privilege that I did I value and I take
four very seriously and I’m here to support a longtime friend
Mayor Tom Koch and others that are on the ballot so you know there’s been a
lot of discussion about all the developments going in across the city
especially for this particular election what’s your view of that I think it’s
good for the city I think it’s been long overdue we are so close to the city of
Boston and it’s a natural progression for the city of Quincy to become the
next hot spot around the South Shore area as a gateway city to Boston and I
think it’s good I think it’s where we’re changing the fabric of the city and with
with the new people coming in and moving in excuse me Quincy has so much to offer
I’m glad that other people are being able to take advantage of it
welcome back to the Quincy access television studios for continuing live
coverage of Quincy votes we have numbers to to share with you election results
tonight and special guests so we will introduce one of those guests right now
joining us is Noelle de Bona he is a candidate for re-election who we just
noticed topped the ticket and will in fact be serving another term so Nowell
welcome thank you guys congratulations thank you so much I appreciate it you
know thank you for having me in here and cue a TV and doing all the results first
off I want to thank God for everything is possible for here today I also want
to thank my team you know my dad has been a huge supporter
I mean he’s he works this way to get my hard worth that work ethic from you know
my dad and my team of Patti Jeff Craig Jim Bowie FC the crew my wife that that
you know we still have the three kids at home the seven five and three year old
why I have my son Tyler out holding signs with us today he want to put him
to work and put him to work you know he was he
was enjoying the bake sales I want to say thank you to all the PTO is out
there they put the bake sales together you know we loaded up on a lot of
goodies you know really which today is all about is everybody that helped me
out I want to thank the voters out there the voters that went to the polls today
and gave me a vote I want to thank everybody put lawn signs in their yards
I want to thank everybody for coming out and vote today I also want to thank and
actually ask the people that didn’t vote for me tonight that didn’t give me a
vote that I could earn your vote over the next two years
I’d love to probably run for re-election again you know so you know really what
it comes down to is hard work I worked real hard for the for the for the
position when I found out there was other candidates in the race and we had
five candidates I said you can never take anything lightly and in our camp
what we teach is you just got to go out and just do the basic basics and get out
there and meet the people I went around into certain neighborhoods two or three
times to meet as many people as I possibly could so I didn’t know if you
guys had any question what was going on I just I just thank
you for everybody for coming out today I I did I just had a question regarding
the mayor recently held a press conference regarding a special education
as a center a special education center in the city and how you felt about that
well you know it’s gonna come in front of the City Council level and it’s more
of the funding part the eight point five million dollar funding part is going to
come in front of the council you have your three former school committee
members that are now councillors and we’ll vet it at that level and if and
when it does get approved that goes to the school committee and it talks about
different components of how many children and and which kids that are out
of district that will stay there that will go to the School Committee to
diversify that so but we’ll we’ll vet it at the council level for the funding
part of it it’s it’s in the long run when I’m looking at it right now and I
have to I have to look at it a little bit more is I think it’s gonna save us
money in the long run it’s gonna save us funding and I think it’s a great to
start off with our younger kids to be able to have a center to go to now an
in-house very similar to Braintree and I got to look at it a little bit more I
tell you to be very honest with you Frank a campaign takes a lot out of you
there’s a there’s a governing side where you’re doing the job and then there’s
the campaigning side and and the campaigning side kid can really take a
lot of time and effort away from doing the job so we’re gonna get back to work
now you know it’s back to work and I’m looking forward to it
I know education has always been a priority of yours
and I know if we look back a bit one of the things that one of the items that
you were very felt very strongly about was the uniforms for the band absolutely
you know I started this journey six years ago six and a half years ago when
I ran for school committee and I started off we did an ad hoc committee once I
got elected and we you know try to get the band program up and running better
we had an ad hoc committee at the school committee level with dr. DeCristofaro
and my other colleagues in on the school committee and eventually down the road
we actually got funding for it and the band program looks great the the
combined Quincy North Quincy band program their uniforms and their uniform
of fantastic and they’ve they’re they’re out reaching into other cities and towns
and doing other you know marching bands so
you know other parades all across so I’m looking forward to coming up in the
Christmas parade coming up soon you know I just you know it’s um it’s emotional
when you’re out there and you never know what the centum it’s gonna be in every
election the city is changing it’s evolving and we’re going to new the new
consensus next year that will look to go with a hundred thousand people
population wise and will give us an extra type of funding but I think right
now looking in I mean right right now you’re gonna go into presidential
election you got Super Tuesday coming up you have office of the statewide
elections there’s gonna be highly contested races coming in here and I
think the the old-school I’m gonna wait my turn I think those days are over I
think you’re gonna get a highly contested twenty twenty races out there
and you look at Boston Boston City Council and and they’re looking to make
movements here so we got the municipal mezzo someone over and I think the state
wives are gonna open up right after this and you’re gonna hear a lot of traction
on them but um you know obviously the four major major ingredients that I’ll
continue to activate is um you know the situation with the traffic and the
overdevelopment the parking concern and our taxes and those are the four major
things that I continuously hear out there but I’ll continue to advocate for
for education public safety and infrastructure improvements throughout
the city and nuts and bolts of it but I I’m gonna I owe both you some segments
yes Joe and you in the morning I owe you a segment I owe you an afternoon one so
we got your numbers I’ll be in to talk more about the issues and stuff but
thank you everybody else thank you voters from voting me back in and I’m
looking forward to representing you thank you thanks again no thank you
thank you you’re welcome Noel DiBona counselor at-large
re-elected for another two years topping the ticket in Quincy this
evening nine thousand six hundred and seventy five votes again these are
unofficial results that are scrolling along the bottom of your screen 31 of 31
precincts are in and thanks again to all of our volunteers for getting those
numbers to us this evening joining us another guest has joined us in the
studio Frank Rubino who was a candidate for
councillor at large Frank welcome thank you for having me welcome
back and we should say a member of Quincy access television appreciate that
this is your first time an elective office I was the first-time
candidate yeah it was an amazing experience really I’m very happy with
the effort that I made I especially enjoyed canvassing all the neighborhoods
knocking on doors meeting with people chatting about the issues listening to
concerns it was just an amazing experience we should do it again maybe
not right take a break first sure well two thousand eight hundred and
eighty votes so that’s that’s humbling citywide when you think somebody would
cast a vote what was it the first essentially I think I’d like to try this
I enjoy being active and involved here in Quincy I have a background that I
think is beneficial to the City Council and I wanted to give it a try you have a
financial background sure how do you think the city’s finances are run Frank
well one of the top concerns that I was hearing from residents is the taxes the
tax burden in the city of how property taxes move higher year after year even
though the property tax rate declines because assessed values keep moving
higher so I would hope that the City Council does attack that problem because
it’s something that most of the residents care strongly about resident
conscious development talk about that in what was meant by that statement well
here in Quincy we have so many residential developments ago that are
going up continue to go yes and continue to go up but there’s not a whole lot of
variety as far as things like new restaurants new bars
new coffee shops plus the things that people really need the services medical
services urgent care centers we do have a medical facility that’s about to go up
in Quincy Center but there’s a lot more that we can do to bring medical services
to the city so I would like to see the City Council the mayor the
administration focused some more on that a ferry service that’s more than
temporary yes exactly yes but you become more involved in say community groups or
civic associations Frank or maybe attending city council meetings in
the future yes yeah I have you okay here and there okay so you you’re not going
away anytime oh yeah it just sees my home now yes and looking at the the
ferry service the MBTA bus service when you were out and about do people find it
easy to get around a traffic congestion was another big concern that I was
hearing over and over again from residents to try to get to from one end
of the city to the other it can be very difficult so and traffic congestion is
an issue that we can attack from several different angles so the ferry service
that you mentioned earlier it’s a great way to get cars off the road and swap
them for ferries on the water we also need to take a look at some of our most
dangerous intersections that the intersections where time and time again
there there’s an accident that impacts traffic I’ll also need to look at how
oberon lyft is having an impact here in our city in other places such as
Cambridge Somerville Boston they have dedicated over and lift drop-off and
pickup locations dedicated curbside space where uber and lyft can do their
pickups and drop-offs so that’s a concept that we can bring to Quincy
because instead of the uber stopping wherever it wants and causing a traffic
jam that there’s now dedicated space for them to do that yeah they’ve already
done it they at the airport you are very successful in helping to a spearhead
Quincy’s first Pride Day that’s his first LGBT first and then second
algebraic probably talked about talk about the second and how it developed
from the first or continues to develop well the first one was an enormous
success we had around 1,000 people attending when we first started planning
it we thought well we’ll be grateful if we get fifty or hundred people and we’ll
just do hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill but it ended up being a ton of
support close to 1,000 people and there were many people who supported by
donating services donating raffle prizes things of that nature and we were just
very grateful by the enormous support and then that of
course led to the second year it also led to us becoming an official nonprofit
status Quincy pride is now an official nonprofit organization sure
well if we hope you’ll stay active here at Quincy access television and I look
forward to working with you in the future Frank thank you so much thank you
Frank good to see you pleasure we should probably run down the
results of the unofficial results of the election for you one more time this
evening and we’ll start with the race for mayor this evening and as you see
incumbent Thomas cope 9300 77 votes challenger Brenda Ryan at
three thousand nine hundred and two votes and these are unofficial but we’re
pretty good by now we’ve got this down pretty close counselor at large
Knoll DiBona the incumbent nine thousand six hundred seventy five followed by
Anita Lang eight thousand three hundred seventy seven then and Mahoney at 8686
Frank Robina who we just heard from two thousand eight hundred and eighty votes
and Joanne Salomon Cantor 2235 votes in the race for Ward one incumbent Steve
McCarthy at 1954 and Joe Murphy 1005 Ward three the incumbents Ian Kane with
1514 eriberto Soto at 486 the race for award five the open seat there and
Stephen Cristo 1086 votes and Charles Phelan 1372 and in the race for the
award six council seat the incumbent William Harris 1766 challenger William
Eisenberg at eight hundred and thirty three votes moving on now to the race
for school committee there were three seats up this this year and pabre goalie
incumbent with eight thousand votes Cathy hubely eight thousand five hundred
and eight Courtenay Proteus 5990 and Frank Santoro at six thousand four
hundred and fifty eight votes well done it’s yes I read really well
and I try to follow you you did great right sometimes I slip my son could be a
lot is a lot quicker than the electronic devices again we we want to thank all of
our members all of our volunteers for staffing the polls as soon as those
polls close they call the numbers in they call them into our phone bank here
in Quincy access television then they come up from the downstairs to the
upstairs where the studio is and we get those or rather there there’s a crew
behind the scenes that that gets those numbers a put on the screen so that you
can see them at home the same time that we see them it’s a machine it’s a
well-oiled machine there’s no question about it and I will say to this
particular municipal election more than others in the past at least since I’ve
been here at QA TV we’ve managed to cover so many different candidates
forums candidates debates all throughout the city or over the past month month
and a half or so thanks so much to our volunteers and members who have gone out
in these evenings and videoed those meetings those candidates debates and
forms to be able to bring them to the viewers post them on our web site as
well at QA tv.org all the candidates participated in the delivering
five-minute messages as well to the voters over the past couple of months
after the preliminary election those also on our web site and all that could
not happen without just vast crew of folks that give of their own personal
time to make it true we should mention that Joe and I when we were out today we
got compliments for exactly what Joe was talking about just a moment ago we also
have received emails thanking us for delivering the coverage that again
Joe you spoke of it’s always nice to hear and it’s a good time to remind you
that you too can become a member here at Q a TV just be a Quincy resident 18
years or older and you can be part of a great crew of folks that are truly
committed to bringing community information to the city of Quincy well
Joe I want to thank you for joining me here this evening always pleasure and of
course our director John O’Leary our executive director John Cleary as well
the entire staff the entire crew that have worked here this evening to bring
you quincy votes 20:19 thank you and good night you

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