President Donald Trump Compares Impeachment Probe To ‘A Lynching’ | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. The call to Turkey was nothing more than Trump attempting to divert the impeachment investigation….Trump has no shame…Blood on his hands!

  2. It is a lynching. You guys are ignorant, not in reality and very hateful. You're liars, all of you. Shifty Schitt lied to Congress about the President's phone call while we already read the phone transcript word for word. You're not reporters, you're serving the hateful extremist democrats. You will see a major backlash against your lies in November, 2020. Nobody takes you seriously at all. Trash TV.

  3. Several congressional Democrats referred to Bill Clinton's impeachment investigations as a political lynching. This is on video from C-Span. So congressional Democrats now need to dial back the outrage about Trump using this term. It's making them look like hypocrites.

  4. Here's footage of the Democrats saying the same thing about Bill Clinton

    Red or blue, you are all hypocrites.

  5. He is a racist and all that will vote for him, deep down are racist!! Or maybe not so deep down. This country will never, ever change.

  6. You people are evil & biased… you have treated your President terribly… shame on you… one day you will have to give account for all the false accusations and horrible defamatory remarks you have made…

  7. So… are they going to mention the D's referencing of lynching during the Clinton impeachment? But I guess it's okay if you have a D next to your name.

  8. Trump is the first kkklan I've heard use the term of lynching about himself… 😳
    Trump was raised kkklan… His daddy use to take him to them lil kkklan meetings… I think that had alot to do with his older brother.. because maybe he didn't agree with they father… But Donald was all for it… But I digress😳

  9. If Trump hadn't committed crimes he wouldn't be in this situation , it is his own wrong doing and greed that has got him there.

  10. His vocabulary is probably smaller than the average illegal immigrant from Mexico that has been in the USA less than a year. The word "lynching" gets used because that is what he would like to do to all his critics.

  11. MSNBC GARBAGE News as usual– in the meantime Dems & Hillary are calling everybody Russian agents, yet the Dems are using old Russian style smear tactics & secretly held hearings! AMAZING! "Lynching" is also an old Outlaw Cowboy term too, you dummies!

  12. Americans… can’t we all just get along? Don’t make me go to church please and women’s rights all the way and equal pay!
    Madame President is in order. Or Bernie

  13. Excoriate the awful person we inadvertently put in the Oval Office, there are dark forces using hatred and that’s ain’t Christian DOH!


  15. There is no bottom for the Republican Party. They have no morals whatsoever and will do literally anything for money and power.

  16. It is a lynching – go look at an old western. No trial, no due process, just a bunch of angry people who outnumber people who respect the law.

    That is exactly what this is.

  17. LOL…Democrats, the party of lynching, segregation, Jim Crow laws, the KKK, Gov. Geo. Wallace, Hilliary's mentor Sen Robert Byrd kkk Grand Dragon. Democrats want you to forget history. LOL…what a bunch of phony lying stupid Mother F4%^&rs! Dems taking advantage of Millennial ignorance and the Crack Baby generation. Hopefully they can crack a history book.

  18. Are you all for Reparations for Slavery? If not please shut up! Republicans and Democrats, are both RACIST HYPOCRITES!! #ADOS #TANGIBLES

  19. The left called the Clinton impeachment a lynching, too. It's an absolutely horrid choice of words, but it's incredibly hypocritical of some of these Democrats to condemn him for using the exact word that they themselves used in '98. I'm NOT a Trump supporter, I just don't think that we should stoop to their level of hypocrisy.

  20. This time for the govoment need the meeting special with all the presendent of unitedstad only discuss what the problam ?

  21. Trump is a malignant narcissist who most ABSOLUTELY suffers from the Dunning-Kruger Effect proven by his self absorbed, idiotic actions, statements and tweets…….again…… TWEETS! What other respected world leader behaves this way? Anyone who tries to justify his behavior most likely also suffers from the same. #CountryOverPartisanship #permenantlyevict45NOW

  22. Donald J. Trump is not only a stable genius but a real genius. He is able to manipulate the system and public opinion, and the American people, and make a case for his actions and decisions.

  23. Exactly how is the word "lynching" exclusive to African Americans?

    The act of lynching someone applies to anyone regardless of ethnic
    background. There are literally dozens poor Mexicans right now being
    lynched by cartel members everyday, and are we supposed to somehow say
    it doesn't apply to them when their corpses are hanging from bridges and
    power poles? It's ridiculous. Besides, anyone with a brain stem bigger
    than a pipe cleaner knows Trump is referring to a "political lynching".
    To not understand that tells me you're purely politically motivated,
    selfish, and downright ignorant.

  24. Exactly how is the word "lynching" exclusive to African Americans?

    The act of lynching someone applies to anyone regardless of ethnic
    background. There are literally dozens poor Mexicans right now being
    lynched by cartel members everyday, and are we supposed to somehow say
    it doesn't apply to them when their corpses are hanging from bridges and
    power poles? It's ridiculous. Besides, anyone with a brain stem bigger
    than a pipe cleaner knows Trump is referring to a "political lynching".
    To not understand that tells me you're purely politically motivated,
    selfish, and downright ignorant.

  25. Unfortunately, no one is going to hang Donald Trump. He is not going to be caged like children or lose his life, liberty or property. He is only at threat of losing his position. A position he has abused and currently doesn’t need. He doesn’t even take a salary. He can go back to being a billionaire real estate mogul.

  26. MSNBC/Morning Joe is a propaganda outlet for Billionaires. Bernie has the Largest Rally known to date. Bernie raised the most money among all democratic candidates, Bernie has the largest amount of volunteers, Bernie has the most individual donations. (All While being a victim of a mainstream media blackout/victim of mainstream media bias/victim of bias polls/ and victim of Anti-Semiticism.) The only way you can not see, Bernie is the FRONT RUNNER ; IS IF YOUR PAID TO BE BLIND! Shame on Journalist who have turned their backs on this democracy and their future. Respectfully submitted.

  27. The Democrats are being irrational in their hatred of Trump. Fair and impartial justice must prevail and due process be followed. Remember the Statue of Liberty, she is blindfold.

  28. Look what Jerry Nadler said about the Clinton impeachment: “We shouldn’t participate in a lynch mob against the president,” Nadler told Newsday on Sept. 13, 1998. The democrats with all their false accusations of racism are the only racists left in America. Time to put the racism down you dishonest race obsessed losers!

  29. Lynching means according to Cambridge dictionary definition is if a crowd of People lynch someone who they believe is guilty of a crime, they killed them without a legal trial, usually by hanging (= Killing using a rope round the neck)

  30. The 'stench' the president is leaving on the global stage will last for centuries. stench


    Learn to pronounce


    a strong and very unpleasant smell.

  31. It must be embarrassing to be a democrat.

    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled." – Mark Twain

  32. I call all those that still believe that Trump will win the 2020 election… The Trumpeter Disciples… Because every one of them is just like him, they all like to toot their own horn but couldn't play a tune if their life depended on it.

  33. Trump was oh, SO offended when the asylum seekers who had their children taken from them & were then held in cramped cages…were likened too being held in "concentration camps"….but he wants to be left alone to happily use words like "lynching" when referring to HIMSELF being investigated for abuse of power!! Shame on America for normalizing this behaviour!! 😭😒😵

  34. Remember when all the Democrats said that the Clinton impeachment was a "lynching"? See, this is why people see you news outlets as fake news. You are liars and hypocrites.

  35. Most of the commentary manifesting the reality that Trump is not the racist here.
    These double standards are beyond excusable.

  36. Today's racist word of the day as selectively determined by CNN is "fried chicken". If you are a white Republican and you use this word in any context you are a racist.

    The racist word of the day is brought to you by the domestic terrorists at Black Lives Splatter (when they don't obey the law)

  37. I hope it comes to a civil war. That way the conservative patriots can clean out the leftists/liberals/globalists/demoRAT commie traitors properly. I want to smell the rotting corpses of thousands of liberal demoRAT commie traitors in the streets all across the U.S.

  38. Oh noooo, he said lynching which it is but u guys say lynching is racist only because it fits your project. Lynchings happen world wide and have been happening long long long before negros were enslaved and Trump is actually a bit accurate, you people have been lynching him since he's been in office but you guys have done nothing for Americans for the past 3yrs. Get off your racism because Trump is far from it and Oprah can vouch for that. Open your eyes America

  39. Was Clarence Thomas chastised, in 1991, when he made the remark, he was the victim of a "high-tech lynching?" What is the difference?

  40. Bill Clinton said the same thing when he was been impeached…and look up the meaning of the word lynch it's exactly what is happening to the president you hypocrites.

  41. Can’t wait for the Joe Biden and Democrats in 96’ audio of them calling that impeachment a public lynching. Lmao and smh.

  42. So why was it ok 👌 to use lynching in 1998? Hmmmm? There’s videos showing g the double standard. Yikes the power of video

  43. If you've ever taken an English Language class before, you'd see the definition in the tweet… love him or hate him, he was not referring to race on this one. Only the lack of due process.
    You may want to think also on the history of the word 'lynch,' and remember that it's origin isn't against a 'race.' Only a person who has his mind on hating Trump could see what's
    not in the tweet.

  44. go back and watch biden nadler and others calling clinton impeachment a lynching oooops one sided political demmy network dont believe me it is on video also lynching is not just about blacks look up definition oooops

  45. I’m white and there has been more whites than black lynchings in this country and by him saying that’s the way he feels when people trying to impeach him well that’s just a way he is trying to get across to the average people in this country we all understand what he means. let him do his job and I have been all over this country there more people for him than not so 2020 will let us know but I’m sure he will win again and maybe he can do his job the next four years and y’all will give up on trying to do what makes him feel like he being choked everyday

  46. Oh, please!!!! Lynching is a slang term that has always been used for hanging anyone by the neck and the Dem's semantical outrage is so very typical of how they think and operate.

  47. Disgusting, appalling, despicable, and more. Just to think this man is holding the highest office in America. He has made a mockery of the office, and the GOP LEADERS, are in the same boat. Where are the good men? I know there are " A FEW GOOD MEN" .

  48. Mark Dice’s video today shows 7 + other politicians saying “lynching” in the exact same context. LMAO . Sad losers

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