1. The funny thing is that the leftards spend all of their time lecturing the world about how one must avoid making generalizations…

  2. Funny since they actually seem to be the most racist/sexist and hateful between the 2 parties. I guess its really easy to brainwash the Liberals since they pretty much own the Media.

  3. IF CNN made up a fake poll like this that said tye opposite you nasty republicans wouldn't agree and you'd call it fake news. Nasty trashy hypocrites. Your days are numbered

  4. The Republican party formed as an anti-slavery party.
    A Republican president freed the slaves.
    A Republican congress passed the 13th amendment (which ended slavery for African Americans).
    A Republican congress passed the 14th amendment (which granted citizenship to African Americans).
    A Republican congress passed the 15th amendment (which gave African Americans the right to vote).
    The Republicans in congress between 1964-65 are the reason the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act were passed (democrats were so opposed to them, they alone did not have enough votes to get them passed, even though they held the majority), these bills ended segregation and helped African American suffrage.

    …. but republicans are the racists right?

  5. democrats are pure evil. they see honest and righteous people as a threat. they are purely evil. democrats are priced evil. non democrats are a threat to the evil kingdom. tbe follow evil. they are servants of satan. true evil spirits.

  6. We only have this situation when the left and the right become so close minded where that the other side is just stupid instead of trying to understand there point of view.

  7. "It would be deeply unfair to claim that most Republicans are bigots. But it is fair to say that most Republicans today are willing to tolerate without dissent, and in many cases enthusiastically support, a man whose appeal is based in large part on stoking racial and ethnic resentments, on attacking 'the other.' That has to be taken into account."

  8. Democrats spreading lies isn't going to help what they want. If there are any republicans that really are racist, they're not republicans, they're people who have problems.

  9. Let’s take the wall for example. Illegal immigrants that come here for a better life end up working jobs (I.E. sweat shops, migrant workers)that are pretty much slave labor with no rights and no protection under law. If the even attempt to complain or fight for better conditions they are departed. So ask yourself why don’t the democratic leaders address this. Why are they so opposed to stopping illegal immigration. Is it because they support slave labor and slave votes. ( Note: democrats fought for years before the civil war to use the slave population to increase their political power in Congress.) On the other legal immigrants have all the same rights and protection under law that all Americans share. Plus most of them hold jobs that pay more then most people make. I work with a lot of legal immigrants and in my field immigrants make up almost 70% of all employees and management. So I know they make great money. So why do republicans support legal immigration. Also Racism is the belief in the superiority of one race over another. Democrats pretend protect groups of people they see as weaker and unable to protect themselves. While republicans push for all people to be equally.

  10. I don't know why the Republican voters are so shocked by this. Even the Republican leadership know that racism is not seen as a big issue with their voters. That's why a number of white nationalists and white supremacist are running in Republican races. It's why current politicians can be frequent guests on David Dukes online talk show and feel comfortable enough to spout antisemitic and racist remarks on Facebook. Because they know that they can be a racist as they want and they will still be elected.
    It is real easy to see just go to your browser 's news section and type in republican voters protest and see how many articles are about republican voters protesting or taking issue with the racists thing their party's politicians are caught saying.

  11. Fox news is banned in it's own country of Australia. Fox news is banned in Canada because Canada does not allow news sources to lie to it's viewers. There isn't an honest story on the show…and that's all it is…a TV show.

  12. An official @WVGOP representative put up a sign directly indicating that having a Muslim congresswoman was was evidence that we had forgotten the lessons of 9/11 in the capital. So yes, until you clean yourselves up we will continue to judge you based on your actions, your words are no longer trustworthy.

  13. You know what's worse than a racist is somebody accusing a person of being a racist who is not really a racist impeach Pelosi

  14. Genius!
    6 out of 10 democrats say republicans are racist,
    3 out of 10 republican say democrats are evil baby killing atheist.
    this hypothesis proves itself mathematically, that Republicans are Racist, according to their own data.
    if 7 out of 10 republicans say democrats are evil, then the probability increases for democrats being evil.

  15. How come when a person says someone is racist…the person being called racist always says the other person is stupid, dumb, calls them the racist one? Why can't racists just say yeah I'm racist and move on?

  16. Well obviously we see it that way… I grew up in a conservative neighbor and family and I love my family but they said a lot of anti black and racist things. Stereotype like this don’t come out of no where

  17. Most people including me 🇬🇧 see Democrats as absolute looneys , I keep hearing Putins words to Megan Kelly “ Have all you Americans lost your minds “. The Democrats are so insane they need Outlawing.

  18. Andrew yang 2020 mainstream wanna keep him out the media research this man speaks like knows what hes talking about nough said

  19. Repugnicunt dogma is based on religion, greed, bullying, Short sighted hostility and hate-mongering. This is what the so called conservative right is all about. To deny that is idiotic. Look at the imbicile they elected.

  20. I've heard plenty of Leftists say racist stuff, and sexist stuff, but have rarely, if ever heard a Republican say the same trash.

  21. Coward racists and open RACISTS need to be reformed.. it is the 21st century , you all should be locked up.. then we'll see how racist and pregidice your are when your released. If the time didn't do you any good, and your still racist. Send the upstate to the STATE PENITENTIARY, THEN WE'LL SEE HOW RACIST YOU ARE. IF YOU SURVIVE

  22. Nothing in any of these videos show republicans being racist or even saying anything racist. All they show is democrats claiming repubs are racist, with no evidence produced. Democrats projecting there inbred racism again!

  23. Please start that 'Civil War' cuckservatives. Need to open up a Trumpist to prove none of you are actually human and that pathetic 'war' would give me a legal excuse.

  24. really Fox because the fact is everyone I know who is Independant or Republican would describe the democratic party as rich elite slave minded human beings and the people who vote for them are seen as nothing but uneducated ghetto living racist who are blind to the fact they are slaves to the democrats like their ancestors were before the civil war

  25. I find Democrats are far more racist and extremist they're only twisting everything they say to make them look innocent.Disgusting!😝😝😝

  26. Republicans are not racist. Democrats are, and their history backs that up. Google Wilmington, North Carolina 1898 and try to argue that Republicans are racist. Liberals are voluntarily uneducated zombies who deny their own history while hypocritically decrying republicans as racist, when in actuality, the opposite is truth. Democrats are liars and scumbags of the worst kind.

  27. Meanwhile democrats started the civil war, fought to keep slaves, and the Republican president Abraham Linkoln ended slavery but was then assassinated by a democrat mad that he took slaves from them.

  28. Republicans are sexist and racist?! LMAO…… Many of them (dems) listen to Rap Music….. have they ever listened to the lyrics? Maybe they really are ignoramuses. Thank God I have the intelligence to think for myself and the ability for abstract thought!

  29. I dont see Republicans as racist and sexist, I see them as the evil spawn of satan, especially based on the asshats on the fox news channel

  30. Conservatives are deep rotted racists its in their blood in their DNA they immediately hate anyone that doesn't look like them but you know what that's ok if someone wants to be racist I'm totally fine with that because I will hate you regardless if you are racist or not because I hate both parties equally I just wish conservatives would stop denying they are racist when it's clear as day they all are I would even encourage them to be racist more openly and this comes from a "POC"

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