Political Islam – Dr. Bill Warner

Dr. Warner. Bill, if I may? What should people know about Islam? They need to know that it is not just a religion and if it were just a religion I wouldn’t be here talking to you because I would be that interested in the subject. The thing they need to understand about Islam is it is primarily a political system and
even under Mohammed didn’t achieve any power until it became
a political system. And unfortunately it has an element of force about it’s politics. This is not just pure persuasion. The reason we need to know this
is not just an abstract political idea. When we look at the history of
Islam we see that Islam annihilates civilizations. I’ll give you an example. North Africa used to be primarily in the
European sphere and was Christian in it’s religion. Now it is Arab and Muslim. So the original civilization that was in North Africa, there
archaeological signs but that’s all. so what we need to understand is Islam
is a political system. Its growth includes the use of force and
in the end its total goal is complete annihilation of all other
civilizations except Islam. What do you have to say about
Muslims who feel that Islam is a religion and
not a political ideology? Is there any room
in our society for Muslims who think like that? First off let me make this clear. I really don’t discuss Muslims because
you’ve already gotten down to their individual characteristics. They tell me there’s roughly one and a half
billion Muslims on the face of the Earth. And I call the study of what Muslims think
and do Muslimology – the study of Muslims. I do not
study Muslims. I study Islam. Let me be clear. Islam is a doctrine found in three
sacred texts, Koran, Sira – the biography of Mohammed, and Hadith – his traditions. I discuss political ideas found in those three books not
what Muslims do. I see. So as a political ideology, as a warlike ideology, history would show, how is that compatible with Western democracy, or is it? It’s not. Briefly. Let’s not even discuss Western
democracy. Let’s take one step back and look at a
larger concept, what we call civilization. Our civilization is based upon
fundamentally two principals: One intellectual, and the
other ethical. The ethical consideration is The Golden Rule.
The intellectual consideration is critical thought. From these two things we get the roots of our civilization. Islam as
a civilization denies the existence of The Golden Rule instead uses dualistic ethics. That is –
how a person is treated depends upon what social class they belong to: Are they a woman? Are they a Muslim?
Are they a non-Muslim? Are they an apostate? So the ethics of Islam depend on who
you’re dealing with. The Golden Rule is a unitary ethic in that it’s to treat all others as they would
be treated – ideal reciprocity. Now do we meet that all the time? Of
course not. But it is the rule we’re guided by. Islam does not really recognize
critical thought. instead it recognizes authoritative thought. That is, every intellectual conclusion most
line up with Mohammad or Allah. And that’s the
problem here. Dualistic ethics is not compatible with unitary ethics. And
critical thought is not compatible with authoritative thought which says, “No. We don’t care what your logic says. It must achieve this answer.” They’re not compatible. There’s an aspect to Islam called exegesis. Where it is a critical analysis of text. Yes. Would you call yourself an exegist? I guess in a strange way I am except I’m a kafir exegist. Yes. Let me define kafir. By the way, I’m told that all my Arabic
pronunciations are dreadfully Southern. I think the say kæfɪə(r). So are your English. Well, alright. No. That’s unfair. At least from my perspective. I do apologize. That’s quite alright. But anyway a kafir is a non-Muslim. And so I am a kafir exegete. Now, by the way, I read the Muslim
exegetes in particular Ibn Kathir. Kathir not kafir. And so, I mean I have whole books on the
subject. I’ve read… At one time before there was an
explosion of sorts I owned every book published in English on the
subject of the Koran. So, I. Yeah. I’m an exegete in a strange way. Do you think there’s room for Muslims to analyze their texts
in a more critical way – the way you have? Oh, I don’t know but
we’re drifting this conversation back to Muslims. I don’t want to suggest… I don’t want to pick at any particular Muslim or anything like that. In dealing with religion what I find
most people do in religions, if they’re going to
modifier them or put their own spin on it, is there’s things they just ignore. They don’t go there. It’s not that
they take and modify it so much as they just delete it. So, it’s… I have many friends who are
Jewish but they don’t follow the Torah. They’re sort of Jews in name only or cultural Jews. I don’t know what you call it, but anyway that business in the Ten Commandments, they keep so of it but not all of it. I see. The reason I don’t step
off too deep into Muslims is for the simple reason there’s so many different
ways that one can interpret anything. And so I just say well look, here’s
what I read and here’s how it looks for the standpoint of a kafir. Let me point out to you how important this is. There was a day in Medina when Mohammad had 800 male Jews murdered because of one thing. They disagreed with
him intellectually as to whether he was the prophet of Allah. They said no. He said, Yes I am. And so they died for their intellectual assertion. There’s three points of view of that event. The Muslim point of view is one of almost euphoria and happiness because perfidious Jews had now been crushed. That’s one view. The second view. I’m a
kafir. I say it was a war crime and an act of evil. But there’s a third view. That of the apologist. “Oh, that was then. This is now. The Christians have done worse. We all need to get along. You’re too
judgmental. You’re a bigot.” So there are three points of view on
everything dealing with Islam. And I interpret everything from the
standpoint of the unbeliever. Now, that leaves two points of view that any other people can adopt as long as we
understand they’re not compatible. Nor will they ever agree. That third
point of view – one of moral relativism – “I’m not
worthy to judge somebody else’s actions.” That seems to be the prevailing point of view of Western society. At
least from my perspective. Yes. Are we drowning? Are we killing yourselves
by having this moral subjective viewpoint? I think so and
I’m not advocating for any other particular viewpoint. I find
that saying that “well it’s all relative.” Yeah. You’ll see how relative it is when
you cross them and you discover that their views are defended quite absolutely. I know that because they call me names. They say that I am
immoral. Well now wait a minute. If this is not a moral universe how could
I even be immoral? You’re turning their own terms against them. Yes. Yes. How could I possibly be immoral if it’s all relative? Right? What is it
historically about Islam that’s taken your attention? I know that you’ve put
together a presentation where you show over 800 battles fought in the name of Mohammed and Islam. Which by you’re you’re positing that that was what
created the Dark Ages. That is what destroyed the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, (Yes.), the empires of North Africa. Why isn’t that taught in schools today? You know. I thought it was always the German hoards, the Barbarians, or the Vandals. Yes. That’s what we’re told. And yet we know that the Vandals in
North Africa began to Romanize themselves soon after they moved in to takeover as did the German tribes who moved in, by the way. Their whole purpose was to get a piece of the pie. Not to eliminate the pie. Here’s the deal. Islam basically says that all other
civilizations are an affront to Allah. That is, they have no right to exist. There’s even
a term for all non-Muslims societies call jahiliyyah. Again the
pronunciation mine. What that means is they are all
manifestations of ignorance. Absolute ignorance. And they are repellent to Allah. So we see that in these days of multiculturalism one of the groups that’s most closely held to the breast are Muslims who are strict monotheist and strict
monoculturalist. So anyway we have to and I’ve actually lost the thread of the
question you asked. We need to pick that up again. Oh. I know. When I read history what I say is, is the theories that are
advanced, the German tribes for instance do not
explain the Dark Ages, particularly when we see that their Empire
reformed itself from the eastern center call the Byzantine Empire. So it was Islam that collapsed all of the classical empire. I mean, look. North Africa used to be in the realm of the Roman and then the Greeks. But no more. Why? Because it
has become thoroughly Islamisized. Now there is some who may say that the
Dark Ages came about because of Christian
ideology. Ah, yes. The evil Catholic theory. Well. What do you have to say about that and and can you incorporate trade in that? Yes. What I have to say about that is it was not the evil Catholic pope who commanded pirates to
rule the Mediterranean Sea such that Christian shipping dropped by
eighty percent. That’s a big drop. We’re here in Montreal.
Toronto. Toronto. They’re all the same to me. If it’s Sunday it must be Toronto. I think if you went to Montreal you’d
find out that they’re not all the same to you. Hey. From my distance. Oh. Let’s see. Where were we here? Trade. Oh. Trade. That the Muslims destroyed trade. Oh. What I started to say was if in this city – We’ll be neutral – if in
this city; I eliminated eighty percent of the
flights coming into the city; if I eliminated eighty percent of the
trucking and eighty percent of the shipping what would happen in this quote
civilization? Well, people who go hungry. People will
turn to an agrarian lifestyle. There would be quite the stifling of commerce. And what we would see is a
civilization as we know it would collapse. If we
eliminate eighty percent of all the trade in this town then it would collapse. And that’s
basically what happened in the Dark Ages. It collapsed economically. This theory has not been postulated anywhere in the textbooks of history? Well, actually it has. There was one particular… it’s not
a textbook. it’s a magnificent historical work out of Harvard called The Rise of the European Economy – AD 300 – 900. So I suspected this. But when I read the actual hard core
data from archaeological work I went, “Yes. This is what I always suspected
existed.” And you went actually… You went back and you plotted all of the battles (Yes.) in favor of Islam (Yes.) as they went through Europe for fourteen hundred years (Yes.) to show quite graphically out rather
mundane data that nobody else would have even given a cursory look at that the fall of the Roman Empire, the Dark Ages are directly linked causally to all of these attempts by Islam to overthrow (Yes.) Europe. I cataloged – and this was only because of the
internet I was able to do this – I cataloged 548 battles was the actual
number that had been fought. I have another database of 11,000 jihad attacks, But what I was forced to do was to come
up with a way that would capture the dynamic quality of
this. And so I created what I call a dynamic battle map. Which actually I should email you and you might even splice some of this in because I find that when people look at this they’re like, “Oh, my word.” They’ll think a picture is
worth a thousand words. Well, in this case it’s worth for more than a thousand words. Because you could actually see the incessant hammering at Europe. It is relentless. But didn’t the Christians invade Jerusalem and try to get back the city’s… Odd word to use, “invade.” During the Crusades. We have to remember that before Islam
came along Jerusalem was a Christian and Jewish town. And so when we say… It would be like you come into my home
with some thugs, commandeer the house and then I get more people to come in it would be like you saying “Hey, you’re
invading your home.” So when the Christians were quote invading Jerusalem they were
actually returning home, if you will. This was a defensive act. Isn’t there quite the disparity between the number (Oh, yes. Oh, yes.) of battles versus the Crusaders versus the Islamic (Right.) hoards. I have a dynamic battle map also of the Crusades. What I did was I created each frame and then I handed it off to a graphics artist to put the actual little movie together. And so I got the… We did the dynamic battle map for the 548 battles first and then I gave him the stuff for the Crusades. He called me up and he said, “Bill.” He said. “Where are the rest of the battles?” I said, “That’s it.” Long pause. He said, “Somebody lied to me.” And somebody had lied to him. Pretty much.I think that one of the things that Islamists throw at people, and not just Islamists
but even our own teachers who are kafirs, non-Muslims (Yeah.) would say
that we have to apologize to the Muslim world for the Crusades. Yes. That would be like
apologizing for slavery which was something that
Islam did that we adopted for a short period of time.
No. The Crusades were defensive in nature. There had been thirty thousand churches
destroyed in the Middle East. Christians were no longer safe in the
streets. They was ruinous taxation. They wouldn’t have full
civil rights. So, in spite of what we we’re told that living
under Islamic sharia law is just this wonderful harmony of multiculturalism and everybody has such a fabulous time that is not the case. No, the Crusades
were a defensive act in an attempt to reclaim part of what
had been Christian turf. Can you say something
about the tradition of taqiyya. Ah, yes. The first time I… taqiyya – the sacred
lie. I must say that I was stunned at the concept of
sacred deception. Can you define the term first? Okay. Taqiyya means to advance Islam by the use of deceit. Now there are actually four kinds a
acceptable islamic lies. The term taqiyya has sort of come to mean all of them together. For instance, there is kitman which is a half-truth instead of an outright lie. But the point we need to get here to is that when we read both the Sira, the biography of Mohammed and the Hadith, the traditions of Mohammed we repeatedly find that he advocates deception if it will advance Islam. “Who will kill Ashraf who has offended Allah and his prophet?” “I will, Mohammed, but I will need to deceive him.” Muhammad. “Do so.” This was not the only
time in which he advised deception. Because here we see a moral principle. If it advances Islam it is good. If it does not advance Islam then it is bad. So, again I don’t want to get into
Muslims per se but if an adherent of that taqiyya, and you’re talking to them, wouldn’t be honest to say that you can’t
trust a word that they’re telling you? If according to their belief as a kafir they can lie to you? Now were getting down to the
basis of a civilization. In The Golden Rule, and I presume right
now for instance I just met you today you said we’re going to do this
interview, I have a lot of presumptions working. I presume you’re telling me the truth
that this is not going to be hacked up in some way using Dynamic
Photoshop that i’m gonna be caught having sex with a goat. Okay? Or whatever, Okay? Some other
selective editing of words that make me say, I don’t know “Kill all the children!” What I’m saying is is
that we don’t think about it. We have an
implicit assumption of truth-telling that we
operate on. Now if I find out that your you’re a member of a professional liars club and I knew this beforehand I might have been a little more guarded even to the point of saying, “You know I don’t think I want to do that.” It gets more
complicated because there are no less than 12
verses in the Koran which state that a Muslim is not
the friend of a kafir. He can be friendly but he’s not your friend. Now I don’t know how it works here in Canada but if we’re in America and I take you to a car
dealership I will introduce you to many friendly people. They’re called salesmen. But are they your friend? No, they’re not. So here we have this… This is in a
strange way my major loss with Islam is I don’t know who to
trust. Well, I have a lot of friends and I trust them. So when you introduce me to another group of people and I don’t know whether I need to be this… it makes friendship to be very difficult. Is that why you
turned directly to the source of Islam? Yes. When people say to me “Well I have this friend, this professional
engineer at work and he says…” I say, “I too have a Muslim friend. His name
is Mohammed. Now let me explain the difference between my friend and your friend. If your friend, the professional engineer,
says something that agrees with Muhammad then he is right but he’s redundant. If he says something that disagrees with Mohammed then he’s wrong. Well your Muslim friend is either redundant or misleading you. So I think we just ought to listen to my friend, Mohammed because here’s what Mohammed will do.” My experience with Muslims is, is they
will tell you at least half the truth but they won’t tell you all the truth and
Mohammed will tell me all of the truth. Mohammed you tell me
about the time he was in Mecca as a preacher of religion, he will also tell me about the time he was a jihadist and issued orders to execute the eight
hundred Jews. So my friend Mohammed tells me all the
truth about Islam. And that’s what I advocate for everybody. Don’t go ask a Muslim about Islam. I mean look. I’m from Tennessee which is very Christian. Let me assure you that you can get some
of the most whacked out answers about what
christianity is by talking to Christians. If you want to know about Christianity I
advocate reading The New Testament and then The Old
Testament. Do that. Then you’ll find out what the
real Jesus is not someone’s interpretation of Jesus. When we talk with what our friend the Muslim tells us we’re dealing with subjective Islam I advocate objective Islam. And only Mohammed is completely
objective. And your reading of Muhammad through the Koran his biography through the Sira and the Hadith interpretations you’ve
actually compiled a Reader’s Digest version of them? What I did was… Let’s go then
very quickly. First off we have the Koran – the world’s
most famous book that’s never been read, or at least understood. Next to A Brief
History of Time by Stephen Hawking. Yes. So anyway, people find the Koran to be,
frankly, difficult to read and impenetrable in its meaning. So I took… I sell a Koran I sell three different versions of it. We have them here. Yes we do. Called a simple Koran. And by the way the title Simple Koran comes from the Koranic verse which insists that it is simple. And so I said,
“You know, actually you’re quite right.” When you take the Koran and you put in
the right time order, not the one they give you at the mosque, and you collect all the similar topics together so it’s easy to understand what it says
about say, Moses, or hell and then we do the most
important thing. We integrate Mohammed into the Koran. And when we do that we have context and
the Koran is changed from an obscure work to a massive epic story which begins
with a hymn to God and ends with the triumphal political
domination of the entire world. My Korans can be read and understood. They have every verse in it, every word in it. I haven’t altered anything. But it all… What I do is, is I take and change the Koran from a random discourse to a true story. Then we have the Hadith. Before you get to the Hadith. Yeah. There is a belief in Islam that what came later supersedes (Yes.) supersedes that which came before so to put it in order is not simply a way of trying to
understand it better but there is a purpose of putting it in order. You have landed on a most important point and that is this: Every Muslim will tell you if you cannot
use abrogation in your understanding of the
Koran then you have no understand of the Koran at all. This is what Muslims tell us. Now the beauty of the Koran that I
produce is this: The abrogation, if you will, is built into it because the later
verses are later in the book. It sounds as if Mohammed may have made
mistakes at the beginning and then revised his directions to his followers later on.
Could that have been the case? Well we can at least say that the author of the Koran, Allah – whoever he may be – certainly seems to have said things that later needed to be corrected. But this need
to be… point out something here. The verses that are later are better than the earlier verses. That
does not mean it contradicts them. And here’s where it gets kinda funny. The
earlier verses, since they come from Allah, are still in effect. This gives the Koran its dualistic nature. Is it peaceful? Yes. Is it warlike? Yes. Which one’s real?
Both. Because both them are the words of Allah. Now there is one remark in the Sira, Mohammed’s biography when Allah brings down a verse to Mohammed which allows Mohammed to marry his now
not daughter-in-law. And Aisha, his favorite wife, said, “Your Lord seems to be quick to grant you your wishes.” Read into that what you will. Part of
your presentation that is available online has shown a tallying of all of the deaths committed in the name Allah and Mohammed. The tears a jihad. Now we’ve seen the
tallying of the deaths of communism in the tens of millions both in China and Russia. We’ve seen the
deaths attributed to the camps of Nazi Germany. Six million there. We’ve seen death’s of the First World War How do they compare in quantitative values to the deaths in
the name of Islam? Well there’s two differences. Number one the deaths of Islam number 270 million. Thats 60 million Christians, 80
million Hindus, 10 million Buddhists, and 120 million Africans. So they don’t
discriminate as to who they kill. Well actually they discriminate… Well no
they don’t. Except in one sense. They’re all kafirs. They’re all kafirs. That is
the discrimination and that’s what led to their death. And so how does that compare to
the deaths of the atrocities of Hitler for example? Well small. But now we have to understand here Hitler did all of his work in a short period of time The deaths due to jihad started
fourteen hundred years ago and I haven’t look at the news today but
somewhere it is probable that somewhere in the world today someone again died
because they were not a Muslim. So the difference is, is that the deaths due to jihad are ongoing and eternal. I believe there is a website out there
and somebody who compiles the news and aggregate service who compiles all of the terrorist attacks… The religion of peace dot com. The religion of peace dot com. Certainly the most ironic name in media. Since 2001 I think the tally is
close to 20,000? Over 19,000. Nineteen thousand deaths. Over… Yes. Deaths? Yes. That doesn’t count the mamings and the injuries? No, no, no, no, no. That not acid in your face, cutting off the nose. No, no. That’s just dead people. So we’re in the middle
of a war here. Would that be fair to say? We’ve been in the middle of a war for
fourteen hundred years. The idea I of living in peace with Islam… I took and tallied up the number decades
in which we’ve not had some sort of jihad death and, let’s see, I figure… I think it’s… I member the percentages but I don’t remember the actual numbers.
But in only nine percent of the time since Islam has come into existence have there not been massive jihadic deaths. So that means Islam is ninety one
percent jihad and nine percent peace. So the “Religion of Peace” is what, smoke and mirrors? Well some even ironically say it’s the religion of pieces. Now, but we need to understand
something. There is a peace of Islam but it comes after you submit to Islam. Only then do you achieve the peace of Islam. Interesting. The actual word “Islam” means “submission.” So you get a peace of
submission only after you submit. I haven’t submitted so therefore I don’t
live in that world of peace. Again, part of the dualistic nature of Islam. Precisely. Now some of your projects have been the complication of the Koran, the Sira,
and the Hadith. What else do you offer? You’re a
very busy man and you try to get the your education program going what can
we look forward to? I have, by the way, written one interesting book called Factual Persuasion. Its unique in that it’s the only book ever
written on how to debate the issues of Islam. And this came about, very briefly, through
the years that I spent debating my liberal progressive friends on the
subject of Islam using factual basis and I batted a thousand. One hundred percent of them changed their mind. Now they still vote progressive but
they’re against the implication of political Islam. Because of an education program? Because of an education. Everything… You’re a teacher aren’t you? I spent eight years in a University. Eight
years in a university. And your specialty was? I taught in the university. It was
undergraduate. I was sort of the utility infielder math, physics, whatever needed to be done. You trained in quantum physics I understand. And that is true. The rumor’s true. Yes. So you’re a pretty smart cookie.
You know. Your not off the shelf. Well at least I’m hard working. You’re hard working, yes. So just to get it clear. You’re not by
profession a historian? Absolutely not. But I am a scientist by
profession. You know how to work with data. I know
how to work with data and the data I do work. Even if its historical. Beyond these three books
here what else have you published? Oh, I’ve taken… My brother told me after
I did the Koran, the Sira, the Hadith he said, “Bill you’ll be writing about these three
books for the rest your life.” So for instance I have books like The Doctrine of Slavery, The Doctrine of Women, The Doctrine of the Christian and The Jew. And so what I’ve done is, is I just re-sliced and re-diced The Sunnah of Mohammed and the words of Allah. It provides infinite variety. These three
books are quite large and I know that you like large chewy
book as you describe them. Yes. Yes I do. But for the person out there, the lay
person who you’d like to get in touch with and educate about Islam I know you’ve come
up with some… Right. Reader’s Digest versions. I came up with… What I did was I needed to write a book on Sharia law
that would be read and so I decided to make it one eighth of one inch thick – 52 pages. Now what happened after I produced this book was it sold by the
thousands. And I by accident discovered a good way
to sell the idea of learning Islam. Here’s the
deal. Most people have been convinced that Islam is impenetrable. It’s
impossible to understand. But when you hand them a book on slavery it’s only 70 pages they go, “I can read this.” And so really what I’m
trying to do is I hope to get you started on the little book and then
later you buy the bigger books. And it’s been very effective I might add. We’ve spoken, actually today we spoke with
Judd Matheny from the Tennessee legislature who’s put forward
some bills to combat Sharia (Yes.) in the State of Tennessee. Your home state. Yes. What is it about Tennessee do you
think… Why is it such a hotbed for Muslims wanting to for propagate Sharia.
Right. There are several reasons here. One is, is that courtesy of Bill Clinton Nashville, Tennessee has become a
“Refugee City.” We also have the fact that Nashville
has been called “The Buckle of the Bible Belt,” or has been called “The Rome of
Protestant Christianity.” So we are a key attack point with regards to Islam in its battle
against Christianity. In other words if they could defeat Christianity there they can
defeat it anywhere. If they can take Rome they’ve pretty much taken Roman Catholicism. It works like that. So that’s one reason.
And then other reason is is there’s a certain… I know that amongst
the counter Sharia fighters there’s a
certain looking around and we kinda wonder how we all came together but we
have an incredibly unique mix of personalities that have come together. I’m a retired
scientist. We have retired cops. We have… We have all kinds of people who for some reason or another, in a way
that’s unique to us, all manifested as fighters on the
subject of political Islam. We can’t fully explain it. But I will say
this: Some of the most incredible people I’ve ever met in my life are doing what I am now do, which is to
resist political Islam. Now as your nom de plume or nom de guerre… Nom de guerre. Nom de guerre. On your website tell people that Dr. Warner is not
your real name. My birth name is Bill French. I adopted
a nom de guerre for a couple reasons. One of which he is I have a business account for money this
way I have a fame account as well. And the other is there’s a
certain irony of calling myself Warner because there is a verse in the Koran in which it is said that Mohammed is a warner unto men and I’m a warner unto the kafir. Well Dr. Warner, Bill, thank you very
much. It’s been a delight. Thank you.

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    Well, Musa, if I do that then Islam is a horrible indoctrination.
    Just do what you told us: Read the Koran and the Ahadith…. and shiver……

  12. This scholar understands islam extremely well.  He understands the brutality and the smokescreen of lies the inhuman beasts use to worm their way into a free society and infect and feed like a cancer as they invade until they destroy all that is good and holy in a culture.  My Holy Bible states, "By their works you shall know them."  The atrocities they have committed shows exactly that they serve a demon and not anything Holy and Good.  Truth, Love, Benevolence, Mercy, any attribute that is worthy of God does NOT exist in them.  You are saved by GRACE says the Only True Living God to his children because of the perfect sacrifice of Jesus my only begotten son.  The religion of Demons says you have to earn the love of the Demon.  

  13. It is a fact of life on our beleaguered little planet that widespread torture, famine and governmental criminal irresponsibility are much more likely to be found in tyrannical than in democratic governments. Why? Because the rulers of the former are much less likely to be thrown out of office for their misdeeds than the rulers of the latter. This is error-correcting machinery in politics.

  14. The values of science and the values of democracy are concordant, in many cases indistinguishable. Science and democracy began – in their civilized incarnations – in the same time and place, Greece in the seventh and sixth centuries BC. Science confers power on anyone who takes the trouble to learn it (although too many have been systematically prevented from doing so). Science thrives on, indeed requires, the free exchange of ideas; its values are antithetical to secrecy. Science holds to no special vantage points or privileged positions. Both science and democracy encourage unconventional opinions and vigorous debate. Both demand adequate reason, coherent argument, rigorous standards of evidence and honesty. Science is a way to call the bluff of those who only pretend to knowledge. It is a bulwark against mysticism, against superstition, against religion misapplied to where it has no business being. If we're true to its values, it can tell us when we're being lied to. It provides a mid-course correction to our mistakes. The more widespread its language, rules and methods, the better chance we have of preserving what Thomas Jefferson and his colleagues had in mind. But democracy can also be subverted more thoroughly through the products of science than any pre-industrial demagogue ever dreamed.

  15. Joys there nothing personal among ourselves, to be frank in present generation no community have enough time go through there are others religion or others religion and history , we only learn which is must and rest we will try  to Google.
     This is the place where people like Bill try to portray their own agenda to the browsers.
    Example : Bill said Khalid was main companion of Mohammad(Pbuh)  who defeated romans. He hided the fact that Khalid was main enemy of Mohammed and fought  battle of Uhud  and had incurred big damage to Mohammed’s(Pbuh) and his companion .
    As most of the people are ignorant of history . bill is taking the liberty of showing selected pages from the history book which is incorrect.

  16. dr. warner i would like to excuse you a little bit since you claimed expert on islam and not muslims.. the median masacare of jews from what i have heard other scholars of islam on youtube happened later on after the agreement between jews on islam/muhamad.. to live peace in medina.together after from what i heard jews violated these treaty .In 627, when the Quraysh and their allies besieged the city in the Battle of the Trench, the Qurayza are said to have violated a treaty with the Islamic prophet Muhammad by allying with the attacking tribes,

  17. but as this discusion we need to talk and defentely youtube give us that opportunity to listen while we drink coffe on our desk.. so we defenatly should critically look history and see how we can change the world to better community ..

  18. This zionist SOB forgot to tell the muslims who were likked by non muslims seems like those victims doesn,t exist what an asshole.

  19. Regarding the ~800 Jews killed by Muhammad, many Muslims, such as the Ahmadis, claim it was because those Jews of the Banu Qurayza tribe broke a treaty with the Muslims.  (~ the 6 min mark)
    When you bring up the possible explanations for this killing, that was an important omission, even if you believe Muhammad was still in the wrong. 
    Please know that I support your statistical work, as a former Muslim myself. 
    I used to be an Ahmadi, incidentally. I do feel it is important in our criticism, to address the best arguments of the other side, and not just the simple minded apologetics. Peace and love.

  20. Hmm… I thought it was the actor Robert Vaughn. I see that I was clearly wrong.

  21. " Muhammad Never Existed " – Islamic Theologian Professor Sven Kalisch has concluded: " Muhammad Never Existed "
    Sven Kalisch is professor of Islamic theology at Munster University in Germany, Kalisch was administrative council of the Germany Muslim Academy and worked for the Islamic Centred of Hambourg.

  22. Can you read? Islam is a cult, Allah is LUCIFER, Read The People vs Muhammad by J. K. Sheindlin, if you're man enough or are you afraid?

  23. What a pity mister Warner cannot read classical Arabic. He only has skimmed the upper layers this totalitarian , supremacist ideology and religion. There are so many sources in Arabic, researchers, like mister Warner and Robert Spencer, can read to further expose this political-religeous ideology called Islam.

  24. excellent video! real history. Dr. Bill Warner knows Islam he read all of its primary source and religious books. check out Bill Warner books and Youtube please share with friends and family him on youtube, post him on Facebook. through criminal migration Political Islam gets stronger scary.

  25. According to a 2011 Pew Research Center study on American Muslims, 63% of American Muslims say that there is no conflict between being a devout Muslim and living in modern society. A nearly identical percentage (64%) of American Christians say that there is no conflict between being a devout Christian and living in modern society.

  26. Do not forget that during the Algerian revolution against the barbarian genoside of the French army.1.5 million innocent Algerians died , nobody put the blame on Jesus.Before you talk about islam why don't wonder why many celebrities , doctors and scientists are converting to islam??? Christians have undoubtedly killed millions in the name of God. Knoxville Unitarian Universalist Church shooting, July 27, 2008. On July 27, 2008, Christian Right sympathizer Jim David Adkisson. Suicide attack on IRS building in Austin, Texas, Feb. 18, 2010. When Joseph Stack flew a plane into the Echelon office complex (where an IRS office was located), Fox News’ coverage of the incident was calm and matter-of-fact. The murder of Alan Berg, June 18, 1984.The Centennial Olympic Park bombing, July 27, 1996.The murder of Barnett Slepian byJames Charles Kopp, Oct. 23, 1998. Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing, April 19, 1995.Neoconservatives have tried to paint terrorism as a largely or exclusively Islamic phenomenon. The Church started killing unbelievers as early as the 4th century. The killing (often with torture) of heretics, church splinter groups, dissenters, atheists, agnostics, deists, pagans, infidels and unbelievers was supported by almost all mainstream Christian theology for over a thousand years, starting with the intolerant St. Augustine (died 430 AD). Christianity had a long run as the world's most violent religion.
    1 – Persecution of Pagans by the Christian Roman Empire
    Saint Augustine supported torturing heretics and St. Thomas Aquinas justifies killing people who are not convinced by his arguments.
    2- The killing of Jews , Fascism ,the killing of scientists and thinkers, colonialism and wars .
    3- The Crusades (mainly 1095-1272)
    In 1095, Pope Urban II made this speech to launch the blood-letting of The Crusades.The capture of Jerusalem, 1099. When they took Jerusalem, the Christian army butchered almost every man, woman and child in the city.
    The Second Crusade

    St. Bernard of Clairvaux (see search) said when launching the Second Crusade: "The Christian glories in the death of a pagan, because thereby Christ himself is glorified."

    The genocide of the Cathars (1209–1229)
    In 1209, Pope Innocent III (also here) called for a crusade to exterminate the Cathar people of France (the Albigensians), simply because they had different superstitious beliefs to his own stupid beliefs. Men, women and children were butchered by the Pope's forces.
    Rudolph J. Rummel estimates they butchered 200,000 innocent men, women and children.
    Massacre at Béziers (1209)
    The Church's War on the Cathars
    In 1233, Pope Gregory IX encouraged the extermination of the Stedinger people of Friesland, on the imaginary grounds that they were in league with the (equally-imaginary) Devil. "The devil appears to them in different shapes", said his holiness, "sometimes as a goose or a duck". The entire people were exterminated. Why do we ignore the civilians killed in American wars? Korean War, rape , Vietnam War ,War on Terror In the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks.Colonialism and genocides.

  27. "The Mohammedan religion allows Mohammedans to kill all who are not of their religion. It is clearly stated in the Koran, Kill the infidels if they do not become Mohammedans. They must be put to fire and sword."
    —Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902)
    "A raid led by Amr [best known for the Muslim invasion of Egypt] went to Dhat. He set out with fifteen men. He encountered a large force whom he summoned to Islam. They refused to respond so he killed all of them."
    —Al-Tabari's History of the Prophets and Kings
    "The accursed law that Mahommet gave [Muslims] commands them to do all the mischief in their power to all other descriptions of people, and especially to Christians; to strip such of their goods, and do them all manner of evil, because [Christians] belong not to their law.”
    —Marco Polo (1254-1324)
    March 2017's terror attack on Westminster Bridge and Parliament is "wrong to describe as Islamic terrorism” and ”It's a perversion of a great faith.”
    —Theresa May (1956- )

  28. In this video it is stated that there have been more than 19,000 deaths of non-Muslims due to Islamic violence since 11 Sep 2001. As of today (7 Nov 2017), the number is 32,061 (see TheReligionOfPeace[dot]com). In the 1st 11 years since 9/11 there were less than 20,000 deaths. In the 5 years since this interview occurred, that number has grown by about 13,000. In the 1st 11 years, that would an average of about 1,730 per year. In the next 5 years, that number has risen to an average of (very slightly) more than 2,000 per year, over the entire 16 year period. Conclusion: Islamic terrorism is not on the decline.

  29. 6:30 this old man is a liar and liar and liar
    He is quoting 800 Jews massacre coz they intellectually differed prophet Muhammad p b u h as Prophet.
    Liar old man whom r u deceiving !!!
    There been three Jewish tribes and Muslims had peace treaty with Jews that in case war with pagan Arabs Jews will help Muslims .
    But this tribe named Banu Quraiza of Jews didn’t honour their treaty but they conspired against Muslims and try to help pagan Arabs of Makkah in “battle of trench “and so they been killed by the decision taken by Jews Arbitrator . Even Prophet Muhammad p b u h didn’t orders directly to kill Jews but it’s been Arbitrator , agreed both by Muslims and Jews , and he ordered to kill Jews men
    Old man bill warner at least have courage to speak truth

  30. Quran 48 verse 29
    He it is Who has sent His Messenger, with guidance and the Religion of truth, that He may make it prevail over all other religions. And sufficient is Allah as a Witness.

  31. Christianity under Spanish Conquestidors, decimated civilizations in South America and converted people there by force.
    Portuguese Inquisition of Goa is still fresh in people's minds in India.
    When it comes to the devil, both Islam and Christianity share are equal!

  32. And what did the Christian white folks who came to America do to the Natives?
    Natives were totally annihilated.

  33. It was all OK when West exploited the Middle East for its oil, divided up that part of the world like you divide a cake and then propped up puppet regimes, backing dictators there.
    Now they face the wrath of these people in a different form, Islam is all of a sudden bad!

  34. Bill you have been correct, The UK is in the middle of the invasion and they do not even understand it. Even the United Stated of America has been invaded, all you have to do is look around. Sickening my children and my children's children will have to fight this moral war.

  35. Bill, the one thing you have failed yourself with is, you should have taken a the classes and made yourself a "Scholar in Religion" to appease the idiots that think you need a degree to be educated. Although educated idiots are everywhere, a self educated person means they are passionate about their studies.

  36. Thank you for having Bill Warner in this wonderful conversation. Bill hits the nail on its head. Islam is more political than religion. Boom ! We need to listen to Bill.

  37. One needs only to look at the Prophet Muhammad.
    FROM: https://www.thereligionofpeace.com/pages/muhammad/life-of-muhammad.aspx "Muhammad is a narcissist, a pedophile, a mass murderer, a terrorist, a misogynist, a lecher, a cult leader, a madman a rapist, a torturer, an assassin and a looter." Quote from a former Muslim, Ali Sina, who offered $50,000 to anyone who could prove this wrong based on Islamic texts.

    The reward has gone unclaimed

    This is the kind of behavior generated from the Quran and the Teachings of the Prophet Muhammad:

    List of Killings in the Name of Islam: Last 30 Days

    Islamic Terror on Christians

    Now some would say that Islam has been hijacked; but, then look at the violent verses in the Quran:
    What Does Islam Teach About Violence? FROM: https://www.thereligionofpeace.com/pages/quran/violence.aspx
    "The Quran contains at least 109 verses that speak of war with nonbelievers, usually on the basis of their status as non-Muslims. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called 'hypocrites' and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter."

    Islamophobia: Who are the Islamophobes? https://www.thereligionofpeace.com/pages/articles/islamophobia.aspx

    ISLAM DOES NOT SHOW ITS TRUE COLORS Until It Gets Hold of A Country; then, It is Hard, if Not Impossible to Reverse. ISLAM Advances in the World through Guile and Deception. They tell you that it is a Peaceful Religion; but what don't tell you, Peace only Occurs after All The World is Under Islamic Rule. They tell you that Islam doesn't kill innocent people; What They Don't Tell You is Who Is Considered Innocent. An Innocent Person in ISLAM is a Follower OF the ISLAMIC FAITH in Good Standing.

    There Are Two Major Sects of ISLAM, SUNNI And SHIITE. To A SUNNI a SHIITE would Not be considered Innocent. To A SHIITE a SUNNI would Not be considered Innocent. Each would consider the other a Heretic; thus, they could kill the Heretic and feel that they were Honoring Allah with Their Version of ISLAM. It is currently happening in the Middle East Almost Every Day.

    Islam has Been Killing Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhist, and other non-Muslims along with Their Heretics for approximately 1400 years in the name of ALLAH.

    Leaving ISLAM once you have Become a Follower is not an Option in a Muslim Country. Leaving ISLAM in a Muslim Country, You End Up With A Death Sentence; this was commanded by the Founder of Islam Prophet Muhammad in Quran (4:89) and Sahih Bukhari (52:260).

    There are plenty of people on YouTube who would Gladly tell you about Islam. None of the people I list are White Nationalist or Nazis or such. You can check out what I have said about Islam by doing a YouTube Search of Islam + the following speakers: Nonie Darwish, Brigitte Gabriel, David Yerushalmi, Pamela Geller, David Wood, Jay Smith, Robert Spencer, Usama Dakdok, Wafa Sultan, Al Fadi, Chuck Missler, Avi Lipkin, Mark Correll, William Federer, Frank Gaffney, Bruce Thornton, Raymond Ibrahim, and Dr. Bill Warner Ph.D. I am Very Thankful for these Brave People. They are among the Heroes of This Century that are Warning us about the Evils of this Malignant Religion.

  38. Bill ….if only all politicians ….leaders ….

    had half his knowledge ……they might stop us all from being destroyed as free thinking people.

  39. No , not every non Muslim is a kafir. Jews & Christians are people of book & not kafir & a Christian or a Jewish woman can be married. This how ever is not true for Hindus or Budhist etc. And no peaceful human or even animal or any living thing can be killed. Just if you wanted to know.

  40. So, in 900 – 1000 A.D. the Vikings weren't as bad as we were told, but rather were a obstacle to the spread to Islam?

  41. We are confronted with the insidious ideology of political Islam (i.e., Islamism). This 1400 year-old "Borg" of civilizational jihad must be challenged polemically. This vile venue of twisted totalitarian twaddle must be opposed valiantly, vehemently, vociferously, and vigorously. If we ignore this evil existential threat, then Western civilization will be subsumed.
    – – – – –

  42. All religions are political.
    Moses was against Firoah, even he had grow up in his palace. Jesus was against Roman, for that wanted him to crucify.

  43. KAFIR in Quran means:
    1- people don’t believe in one God that created the universe.
    2- people worship statues that they make with their own hands.

  44. Jews always helped the KAFIR people attack and kill prophet Mohammad .
    As they did with Jesus .
    KAFIR means: worship statues, not believe in one God.

  45. Muslim don’t expect that you say good things about Islam, but expect you to say true and let people decide about it, if you are believer in JESUS or MOSES.

  46. UNLESS you have a planned resistance then talking about it is a waste of time .HOW DO WE GET AND KEEP THEM FROM EVER CONTROLLING OUR GOVT ? what is the plan of action ? What can each of us do to stem the tide of this incursion on our society ?

  47. I agree, everything that he says is correct and also championed by survivors of Sharia. They lived it and they don't want it in America.

  48. In the UK we are really feeling the impact of Islam on society. People are being arrested for criticizing Islam. It is now a hate crime to say what you have just discussed. The jihadists are being pampered like anything by our government and political parties. Even absurdly accused of being racist even though Islam is a religion not a race. Now it has turned violent with attacks on innocent people. I lived just 30 seconds away from the 7/7 bus bomb in London that killed so many people, Muslims included. This doctrine is evil and used as a justification for these attacks. I like Bill Warner's cool academic approach but worry Muslims and their leftist supporters are in denial of his reason and logic.

  49. There is no "religious" in Islam without the political system. The milant political system forces the religious which is a system of codified laws codified in Sharia

  50. What a good guy. In my wildest imagination, by the furthest stretch of my mind, there is no fucking way the head choppers and angry beards are going to conquer Europe. It's just not going to happen. The seething resentment people have for Islam, right across Europe. I live in Germany. You want to see anger here- mention Islam.

  51. The only thing I don't agree with about Bill Warner's teachings is that he appears to think that 9-11 was done completely by moslem hijackers. I agree with his teachings about Islam and I recommend for all to hear him on it.

  52. Years ago I worked at a hotel in Minneapolis with various young men from Muslim countries. None of them seemed to have any interest in political or religious Islam. One asked me once why I did not like mass immigration, and he said, they are nice people. At the time there was not such massive immigration and they were nice people. But they seemed to come from modernized, Westernized parts of their societies. Now things have changed radically. They brought in a very large population of Muslims who seem to come from very traditional parts of their country, and they seem to be rather bent on imposing sharia on the larger society. It is common to see women and girls in hijabs or even burkas on the streets or women cashiers wearing hijabs in stores. There have been incidents of violent islamist attacks and there is said to be recruitment for jihad and fund-raising for islamist groups in the Muslim section. There are stores and restaurants advertising halal, and Muslim workers demand 5 prayer breaks per day and halal food in cafeterias and the wearing of Muslim costumes. We did not have any of that back in the day when the immigrants were few and Westernized in their home countries. We did not have any prayer room in the hotel and no one asked for prayer breaks. I never heard any of the slogans and topics that are discussed so hotly today. I cannot remember hearing of anyone like Linda Sarsour. And there were no Bill Warners or Jamie Glazovs warning us of the social changes going on. It almost seems as though the politicians are intentionally doing this to destroy traditional Christian and Jewish society with a foreign implant. No demand for assimilation. Is this the radical transformation of the United States that Barak Obama promised us?

  53. I am muslim
    There is jıhad in Islam but west cannot distinguish jıhad and terrorism then this is their problems
    All terrorist organizations are rejected in Muslim society
    Also invading Jerusalem issue is treated most ideologicly for ex. To me as a Muslim Jerusalem belongs to God prophets like davud pbuh and they probhet of Islam so Jerusalem belongs to Islam and Muslim from the beginning.
    Taqıyya is exist just in shıa ıslam not sunni İslam

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