Political Science Optional for UPSC - Feminism - A. 8. d (Political Ideologies)

  1. I am confused between 2 terms.. post feminists and post modern feminist…kindly expalin…

  2. Great. I found ur lectures very aligned with my existing study plan. I found it great in short and crisp manner. Thanks for ur contribution. Keep doing it pls.
    Could you also plan to start answer writing platform where folks can upload and review. And you can also suggest the tips there. Pls share with me if it is already in place.

  3. Thanks a lot Madame ji. Just one suggestion just try to give contemporary examples of these idealogies. For ex can correlate Maiost or Naxalite problem in India with Anarchism. Also can we say that current one child policy in China is form of Fascism as it was in National interest and personal choice were ignored. Please do reply.

  4. Is there no scope of pub ad OPTIONAL on your channel SLEEPY CLASS…???WILL YOU PLEASE PROVIDE FACULTY SIR???

  5. First of all thx for making this video . Sir , pls provide us the complete ideologies and main topics for upsc optional

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