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Good Morning , its a pleasure
to be here. I am going to talk to you
about the 1122 Program. The program started as a
result of legislation, the
National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal
year 1994, which was contained
section 1122. And this allowed state and
local governments to purchase
new law enforcement equipment for counterdrug
activities. With the legislation that was
passed in 2009 it has expanded
the scope of the program to include Homeland Security
and Disaster Recovery. And that is currently, since
2009, been piloted in six
states in the country and our expansion this summer, the
national expansion, will be
open to the rest of the country where people actually
have SPOC authorized in their
state and Ill talk to that in just a minute. The program was organized
between three agencies. It was organized with DOD
being the head agency and then
GSA and the Defense Logistics Agency
actually worked with DOD in
the program. And the program itself is
administered by the army. Okay, how does the program work? There is what we call a SPOC
and they are state point of
contact. Theyre appointed by the
governor of the state. They receive all acquisitions
from the state and local law
enforcement entities and ensure availability of the
funds. So theyre the focal point for
the program and they actually
get with law enforcement agencies and the other people
who are going to be doing the
ordering and theyre kind of the go-between. And they take the forms from
the SPOC and they send it
either directly to the contractor or to GSA for
vehicle ordering. And they also have to
determine whether they have
the funds available to do the ordering
and then they also need to
determine that theyre, actually, ordering within the
scope of the program. And this is counterdrug
because thats how the program
originally evolved, but it will include
the other entities as well. So they need to check with the
appropriate ordering entity
and theythe DLA also has part of the program and they
designate the orders to the
appropriate activity. What is the vendors
responsibility when selling
products to the 1122 program? The vendors, they want to make
sure that the SPOC when
theyre ordering is ordering
under the appropriate sin. They need to verify if the
state in which the purchasing
agency is located is an appointed state coordinator
and identify them. And they also have to put a
statement on the order that
shows that as being ordered under the 1122 program. So in the future, that
statement will also include
Homeland Security and Disaster Recovery
in there. Its important that as a
vendor that that information
be on order because if the vendor is
audited thats one of the
things that they look for. The law enforcements program
provides items to his
customers through three separate federal sources working in
conjunction with justice. Again, its a three-part
program; the Defense Logistics
Agency has some items available. The army is the administrator
and then GSA our role is to
keep a catalog on the website with the items that
are available. Some of the examples of the
schedules that are included in
the program are schedule 56 and schedule 84
which includes the total
solutions for law enforcement security facility,
management systems, fire
rescue, special purpose
clothing, rain craft and emergency
disaster response. Another schedule thats
offered is schedule 56 which
includes building materials, industrial
services and supplies, and
some other items as well. Under schedule 84, total
solutions for law enforcement,
security facility, management systems,
fire rescues, special purpose
clothing, marine craft and emergency disaster response. Some of the items included are
enforcement equipment, body
armor, helmets, canine training and handling equipment, in
vehicle protection and
restraint system, police bicycles and other items. And, again, with the expansion
of the program, were going to
include new items and this catalog is currently posted on
our VSC website. And then also some other items
that are included under
schedule 84 are marine craft and equipment, things like
powerboats, non-power boats,
inflatable boats, marine inboard and
outboard engines, marine
diesel propulsion engines, threading marine
barriers and booms, etc. Again, I touched on the future
expansion a little bit and,
again, were told thats going to be early this summer. This is the revised scope
under the 2009 National
Defense Authorization Act. I covered that a little bit
already. For a list of the state
coordinators, you can go to www.gsa.gov/1122program and click on State Points of
Contact. We currently have 45 state
points of contact. And a good way to use the
program will be to access our
GSA e-Library which can be found at
www.gsa.gov/elibrary. Another good source is for
specifically for pricing is
GSA Advantage. Now one of the things to note
about this program is that
its a totally voluntary program. Its a voluntary program for
the state. Its also a voluntary program
for the contractor. So the contractor is allowed
to turn down an order if they
feel that they cant meet the requirements of the order. In summary, the goal of the
program is to save valuable
time and money for the state and local agencies to
enable you to stretch your
dollars in the fight against drugs and now also for
homeland security and disaster

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