Poll Worker Training: Setting up the Polling Place

[rhythmic piano music] – [Narrator] Voters visit a vote center for a variety of reasons. It is common for voters
to drop off the ballot in person or to have a ballet printed because they did not
receive one in the mail. Others may vote in
person because they want to use an accessible voting machine. The law establishes the
right of every voter to vote privately and independently. These devices have accessibility features that support the voter has
difficulty reading or marking a paper ballet, allowing
them to vote on their own. Poll workers who prepare the vote center for a diversified public are crucial to complying with voting laws and encouraging engagement
in our democracy. This video will demonstrate
some of the things you can do before the voters arrive to ensure that everyone can
vote safely and comfortably. [rhythmic instrumental music] Parking. [rhythmic instrumental music] Make sure that there are adequate
accessible parking spaces that are marked with upright
signs and have access aisles. Temporary upright signs can be posted when there aren’t permanent ones. When access aisles are absent or inadequate an adjacent parking space can be blocked to create an access aisle. [rhythmic instrumental music] Signage. [rhythmic instrumental music] Sign directing voters to
the accessible entrance should be large and easily
spotted from the parking lot. This helps voters know which
side of the building to park on in order to have the
closest route to the entrance. Post signs at the accessible entrance and along the accessible
route to the voting area. Have signs inform voters
about the availability of accessible voting machines. Pathways. [rhythmic instrumental music] make sure that all outside
and inside walkways have at least a 36 inch clearance. [rhythmic instrumental music] When an object higher
than 27 inches or lower than 80 inches protrudes from a wall more than four inches place
an item below the object so that someone using a cane
to navigate can detect it. When possible prop and
tear your doors open to allow for easy travel
to the voting area. Voting area set up. [rhythmic instrumental music] Have simple tools at the
check-in table available. For example, a notebook and pens for aiding with communication. Pens with large grips for
marking paper ballots. And magnifying sheets for voters who may need help seeing
the print on the ballot. Position voting booths
and the voting machines so that the voter can
privately mark their ballot and leave a clear five
foot area behind the booth. [rhythmic instrumental music] Be sure you are familiar with the features of the ballot marking device, including increasing text size,
operating the audio ballot, using a key pad to advance to the ballot and to mark choices,
changing the text contrast, operating the touchscreen,
or connecting other devices to the machine such as foot
pedals or a sip-and-puff. If you have a scanner at
your location make sure that there is a clear path
of travel to the machine and a five foot area around
the scanner to navigate. Place chairs and prepare
a system of serving voters who choose to sit while
they wait their turn. Thoughtful preparation for
opening the election center aids your county’s election
officials in providing a safe and comfortable voting experience that complies with the law. Thank you for your service
to our community citizens. [rhythmic instrumental music]

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