1. Being white and voting Democrat now makes about as much sense as Herr Polak voting for Hitler and trying to join the Sturmabteilung.

  2. I disagree. If the Democrats do this West Virginia will turn blue. It’s only been red for a little while. If the Democrats get back to what they used to be about West Virginia will be easy pickins

  3. Yes! Crony Capitalism needs to be regulated away! But, how will Trump implode? His own base seems loyal to the end. He could be caught engaging in mass fraud, laundering, and insider trading up the wazoo and his base probably would not move away from him at all.

  4. Good luck with multicultural populism. You people just don't get it.

    Native whites now know that Liberal Democrats(Led by mostly Jewish elites) have been working to change US demographics for votes to phase the natives out.

    Even colorblind whites see the writing on the wall–that essentially they've been playing a losing game pretending race isn't a factor.

    The colorblind theory only works if everyone is playing the same game. We all know Democrats have always been a racial party. Not sure why people are surprised that Republicans have responded in kind. In the space of 25 years the population has drastically changed all for political and corporate gain.

    You should all be shot for treason. I'd gladly pull the trigger myself and sleep soundly.

  5. Good luck with multicultural populism. You just don't get it.

    Whites now know that Dems have been working to change demographics and phase them out. You're finished.

  6. Liberals have lowered all humanity down to the level that even INCEST isn't off limits to them.
    It brings a whole new meaning to Family Day at a democrats home.
    When does it stop when you lefties legalize sex with the animals?


  8. Lol. That’s great to do all those things but you should still give people opportunities like free tuition or vocational/training school. Free college is only $50 billion a year. We spend $4 trillion a year. Trump just gave over $1 trillion to the top 1% of income-earners thru his tax cut. He gave away about $1.5 trillion and 80% of it went to the Top 1%.
    And a form of single-Payer healthcare is cheaper than what we do now where we pay for the emergency room or just let people die when they get cancer. Or they go bankrupt for care instead. Get rid of private insurance like every other modern country beating us in healthcare costs and results.

  9. Sorry, democrats are not going to do that. They closest people to the ideology mentioned in the video are Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein… and I'd vote for Jill because Bernie is a cold blooded, crooked (((you know what))).

  10. If the Democrats continue the direction they are going, killing off the progressives grass roots backed primary candidates, in favour of the corporatists, then they can bend over now and kiss their A$$ET$ good bye in November, along with the Republicans in 2024, when The Kids of the 21st Century get to Vote for the first time…. They will be handing the House back to the Republicans for another 4 years… Think Jimmi said that one best at Woodstock… #BernieSanders2020 #JusticeDemocrats #TrueProgressives2018

    Campaign on Policy of Single Payer Health Care, Wall Street Regulation, Money Out Of Politics, Legalize Marijuana, End of Corporate Prisons, Reduce The Military Budget and the Number of Wars, Increase Spending on Infrastructure, and Public Schools, Government Funded Post Secondary Education, Negotiated Pharmaceutical Prices, Retraining of ex Coal Miners and Factory Workers displaced by the new economy, Prepare for the displacement of Millions of people in the transportation industry and other Industries by AI and Robotics…

    There is lots that needs to be done, to prepare for the next decade, and repair the damage done by mismanagement in the past and now… America doesn't need another election based on, "We are not them!!" And if you think this just applies to the USA, your absolutely WRONG…. this applies to Europe, UK, Russia, China, Canada, Australia, South America and Africa… In short, The World…

  11. Yes to his thesis, but the most important aspect of it was not mentioned in the video: Democratic rural populism, especially in terms of the farm bill, as championed (i.e. 1980s-90s) by Iowa Senator Tom Harkin, Missouri Rep. Dick Gephardt, Paul Wellstone (MN) Tom Daschle (SD) Paul Simon (IL), Jesse Jackson, (big time, with 100% support from the Congressional Black Caucus for farmers,) and other Presidential candidates of that time (Dukakis, Gary Hart). Today the leaders include the National Family Farm Coalition and it's members, the Texas Farmers Union, the American Agriculture Movement, and the National Farmers Union. And we saw this in the original farm bill, which was a populist and food sovereignty farm bill that made the biggest corporations in the world pay farmers 45% to 76% more, for eleven years in a row, (1942-52 vs 1920-35 for the major field crops and dairy, and similar for fruits and vegetables,) (and lesser amounts of success for decades more, as Congress reduced and ended the programs, eventually with full Democratic support when Harkin led the Democrats to switch sides away from populism in 2001, upon becoming ag chair). (See my playlist, "Farm Bill & Food Bill".)

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