Political Sextant in a nuthsell

P.S. : So, Mr.Eisen, i’ve here your result.
Eisen: And what they say? P.S. : They say you’re 100% Fascist-
Eisen: Damn… But to be honest i always thought to be one of them. P.S. : Mr.Eisen, i didn’t finish…
Eisen: What do you mean “I didn’t finish”, as you said, I’m already 100% Fascist P.S. : Yes… but there’s more. Eisen: Ok, and specifically what they say? P.S. : The results even says you’re a Marxist Eisen: How is that possible!? Even in your test, I always rejected Marxist ide-
P.S. : SIR! Lemme finish please P.S.: *cough* *cough* … I was Saying. From your results we can see that not only you’re a 100% Fascist and a 100% Marxist… ….but there’s EVEN more!
The rest of the result says that you’re not only a Marxist. But you even have a 100% Stalinist. Eisen: ‘xcuse me wha- P.S.: You’re even a 100% Juche, and a 100% Conservator Eisen: A…are you sure this test isn’t a joke man? P.S.: Sure like Hilary Clinton political position.
Eisen: *Ah great.* P.S. : I see you’re even 100% Anarcho-Nationalist, and that you’re even a Conservator with Gandhian Economics…. …You’re really a curios subject Mr.Eisen, i’ve never seen so much different ideologies in once. Eisen: *I have lost my faith in Political Science right now* P.S.: Well, now looking at your worst ideologies. I can defintively see you have a 0% in Deep Ecology and an 8% in Minarchism,… and i never thought to say it, but you have a -18% in Classical Liberalism. Well, i guess that’s all. What you think of his result Mr.Eisen? Political Scientist: Mr…Eisen are you ok? Eisen: …. WHAT. THE. FU-

  1. Daje, il prossimo passo è doppiare un video di pony ed iniziare una serie di politica.

    Eisen is the new Gio Pizzi.

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