President Moon wraps up ASEAN meetings, meets Abe again for discussions

president moon jaein has returned to
Seoul after wrapping up a series of summits in the Thai capital of Bangkok
some of his notable diplomatic engagements there include the closely
watched one-on-one with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a and earning
support from ASEAN nations for his peace drive on the Korean Peninsula her
packagin starts us off Casa de montagne returned home Tuesday after wrapping up
his three-day trip to Thailand where he attended the ASEAN plus three and
related regional forums one of president moons biggest achievements during his
stay rekindle any possibility of improving South korea-japan ties after
months of tension centered around trade and their shared history in Bangkok on
Monday president moon held an unplanned 11 minute long discussion with Japanese
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a their first official sit-down in 13 months he
proposed high-level dialogue as an option possibly implying the annual
trilateral summit involving China that scheduled for December president moon is
likely to have initiated the talks recognizing the need to improve
relations before their military Intel sharing parts known as G somya expires
on November 20 seconds on the ASEAN stage however the president remained
firm in his stance that free-trade principles must be protected an indirect
criticism of Tokyo’s economic retaliation involving export
restrictions against tech related materials needed by South Korean firms
there’s a long journey ahead to restoring bilateral ties but it’s
considered a significant start with the leaders agreeing to resolve their issues
through dialogue concrete progress now depends on how they work around their
conflicts over two somya trade restrictions and wartime forced labor
president moon also reaffirmed his determination to achieve lasting peace
and denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula
he called for support from ASEAN members who are seen as essential partners in
the peace process since they have diplomatic ties with both Korea’s the
South Korean leader also devoted much of his energy to garnering the support of
Southeast Asian Nations for the korea-asean and Korea Mekong summits
taken place in Korea’s southern city of Busan later this month package an ID on
US Bangkok

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