1. David is not happy. Meds my man, meds. Spend much time blaming the politicians do ya? Got tired of that huh? Hmm? Yeah so lets attack the troops. That makes sense. Unless your just advocating copulation? Wait.. Oh shit your a fucking troll arnt ya?! Damn i been duped again!! Lol oh boy

  2. We should of left Afghanistan alone when the Russians wer beating the living shit out of Islamic radicals… (If we only new bck then)

  3. The whole Karzai isn't allowing it BS is such a joke. If the US wanted to they'd put a bullet in his head and replace him with another puppet, pockets full of dollars and very willing to sign anything. Truth is this whole disaster is at it's wicks end. Afghanistan is not a country that can be forcibly occupied. Should have listened 30,000 casualties and trillions of dollars ago. Cute, face saving story though. 

  4. BEWARE-SELF-HARM – Jay Carney – White House Press Secretary – "Without a prompt signature, the United States would have no choice but to initiate planning for a post-2014 future in which there would be no US or NATO troop presence in Afghanistan"

    No, actually, we would NOT have to withdraw from Afghanistan. We could resume OCCUPATION without any deal whatsoever!

    It is all too commonly misunderstood that in the absence of a signed deal that might be taken to imply that this would allow somehow the officers of the Afghan state to arrest our forces and subject them to Afghan national justice.

    No, that's a misunderstanding which shows only how subservient the international political class has become to Karzai and to the Afghan state.

    If the Afghan national forces come to arrest our troops, we don't submit. We arrest them; if needs be we point our guns at them; if needs be we shoot them; if needs be we declare war on the Afghan state. It's an occupation so we don't need a signed deal! Understand yet?

    Well even if you understand you can be sure that US Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel have simply no comprehension of what it means not to have their BSA signed. They are out of their depth and should be replaced by the president.

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