Political Battle Of 2019, Priyanka Gandhi Vs Modi?

  1. Dont want modi and smriti irani. Unemployment increased during modis period only 2 lakh jobs during dr manmohan singh period 10lakh jobs per year

  2. Priyanka should be the next PM of India. She is educated, dynamic. Her personality got me interested in politics. And she is women power in mostly male dominated politics and the best one at that.

  3. We support congress decision
    straight fight with modi

    Right time Right decision

    Modi dramas in india

  4. Priyanka makes a truly great candidate any constituency can ever dream of.
    India needs leaders of her calibre and stature. More and more of such leaders that can save this nation from sanghee terrorists is what Democratic India needs today. People love leaders who love people and work for them.
    Modi can only sell lies to people.
    Modi can only feed people of India with tons of lies.
    Modi and his bandits have been looting this nation left, right, centre and yet shamelessly he goes around and continue lying to people and continue congress-bashing and Gandhi-Nehru family bashing because he doesn't have anything else to talk about.
    Modi and his sanghee gang doesn't have one single contribution that they made for India in the last 5 years in Government.
    Sanghees come across so uncultured that we see them only engaged in one thing – vilifying others, demonizing others, abusing others, physically attacking people and killing them, oppressing them, exploiting them through financial terrorism, banking industry, unfair and backbreaking taxation of common man.

  5. Except Gandhi family name she has never done any social work except dropping her husband to ED office for interrogation her husband in corruptions cases after becoming brother in law of Rahul Gandhi made huges moeny in property dealings cases taking advantage of Gandhi family

  6. Mrs.Badra ka acha decision hai…kahan zameen lootne wale or desh lootne wale.. oe kahan Desh ka nksha badlne wala or deshwasiyon me soya hua Dharma or desh prem jagane wala Modi.sidha hindutva ko lalkarne wala deciaion hai Congressi choron kaa…

  7. Dynasty politics of Royal Ghandhi Family…..She has come to rescue her lafdebaaz husband and mental brother….She has no vision for people or country….

  8. Modi is criminal via godhra incident remove him from pm position shame on India to have such pm

  9. We support Modi and BJP…Gandhi family looted enough of this country…How long we can tolerate this nonsense…People of India should think and vote

  10. Very good priyanka ma'am I really appreciate your step to take Congress party ahead gob bless you and make India great again

  11. Why pm modi don't get hold a press conference in last 5 years.
    That is prove . He doesn't want to answer to people of india.
    He is only give some interviews to his friends media..
    Every indian see this.
    They taken right decision…

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