Poppy loves Politics

Politics. I like politics. I like Hillary Clinton. I like Donald Trump. I like Bernie Sanders. I have an opinion. I’m so excited for the new president. I like politics because it’s fun. I like Republicans. I like Democrats. Voting is important. When I’m president… Nothings gonna be illegal, so no one can break the law. I’m proud to be an American. Poppy for president! When I’m president I’m going to tell all the bad guys to go away! Poppy for president! When I’m president, everybody will live forever. My opinion matters! Poppy for president! The United States of America is perfect! ♬♪♫ Music ♬♪♫

  1. Poppy:I like Hillary Clinton!
    You:Oh cool 😀
    Poppy:I like D o n a l d T r u m p
    You: Y o u r d e a d t o m e . . .

  2. Poppy for POTUS 2024!!!! Everything is AWSOME, everything is cool when you're part of the Team!!! EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!! When you're living a DREAM!!!!

  3. I like politics too I don’t like DONALD TRUMP
    POPPY FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. poppy the original purge repe child porn drugs murder its all lego poppy the original purge in cinemas now

  5. I'm actually starting to understand this girl. At first i thought she is just shit posting but it has a deeper understanding. It's about the status and thoughts that some people have that is just bullshit, and she is trying to explain that in a artistic way. Way to go Poppy.

  6. "when I'm president I'm going to tell all the bad guys to go away!"

    This is the cutest thing she ever said im dead

  7. "When I'm president, I'll tell all the bad guys to go away."
    She'd still do a way better job than Trump. #Poppy2020

  8. “When I’m president, nothing’s going to be illegal, so no one can break the law.”

    That doesn’t sound good…

    Also, I like how when she says the United States is perfect at the end of the video, the music sounds warped.

  9. Ahora sí me hiciste reír Popi, cuando seas presidenta todo mundo vivará para siempre, y tu sarcasmo musical. Hahaha

  10. "When I'm president nothing is gonna be illegal so no one cam break the law"
    She's basically implying the purge

  11. Based on her statements about liking Hillary Clinton AND Donald Trump, Poppy doesn't know what the hell she's talking about LOL

  12. Wtf some one liked my comment so I wanted to see what I posted and the video started playing and I don’t remember watching the video or commenting on it

  13. no no no pls don’t maby not no no no pls maby not pls pls pls UR NOT EVEN HUMAN no no no ur gonna kill us all pls pls no the music is scary just pls stop oh no no no no

  14. For us is really easy to think "if i was president, things would work out better", but we often don't realize the true complexity of our system and politics.

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