1. Professor Pamela Karlan is a pro Hillary, baby killing Democrat hack. Her testimony was toatally tainted and biased. To insult a child is the measure of her character.

  2. They LOVE to pretend that only THEY are “the American people.” The American people are also Democrats, independents, the FBI, the CIA, those professors, the other sworn witnesses, EVERY CITIZEN. They do NOT own this country although they want to. They do NOT own God, patriotism, the flag, morality, or anything else they desperately want to own and control. This country belongs to ALL of us.

  3. Karlan is a typical academia liberal, “I’m insulted”…as if her feelings are more important than than the facts, which are woefully missing from this democrat impeachment circus act. She can take her personal insult feelings to hell with the rest of the members of this illegal coup attempt. She is the poster child for what is wrong with our educational system.

  4. These impeachment hearings are a joke. Like or hate President Trump he didnt do shit wrong and if he did there isnt proof. Waste of money and time. This is the best economy and shit I've ever had in my life time. Think we should worry about more important things then this garbage.

  5. No FACTS presented by the Left at ALL except that it is official Nancy, her followers, and puppet masters have gone TOTAL psychopathic. But, we already knew they were…they just are on full media public display with it now! Awesome, too watch…makes for great political ratings for TRUMP!

  6. BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Pussy hat wearing progtardation is a serious problem! What she thought was a clever joke about Barron Trump's name really underlines the level of sheer willful ignorance of "progressives". They thought that was clever. 'Uh… see? Get it? His name is Barron and baron is also a title of European nobility… get it? Duh… Haha… isn't that a funny joke I just made, cause like, I'm a really super smart professor and all?'

  7. Karlan a perfect example that lawyers can be comedians too…she had a great Doublespeak opening statement. She is participating in a process to undue what the voters want done. WOW! Arrogance knows NO bounds to those afflicted with psychotic behaviors.

  8. She gave money to Obama and Hillary and all Democrat for election, she insulting Baron Trump 13 years old kid For What ???, This she professor must be Crazy and hate So much Trump ckckckck what a shame , wake Up Americans when this Hipokrit she professor Says treason and corrupt about President Trump who bring back American peoples jobs and economy at the higest ever , she must hate Trump So Badly

  9. What was this progtw*t doing testifying? She has no first hand knowledge of anything. Only her progtw*t opinion. In the end, Gaetz asks all four of them to raise their hand if they have any first hand knowledge of anything related to any of this. They all just sat there with those stupid looks on their faces. Hahahahahaha!!!!!!! 'nuff said.

  10. Trump investigating a vice president that was running a scam literally on a global level weather or not he's a opponent in the election Biden should go to jail and not even get a chance to run

  11. Good going CNN. This was supposed to be your big ratings boost. Instead, all you got was a dried up turd and tanking ratings. HAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah – and four more years of Trump! Well played!

  12. H : Hate
    A : Anger
    R : Ridiculous
    V : Vandalism
    A : Abuse
    R : Representation of Evil
    D : Dumb

    If that kind Professors still Teach in that University

  13. Eloquent yet she stools to attack a minor child! All of this would be credible but remember, (1) Trump was dually elected by the citizens of the USA (2) POTUS 45 hand was barely off the bible when being sworn in as president when the Elites were talking about impeachment (3) where were these "scholars", "psychologists", and "psychiatrists" when Hillary was running for office, and why didn't they question and expose her crooked, devious ways as a career politician and (4) the fact that this charade is being aired by CNN (a MSM whose ratings have tanked) leads me to question the validity and integrity of this entire sham event👿👿👿👿

  14. Boy I sure hope nobody is dumb enough to break into the White House and get all the evidence those damn Democrats need.

  15. OK theirs an impeachment but all I see is the people impeaching being accused of s*** where is the f**** orange Trump man.

  16. Rep Collins argues no facts. He argued the process. Prof Karian quoted multiple authors of our constitution and spoke specifically on the 25thAmendment article ll section 4. She then went onto to give her legal opinion based on that. Yet I sit here reading opinions and am debating folk who can't even explain what the president is accused of. Meaning they don't even know the facts yet they're arguing them. Actually they're arguing their feelings and regurgitating right winged talking points. Trump voters are funny as hell.

  17. The stupid, hateful statement of  Pamela about Barron shows how desperate the Democrats are. At the same time, they turned the US Congress into a fish market by speaking out irresponsibly under oath to make the circus look good. If the statement fails to sell tickets, they retract it. Or is she dangerously doped up ? Thanks to those Democrat clowns for giving me a lot of good laughing.

  18. please someone please explain to all of us —-how a small country with VERY poor economy like Ukraine can help to get Trump reelected ?????????????????? what magical power does Ukraine have?

  19. karlan is little more than a bitter cat lady who has never had a job in the real world.
    she exist only in the communist propaganda system labeled our education system.
    she teaches law supposedly. probably has coached enough politicians on how to be good communists and socialists.
    Karlan is the poster example of why our education system is crap and why graduates are unable to get jobs.

  20. Democrats pick professors 3
    All 3 had mine made up
    All professors did gave options
    She bought an paid bye Democrats socialist an libs
    She gave to Democrats party an Hillary Clinton campaign an supporter
    Gave her thought in media over 2 years ago
    Said trump must go
    All one sided
    She is FAKE

  21. I am absolutely amazed CNN is letting it have comments on this video …so on that let me say.
    We're going to go with Maxine Waters philosophy …if you see this lady college professor from Stanford University drag her outside start a mob and beat her to death with bricks… Will use their own rules and morals on them and screw you Stafford

  22. And then got grilled by Matt Gaetz… Politics in my country is crazy but in America it is not only crazy but is divided…

  23. I think she misspoke, I believe she wanted to say instead of I'm insulted is I'm insulting to anyone with an IQ over 40. It's time to shut down the universities in this country until we can properly vet these so called professors and make sure those teaching our children are not RADICAL SOCIALIST TERRORIST

  24. Its strange that she chose to not wear make up to the hearing , when normally she looks like Pelosi . Total schiff show .

  25. "Pamela Karrlan!!"A Scholar?? A Law Professor??-Why does she HAVE to speak SO loud & read from a script if she's such a Scholar??"*

  26. Great speech Professor Karlan. I can't believe the part where she admitted to be a HILLARY supporter and contributer was left OUT of this clip

  27. I’m not American but this guy made me sick.. sooo partisan.. not interested in right or wrong.. just partisan politics.. it’s all a game for him

  28. Doug Collings… O realy pray every day… that this soul less teabag cheater is not in heaven. This guy is why people should not believe in god.

  29. Trump never asked for interference in the up coming election….ever. She should be kicked out of that room immediately…..''ELECTIONS MATTER asshole''

  30. The democrats are destroying our country. Thank God we have Trump in the White House to fight back against the radical and evil hearted liberals. MAGA 2020!!!!!!!! I remember when CNN used to be a news organization. I guess that makes me old. Watch FOX news for real journalism.

  31. Why students dont go law school because laws became stupid unfair corrupt to rich interests that take away american jobs houses rights

  32. Voting is rigged and discriminates and stolen here 3 million New York Democrats stolen when trump won by default…Republicans are rich crooks…what democracy

  33. You all in govt protect the rich….rest 99% you are fired…take jobs take way place evicted…american dream a nightmare

  34. The Socialist Democrats want free and fair elections 😂 The party of rigged primaries and DNC Superdelegates 🤣 The hypocrisy is truly disgusting. The Professor is full of BS.

  35. Professor Pamela Dirtshits. What a clown. Paid advertisement for Democrats & a poster child for why American schools under Democrats are an abject failure.

  36. Hold up now, it was McConnell who said he wanted the house wrapped up before Thanksgiving, now it's a Democratic grand plan?
    The GOP changes their mind Everytime Trump Tweets, it sounds like the GOP is Trump's Defence team, they're not doing "our" work…

  37. Boy she is the hangman isn’t she she is so right. I mean she knows our president should be shot doesn’t she. I mean she KNOWS. Dangerous woman that is a HATER making up a crime and she’s a jury and the hangman too. Wow. No need for jury at all.

  38. Under Republican organization our freedoms have been undermined from bushe's Patriot act…to geramanding…to boarder payroll…to voting rights…to selling our elections …Homeland security (gestapo)… The greatest threat to humanity is the Republican organization…

  39. Of course CNN only shows her little speech and not the way she was exposed as being a hypocrite and biased against Trump before he even took office. What hatred.

  40. She should TRY to follow the Constitution herself. What a joke she made herself to the public during these hearings.

  41. After reading these comments I can tell some of you didn't watch the whole hearing. She was shut down. It was beautiful 😊. Dems and liberals are so easily fooled by CNN and MSNBC's propaganda.

  42. And this guy went to law school himself. 🙈 Straw man argument for the unaware and uneducated that don't understand how the system works.

  43. Republican….business educated democracy uneducated. Democrat…liberty democracy clear educated but not business educated…Republican greed stupid polluters

  44. Who gives a sh*t if she's insulted, seems she has insulted thousands over the years. She may as well move to Russia since her party wants to go the way of Socialism. Leave Venezuela alone they have enough socialists over there.

  45. It’s amazing that republicans call the left traitors when most of the dems ideals are to help and support low-middle class America. Where as republicans are literally bought out by the NRA, fossil fuel, prison, and pharmaceutical industry lobbyists. Not to mention multiple intelligence agencies + Mueller (life long republican) have confirmed Russia interfered in our election, and Don Trump jr was caught red handed meeting with Russian officials AT TRUMP TOWER with Trumps knowledge of it happening. I just—- don’t understand the logic

  46. She admitted she had no evidence.. She also admitted to making fun of a 13 year old… Because hes trumps son… Shes a grown woman attacking a kid… You democrats are some kinda special


  48. Mr. Collins didn't read every one of the transcripts that witnesses submitted so how can he assert that he knows more than Karlan about this? Most of the GOP didn't read them from what they said, preferring to spread the debunked conspiracy theories put out by Lushenko, Parnas, and Fruman (and subsequently, Guilliani). And how many read the Mueller report? One Gop rep. said he was "waiting for the audio book version to come out". Come on! I read them and it's not even my job. What a farce.

  49. Wow this is scary CNN spouting fake news and the moron citizens just suck it up, spouting the same nonsense in this feed!!! This biased moronic crazy cat lady claims to have read the scripts and the 'FACTS'…. What facts bahaha that's the whole issue THERE ARE NO MATERIAL FACTS. Dumbocrats still can't get over losing the last election. They damn well know they got absolutely no chance next year. So they spit their hate, violate rights, ignore due process in a sham of a waste of taxpayers money!! Utterly pathetic!!! End the Dumbocrats!!! Oh and what a piece of shit dragging a 13 year old into it with a pathetic scripted shit joke!

  50. This professor of law actually changed a word in the transcript to fit her narrative and little story ? WOW!!!!! that shows lack of integrity, unprofessionalism , and disregard for the law ! OMG !!! i hope she is not teaching this behaviour to her students !!

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