Pope Francis Calls Out Religious Right For Supporting Trump – The Ring Of Fire

Pope Francis has not been shy to let us know
what he thinks about Donald Trump. He also hasn’t been shy to let us know how
he thinks Christians should act which actually is more aligned with what the Bible tells
us Jesus was all about. Basically, take care of the poor. It doesn’t matter what somebody’s skin color
is, it doesn’t matter their sexual orientation, it doesn’t matter their religion. You take care of them and you treat them as
an equal. That’s what Jesus taught. That’s what Pope Francis is trying to teach
us. After the election of Donald Trump, Pope Francis
had some pretty harsh words for that Christian right in America that helped elect Donald
Trump. He said that, “Those people in America, the
Christians who voted for Donald Trump, no, you can’t call yourself a Christian anymore.” Now, to be honest, we all knew that. This isn’t something that’s a revelation but
this is the leader of one of the largest religions in the world, who Catholics believe, is the
direct line to God Himself, and he’s saying that the Christian right in America is not
Christian. That any Catholics in America that voted for
Donald Trump are not Christian or shouldn’t call themselves Christian because they’re
supporting a man that wants to build walls instead of bridges, a man that wants to discriminate
based on your race, your gender, your sexual orientation, your religion, any other thing
he can throw in there to discriminate against you, he will. Pope Francis is against all of that as we
all should be religious or not. It doesn’t matter if you believe in God or
if you think that there’s nothing else out there. We should take care of one another. The fact that I am white does not make me
better than anyone on this planet. The fact that I was raised Catholic doesn’t
make me better than anyone on this planet. The fact that I’m a man doesn’t make me better
than anyone on this planet. We are all the same. I know that’s a stupid, corny message to say
but honest to God, that’s the truth. We’re all the same. We’re all the same level here. Donald Trump doesn’t believe that but Pope
Francis does, so guess who I am going to listen to on this issue.

  1. Spoken by a man and a religion that has covered up for pedophiles for hundreds of years………………..oh yeah!! Lots of relevance in what he has to say!!

  2. These so called righties are really uneducated when they talk about being an American; because if they were really a believer in America they wouldn't cower down when they witness the struggle that the American dream must forbear in order to believe in the vision that is inherent in the experiment of what being an American is, yea it is an experiment toward a vision of unity within all of diversity and to show that world peace is possible, when we see and believe in goodness within ourselves and others; and our country is the only country on earth willing to forbear through the struggles that the fear based identity of the ego must transcend in order to see its fruits, but we have some in this country that would rather put on that ego mask of strength which is really fear and coward like behavior, and resort to an easier and non inclusive illusion of superiority that has no future. These folks are the addicts that also must be dealt with and in order for them to reconnect with their source of life's energy, recovering that which has been lost; we need many more therapeutic addiction recovery programs so you folks don't get left behind in this world where we are going to progress forward with or without you and your way of alienation and separation will soon be at an end!

  3. Hillary wanted partial lbirth abortions and you suck! we need that wall i live in Tucson Arizona and the cartels are causing problems at the border the pope is irrelevant he is a marxist who is into liberation theology,and I FOLLOW JESUS NOT THAT MAN NOT!

  4. Popes have been among some of the WORST and Most EVIL humans to Ever walk the Earth for over 1,000 years!!! They appropriated Paganism to entice the Vikings and others to finally endorse the Christianity!! They basically Perverted Christianity in order to make it more popular and widespread simply to expand the Power, Influence, and Wealth of the Popes!!! Gangsters….. Murderers….. Like to see the Pope on the end of a Rope!!! Crooked ass Demon-possessed Scum!!!

  5. Look at Him!!! He look like that Wicked muthafucker from Star Wars…. The Emperor Palpatine!!! Probably got like half a dozen Traumatized adolescent boys held Sexual Hostage back at the Vatican!!! Go Worship your Pagan Demi-Gods….Oops…. I mean, "Saints"!! Just Co-opted Worship of Nature Spirits and Norse and other Spirits and Major & Minor Pagan Deities and attributed those powers to different Saints!!! So, instead of Worshipping "Pan" or "Loki" (don't remember the actual names bc I don't care to) etc…. They will pray and do a ritual to the "Patron Saint" of blah blah and so on…. And if you Sin ALL WEEK….. It's cool…. Just go confess on Sunday {and don't forget to drop a few bucks in the plate} and you are Home Free!!! If you do something Really Really Attocious…. Maybe the the Vatican will sell you a Papal Bull….. They're like Tokens or a "Get into Heaven Free" Card!!!! Well….not Free but for a Price!!! Humbug!!! I hope Trump doesn't pander like the others…. I hope he gives the Pope a Purple Nurple!!

  6. Fuck the dope, poop, or pope or whatever the hell the devil is currently calling himself. What an ass wipe this bastard is!

  7. You so retarded. Differences are good!
    Two humans are different!! One it is always better then the other one. Everything depend about the point of view.
    One can run. One it can not run but it can solve math equation.
    Tall one it is not equal with the short one, fat one is not equal with skinny one, one it ugly one it beautiful , one it smart another one it dumb but it can move move a mountain.
    Differences are beautiful . Differences bring progress. Equality in everything brings mediocrity & stagnation.
    Do not believe that if you are bold , you are qual with someone with hear. Because YOU are NOT!!! Just use a mirror and accept you loss and work on another qualities whichever you posed.
    Everybody it is equal? That's Marxist-communist ideology.
    Differences & Competition in everything that's capitalist concept. And so far looks this one worked.

  8. Im Catholic and a religious Hermit pope Francis is one of the worst popes we have ever had in the 20 and 21st century.

  9. Catholicism is based on the worship of a DEMON, specifically they worship Babylonian Inanna, the 'Queen of Heaven' whom they call Mary. Inanna was also called Ishtar, and represented planet Venus – which the Greeks called LUCIFER.

    Inanna is extremely promiscuous, and her priestesses in Babylon also engaged in ritual prostitution – and she can be identified in the Book of Revelations as the WHORE OF BABYLON .. Mother of Harlots. That is the general description of the Roman Catholic church.

    SO FUCK THE POPE – he is an ANTI-CHRIST and his punishment will be severe.

  10. fuck the pope with his faggot ass, fucking child molester .

    thank God trump will put this homosexuality bull shit to an end… about fucking time.

    according to the bible having rainbow running through your veins is an abomination so fuck all you devils who tries to teach otherwise . the pope is the fucking devil himself . talk about building bridges man fuck this cave based . why don't he put his ass somewhere and take a blunt after that write a great suicide letter and hang himself the world would be a much better place without this fuck-tard poisoning ppls mind with his immorality

  11. If you think the Papacy represents authentic Christianity you are totally deceived. Flee Babylon (Rome) while you still can, it is about to be destroyed by God for its many sins – https://www.facebook.com/occupyvatican

  12. This Pope is a demented leader of a criminal organization. It is time for people to learn history and find out that the Catholic Church has committed millions of atrocities, including the Inqusitions, the Crusades, the selling of indulgences, and the pedophilia scandal. This commentator is a mental midget.

  13. So you've got the pope, Nobel prize winning economists, esteemed scientists like Stephen Hawking among others, plus a cadre of clinical psychiatrists ALL warning us loud and clear about the orange comb-over and the retards of the US votes for him anyway because "WELL WADDABOUT HITLERY YOU CUCKS??!!!"
    Seriously, blood is about to start flowing, we need to stop this shit.

  14. This Pope is a closet commie and works for the NWO. The NWO is run by a bunch of occultist and Satanists. Nuff said….

  15. Wow. Isn't the Vatican its own literal nation surrounded by walls?? Lol. You guys aren't even a part of the UN. Talk about selfish. On top of that, you're all a bunch of homosexuals and child rapists. You hypocrites can go to hell!

  16. I think the pope is right it should be under what happened to the way of people doing business together with their word and a handshake that's the way it should be with honesty and Pride in honoring your workmanship in anything you do in life if you apply them things to anything you do in life and when you mess up you gotta speak up you can't cover your ass and lie you speak up you admit your mistake you made and attempt to fix it and make it right if everybody would act like that this country would be great it seems like everybody's too greedy people are so selfish and material things I am I grew up I was born in 1972 I grew up in Kentucky and my mom divorced my dad and took us back to Kentucky from Michigan and I was five and my sister and my mamaw and papaw we live with them and they was born in the late 1916 I think they remember and pepper were born around 1916 1918 maybe 1920 but I grew up listening to them talk about their stories and no electricity and washing clothes in the creek and you know I just learned a lot of good they taught me to be real respectful and honorable Pride and if you see somebody hurt her in a bad way you got to try to help him and not if you just walked by and walk away and turn your head look the other way and ignore it and my conscience should try not to allow you to let you walk away or turn your head the other way and I feel to reach out and help somebody when you see something that somebody needs help with it it's just I don't know I'm just rambling on I was just got carried away but that's it

  17. The pope of Rome is an irrelevant, indoctrinated, divisive old fool. He should get down on his knees and ask his god to switch his lights off tonight, permanently!

  18. Isn't that true that tons of heroin per year are smuggled into America from Mexico to damage the health of innocent youths ?

  19. Interesting…so the Pope thinks that it is okay to kill babies? The pope thinks it is okay to take money (as bribes) from countries who throw homosexuals off of building tops? And countries who oppress women? Is the pope trying to revert back to the 15th century when the church ruled? He should be concerning himself about that is going on in the Vatican and all the little boys the priests have molested. Why doesn't he unload all that gold in the Vatican to help the poor?


  21. I'm a Roman Catholic……..but a Christian first. Don't think for one second that we are following blindly along without question.

  22. Enforcing laws is not racism. The Bible teaches to follow the authorities Good has placed above us. The Bible also teaches if you do not work (and could) you do not eat. It also teaches to sake care of those in our own families as our responsibility, not government's.

  23. Has anyone found an actual video of the pope saying that or is this just more lies. If you do a little research, you will find it to be more lies from a group that are butt hurt.

  24. I fully agree with the popes assessment , I am NOT a christian , I am something he doesn't wanna meet in a well lit parking lot. I also command my troops to arrest him for fraud, murder, and a host of other charges such as political manipulation.

  25. Pope Francis has repeatedly come out & said things contrary to what the Bible says, so he is not even a true Christian. You are either a true believer in the word of God, all of the Bible, or you are not. Christ said not one dot or iota was to be changed or added and whoa unto them who tried to change the Bible. Pope francis has said that "Jesus was not sinless", among several other false statements about the Christian faith, therefore what do we care what he thinks? And anyone who would rather vote for a women with nothing to show for 30yrs of political life, than lies on top of lies, child sex slave rings & pedophile, a string of over 100 suspicious deaths & murders all the way back to the beginning of her career, including two teenage boys in little rock that accidentaly saw them unloading a plane full of cocaine & were murdered & then put on train tracks to cover up the evidence. Go ask their families if they want Hillary for President, and ask them who murdered their sons why you are at it! They will tell you who killed their sons, or I should say, had them killed. Just like they murdered Vince Foster, whom had been Hillary's lover for years, and this was & is commonly known. Ask how many of the Clinton's secret service have died since the beginning of them having to guard the Clintons, & how no one wants that detail b/c of that. And the fact that they & everyone else says that she smells so bad, like rotting flesh, they cannot stand to be locked in a car or plane with her. She smells like what she is, a Satanic witch that has been possesed by a demon of death!! And I am not just calling her names by the way, her own husband has said in print, that Hillary would travel to LA once or twice a month to meet in some witches coven out there. Bill said it in a book he wrote, and Larry Nichols who worked for them way back starting in Arkansas right up to the white house, said that that is totally true & so is the horrible smell. And why do you think people like Larry Nichols & Dick (forgot the last name) and the secret service agent & others that have worked for them, all come out saying the drugs were true, the money laundering & stealing was true, the women bill rape is true, etc..etc.. Everyone, after they are no longer in their employee, comes out telling how sick & horrible these people are!! What about their friendship with Jeffery Epstein the convicted pedophile & Bills 26 documented trips & Hillarys 6 documented trips to "orgy island"? that does not bother you or the pope? These people are scum & they are truly (not just rehetoric) in league with Satan & the globalist that want to make Revelations Armageddon come to pass with one world government, one world currency, one world religion, & the mark of the beast. Of course that is what pope francis wants as well, he is definitely the anti-christ pope, he is not for the Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ! But Jesus will defeat them all! And if you go along with them, and vote for them, you are coming into agreement with all their sins & evil,, and you will go to hell with them!

  26. Sorry, but this video is full of inaccuracies. Catholics do not believe the Pope is or has a "directly line to God." He has certain graces and powers guaranteed by God because of his office, but these do not equal a "direct line." He is still human. The Pope would, should never tell anyone how to vote in any election, nor should he ever condemn anyone for how they voted — this is a freedom guaranteed by God and by the Church; we're all to vote our conscience. He could condemn voting on the basis of pressure by a certain group, but never an individual (or group of individuals) for voting as they see fit.

  27. your head is so far up your ass you can say hallo to the satanic pope up there. im a christian and I admit I have my faults but taking the word of the pope you dont know sh!!!!t

  28. the pope is just traying to play in the hands of the "victims" of this election so he'll say anything to get the misinformed's backing. trump isn't the problem its the evil ruling jews of the world, and the real GOD fearing jews that gets to be the punching bag.


  30. BULL SHIT!! THAT IS WHAT YOU SAY AND YOU MUST BE THE SUPPORTER OF CROOKED BASTARD hillary clinton. Bull shit with hilarry clinton. she is a LOOSER!

  31. What right has the Pope to infer that D Trump will not support the poor. This Pope is Marxist. Note that he has not called on the evil doers to put down their placards inciting rape and murder! Many Roman Catholics, Shaun Hannity, Mayor Guilliano support Donald Trump. Many, many Roman Catholics, because they know that all hell will be let loose if Hillary and her camp followers won.

  32. How many immigrants has the pope taken into the vatican? Oh wait I remember… none! Tbh the pope seems pretty hypocritical

  33. Well, the Pope isn't a Christian either. A Christian is someone that follows the teachings of Jesus as found in the scripture and believe in him with all all their hearts. The reason they're called Catholics is because…they follow the teachings of the church not Jesus. It's no surprise the pope would hate the followers of Christ…Jesus said they will hate you because they hate me! I'm very glad not to be on the side of the anti-christ and those catholics that read the scripture and believe in Jesus need to get out of that wicked system. The hour is late and the deception is so strong you won't be able to leave if you wait much longer.

  34. Please cite your source substantiating your accusation that Pope Francis publicly declared that if a Christian voted for Trump, he or she can "no longer call themselves Christian".

  35. So, the media doesn't like Trump either. Who does the media work for? They work for the richest people in the world. That's who really doesn't like Trump. Who does this Pope work for? Those same rich guys.

  36. The Catholic church would not be where they are today if it was not for capitalism.

    Many people are not aware just how much real estate the Catholic church owns.

  37. Jesus's declared the truth as it is even if others don't like it, this Pope play zigzag as a political liberties, beside he is not God to take away Christian faith from people even if they were wrong, I don't see him building bridges with other Christians, he always take on Christians people even Catholic, this guy works for Brussels propaganda, don't get fooled by him, he's a polition in Pope's clothing.

  38. It's not even a religious decision it's just a moral decision. The world won't be better with us being dicks to eachother.

  39. To be clear he never said anything about the people who voted for him not being Cristian. He only said that about Donald Trump and not the people who voted for him. Here is the original video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQ8NMF15INw and go to 1:51 where he talks about people who are voting for him. Also the article in the description is bogus and there is nothing to back that the pope actually said the quotes in the article.

  40. stop the crap! pope francis is the false prophet! direct line to God? your just as insaine as hilary! stop the christian talk after wikileaks exposed the spirit eating that the democrats have been involved in! it is you that shouldnt call yourself christian or follower of christ! pope francis said that Jesus failed on the cross and also those that believed in the 2nd coming of christ were dangerous! youve lost the plot!

  41. The Pope doesn't look and sound like a good person when he speaks. Lots of contradictions and lacking of substance. Anyone could tell that he's a puppet of the shadow government.

  42. http://findingfreedom-elrok.blogspot.com/2016/11/popes-latin-heritage-trumps-right-to.html http://findingfreedom-elrok.blogspot.com/2014/02/is-pope-catholic.html

  43. perhaps the world should be building a wall around ITALY and gather all the people and their family members from the 2 orgainzations from italy that have made $$$ off of every war, and have themselves implanted all across the world.anyone that wants to believe they are an equal or created equall like a pedophile,murder,or conjob bully can get thrown in there too.how much of americas problems are caused by italians and their mob game and the anti mob italians making money and fame for catching their own kind?

  44. Trump has only ever said to treat people equally. All people! Maybe if you idiots listen to what Trump actually says instead of listening to mainstream media lies you would learn that. Pope Francis was also brainwashed on Trump and has since APOLOGISED for his comments on Trump.

  45. Hi you who upload this video, you must me the MEMBER of SATANIC PIZZAGATE worshippers. Don't try to cheat us with your NONSENSE BS words.

  46. The pope is an American taxpayer jerk. The Vatican has billions of dollars in cash and property stolen over the centuries from Jews and other people they and the Nazis have murdered. This little socialist prick says it's every other country's duty to accept millions of murderous terrorist immigrants and the Vatican takes in one goddamned family who I am sure they vetted the hell out of it. YOU, pope Francis, putting yourself out there as nearer to God than real Christians are an anti-Christ.

  47. Pope Francis hurts the Catholic  Church in the eyes of the world. If he practiced what he preached, there would be thousands of Muslims in  a Vatican without any walls and they would live on welfare and demand that the Vatican follow Muslim laws.

  48. POPE FRANCIS…..Stay away from our country's politics. You don't know shit. You're such a BIGOT and a HYPOCRITE, the one extreme leftist that don't have a place in politics.

    Why don't you do the WORK OF GOD and emphasize the importance of spiritual growth rather than getting involve with our politics.

    NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS and you should do your work you do best. Jesus had said, that if you want to follow him, you carry your cross and follow him. CHRIST WAS AN EXTREMIST and never kissed anyone's ass for them to follow HIM. But because of his EXTREMISM, he was crucified instead. YOU ON THE OTHER HAND, YOU'VE SOLD YOUR SOUL TO THE DEVIL BY CATERING TO LGBT AND CONTINUE TO PROMOTE ANYTHING THAT IS OF THE LEFT, AND SLOWLY BUT SURELY you're departing away from GOD all the way to your HELL HOLE……To the LEFT.

  49. I guess you will listen to the pope right? And now your both big time loses. Fortunately God was big time for Trump. The pope need to take off that beanie and get a tall cone shaped hat the would better show his true colors.

  50. You said we are all on the same level here.  But this is false.  Men who are honest, who work hard, who are pure of heart are on a much higher level than liars, than lazy people, than people with an evil heart.  So not everybody is on the same level.  Btw there is a wall surrounding Vatican.  Apparently the Vatican wants to be protected from outsiders then why do they tell Trump not to build a wall?  The pope is a hypocrite telling Trump to build bridges not walls while he himself builds walls and not bridges.


  52. Jesus never mentioned any sexual orientation, never mentioned any skin color.  This Pope is a false pope and it is an abomination of him to even mention the name of Jesus.  So, stop your nonsense.  Right now, right there.  You really sound like an idiot, retarded, who has not seen anything that has happened recently.  You are a bad globalist.  Shame on you.

  53. People are running out of the Catholic Church by the droves, a lot to do with this man! I'm sure the devil is pleased. So you are incorrect. Not all Catholics believe this man is in direct line to God. Many Catholics disapprove of him and believe he's the worst pope ever.

  54. When the pope rips off a string of farts in his costume, he has a costume filled with trapped fart gas. Scientific fact, traces of trapped fart vapor can be found in his costume at any given moment, on any given day. Keep in mind, this is odorless fart gas, as it is that of the pontiff.

  55. You must be saying that the Pope wanted us to vote for a woman who is more for abortion than any other candidate.  That is not in line with the church.   The world loves this pope.   The face that the world loves him should be a glaring warning sign to a person of faith.

  56. alright check this out I am a man of God In My Own Heart I was raised Catholic now I'm Christian and my believes Pope Francis should stay out of politics you ain't got nothing to say about who's Christian who's not Christian because to be a homosexual is a big sin to God so you can't see nothing hope Francis go wash your mouth.

  57. This pope is all about humanism a water down gospel reducing the sacrifice of the blood of Jesus to a Hindu Jesus that is all about being good and doing good….that is not the fruit of lLIFE. That is a counterfeit gospel and a deception. Good works are not going to get us into heaven….it's the blood of Jesus that saves us and only thru repentance and believing in his sacrifice obeying and enduring can we obtain his grace and salvation.

  58. We are not all the same. Culture, morals and ethics, respect for human life etc vary from country to country. In some places cannibalism is still acceptable, beheading women publically for adultery is acceptable. No we are not all the same. I am Catholic, American and so are many friends and neighbors; we all proudly supported Donald Trump and still do. He doesn't know the American people.

  59. Comfortably rotting in hell:

    Saul David Alinsky (1909-1972), Esther Ballestrino de Careaga (1918-1977), Forster
    Batterham (1894-1984), Brother George Berrian F.S.C. (1925-2016), Rev Daniel
    Joseph Berrigan, S.J. (1921-2016), Rev Philip Francis Berrigan, S.S.J.
    (1923-2002), Brother Celsus John Brown, F.S.C. (1913-2012), Sebastian J. Cacaci
    (1920-1968), Fidel Castro (1926-2016), Sister Maura Clarke, M.M. (1931-1980), Jean
    Donovan (1953-1980), José Buenaventura Durruti Dumange (1896-1936), Ignacio Ellacuría,
    S.J. (1930-1989), Luís Espinal Camps, S.J. (1932–1980), Walter Duranty
    (1884-1957), Sister Ita Ford, M.M. (1940-1980), Dr. Genoveva Forest Tarrat
    (1928-2007), John T. Foxell (1944-2016), Kiko Garcia (1969-1992), Mike Gold
    (1894-1967), Emma Goldman (1869-1940), Friedrich Heinrich Karl Haarmann aka
    Fritz Haarmann (1879-1925), Edward Michael Harrington, Jr. (1928-1989), Trịnh
    Thị Ngọ  “Hanoi Hannah” (1931-2016), Hồ Chí Minh 胡志明
    (1890-1969), Jim Jones (1931-1978) and the People's Temple, Sister Dorothy
    Kazel, O.S.U. (1939-1980),  Emma Lazarus (1849-1887), Amando López, S.J. (1936-1989), Joaquín López y López, S.J.
    (1918-1989), Patrice Émery Lumumba (1925-1961), Ignacio Martín-Baró, S.J.
    (1942-1989), Rev Rosario Raphael Mazza, S.J. (1915-1988), Thomas Merton,
    O.C.S.O. (1915-1968), Segundo Montes, S.J. (1933-1989), Juan Ramón Moreno, S.J.
    (1933-1989), James Peck (1914-1993), Bayard Rustin (1912-1987), Justus
    Sheffield Esq. (?-?),John Silas Reed (1887-1920), Jeffrey James Sharlet
    (1942-1969), Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin 1878-1953), Ernst Thälmann (1886-1944),
    Super Cop John Francis Timoney (1948-2016), Berkeley Greene Tobey (1881-1962),
    Dorothy Tobey aka Dorothy Day Obl. S.B. (1897-1980), Clement Richardson Wood (1888-1950).

  60. The "Ring of Fire" includes David PACman and Tom Hartman?
    pftsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss (air brakes to that)

    ever heard of a litmus test?

  61. Capitalism is just as incompatible with Christianity as communism problem is most Christians in America would vote for the democrats if it wasn’t for their support for abortion on demand. Capitalism is about money and the economy and has an almost sociopathic view of the poor as lazy and second class citizens. Politics should be about morality and people not just about the accumulation of wealth.

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