1. Communists suck. Get a job and stop thinking we're going to share with you lazy p.o.s 's.
    America rejects communisn because all you have to do is study history. It always ends with millions of dead patriots.
    Trump 2020. WWG1WGA

  2. The fact that Sanders has not fired or addressed the Project Veritas video leaks of his staff making threats to police and riots is very concerning.

  3. We’ve already had a liar in the Whitehouse for the past 4 years, we don’t want another one, that’s why she chose Senator Sanders over Warren.

  4. Maybe she should watch Project Veritas Action concerning Bernies camp, maybe she is already in lockstep with B bro!

  5. Another Democrat woman, thinks she is important, endorsing a near 80 year old , white male with antiquated , sexist ideas. New face of progressives , right ?

  6. The majority of Americans are not going to vote for a Independent Socialist who had a heart attack on the campaign trail and couldnt debate his way out of a paper bag!!! #grumpyoldman #dontwasteyourvote

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