populism explained (explainity® explainer video)

axé the tax pensions too low leave the EU don't we hear these kind of slogans daily many people are dissatisfied with politics or other social circumstances particularly in Europe this is becoming evident more and more populist parties and movements are appearing they promised the people changes and want to go back to the old and familiar populism what does that actually mean the word derives from the Latin populist and means people so it's about the concerns of the people let's take mr. Smith for instance he is dissatisfied too the politicians don't really care about his interests it's either the big bosses and corporations that get everything or those who don't contribute to the economy at all and what's left for him the populist party the little man expresses exactly what he feels it fights for people like mr. Smith against those politicians who govern badly in its opinion the party focuses on everything the people are concerned about for instance the current refugee crisis the word populism particularly in Europe has a negative connotation one example in 2016 the British people voted in a referendum to leave the EU populous use convincing slogans to support the brexit these were simple clear words that many people found appealing shortly after the referendum it became apparent that many of the slogans weren't entirely true after a wave of clarification about the consequences of the exit many voters regretted their decision when it comes to complicated issues populist usually provide simple solutions they reject institutions like banks influential politicians large corporations or mass media and always have a very strict opinion you're either for or against them for example the little men say that the unity of the people matters anyone who has a different opinion doesn't count for them they know what's the right thing for everyone the actual problem here what about the opinion of mr. Thompson or missus Abood or that of Allan or Katie in a society and particularly in a democracy there are many different views mr. Smith thoroughly reread the party platform of the little men most of that sounds exactly the way he imagined it but some points give him pause how does the party actually plan to succeed in financing all the pensions what would it be like if the EU no longer existed or if tax money wasn't available and why do they exclude whole social groups who are also part of the nation he will now take a much closer look try to collect information and get his own idea of what's going on only then can he decide whether the little men can keep the promises they're making because in the end the simplest solution isn't always the best one you

  1. What a crock of shite!!! What I detest is the way your cartoon drawing showed an elderly man sitting at ease in an armchair as an illustration of ''people who don't contribute at all''. Let me remind you, you piece of garbage, that we retired folk have been paying taxes and national Insurance all our working lives. We have contributed for many years. Go to hell you waste of space. or more fittingly, go and live in a muslim state and pay reverence to their way of stomping down on 'populists'.

  2. Populism is a liberal/socialist attempt to find a word that demonizes democracy. People expect democracy – they lend their power to the state. Liberals know they can't impose their totalitarian

    dystopia if they permit democracy.

  3. Many voters regretted their decision? Not true infact polls and more recent studies show an absolute landslide to Leave. Only small groupings of Far left and the media bias are still pushing the narrative that the UKs people don't want to leave.

  4. I thought it was because the internet has allowed the real concerns of the people to be heard and this has shifted power away from those who don't even pretend listen nevermind attempt to provide a solution.
    Silly me. It's because politicians have only just realised people are gullible!

  5. Miss Abud dont even believe in Democracy, all what she cares about is spreading the religion of peace called islam so here new country will become as shitty as her old one.

  6. Wow you neo-bolshevik commie porchbannister. When seeing how the EU acted a lot of remainers actually became anti-EU. Like the EU want to "punish Britain" including the 48.1% who voted remain. Why should they be punished by the EU?

    Populism.. anyone who disagrees with us is a racist neo-fascist nazi biggot populist. Fight the racist neo-fascist nazi biggot populists! No more racist neo-fascist nazi biggot populists!

    Gays4Sharia! Gays4Sharia! How many more slogans can we use from the other side that are somehow "not populist"? xD

    So ironic.

  7. Democracy is good, populism is bad. What is point here? Democracy is good because it is for the elite, and populism is bad because it is against the elite.

  8. already an error at one minute ..populism exploits the adverse circumstances to put the money into the pockets of the "big bosses" by manipulating people to hate "those who don't contribute," the others.

  9. Video wasn’t nearly patronizing enough. Maybe layer an upbeat, strummy melody over it. And more cartoon sound effects. Definitely needs more boi-oing and pop to keep the plebs’ attention.

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