President Moon criticizes political strife at parliament on top of hundreds of pending bills

president machine responded to the
current deadlock in Parliament which is happening when a great number of urgent
bills are stacked up during a meeting with top aides at South Korean leader
called the lawmakers to think about the people and pass those bills packaging
shares with us his remarks Prasanna moonbeam has expressed deep
disappointment of recurrent political strife at the National Assembly at a
crucial time when hundreds of bills are sitting in Parliament
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chigga chung chigga material pasado moons made that criticism in a
meeting with senior aides on Monday it comes after the main opposition Liberty
Korea party pushed for a filibuster last Friday to block the fast tracking of
bills to revise the election law and establish an anti-corruption
investigative units the filibuster motion led to the cancellation of the
plenary session which also prevented the passing of some 200 bills including next
year’s budget and bills that could better ensure children safety in school
zones the president strongly urged Parliament to handle them swiftly for
the sake of the people and the economy militant young Gangan Sangha come
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pour over to kill president moon also reflected on your treatments made at the
asean-korea commemorative summit and a meet kong korea summit in Pusan last
week he cited enhanced cooperation and free trade science technology
agriculture and infrastructure he especially highlighted that ASEAN
support will be of great help to the peace process on the Korean Peninsula
but while at Vancity new southern policy the president also raised the importance
of creating synergy with the new northern policy which aims to boost
political and economic ties with northern countries like Russia packagin
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