President Donald Trump’s Job Approval Falls In Latest Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Holycrap. Is that a sarcastic burn towards Trump?! Quicktip though, replace the WH script writer for DJT. Clearly they think political action is a sitcom. Without anyone laughing.

  2. This “man” if you can stomach to call him that-is a walking embodiment of the Seven Deadly Sins. After he has ravaged this country, all the people that enabled him -will claim that they tried to stop him. But for the love of YouTube, online news articles & footage of Republicans in Russia-their lies will live in infamy.

  3. Per Real Clear Politics it's not really dropping – and is better than Obama's this time in office … so why do you cherry pick and spin a narrative that feeds the frenzy?

  4. It should be lower than 41% , he hasn't started a war yet but if you don't hurry and impeach this guy he will start a war to distract from his guilt !!

  5. What ever you do , don't give the GOP the phone number for the suicide hotline ! I'm having to much fun watching them slice their wrists .

  6. Roy Moore offered to come out of retirement to serve his Country in this time of need.
    He's volunteered to look after the girls from the Border separations.
    It will be a huge inconvenience, but he's willing to sacrifice for his Patriotic duty.
    While he will not be collecting a Fed paycheck, an Expense account consideration is customary.

  7. This immigration travesty is the handiwork of the Joseph Goebbels of senior policy advisors to trump, Stephen Miller. This far-right political activist jerk, erstwhile communications director for Jeff Sessions, is clearly behind this heartless, cruel and unjustified treatment of children at the US border. His evil rhetoric is now manifest in bloody criminal deeds callously perpetrated by the trump administration in plain sight.

  8. This poll show how sad America is now that only 41 percent of Americans are white. This do show America is losing it whiteness.

  9. I cannot believe after all the crap this Impostor of a President has pulled off, that 40% of the people still support him. What does it take to make them realize that they are being scammed by an evil, egotistical , con man. I didn't realize that there were so many Trump University "non-graduates" in this country. And no, it seems a lot of Americans aren't "pretty smart",

  10. Why isn't anyone asking and answering the question of "What did they plan to do with the children" if there is no record of whom they belong to??????

  11. This just in, 41% of the US are delusional morons who will almost definitely claim to have been anti Trump in ten years, when their kids/grandkids ask wtf happened to the pre 2016 America they read about in history class. Once the Detrumpification of the US begins, no one is going to want to admit they were on the wrong side of history. I can see the landfills piled high with red MAGA hats already.

  12. tRump has 4 options with these missing children. 1. Reunite them with their parents 2. Have them placed in homes with White Supremacist families in order to grow his own personal version of a 2300 person strong Hitler Youth. 3. Grow a local slave force to make his stupid products so he saves on shipping to China. 4. Sell them to child traffickers so his Russian oligarchs can have their young boys and girls to abuse. I'm not betting on number 1, tRump is too evil to do the right thing and there's no money in it for him. You knew he was a snake before you brought him in.

  13. What’s so outrageous is that the hosts are surprised that trump’s approval numbers are down after the child separation crisis! Hello! Morons! Separating children from parents and loosing track of them is NOT supposed to be a commendable thing. This is a crisis we would condemn in another country!

  14. Trump is a moron, liar, bigot, clown, con-man, fraud, serial groper, and probably traitor to US. He and his GOP chumps are going down Nov. 6. Good Americans of all races and creeds will be taking their country back.

  15. Gallop poll is the same fake poll that was used during the elections. Keep promoting your garbage agenda it only helps President Trump and the red tsunami coming in the fall elections. I praise these clowns for doing America a huge favor. MMegasee you at the polls!

  16. It's Insidious!!! What did they plan to do with these children. It seems that there was a plan to permanently separate these families, so what…?

  17. Why are democrats still hanging off every word of what polls say? Didn't we all learn a lesson about polls in 2016? STOP LISTENING TO POLLS AND DO SOMETHING!

  18. Separating children from families IS NOT TRUMP'S Immigration policyIT WAS OBAMA"S!  You need to get your facts straight. Many of your facts are wrong.

  19. Now that's not true Mika and Joe, his job performance is going through the roof… According to him of course.

  20. I'll just stick to calling him 45 because there is NOTHING PRESIDENTIAL about the man. Anyways fake it till you make it 🙄.

  21. It doesn't matter what his rating is as long as the bumbling incompetent Democrats don't do anything intelligent to correct the problem.

  22. Oh my God, who CARES?! His approval numbers have ALWAYS been awful, MSNBC! Since his first day! Stop grading Trump based only on his own numbers! Why can’t you frame this the way it should be: “Unpopular president remains unpopular”? Are you afraid of alienating the people who call you ‘fake news’ and shoot up newspaper offices?! If they’re gonna hate you on social media and everywhere else, just go whole hog! Stop wearing kid gloves!

  23. Is president Trump wearing a dead squirrel for a hat? Well, if it's not a squirrel could it be a old 1960's ginger mohair sweater? Ah! we have the answer, it is a toupee knitted from the pubic hair of some red headed Russian prostitutes…..YES!


  25. Those of us with a clue on the christian right have been saying since the beginning that there is absolutely nothing that will lose him the 34-38% that constitutes the christian right, short of trying to go against their evil, hateful agenda.

  26. Polls are frequently inaccurate. It depends on which poll you look at as to whether Trump is doing a great job or not. I personally believe that his gut instincts are generally correct and if he follows them he will succeed in any venture he chooses. That does not mean Trump will be right all the time but then no-one really is are they?
    The polls were wrong about who would win the last American election so they could be wrong again. Any poll put out by MSNBC is bound to be wrong because they have such a great track record of being wrong in any case. They are wrong in their opinions even if their facts are accurate. It is high time they had some real adults who are well informed in many ways to do their documentaries and programs. To date we have been treated to opinions which are so wrong it is laughable. Grow up! You lot are a bunch of turkeys who would not get employment as cleaners or bar tenders. You simply do not know your stuff properly!

  27. There is no forgiveness in this world, or the next, for what was done to those children and their families.

  28. These are the top 2 demshits on TV. MSNBC why is these idiots still lying. Ripping kids from the mother's breast. Wtf. President Trump greatest President ever!!!!

  29. I've talked to be people in his "base". They sound like wives who make excuses for their abusive husbands.

  30. I just sold my home, I'm going to rent for two years and if this "A"Hole gets re-elected in 2020, I'm going to move overseas.

  31. MSNBC, You are just butt hurt. Stop lying making up BS about trump. I will never forget when you were caught in a lie stating that trump called immigrants animals when in fact he called the MS4 Gang animals & they truly are. I will never consider MSNBC as a credible news agency. People need to research what these clowns are saying before believing them at there word.

  32. Trump's probably targeting $500 billion in China tariffs to make up $1 trillion the US loses yearly due to both the US trade deficit with China (about $350 billion in 2016 and $380 billion in 2017-data by the Commerce Department, according to the New York Times) and Chinese espionage in the US (up to $600 billion per year, reported CNN). China has been raping our country for a long time, and it's time for us to bring China to justice. It's the right thing for Trump to impose high tariffs on China imports. We might lose some now, but we surely will gain a lot later. After all, it's for all of us and for the future of our children, and most importantly, it's for our country. Let's set aside our differences and give full support to Trump.

  33. Some one says trickled down economics don't work if you are under clouds with Gop. On. Them your going to. Get peed on .

  34. As to poll numbers…are you aware that many of the tRump online polling sites that pop up asking for you to rate his lob performance only allow you to select the "yes" button? If you don't select "yes", you cannot register your vote or if do get to select "no", the "do you approve 'yes'" vote gets selected instead when your cursor is on the "no"…..hmmm. Makes me wonder just exactly how low his numbers really are. I'm guessing even with all that "help" numbers are actually In the teens even with all his phony GOP "paid for", GOP owned polling sites. I don't buy anything over 18%. Wow…just wow… This is beyond swampy, it's sewer sludge.

  35. Some day we are all going to wake from this bad dream and have discussion about this guy….I still can’t believe more than 41 people voted for him. Just keeping it honest

  36. Trump’s still proud, since he said the UK LOVED him.

    If a country with an approval rating of 11% towards him is “loving”, then a 41% rating must be great!

    Morons are governing America

  37. Many news outlets carry the same message to everyone who will follow. They use small portions of truth mixed with a twist of propaganda to manipulate your opinion and what you believe. As you read all the comments you will easily be able to tell who is falling for their puppet show and who actually sees what has happened to America. This might as well be CNN lol! It is the same agenda!

  38. Giving an imbecile power is extremely dangerous as is now becoming more and more apparent, Putin must be laughing his head off.

  39. Trump is a living legend. I'm prouder now to be an American than I ever have…. I can't wait to see CNN cry again in 2020:)

  40. Reminder this Gallup Poll – Nov 1, 2016 – With one week to go, Clinton is forecast to win by large margins. Hahaha!

  41. That's normal, plants are closing, people losing jobs, farmer's loosing millions and billion, and he's doing what's best for Rushah and Chinah, he's gotta keep Putin happy or he's going to turn on him and Chi might renig on that $500 million dollar loan.

  42. We can't keep trying to read down what he does well. It's a million other things to focus on. Talk about his temporary tax cuts for everybody else but permanently their cut for his henchmen

  43. Today is a very devastating day for this American. I thought yesterday was The worst day with the speech in Russia. But because I see no action coming out of the White House after this travesty, I see no hope for America at all. Republicans are not speaking up. If treason cannot get them to stand together and take action and then nothing well. I am now officially give up on the United States and American government.

  44. Since all the polls had Hillary 20points ahead a week before the election… WHO CARES WHAT STUPID LIBERAL OWNED POLLS THINK… OBAMA did the same thing regarding separation of families, the LAW was signed in by Clinton

  45. So under Obama ISIS was cutting the heads of Christian children off in Iraq and Syria and Obama was separating " The Children " from the parents in his administration and you did not say anything !!! In His time Jesus said RACA and destroyed the fig tree that poetically symbolized Israel so what is your reward going to be Mika and Joe .

  46. Why are the Russians so successful in the US, succeeding to get an imbecile elected as President? Because the amount of elector idiots is greater there than in any other country in the Western World, because of crazy religious sects brainwashing the children to never understand and respect facts, never using the facts in faultless logic to reach faultless conclusions; introducing a powerful poison in society, namely "fake truths". It's closer to George Orwell's "1984" than I ever believed to be possible; I've always thought that such a development as outlined in 1984 would be impossible because of people's resistance to its lack of logic. I stand corrected; never underrate people's stupidity.

  47. You lying pig's getting rich destroying this country with your caravans and stupid law's supporting your government mooches

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